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kahtt: YAY!
Gary: look who is here
kahtt: Gary do you know how to OP people?
Gary: cross your fingers aol cooperates
kahtt: I need to have powers for this chat
Gary: to OP what to people?
kahtt: they will - they have in the pass for me
kahtt: on the list of names, click on mine
Gary: I'm thinking aol at my laptop
grmouser returns
grmouser: Greets, kitten.
kahtt: happy returns grm, nice to have you here
kahtt: help Gary OP me please
grmouser: gar: Type -> /mode kahtt +o
kahtt: Gary is in a private window with me
grmouser taps the microphone. This thing on? <tap><tap>
*** PING delay for Gary: 1 seconds
*** Replied (channel) CTCP PING 989361891 from grmouser

Gary: okay got that don't complicate I'm only a simple countryboy
kahtt: so sorry
kahtt: okay now do as grm said
kahtt: type /mode kahtt +o
grmouser scampers off for pizza duty again...
Gary: >/mode kahtt +o
Gary: oops
Gary: ->/mode kahtt +o
Gary: ?

kahtt: don't type anything we said before the /
*** PING delay for Gary: 2 seconds
Gary: I redid starting at /
kahtt: okay then - are you on a Mac?
Gary: on a IBM compatible laptop
grmouser: Left-click on kahtt's name in the user list. Then right-click and select Control | Op.
Gary: but what is that supposed to do when I do it right?
grmouser: He's using mIRC32 v5.9
kahtt: it's supposed to give me certain rights in this room, which only you have at the moment because you was here first
Gary: if I go out and come back will you get them?
kahtt: no, we'd all have to do that
grmouser: Only if we all leave. Then the first person back will get 'em.
kahtt: just right click on my name
*** Mode change "+o kahtt" on #chatterlings by Gary
grmouser faints
kahtt: YAY!
Gary: did that work?
*** Mode change "+o grmouser" on #chatterlings by kahtt
kahtt: yes it did!
Gary: okay mouser nuff of that
kahtt: you know because it says *** Mode change "+o kahtt" on #chatterlings by Gary
Gary: kicking hayseeds form ears
grmouser: More like *** Gary sets mode: +o kahtt
kahtt: okay now grm - you are in charge of order HOS, so that I can keep the convo moving along and fire up URLS
grmouser: No I'm not. I'll be leaving shortly.
kahtt: why you so and so!
Gary: sounds like a battle plan
grmouser: All Dani's fault! Blame her!
Gary: do I get a paintball
kahtt: Gary, you just sit back and answer questions
kahtt: Dani? why for?
Gary: you mean behave meself?
kahtt: Dani is grm's daughter
kahtt: Gary: hell no!
grmouser: She's in some *&$! talent show or sommat at school tonight. :/
kahtt: ahhh, well that you must go to and take pictures
grmouser checks his camera
kahtt: what will she be doing?
grmouser: Dunno. Dance routine, I think.
kahtt: Gary, did you see the reminder for this chat on MindFire?
Gary: yes I did
Gary: I only keep mindfire to get your reminders
Gary: all of yahoogroups slow these days

kahtt: they were maintaining the site
kahtt: I posted it in the poetry clubs I'm in also
Gary: since Thomas got sick, mf has went way downhill
kahtt: and a few listservs
kahtt: oh so that's why
Gary: I posted in my usual hangouts
kahtt: I was wondering why I haven't seen him
Gary: told me he is seldom on anymore
Gary: plus they have a small child what 6 months old
Gary: most of us now at angellight

kahtt: that's hard
grmouser: That'll put a crimp in the ol' schedule.
Gary: six at the same time the wee one arrived
Gary: sick I mean

kahtt: grm: I got my night installments! all 4
kahtt: eep
grmouser: kah: Good. I was wondering if any of 'em made it, as I hadn't heard a peep today.
kahtt: well as I do not have Internet access at work ...
Gary: how is the job
grmouser: Yeah. You have to, like, *work* and stuff. <g,d,R!>
kahtt: it's going. I need to have a set routine to my day
kahtt: right now I am in orientation all this week
Gary: the dreaded learn the rules stuff
grmouser: Sounds like great fun.
kahtt: grm: imagine no Internet access, to even check email in the middle of the day. I come home to 400+ emails
kahtt: Gary: it's actually okay, just the videos will put you to sleep
grmouser: And prolly 392 of 'em are crap. At least the ERA ones, anyway.
Gary: well then you can dream ... dreams
kahtt: grm: actually today we went to Roosevelt Island - which I have never been to and it's beautiful there. imagine that another Island in NYC area apart from manhattan and ellis
Gary: what is there?
Gary: and did you take the footbridge/

grmouser: kah: Field trip?
kahtt: Coler Municipal Hospital And Goldwater somethingorother hospital. They are long term care facilities
kahtt: kind of mouser
kahtt: there are 11 hospitals that make up NYC Heath and Hospital Corporation, but the lead ones are Bellevue Coler-Goldwater and Gouverneur
kahtt: wee need to become familiar with them at least
Gary: isn't staten an island?
kahtt: yeah yeah, and Strong - er Long Island also
kahtt: but you know what I mean
kahtt: why is it that peoples are always late to chat on the day we actually have a guest?
Gary: sometimes I do
Gary: why are folks late
Gary: when you would think they could not wait
Gary: to hear the great

kahtt: yup
Gary: or is it late
Gary: poat

kahtt: I'm thinking it's the Tuesday time
grmouser: Hey, I showed up.
grmouser: Mostly because kahtt threatened me, but I showed up.
grmouser: <g,d,R!>
kahtt: heeeey!
kahtt: well start axing questions man
grmouser: Yes-s? <smiling sweetly>
grmouser: Me? I don't know nothing 'bout no poetry!
Gary: kahtt never threatens, those are not claws, those are not teeth... gulp! wrong again
kahtt: Gary, we will ignore that as you and I both know it's not true
grmouser had to check his updated master list to figure out what poem he wrote last
kahtt: great. I have to be stuck here with two smartasses with no back up
kahtt: good thing I like you both
grmouser: And I sent you the new Nights episodes, so you have to be civil to me. <G>
Gary: civil?
grmouser: I think that means 'bloodshed shall be kept to a minimum', in kahtt's case.
Gary: my cat probably sheds less when she brings me a gift
kahtt: well I received it out of order so ...
grmouser: But then, if she *does* happen to maul me, it might get me out of this goofus talent show gig coming up in a few minutes. :/
grmouser: Out of order?
kahtt: yeah 10 before 9, I mean really!
grmouser: I labeled 'em night7 thru night 10. Easy enough to put in order.
grmouser: All AO-Hell's fault.
Gary: daughter talent shows never goofus. cherish each
kahtt: no I want to see pics of Dani on stage
kahtt: he's just bragging Gary
grmouser: Might not be able to. I'm charging my batteries now.
Gary: pacemaker or camera
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kahtt: Hi Pearlee
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Pearlee: Hello everyone..finally made it
Gary: howdy
kahtt: shame on you grm
Pearlee: Nice to meet you Gary
kahtt: that should have been done earlier
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kahtt: Hi Jacqui
*** Mode change "+o selkie" on #chatterlings by kahtt
grmouser: Greets, Pearlee
Gary: howdy selkie
kahtt: Jacqui you know Gary
grmouser: Greets, Jacqui.
selkie: Hi everybody. Only just got the email about this chat
selkie: Yes Kahtt
kahtt: Gary meet Pearlee, she is a member of Erotica Readers Association
kahtt: yeah the servers are a bit behind
Gary: HI, ERA
*** kahtt has set the topic on channel #chatterlings to Chat with Poet Gary Blankenship
grmouser wonders why it thunders every time ERA (there it goes again) is mentioned
Pearlee: 1st time I've been on this chat..
Gary: Are we now official? Do I have to sit up straight and smile?
selkie: Oh yes.
Pearlee takes the camera and says "say cheese...."
Gary: May I go comb my hair before pictures?
kahtt: well a smile would be nice
Gary: gar who hasn't smiled in years growls
Gary: ignore gar

