Erotic Flowers

An ENE Review of the book of poems
Erotic Flowersby SS Moses and Gary Blankenship

Erotic Flowers

EROTIC FLOWERS: Erotic Verse For Those Moments by Sascha Illyvich

"A compilation of erotic poetry! Ranging from D/s theme (light) to vanilla kink (the kind of kink that makes the missionary position exciting), and a stop in between to celebrate the vagina and it's beauty."

Author Bio: Before turning his attention to poetry and erotic prose, Sascha Illyvich sharpened his skills writing romance fiction. He is currently writing and compiling short stories for an erotic anthology. Sascha is currently a coauthor on Tidal Wave. Samples of his erotic fiction may be read at Hercurve and Adult Story Corner. He is a member of the Erotic Readers Association, which has helped him improve his writing skills. When he's not writing, he's playing bass or running.

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Poetry Review
by SS Moses, Poet

Erotic Flowers: Erotic verse for Those Moments is an unique collection of erotic poetry by Sascha Illyvich. The book is the first anthology of poems by the author, who is skilled in romantic fiction and has written short stories for various adult oriented websites.
Erotic Flowers is sectioned off with personal antidotes from the author that sets the mood and guides the reader into the experience of this book. By leading the reader along, Mr. Illyvich enhances his collection by telling of how or why the poem came to be written.
Through romantic phrases and sensual renderings, Mr. Illyvich also takes the reader along on his discovery of the 'kinkier' side of eroticism via the poetic medium. The beauty of this other side of sexuality is well-defined by Mr. Illyvich's unique 'voice', which is a yearning and adoring male submissive. In my opinion, this point-of-view is what makes this collection different and quite original.
Among all the erotic verses I found some exceptional gems. "To Her, From Her Admirer" is a wonderful and sensual, yet passionate poem which I enjoyed. The hot monologue of "In Once, Out and Again" reminded me of the breathless begging of a poet's mounting sexual desire. "Drink" delighted me as a funny, yet sexy poem about a male poet and his female muse. But, my favorite section of Mr. Illyvich's collection is "Celebrating Her", which is this erotic bard's ode to the female body.
Mr. Illyvich's collection is both kinky and romantic, as well as an unique reading experience. I highly recommend Erotic Flowers: Erotic verse for Those Moments for the reader who appreciates both poetry and erotica with a slight twist.
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Poetry Review
by Gary Blankenship, Poet

Basically, there are three recipes for sensual poetry. First, the subtle, flavors mixed in a light cream. Second, the complex, a variety of savory and sweet combined for a complicated mix. Third, the spicy, hot and peppery concoctions, perhaps not to everyone's taste.
Sascha Illyvich serves all three in his new book of poetry: Erotic Flowers.
The soft and sweet: First Verse -
How beautiful,
She thinks she can take away my pain
As our bodies collide like oceans
Across the shores of the beach at night.
The more complex stew: From Body -
Cinnamon fills my nose
As I inhale her scent.
Her skin is ablaze with desire
And I can feel its heat.
Fiery poppers: I Watched -
I sit there watching while she nibble your cunnie,
Lick up the entire hole, mouthing her delights me,
As you talk to me about your tryst.
All in all, Sascha's collection is more than an interesting read. It is a full meal, if not several, of good sensual poetry, the kind that will make you think of your lover and be glad you bit into it.
I might have wished he would have started with the softer pieces and worked up to the hotter S and M poems, but then don't we usually start a meal with some kind of spicy appetizer?
Gary Blankenship is a retired federal managers whose new avocation is writing poetry. His work has appeared on Writer's Hood, Clean Sheets, Electric Wine, Scarlet Letters, and ENE among others. He won ENE's Dark Fantasy contest earlier this year and his short story placed fourth in the Preditors & Editors 1999 Reader's Poll. He is an editor (frog-herder) at WDS Writer's Block and managing editor for the InterBoard Poetry Competition. He loves to talk about writing as much as write and to play writing games. He spends too much time in workshops. Check out Gary Blankenship's poetry.
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