Featured Authors

Silk Sheets by Wassit
Houston by RedBeerd
Moving Together by Vamp Ire
Where You Find It by David Salcido
Locker-Room Lovers by Volponia
Desert Storm by Mojo
Lip Service by Volponia
In The Stars by Volponia
Teasers by Mickey Kline
The Transformation by Glenn Beuhring
The River Runner by Debora Myers
Top Cop by Debora Myers
Ranger Danger by Debora Myers
Wine Tasting by Abberlaine
Wild Ride by E.Y. Cain
Forest For the Trees by Alex Black
Fulfilling Your Fantasy by VelvetandLace
Special Delivery by Debora Myers
Ride Me by E.Y. Cain
An Evening In by e_s_e
Stories by Jude Mason
Midnight Ride by E.Y. Cain
The Limo by Tavie
The Rose by SS Hampton, Sr.
The Valley of Desire by Glenn Beuhring
The Valley of Desire II by Glenn Beuhring

Featured Poets

Poetry by Jade
Poetry by PoetBo
Poetry by Rachel Heller
Poetry by Arrianna
Poetry by AJ Heard
Poetry by Diana
Poetry by SomeGuyNDC
Poetry by William Dooley
Poetry by John Eivaz
Poetry by Elana White
Poetry by Gary
Poetry by Marsha Rogers
Poetry by Brian K. Bilicki
Poetry by Ryfkah
Poetry by Alice Pero
Poetry by Maryann Hazen

Past Reviews

The Naked Truth

Lofting - JZS
Incognito - JZS
Greywolf - JZS
Paradox - JZS
Avalon - JZS

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