Pearlee flashes her "pearlee" whites...
kahtt: I'm just going to wait a few minutes more, because I sent a reminder out and then I'll introduce you
kahtt: Gary be emotive type /me smiles
kahtt: that's to BE emotive
Gary: gar taps fingers on the keys and ya never now what you will get only that it will be misspelled
selkie: It's 00.23 here and I may not stay long Gary.
Gary: kahtt, lets move on for selkie please
kahtt: yes, let's
kahtt: In case y'all didn't read the brief bio
kahtt: here it is again -
grmouser heard there was gonna be donuts. Um, where are the donuts at?
kahtt: Gary Blankenship is a retired federal manager whose new avocation is writing poetry.
kahtt: His work has appeared on Writer's Hood, Clean Sheets, Electric Wine, Scarlet Letters, and ENE among others. He won ENE's Dark Fantasy contest last year and his short story placed fourth in the Preditors & Editors 1999 Reader's Poll. He is an editor (frog-herder) at WDS Writer's Block and managing editor for the InterBoard Poetry Competition. He loves to talk about writing as much as write and to play writing games. He spends too much time in workshops.
kahtt: grm: shhh, there are enough nuts here as it is
Gary: and is poetry editor at Writer's Hood
Gary: since march

grmouser: Writers in the Hood?
Gary: Writer's Hood
selkie: So you must have a mixed type of poetry writing. erotic, fantasy
kahtt: ah ha! we have to update that
Gary: I'll send you a new bio
Gary: Selk: a wee bit of everything. The erotic comes and goes

selkie: lol
Gary: today's influence is largely zen and oriental
Pearlee: ahhh..Gary, perhaps Haiku?
selkie: I note that in UK Haiku is very in.
grmouser: kah: Are you logging?
Gary: and too many short pieces about what I see out my patio window
selkie: I started the first erotic Haiku on era I believe.
Gary: I do some ku but the oriental is faux chinese and tanka
selkie: What is KU please?
Gary: 1300 years ago tanka was the court poetry a way for lovers to hid messages in poetry
Gary: Ku is haiku

selkie: silly me
kahtt: no grm
selkie: We did a joint renga on era once.
Gary: pick up Rexroth's 100 more poems from the japanese for some of the best sensual
Pearlee: Is that readily available, Gary?
Gary: yes, should be on amazon and any good bookstore will order
kahtt: I'll get that URL in a sec P.
grmouser: Never heard of Rexroth.
Gary: a good indy will carry
Pearlee: thanks.
Gary: he is an old SF beat poet who does remarkable translations, likely the best
Gary: by the way deceased

Pearlee: I wrote one haiku for era, 1st time I tried a sexy one..
Pearlee: hardest thing I've ever written...
grmouser: Oh-h. Well, deceased authors usually do much better than live ones, I've noticed. <G>
kahtt: I recently heard of him at the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group conference - The Write Stuff
kahtt: Len Roberts spoke of him often
Gary: I can't find the name, but there is also a 20th century tanka poetess who you should read
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grmouser: Greets, Kenn.
Gary: hi Mr
selkie: Evening Ada
Mr: evening all
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kahtt: Hi Kenn SEX USERS!
Pearlee: hi Mr
Mr: seems I need to remember who I am
kahtt: Kenn you know Gary.
*** Mr is now known as DarkLord
selkie: On top as usual!
grmouser has just received THE WORD. Later, all.
DarkLord: happens every time I bath and use soap
DarkLord: later sir
Gary: and get spring essence the poetry of Ho Xuan Huong, a 18th century viet poetess
Pearlee: bye mouser
*** Signoff: grmouser (Quit: Heading back to the Corridor - http://www.execpc.com/~grmouser)
Gary: by daddy
Gary: who hid sensual in metaphor and a fine job of it
Gary: publishedby canyonland press

DarkLord: excuse me, anyone taking notes?
kahtt: Gary how did you start writing poetry?
kahtt: I am kenn
Gary: I started a novel - long fantasy thing and some short stories
*** Sandaidh (sandaidh@ has joined channel #chatterlings
Sandaidh: hiya all!
kahtt: welcome Sandaidh
Pearlee: hi sandaidh
Gary: mary Hazen stearns suggested I do poetry and the rest is history or something
*** Mode change "+o Sandaidh" on #chatterlings by Pearlee
Gary: she's known as faerhart someplaces
Sandaidh: thankee pearl
kahtt: Gary San is another ERA member, great at fantasy writing, poetry and sowing ;o)
Gary: hi sandaidh
selkie: I hated poetry at school. Too formal but now I love poetry.
kahtt: ahhh, so we have Mary to blame for this
selkie: Hi Sandaigh
Sandaidh: hiya - no sewing though
Pearlee: Gary, do you find people want more explicitness in poetry as opposed to novel or short story writing?
Gary: Mary and Ryfkah were the primary encouragement
kahtt: MHS was featured on ENE last year. http://enehp.com/ENEFrame6.html
kahtt: ryfkah's poetry is also at ENE
Gary: explicitness? not sure what you mean?
kahtt: San: embroidery? am I mixing things up?
selkie: Maybe much tighter writing?
Pearlee: more "words", less euphemisms (sic)
Sandaidh: handweaving and handspinning kahtt
Pearlee: no spellcheck on this thing..
Gary: I'm not sure. have to think a bit.
selkie: rexroth but UK amazon
DarkLord wonders if its all right to drink
Gary: the diff with that questions is there are so many things poets want
Gary: so many kinds of poetry

kahtt: Jac is fast
Sandaidh: doesn't poetry allow more latitude in the meanings of words?
Gary: some into surreal, some want blunt true to life
Gary: and they usually don't want what the other does
Gary: but

Sandaidh: shades of meanings that don't show in stories
Gary: poetry is best that has some metaphor, some hidden meaning, multiple reads
selkie: but it's out of stock. Three pages of his stuff here.
Gary: yes, shades
Sandaidh hands darklord a glass of rum
Gary: hey!
DarkLord: thank you
Sandaidh hands Gary a glass too
kahtt: Sacramental Acts : The Love Poems of Kenneth Rexroth -- by Kenneth Rexroth is available at Amazon.com -
Gary: ahhhhhhhh
Sandaidh: sorry - we all know how darklord likes his rum
Gary: gar is a terrible typer
Pearlee: that's ok, we are not grading here...
selkie: Uk has a reduction on it:-)
DarkLord: me worser Gar, don't worry
Sandaidh: no spellcheckers either
Gary: great
kahtt: wanted to give the US url just in case
selkie: Where do your idea come from Gary?
selkie: ideas
Sandaidh: I was amazed when I first saw ERA poetry, that there were so many types/kinds
kahtt: now if you said grate instead of great, then we would have a problem ;op
kahtt: SPRING ESSENCE by Ho Xuan Huong, John Balaban is available for purchase through
Gary: ideas? everywhere. I wrote one about walking to the mailbox.
kahtt: Amazon.Com
Gary: I see poetry in everything, sounds cliché but true
Gary: not that all come easy but they are there
Gary: Sunday riding the mower I saw 5

Sandaidh: Gary, do you actually sit down to write a poem, or just let them through when they want to be spit oout?
kahtt: to paraphrase Len Roberts - images in your life are significant .. if we can capture an image, it will last through eternity
Gary: both, sometimes one comes and I have to remember it long enough to write
Pearlee: a poetic Kodak moment! :)
selkie: We can build on that image to write a story as well or an article. Most writing seems to me to be based on our own experiences
Gary: so I have lots of notes, single lines et al that could be a poem someday
DarkLord: but Polaroids are better
Sandaidh: I was just going to say it seems like Gary "sees" poetry like I see photographs/pictures
Gary: but when I sit down to write something usually there
Gary: we just wont say how good

Sandaidh: lotsa throwaways then?
Gary: I think so
selkie: I take a camera with me everywhere so if I see something that strikes a thought I photograph it.
Sandaidh is glad she's not the only one with throwaways
Sandaidh: good idea
Pearlee too!
Gary: a far amount but I don't I keeps scraps to see if they can be sewed together later
kahtt: Mary Hazen Stearns poems on ENE are excerpts from her self published chap book FLESH STONE
Gary: poets need a notebook a very good memory
Sandaidh: not even to see if they spark something like a completion?
Gary: they often do
Sandaidh just pretends to write poetry once in a great while
kahtt: poetry by Ryfkah on ENE
Gary: a old thought can give a poem up months later
Pearlee: kahtt, if you could send me some of that offlist...
Sandaidh: so how long will you let one sit before trashing it?
Gary: I don't know
kahtt: Pearlee - why this will be available on ENE of course ;o)
Gary: maybe never, maybe when my zip drive is finally full
Sandaidh: what about "refrigerator poetry?"
Gary: please explain?
Sandaidh: the little magnetic words you can play with
kahtt getting tea for the room - any requests?
Pearlee: What I do, is I hear a phrase or something, I write it down, then stick it in a Word document in my hard drive for later study..
Sandaidh: shuffle around to make poems and whatnot'
Pearlee: kahtt: chamomile, please
Gary: no I haven't if I did that it would be to take a few words and see what they gave
Gary: that is really what Mary hooked me on at first

selkie: Grilled steak with cracked red and green pepper corns, Ancienne mustard au poivre verte.
Sandaidh: kinda fun really
Gary: gave me four words and said so for it kiddo
Gary: go for it to sound sane

Sandaidh: and did you find a "freedom" in the restrictions?
kahtt: To go slightly off on a tangent Gary
Sandaidh is going for a diet coke
Gary: they only restrictions that bother me are rhyme
Gary: terrible rhymer

kahtt: paraphrasing Len Roberts again - Never go after metaphor first - go for literal and metaphor will come
Gary: but most of the time given words or form I change it to what I want
kahtt: do you agree?
selkie: me too that's what put me off poetry as a child.
Sandaidh: I like the rhyming, but can't do it
Gary: kahtt: not entirely. The orange poem and the rubus set started as metaphor
Pearlee: Oh
Gary: most of the fruit stuff as a matter of fact which is why there is no banana poem'
Gary: rubus are the raspberry family
Gary: I did poems for all the wild varieties

kahtt: These poems can be found in ENE's ER cookbook
selkie: Now this is where I get lost when metaphors similes etc. enter the flow of conversation. I just write stuff and it seems to fit fairly well.
Gary: and that works, but if you say
Gary: your eyes are limpic pools of blue
Gary: you do metaphor
Gary: if you say they are like coal after the grate is emptied you do simile

kahtt: I think we inherently use them in our speech Selkie so when you let the words "flow" when you write you inadvertently use them
selkie: I think I do.
Gary: English writers probably cannot avoid them
*** Signoff: Sandaidh (Ping time-out)
Gary: gee
DarkLord: sniper!
kahtt: she'll be back - darn server
selkie: I didn't bother to go to school much after age 10 so never explored English Grammar much.
Gary: yes, I am at crossed fingers
Gary: you don't need grammar

Pearlee: I always get simile and metaphor mixed up...
Gary: write as you talk esp where you live
selkie: Aye. Tattie boggles and neap and tatties.
Gary: and so to I and likely did then. M is when you say something is something else when it is not
Pearlee: ?
kahtt: The Silent Singer : New and Selected Poems (Illinois Poetry Series) by Len Roberts
Gary: think - burns' roses
Gary: simile is like or as
Gary: like or as

Pearlee smacks the side of her head "DUH"!!!!!
Gary: selkie, yes I love it and would love to publish a gaelic poem
Gary: or scot even

*** Sandaidh (sandaidh@ has joined channel #chatterlings
Sandaidh: sorry puter crashed
*** Mode change "+o Sandaidh" on #chatterlings by Pearlee
Gary: the April hood had a welsh
Sandaidh: thankee
*** Mode change "+o Sandaidh" on #chatterlings by DarkLord
Pearlee: wb san!
Gary: wb
Sandaidh: puter crashed - had to shutdown and start over
selkie: I have a little Alsace Gaelic french Gaelic and Breton Gaelic due to my mother being French. I would love to write Gaelic
Gary: Scot dialect would do nicely
Sandaidh: did you like Rejection jacqui?
kahtt: simile (The Oxford Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus American Edition 1997) comparison of one thing with another of a different kind, as an illustration or ornament. e.g. as brave as a lion
Pearlee: have you ever written a sonnet, Gary?
Sandaidh: I have a couple of books of Gaelic poetry selkie
selkie: Sorry still catching up. Been in relapse in bed for a week got up this afternoon finally.
Gary: a few, but they are difficult and the sonnet police come after me
Sandaidh: no problem - it was my bilingual "poem"
Gary: so I do freeform sonnets and take the lumps
Pearlee says the sonnet cops are not allowed in chat...
Sandaidh: what's the definition of sonnet?
Gary: Sandaidh could you send it to me?
Sandaidh knows nothing about poetry forms
Sandaidh: selkie: will send the titles etc. offlist when I find them
Gary: in english 14 lines of iambic pentameter with a set rhyme pattern made up by some old guy like Shakespeare long dead
selkie: Thanks.
DarkLord: huh?
Gary: which part?
Sandaidh: okay...and iambic pentameter????
selkie: I can translate a lot of Gaelic but not speak it.
kahtt: sonnet - poem of 14 lines using any of a number of rhyme schemes and usually having 10 syllables per line
Sandaidh: iambic
DarkLord: iambic? pentameter?
Sandaidh: too complicated for me
kahtt: not at all
Gary: iambic is two syl with stress on the second
Pearlee: If I can write one, anyone can..
kahtt: if you have ever read Shakespeare - you know iambic pentameter
Pearlee: (course I had coaching..)
Sandaidh: pearl - :-P
Gary: I speak of you and love to smile at you
Gary: is iambic pent

DarkLord: oh
Sandaidh: okay...I'll take your word for it
Gary: every other syl stressed
Gary: but that is too technical

Sandaidh has enough trouble just speaking plain American English
Pearlee: No such thing, Sandaidh...
kahtt: I'll help you out with a book ;o)
kahtt: Iambic Pentameter from Shakespeare to Browning : A Study in Generative Metrics (Studies in Comparative
Literature, Vol 20)

Sandaidh: what? American English? My second language
kahtt: by M. L. Harvey
Gary: I do syllabic that is I keep lines of the same syllable length
selkie: I like free verse. The Beat Poets. Liverpool Poets here. Roger Mcgough. Adrien Henri.
Gary: and hang the meter for English is mostly iambic as naturally spoken
Sandaidh: I just have words fall out of my he
Pearlee: Gary: free verse..no rhymes?
Gary: I like free verse
Sandaidh: even free verse can be hard though
Sandaidh: hard = difficult
kahtt: remember even in free verse there should be a musical quality, a cadence
Gary: best described as no nothing no form/rhyme/meter etc.
selkie: It seems like prose sometimes to me.
Sandaidh nods
Sandaidh: prose with very short lines
Gary: and that is because the poet isn't listening to the music in English as we speak it
Gary: simple English is a lyrical language

Sandaidh: ah! Like listening to a master storyteller
Gary: a music of its own
Sandaidh: yes
kahtt: Selected poems, 1967-1987 by Roger McGough
Gary: remember the old folk songs of the fifties and sixties?
Sandaidh nods
selkie: The Welsh have that natural cadence in their voice and some of the Welsh miners poems are stunning.
Gary: 70's protest songs
selkie: The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.
Gary: the Welsh have the most complicated forms ever bar none
Sandaidh: Gaelic is a musical language as well. I think every language has a music of its own
Gary: difficult at best, maddening mostly
Sandaidh: only because you're not used to it
*** roskva (Francesca@ts11-202.keynet.net) has joined channel #chatterlings
kahtt: cadence - fall in pitch of the voice, esp. at the end of a phrase or sentence; intonation; tonal inflection; rhythm
roskva: Hello all!
Gary: hi roskva
Sandaidh: first thing I learned is that the sound/letter combinations are not the familiar ones
roskva: OOPS its Francesca hang on
kahtt: welcome Frances, meet Gary. Gary Frances
Sandaidh: hiya
DarkLord: evening
selkie: Hi Fran
kahtt: Francesca - excuse me
Gary: hi lovely name either way
*** roskva is now known as Francesca
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Francesca: Hello Gary nice to meet you!
DarkLord: just reaching out a little
Francesca: Where DL?
Gary: you also era
DarkLord: what ever is in reach:)
Francesca: *L*
Sandaidh hands darklord another rum to keep his hands busy
Francesca: Me? Yes I am about a year now
Gary: sanda, umph the guest says
Sandaidh hands one to Gary too
DarkLord: thank you
Gary: thank ye
Sandaidh: welcome both of you
kahtt: I have a question about Tankas
Gary: shot
kahtt: how did you get into them and do you find the form of Tankas and Haiku's confining?
kahtt: compound question
kahtt: Selected poems, 1967-1987 by Roger McGough
Gary: First, you find out about them when you do Ku and everyone does Ku sooner or late
Sandaidh: what's Ku?
Gary: but there is little information about them and they are not common
kahtt: grade school for me - never learned about Tankas
kahtt: Haikus
Sandaidh: didn't know about any of them 'til ERA
Sandaidh: thankee kah
Francesca: Neither did I!
Gary: so a couple of poets introduced me to them and then I went of to AHA and read up
kahtt: Modern Japanese Tanka (Modern Asian Literature Series) by Makoto Ueda (Editor)
Gary: AHA has a url not sure what
Gary: and great book kahtt

Sandaidh: AHA?
Gary: then I got to corresponding with a Japanese writer and took them up as the finest form ever
kahtt: haiku - Japanese three-line poem of usu. 17 syllables
Gary: AHA a site with info on most short forms and a good explanation of the difference between a t and a Ku
kahtt: AHA? please define acronyms for the acronym impaired
Gary: tanka five lines of 5 7 5 7 7 in Japanese
Sandaidh: ditto kah
Gary: AHA I don't know I think it means aha!
Sandaidh chuckles
Francesca: Why is it uniformly written that way?
kahtt: no def of tanka in my desk dictionary
Gary: in English I do shorter 3 5 count
kahtt: I'll yell eureka when I've found it. that or AH HA!
Gary: F, because in Japanese that is a natural breath
Francesca: That was aimed at Cary* smiles
Francesca: so the letters represent words in each line?
Gary: I don't want to get technical but English and Japanese such different languages that diff count work better
selkie: Gary do you have to use the seasons in Tanka?
selkie: Good site on the net somewhere which explains tanka renga and haiku
kahtt: Haiku Handbook : How to Write, Share, and Teach Haiku by William J. Higginson, William S. Higginson
Gary: no though the first two lines often are, but then you *don't have* to in Ku either
Gary: only the haiku purists say that

kahtt notes kenn scribbling furiously
Sandaidh: brb
kahtt: kenn et al - all this info will be available to you on ENE
Gary: for example
DarkLord: not really,just paying attention
DarkLord: it better be kahtt
kahtt: just used you to lead into my announcement kenn
Gary: rosewater/the sound of water/I smile as she bathes
selkie: I read that the first 2 lines of a Haiku join together and the third is almost an answer or a statement. Is this correct
kahtt: Gary I found AHA Poetry
Gary: again in the pure rules yes, but understand that haiku has more rules than the Florida sate government
Francesca: You know I have written like that before but have had NO idea it was called anything
Francesca: *smiles
Sandaidh: back
Gary: think 3 lines that capture a moment about anything at all
Francesca: Pardon my education but I was sorely lacking in Poetry styles it seems
Gary: usually short lien, long, short
Gary: and imo the shorter the count the better

kahtt: Hey I just learned what an enjambment (sp?) and end stopped line was
kahtt: even though I have used them
Francesca: *L* I don't feel so bad then!
Sandaidh: well...what is it?
Gary: I haven't. I avoid technical language if I can
kahtt: end stopped is when you actually use punctuation at the end of a line
Sandaidh likes Gary's attitude
Sandaidh: okay that makes sense
kahtt: enjambment is when there is implied punctuation
Gary: a great book (get ready kahtt) is the Poet's Companion. the best for a grounding in poetry
DarkLord: so enjambment is a period?
Gary: who punctuates?
Francesca: I need that too Gary
selkie: I'm off now folks. Managed an hour and enjoyed this chat. Hope it can be done again sometime. Thanks Gary for answering my questions
Sandaidh: a period that isn't there darklord
Francesca: Night Selk!
Sandaidh: night selkie
kahtt: later Jac and thanks for coming
Pearlee: bye selkie
DarkLord: oh, now I understand
DarkLord: night Jac
selkie: bye
*** selkie has left channel #chatterlings
Gary: bye
Pearlee is trying not to show off her ignorance about poetry technicalities
kahtt: this one Gar? The Poet's Companion : A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing Poetry
kahtt: by Kim Addonizio, Dorianne Laux
Gary: and if you really want to get into the depth of forms turcos book
Gary: yes kahtt

Sandaidh: you're not alone pearl
Sandaidh scratching her head in confusion
kahtt: no end stopped is when you have punctuation enjambment is no punctuation but the flow of words implies a pause or continuation
Pearlee: Ok...Gary, can you please explain "Blank Verse"..
Gary: Folks, write - all the other comes later when it is the right time
Sandaidh is NOT going to say what just popped into her warped brain
Gary: and if never comes it was not the right time
kahtt: The Poet's Companion : A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing Poetry by Kim Addonizio, Dorianne Laux
Gary: blank verse is free form nothing more
Pearlee: Sandaidh: :(
Sandaidh reiterates that she likes Gary's attitude
Sandaidh: let's just say it was dumb, pearl, and would contribute nothing
Pearlee: I know what you were going to say, San...
Gary: if you are beginning and want form then do set stanzas say a poem of 16 lines of 4 stanzas
kahtt: me think you should say any way San
Sandaidh raises her eyebrows
DarkLord is biting his tongue really hard tonight behaving
Gary: make each line say 8 syl count and see what you get
kahtt: I noticed Kenn, thanks. but don't you have any questions?
kahtt: I have tons
Sandaidh is trying to behave too
Gary: kenn are you bleeding?
Pearlee: OK, then, well what about a limerick...those have funny syllable counts..
Francesca is listening intently
DarkLord: kahtt my Lady, grammar, English rules, poems are not my strong point
DarkLord: now pick and shovel work:)
Gary: I do not do limericks
Sandaidh: we all know what darklord's strong point is
Francesca: Mine neither which is why people like Rod offer to clean my work up!
DarkLord: pureness of heart?
Sandaidh laughs
kahtt: kenn has green thumbs - he should come up with several images while gardening
Francesca: *snorts
Gary: darklords/only seems to sweat/when they work
DarkLord: well, I have fondled a few pumpkins in my day
kahtt: Gary I would like to know ...
Pearlee: he could write about a Venus of the Garden..
kahtt: true P
kahtt: Gary I would like to know if English was one of your best subjects. Did you always write? Have you taken any writing courses since you started writing poetry frequently?
DarkLord: your all so kind
Gary: when you caress a pumpkin/where do you put the stem
Sandaidh: Gary: what do you do when you start out with a free verse and end up with one section the rhymes in the middle?
kahtt: <groan>
DarkLord: well. . .being right handed and if its a really good girl. . .
Gary: English was, though that was ages ago
kahtt: ohh ohh me!
Sandaidh quickly hands darklord AND Gary another rum
DarkLord: anytime kahtt:)
Gary: I wrote when young like most, then quit and started again to have something to do when retired
kahtt: if I may - San, as long as it is consistent and goes with the flow of the poem. or conversely interrupts the poem for emphasis
Gary: and no writing courses - self taught - web workshop taught
Sandaidh: but there are times it feels/sounds...odd
kahtt: Oh yes - Gary and his workshops
Pearlee: I wouldn't mind taking a good writing course for some help...
Gary: sanda keep it, look at it to see if the rhyme part can be expanded or if just in the middle if it works
Sandaidh: ERA storytime has been the best class/workshop I've ever participated in
kahtt: I would encourage you to join an online forum more geared towards poetry
Gary: workshops are the future of poetry
kahtt: true Gar
Gary: the web where the next golden age will come from
kahtt: Mind Fire Poetry Journal has a great forum
Gary: for out in the nonweb world they believe poetry is dead or dying
Sandaidh: I'm thinking of one though, that began as if it was going to rhyme and then went katerwalky
kahtt: well San in that case I would say look at your line structures again
Gary: for a friendly helpful workshop try wildpoetry or blueline
Sandaidh: lots of times they go along fine and then stumble in one spot
kahtt: if the rhymes are all at the end of the line, does the line have to end there or continue on into the next? rhyming words do not have to come at the end of a line
Pearlee: May I say something to Sandaidh, please?
Gary: for a bit tougher writers block or Melics roundtable
Sandaidh: sure pearl
kahtt: of course P
kahtt: Writers' Block
Pearlee: me says: Through rhyme she tried hard to explain/an image that raced 'round her brain/but when ink hit the paper/it turned into vapor/Effectively crashing her train!
Sandaidh: writer's block - I have a big one right now
Gary: pearlee is cool
Sandaidh chuckles
kahtt: Wild Poetry Forum
Gary: kahtt had a question: rhyme in the middle at the end, do rhyme that isn't quite there or near rhyme but
Pearlee: LOL thought that up during the chat..
kahtt: well done P!
Sandaidh: cool pearl
kahtt: nice exercise to do in a poetry chat
Gary: if you start a pattern of end rhyme maintain it unless you clearly have deliberately broke it
kahtt: yes
Sandaidh: brbggp
Pearlee: you know, rhymezone.com has helped me a lot...anyone use it?
Gary: see it a lot. a poem with a good rhyme then three or four lines in the middle not then back to the rhyme
Gary: stands out a lot

DarkLord: why os Ode to a Grecian Urn so famous?
Gary: pearlee, yes
Pearlee: that has everything!!
Gary: dl, other than Keats wrote it?
kahtt: Online Rhyming Dictionary
DarkLord: heard it mentioned on and off in my life
DarkLord: is that why?
kahtt: Online Rhyming Dictionary
DarkLord: Keats wrote it
Pearlee: I'm embarrassed, never read any of those "longhairs"...
Gary: because it is pure metaphor and meaning and great english poem and every school boy had to remember it so they made others etc. etc.'
Sandaidh: back
DarkLord: oh
Sandaidh: never heard of that one before (Ode to a whatever)
Gary: Pearlee, don't. get a set of tapes called the classic 100 poems all time favorites and listen to them much better
Pearlee: me neither, Sandaidh...
kahtt: The Complete Poems of John Keats (Modern Library) -- by John Keats
Gary: but grecian urn not in the tapes
Gary: (how does she do that)

kahtt: what about Slant rhymes?
Sandaidh: poetry = music w/o instruments?
Pearlee: kahtt's got fast fingers, Gary..:)
Sandaidh: mouth music
Gary: I like slant rhymes that is rhyme in the middle of a line, the best to me have no order
DarkLord: or Poetry= the souls heart
kahtt: Emily Dickinson was great at "nearly rhyming" words
Gary: poetry started as speech/song/story so it has the music of speech
DarkLord hasn't read her in years
Sandaidh is glad she lives in the state of Confusion, otherwise she'd have to go there
Pearlee: Stupid ?, but like, the rain in spain??
Francesca: *L*
Gary: yes or the night was dark/day was bright/
Gary: light shown nowhere/
Gary: a terrible fright

Francesca: I really had no idea there were so many different forms
Francesca: its fascinating
Gary: emily did near rhyme like round and town and tune
Gary: the Welsh have 24 official forms

kahtt has become a pro at these special guest chats
DarkLord: back to back they faced each other, drew their swords and shot each other
Sandaidh: kahtt is superwoman
kahtt: I try to have the URLs on hand ;o)
DarkLord: would you like to hold my "URL"?
Sandaidh hands darklord and Gary another rum
Gary: again good poetry is like a good lover. he/she doesn't think, but does most by instinct
Sandaidh: what's a lover? <sigh>
Gary: what is form but the frame, if you will the bed and sheets
Gary: and isn't a bed of moss form enough?

kahtt: The American Heritage Dictionary refers to slant rhyme as off rhyme
Sandaidh has a bed frame, sheets and pillows but no mattress and box spring
DarkLord rolls out his big brass bed with satin sheets and silk bed spread, chrome plated chains with soft leathers straps and silk ropes and smiles softly.
kahtt: A partial or imperfect rhyme, often using assonance or consonance only, as in dry and died or
kahtt: grown and moon. Also called half rhyme , near rhyme , oblique rhyme
kahtt: http://www.bartleby.com/61/35/S0463550.html
Sandaidh: I think I've done that occasionally - by accident
Gary: sorry I had slant rhyme as rhyme not end on end
kahtt: perfect!
Francesca: My Lord! Do you think this is the time or the place to be rolling out that thing!
Sandaidh: someone mentioned a bed
kahtt: Gary - slant rhyme was the terminology I learned in school when reading Dickinson
DarkLord: in a poetic form, yes
kahtt: lol
Francesca: *L
Gary: remember i'm just a country boy
Pearlee just got one of those frozen things
Francesca: A transplanted city girl to the sticks myself I can relate
Sandaidh: frozen things?
Pearlee: popsicle
DarkLord: peeing in the winter, outside
Sandaidh: ah...good choice!
kahtt: I strongly disagree Gary, with the way in which I think you are referring to your self as a "country boy"
Pearlee breaks it in half and offers it to sandaidh
Sandaidh: country boys know lots of things
DarkLord: ouch
Sandaidh: thankee pearl
Gary: she lay on a bed or roses/I on a bed of thorns/we never lay together/ both allergic to the other's bed
kahtt: Besides, everyone read a little ED in grade school
Sandaidh: ED?
kahtt: Emily Dickinson
Sandaidh: ah...
kahtt: to clarify - in American grade schools
Sandaidh remembers that grade school was eons ago
kahtt: not sure of UK schools
Gary: kahtt I was raised on a wee farm many long years ago and the country lad never forgets what he stepped in when he wasn't careful
kahtt: or CA schools for that matter
kahtt: CA = Canada
Sandaidh: thankee CA
DarkLord: the old field pies
kahtt: <g>
Sandaidh: thankee kah (sorry)
kahtt: but you have taught yourself and keep teaching yourself and others much
Sandaidh recalibrates her fingers
Pearlee has relatives who are dairy farmers and knows all about those pies..
kahtt: brbggp
Sandaidh had horses - knows about road apples
Gary: in the current time magazine is an article on Alzheimer's
kahtt: aside: gary, brbggp means be right back gotta go pee/pottie
DarkLord: of course she means " be right back, gonna go post
Gary: and the best prevention is an active mind and words are part of that
Sandaidh: true
Sandaidh: about active mind and words
Pearlee would freak out if she couldn't read or write anymore...
Gary: gotta nun on the cover
Sandaidh: oh?
Gary: hope that gives no one nightmares
Sandaidh: not to worry
Gary: those that went to catholic school that is
Sandaidh: nuns are okay too...they talk
kahtt: BOOK PLUG: Autumn Reflections is a chapbook of 32 poems written in the year 2000 by Gary Blankenship. Autumn Reflections is available for purchase through Santiam Publishing for $6, which includes shipping and handling. Legal tender to 2518 NE Fruitland, Bremerton, WA 98310.
Sandaidh wonders if everyone but her went to Catholic school
DarkLord: I didn't
kahtt: not me San
Pearlee: sure didn't, Sandaidh..
Sandaidh: whew!
Gary: let me give you a bit of ho xuan huong
kahtt: public school ejumakatid and proud of it
Sandaidh: say what????
Gary: My body is like the jackfruit on the branch;
Gary: my skin is coarse, my meat is thick.

kahtt: SPRING ESSENCE by Ho Xuan Huong
Gary: Kind sir, if you love me, pierce me with your stick.
Sandaidh slaps her hands over her mouth!
Gary: Caress me and say will slicken your hands.
Pearlee: I like!!!
Sandaidh: no kidding
Francesca: Ohhh!
Francesca: Didn't teach me that in school!
kahtt: no mincing of words there
Sandaidh: me neither
kahtt: a bit Shakespearean
Gary: viet namese is full of double meetings so in the original the meaning was hidden, her a girl in a male society and all
DarkLord: I most leave now, but did enjoy the informative chat, thank you Gary and thank you kahtt for inviting me, enjoy all
Francesca: Night DL
Sandaidh: night darklord
Pearlee: goodnight, My Lord...
Gary: thank you DL for letting me borrow the shackles
DarkLord: and time sir
kahtt: night kenn
*** DarkLord has left channel #chatterlings
Pearlee: What an interesting challenge, Gary, to try to write something like that...
Gary: indeed, a lifetime challenge to even get close
Gary: a tanka by yosano akiko

Pearlee: I am sure I was Asian in a previous life...
Gary: press my breasts/part the veil of mystery/a flower blooms there/crimson and fragrant
Francesca: *nods...who knows
kahtt: Modern Japanese Tanka (Modern Asian Literature Series) by Makoto Ueda (Editor)
Sandaidh spent 4 yrs in Japan but was too young to know poetry etc.
Gary: kahtt akiko is in book form herself a great read
Pearlee is in total awe of such beauty...
Sandaidh agrees with pearl
Gary: she was another women in a male society who made it to the top on merit
kahtt: River of Stars : Selected Poems of Yosano Akiko by Akiko Yosano, Keiko Matsui Gibson (Translator), Stephen Addiss (Illustrator), Yosano Akiko
Sandaidh thinks kahtt is *definitely* superwoman. Smart too
kahtt: nah, on net
Francesca: Indeed.
Gary: black hari/tangled in a thousand strands/tangled my hair and/tangled my tangled memories/of our long nights of love making
Sandaidh: wow...
Gary: also akiko
Pearlee is entranced...
Francesca sighs...
Sandaidh is giving up
kahtt: I've heard of akiko though, thought of buying her
kahtt: can't give up San
Gary: don't give up please
Sandaidh: pretending to write poetry
Gary: perhaps once a life we will equal her, but the journey is well worth the end result
kahtt: Your fiction writing is very good, just keep writing and reading poetry
Sandaidh: will play with refrigerator words instead
Gary: read/study/write
Sandaidh: mostly write - write - write
Gary: what does sandiadh mean?
Pearlee: You know what? To me, that poem is much more erotic and exciting than just saying "My hair flew all over the place as we fucked..."
kahtt: exactly! and sometimes you are not even recognized until after death
Sandaidh: Gary, what do you do though when you hit a writer's block?
Francesca: I have learn SO much in the last year just on the ERA
Francesca: Sand keep at it!
Sandaidh never gives up - too stubborn
Gary: S I don't! except for brief moments
kahtt: subtlety, is a good element in erotic fiction
Sandaidh: no writer's block?
Gary: I write something even if sholk
Sandaidh writes that all the time
Gary: even if a tanka or haiku a day
kahtt: you are very good Gar. I used to do that but have not for a long time now
Sandaidh: is there ever a time when the words don't come?
Gary: in On Writing, Stephen King says to write every day.
kahtt: must clarify what we mean by writers' block, because I have been "blocked" for a while
Sandaidh: when you know...feel...something is there...but it won't come out
Gary: Not yet, cause there always dandelions in bloom
Gary: there are always birds at the feeder

Sandaidh: somebody mowed my dandelions then
Gary: there are always cat gifts at the door
Gary: there is always rain
Gary: or sun

Sandaidh: not when there's no cat
Gary: or moonlight
Sandaidh: like moonlight
Gary: or the smile she gives me in the morning
kahtt: I'm not even at that point San. I do not feel anything there, if I did would try to capture the image even if it was a word a day. I feel, see nothing
Sandaidh: mine teases. I know it's there but can't reach it, can't touch it, can't feel it
Francesca: I usually find if I leave it alone for a while and go and do something else I get over the block
kahtt: I'm seeing them I just don't feel compelled to write them
Pearlee: I agree, Fran...
Gary: and dear kahtt you are in NYC, the best place in the world for writers not country
Sandaidh: a summer breeze that hints
Pearlee: Nice beginning, Sandaidh!
Gary: kahtt, an exercise needing only a notebook and pen
Sandaidh: pepperwood scent teasing the mind
Gary: wherever you feel comfortable taking notes - your desk - garden - on the subway, list what is there
kahtt: driven by emotions Gary, I'm in limbo at the moment, no real strong emotions or lack of
Sandaidh: elusive there but not there
Gary: then see if the poem follows
Sandaidh: agree kah
kahtt: true - I always have a pen and notebook
Sandaidh: same thing for me
Sandaidh: but for me once I write it down, it's gone...poof!
Gary: hang the emotion write of pigeons being rats, of rats being cops, of cops being human
Sandaidh: trying to soak in music right now
kahtt: But where as San is primarily a storyteller, she can do a poem or flash fiction when in a dry spell.
Sandaidh: not really kah
Pearlee: I can't do that, San...not like you can..
Sandaidh: my poetry, all but Plastic, comes from pain and hurt
Gary: but sana - you did a great start with wind and pepperwood and elusive
kahtt: I've seen a few pieces in between your novel writing San
Sandaidh: just ramble thoughts
Sandaidh: novel is dead in the water right now
Gary: what does sandaidh mean if I may ask again?
kahtt: pain and hurt does not yield plastic soul emesis
Sandaidh: sorry Gary - it's my name. a real existent name
Gary: and francesca your screen name means?
Gary: but every name has meaning and it is?
Gary: and pearelee yours?

Sandaidh: it's Scots Gaelic
Pearlee: That I was born in June...my birthstone..
Gary: scots meaning what?
Gary: thanks pearlee

kahtt: Gary: You said "hang the emotion write of pigeons being rats, of rats being cops, of cops being human." The only thing wrong with that is then I would be seeking out the image and forcing it to appear instead of seeing it and describing it
Pearlee: yaw, Gary
Sandaidh: mine would be a variant of Alexander - protector of men
Sandaidh: Scots Gaelic spelling is all
kahtt: kahtt is my whole name with a few letters dropped
Gary: then describe it, what do you see when you look out the window at bellevue?
Gary: when you do to work?

Francesca: My screen name is an adaptation of my given name -Frances
Gary: when you go home?
Francesca: it was pet name for me in school by a fav teacher
Gary: F, and the one you came in with?
Sandaidh: aha! like I was doing describing sunrises!
kahtt: windows at Bellevue? are you for real??
Francesca: That would be my slave name
Gary: kahtt, yours I have down pat
kahtt makes a very bad joke
Gary: what was it again?
Francesca: The slave name?
kahtt: ER, the windows at Bellevue
Gary: and, what does it mean? yes
Sandaidh: brb
Francesca: roskva she was the hand maiden to a Nordic God, Thor I believe
*** Milliardo (Bender@user-33qs09n.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined channel #chatterlings
Gary: kahtt, concentrate on only the pigeons and then move to the kids at the playground
*** Mode change "+o Milliardo" on #chatterlings by Pearlee
Milliardo: Gary=gardawg?
*** Mode change "+o Milliardo" on #chatterlings by Sandaidh
Milliardo: Ladies *giggles8
Gary: or the trees along the river
kahtt: welcome Sascha, you know Gary
Pearlee: Hello Mill
Francesca: Mill my love!
Gary: hi sascha
Milliardo: Frances, my Lover :)
Sandaidh: hi sas
Milliardo: Gary, hey, how's it going?
Francesca: Pardon?
Milliardo: oh?
Francesca: *L*
Milliardo: hehehhe
Gary: if I may what does sascha mean?
Gary: and milliardo?

kahtt: sascha means brash youngperson ;op
Milliardo: Sascha is short for Alexander or Alexandria
Milliardo: Or Alexandra
Milliardo: I thought the spotlight was on You Gary, the author, not me the hack hehehe
Milliardo: kahtt don't know what she be sayin
Milliardo: Milliardo Peacecraft of the Sanq kingdom
Gary: we are doing an exercise without knowing it
Sandaidh: which is?
Pearlee: Oh?
Gary: the meaning of names is the start of poetry
Milliardo: Class your exercise is to give kahtt as much grief and hell as possible
Sandaidh: describing self?
Milliardo: That's a wonderful idea Gary
Gary: if we take these names where is the poem
Milliardo: Does the poem not come from the name?
Gary: gardawg is for Gary and the U of W huskies
Gary: but to some means guardian
Gary: form the name or the meaning of the name

Milliardo: Either or
kahtt: ahhh
Gary: pearl alone is worth several lines
Milliardo: First names only?
kahtt: nice exercise
Gary: any name
Pearlee blushes
Milliardo: Illyvich or Wane
Sandaidh is lost already
Gary: all I'm saying is look around you. what do you have in the fridge, burning on the stove, your name, the book you are reading, a line picked at random
Gary: and there is poem
Gary: write it even if no one sees it

Milliardo: Frances is a lovely name, it's an inspiration because it's the name of one of my best friends, who has inspired poetry from me
Sandaidh: okay - can grasp the idea
Gary: in fact that is better
Gary: then another
Gary: and another

Sandaidh: another line or another poem?
kahtt: hmmm
Gary: poem always head for the poem which may be a line
Gary: sapho did that

Sandaidh: sounds like the way Plastic built
Gary: or two or 100
kahtt: I guess, sometimes we are just procrastinating and call it writers' block
Gary: your are looking for a poem and finding none
Sandaidh: no procrastinating here...I want to finish Lost & Found
Pearlee: sorry, who is sapho?
Gary: look at what you see and it will find you
kahtt: Susan Meier - author of many harlequin and Silhouette books - said we should set goals on paper and adhere to them
Milliardo: Does noise inspire you Gary?
Gary: Sapho was a greek poetess of whom mostly scraps of poetry remain
Sandaidh: like the difference between listening and hearing?
Gary: noise, smells, light, taste, thought
kahtt: active listening
Gary: the tightness of my shoes
kahtt: use the senses
Francesca: I understand Gary
Sandaidh: take your shoes off
Gary: my pants falling down
Milliardo: erotic poetry inspiration is everywhere. I was mowing the lawn and it hit me, a story
Sandaidh: OOPS
Milliardo: a poem hit me while reading another poem on Moondance
Francesca: You really look at not the earth itself but the cracks and the pebbles there the ant and so forth
Sandaidh: arms reach north/pants head south
Gary: I have a rider and sometimes the jostle
Milliardo: I just look with my third eye
kahtt: put then San, that could be a poem. Your shoes are tight?/take them off then ...
Milliardo: Maybe that's what writes my poems
Gary: and please remember, not everyone will be a poet, some will be readers
Sandaidh wonders if Sas is on the same page
Francesca: I will return in about ten mins all brb
Gary: but if they read with intelligence and honor that is okay
Pearlee: hb Fran...
kahtt: yes! poets need readers as do authors
Sandaidh: interesting
Sandaidh: feedback imperative
Milliardo: I am, but I don't observe everything the way everyone else does
Gary: When I sing old women scream/dogs howl/glass breaks/children cry/and birds fall
Sandaidh reaches out and turns the book rightside up
kahtt: and the problem with that is what Sas?
Gary: so I don't sing, I listen
kahtt: that a poem Gar?
Gary: that is the truth but it was part of one
Gary: yes, sas what is wrong with that?

Sandaidh was afraid Gary had heard her sing
Sandaidh sings anyway
Sandaidh: brbggp
Milliardo: afk folks
Gary: huh?
kahtt: away from keyboard
Gary: lord he said slapping head
kahtt: Gary Thank you so much for being here - I am learning a lot
Gary: and I
Pearlee: So am I...
kahtt: let me teach you one thing though
kahtt: to do this ...
kahtt slaps head
Sandaidh: back
kahtt: type this /me slaps head
kahtt: San is always quick to come back
Gary slaps thigh
Sandaidh: me too - the learning thing
Pearlee applauds!!!!!
kahtt: ahhh. He learned to OP and emote tonight peoples
Gary: but if gar wants to growl
Sandaidh was slow because her thong twisted and the romper has many buttons
Gary growls for gar cause he is not signed in
kahtt LOL almost peeing her pants
Sandaidh: wnyso kah?
Pearlee goes for a damp cloth..
Milliardo slaps Kahtt's...uhh...
Sandaidh: whyso?
kahtt: Sandaidh - do you want me to edit that out?
Gary holds gar down cause he heard thong
Milliardo: oh..forgot you were logging this Kahtters...
Sandaidh: if you think it appropriate
Sandaidh laughs and shrugs
Sandaidh: might make a good poem start for someone
Sandaidh is used to embarrassing herself
Milliardo is used to embarrassing others
kahtt: to reiterate all this info we shared will be posted on ENE - a la MJ Rose chat log style. For reference go there
Gary: the thong twists/into frightful shapes/seldom seen/I fell backwards/and felt wet all over
Milliardo: Kahtt, I outta ask about my own author chat one night here as well
kahtt: I knew Gar was quiet for a reason!
Sandaidh: Ew-w-w-w-w!
Sandaidh: who...never mind
kahtt: Sas: consider it done! tell me when you are available
Sandaidh slaps hands over the mouth again
Milliardo: I shall hon. More importantly I gotta get my heart meds....brb
kahtt: k
kahtt: I was hoping that was a Haiku Gar
Sandaidh: the "ew-w" wasn't at the poem Gary, just the mindpix it brought up
Milliardo: Jan not home. Have to wait longer.
Milliardo: back
Gary: a giggle/tried to get away/but not yet/I kept it inside/with my hand and fist and...
Milliardo: oh bravo
Sandaidh blushes
Gary: kahtt, a faux tanka or sorts
Milliardo: whose thong are we appreciating?
kahtt: this is fun!
Milliardo: Sandaidhs'?
Milliardo: kahtts?
Milliardo: Pearlees?
Sandaidh: shut up sas
kahtt: who all can think of one?
Pearlee: ROFLMAO
kahtt does not wear thongs
Milliardo: I need to be schooled on the concept of Tanka
Milliardo: that one pic...
kahtt: ever noticed that sas and ass has the same letters ...
Sandaidh thinks sas just needs to be schooled
Gary: kahtt wears boxers?
*** Milliardo is now known as Sascha
Sascha: solves that problem
kahtt: Schooling for Tankas? Try AHA! Poetry
Pearlee: mmm
kahtt: Sascha, Sac ha!
Sascha: isn't there an example/definition on ERA?
*** Sascha is now known as Alex
Alex bites Kahtt
kahtt: or read Modern Japanese Tanka (Modern Asian Literature Series) by Makoto Ueda (Editor)
Gary: boxers, thongs/or any Kmart brand/what we wear/
Alex: This man's full of poetry
kahtt: let me check - and keep your teeth to yourself
Sandaidh: hey now! I work at K-Mart
Gary: is not who we are/or what we want to be
Alex: I prefer to be/Gucci but never Tomm
Sandaidh: brb
Alex: Tommy
Francesca: Sorry about that
Gary: comb my hair/and I'll braid yours/
Alex: I'm all for that/come right over/sit a spell
Gary: if the teeth break/we will do without/your hand and mine enough
Alex: 5/7/5/7/7
Gary: nope, s l s l l
Gary: most often 3 5 3 5 5 but not always
Gary: the words more important than form

Alex: ah, think I'll pick it up for a second
Alex: oh?
Gary: in English there is more music with a shorter form than 5 7
Alex: hence the 3/5/3/5/5
Gary: yep, and if Chinese form, add 2 for English
Gary: more than you wanted know but
Gary: or for tanka try stresses 2 3 2 3 3
Gary: or important words 1 2 1 2 2

Alex: stresses...
Gary: but that is very difficult to do
Gary: cause then we have to fuss over what is an important word

Alex: That's not "as" difficult as one might think
Francesca: I have to get kiddies to bed now so I will say good night. Gary it was an pleasure to make your acquaintance Thank you so much for coming here.
kahtt: night Francesca
Francesca: Night all.....
Pearlee: night francesca
Gary: thank you roska and francesca
Gary: night

*** Francesca has left channel #chatterlings
Gary: kahtt
Gary calls for kahtt

kahtt: yes sir
Gary: when we talked of this before you said you had a punctuation question
kahtt: only specific to your poetry
Alex: I must be out as well. Gary it was a pleasure. But my heart meds are here now yay!
Alex: Kahtters, I'll be in contact about a chat night. Maybe next week when I'm in dallas
Gary: alex a pleasure
Pearlee: night Alex/Sascha/mill..
kahtt: Like the first poem in your self-published chapbook
*** Alex is now known as Milliardo
kahtt: Autumn Reflections is a chapbook of 32 poems written in the year 2000 by Gary Blankenship. Autumn Reflections is available for purchase through Santiam Publishing for $6, which includes shipping and handling. Legal tender to 2518 NE Fruitland, Bremerton, WA 98310.
*** Signoff: Milliardo (Quit: I'd rather kill myself, than put you trough the pain)
kahtt: night Sas
kahtt: OOPS missed him
kahtt: I just read the poem differently than it is written, but then that is my preference
Gary: kahtt I don't see the question
kahtt: no specific question
Gary: in fact that one I see as fairly standard
kahtt: hold on
Gary holds on but to what
Pearlee is still here :(
Gary: hi, pearlee
Gary: and hi sandaidh
Gary: and is pearlee sad

Pearlee: hi Gary
*** Signoff: Pearlee (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Gary: does that mean she was bumped?
kahtt: yup
*** Pearlee (Nora@dialup- has joined channel #chatterlings
Pearlee: OOPS I got booted!
*** Mode change "+o Pearlee" on #chatterlings by kahtt
Gary: hi, pearlee
Pearlee: thank you kahtt!
Pearlee: hello again, Gary
kahtt: okay can't find the specific poem - however! On page 12 "In The Garden"
Gary: do you have a question or comment or joke, pearlee?
Pearlee: I was trying to think of a poem about you...
kahtt: I think yhr punctuation gave the right effect
Gary: yes, light in that. Each stanza a run on sentence
kahtt: yhr = your
kahtt: "There is a blight on the peaches
kahtt: and wormed in the roses
kahtt: where once I squeezed
kahtt: peach juice on your breasts
kahtt: and threw grass in your hair.
Pearlee: That was pretty...
kahtt: The pauses are implied and do not need to be punctuated or it would slow the flow
Gary: There is bentgrass in the lawn
Gary: and pruslane hugs the ground
Gary: where we once lay and counted
Gary: stars and our ands entwined
Gary: while planting irises in black dirt.
kahtt: I will let evergreen and alder
kahtt: turn your garden into a jungle
kahtt: and morning glory choke
kahtt: your herbs until you return
kahtt: to the place you once called
kahtt: paradise among the cedars.
kahtt: © 2000-2001 Gary Blankenship

Gary smiles
kahtt: now class, what is this poem about?
Pearlee: lovely...
Gary: about punctuation
Pearlee: :(
Gary: I think the further I get towards the center, to the place just before we would step over the line into madness
Gary: the less I see the need for punctuation or caps

Pearlee: I thought it was more about the end of a life...
Gary: I don't think they exist in there
Gary: pearlee are you sad or was it the poem?

Pearlee: The poem was sad...
Gary: caps are different to a degree
Gary: They represent Importance so when we Cap we are saying this is important
Gary: and we say I we are saying I am not at least relative to something/someone else
Gary: or we are lazy and do not want to push the shift key

kahtt: lol
Pearlee: *G)
kahtt: " I think the further I get towards the center, to the place just before we would step over the line into madness
kahtt: the less I see the need for ..."
kahtt: hey that could be the start of something
Gary: punctuation is form the Great Set of Rules We Live By and when we are inside where the dark things live (even though we do into acknowledge them) there are no rules.
kahtt: well said
Sandaidh: back
Sandaidh: sorry bout that
Pearlee: here's one...
Gary: were you gone and do you have rum???
Sandaidh hands Gary a glass of rum
Pearlee: silver tears flow/no one should see/my lonely soul....
Sandaidh: yes, I was gone. Apt manager was here
Gary: yes, pearlee and then there would be?
Sandaidh: so what's doing?
Gary: I hid /in places I've lost/I hid everywhere.
Pearlee: I walked on alone/
Sandaidh: writing exercise?
Gary: that silent e does me in often
Pearlee: a little..
Gary: we were discussing punc and caps and such and why they don't matter always
Sandaidh: ah...
Gary: though to prose - except - maybe Joyce they do
Sandaidh: I dinna like trying to read Joyce
Sandaidh: could never get through
Pearlee: I remember a poem about Andalusian girls....
Sandaidh: but can handle no caps and punctuation w/poetry
Sandaidh: maybe because of the shortness of the lines?
Gary: depends on the poem and from
Gary: andalusian girls

Sandaidh canna remember any poetry off the top of her head
Gary: have no curls
Gary: their hair is straight

Pearlee: darn it I remember bits and pieces of it..
Gary: and so they wait
Gary: for the sheets to unfurl
Gary: gad

Sandaidh never heard that one
Pearlee hasn't either
Gary: I hope you never do again
Sandaidh: why?
Pearlee: It had "yes" in it a lot...
Gary: needs work on the meter and other stuff
Pearlee: Did anyone see that movie "Back to School"? It was in that one..
Gary: give me a moment to go look for something
Sandaidh hands Gary a moment or two
Pearlee goes to get her blood pressure meds.
Gary prints
kahtt: Ulysses by James Joyce, Morris L. Ernest
Sandaidh: kah: Gary is learning fast
Gary and finishes
Sandaidh: that's the one kahtt - dinna like it

Pearlee is freaking out because she can't find her medicine...
kahtt: Finnegans Wake (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics) by James Joyce, John Bishop (Introduction)
Gary: Open/their nectar flows./Strawberries will fool you/with painted rouge and tasteless body,/not peach.
kahtt: don't freak out P
Gary: kahtt if I mentioned a 24 ford would you find something on it
kahtt: yup
Gary goes back to peaches
kahtt finding 24 ford ...
Sandaidh is wondering what peaches and cars have in common
Gary: Don't mix/with the cousins./Nectarine imitates,/apricots are for sour toothless/old men.
Gary: nothing, but she is so good at finding
Gary: think she can find money?

Pearlee is relieved..found it, was under the bed...
kahtt: found a nickel in my robe pocket - that count?
Gary peaches some more
Pearlee: LOL
kahtt: Here is one thing -
kahtt: Old-fashioned Children in Trade Cards : 24
kahtt: Full-Color Ready-To-Mail Postcards from the Collection of Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village
kahtt: by Judith E. Endelman(Editor)
Gary: Pulp, juice/dripping from chin,/taste them wearing no top,/covering breasts with their tempting/syrup.
Sandaidh was short a quarter for the laundry
Pearlee: have to work the 2nd job tomorrow as well as the 1st job...
kahtt: eep P, that will be exhausting
Gary continues
kahtt: - Visionaire 24 Light Tom Ford for Gucci
kahtt: by Tom Ford
Gary: peaches/lust but don't tell/waiting only for your bite/to nibble the way to their bitter/center.
kahtt chuckles
Sandaidh likes peaches
Sandaidh likes strawberries better
kahtt: esp when Gary writes about them
Sandaidh: no kidding
Pearlee: ESP?
kahtt: ESP = especially
Gary: the reason the other curl bit isn't worth a read is that it lacks what Peaches has
Sandaidh says it got hot in here
Pearlee has a major headache, so won't slap the side of her head
kahtt: I did one for strawberries Gar - How to eat a strawberry
Gary: did you post it?
Pearlee waits expectantly for kahtt...
Sandaidh did a flasher on strawberries and whipped cream
kahtt: P: prolly need to allow your body to relax after searching for something
Gary has done strawberries till he got hives
Sandaidh: me too! mildly allergic but love them
Pearlee prefers cherries...
kahtt: eep G
Sandaidh just made 2 gallons of black cherry cool aid
kahtt: okay ready?
Gary: some fruit is really difficult cause we all have images set in our mind of them
Sandaidh: that's Kool-aid
Gary: cherries/apples/bananas
kahtt: How to Eat a Strawberry
kahtt: by kahtt
kahtt: How to Eat a Strawberry ©1997 kahtt
kahtt: Strawberries are red, juicy, heart-shaped berries without the dip-in-butt-like part. They are usually about 1 1/4 inch in diameter, but may be larger or smaller within a half inch radius. When eating a strawberry there are certain steps that one must follow to experience the true essence of this tasty treat.
kahtt: Hold the strawberry firmly at its base Then slowly suck it into your mouth, starting at the tip and ending at your fingers Swirl your tongue around the fruit to get a good sense of its bulbous shape (no two are exactly alike)
kahtt: Lave your tongue over the seedy ridges and
kahtt: baby fine hairs on the skin of the berry
kahtt: This prepares your taste buds for the
kahtt: wonderful treat to follow
kahtt: Slowly withdraw the berry from your mouth
kahtt: while sucking in your jaw to keep a tight
kahtt: seal.
kahtt: When you reach the tip of the berry, gently
kahtt: but firmly bite into it.
kahtt: Allow the juices to fill your mouth, let it
kahtt: coat all the different types of taste buds
kahtt: in your mouth in order to get an accurate
kahtt: estimate of the berry's flavor.
kahtt: At this point I suggest that you pop the whole berry in your mouth because you can never eat just one of these sweet and tangy fruits.
Sandaidh did a flasher about eating a banana too
*** Signoff: Pearlee (Pluto.WA.US.ShadowWorld.NET Collective.MA.US.ShadowWorld.Net)
Gary: gee
Sandaidh: oops - lost pearl
*** Pearlee (Nora@dialup- has joined channel #chatterlings
Gary: gee
Sandaidh: hiya again pearl
Pearlee: hello???
*** Mode change "+o Pearlee" on #chatterlings by Sandaidh
kahtt: wb P
Pearlee: what in the world??? a quadruple boot??
Sandaidh: ????
Gary: hello, a pearl never cast before swine
Sandaidh: what happened?
kahtt: only you unfortunately P, we were still here
Pearlee: I got booted, then no one was there, then you were all gone, spooky!
Sandaidh: we were here
Gary: evil laugh spook laugh
Pearlee: I will NEVER mention the "C" word ever again!!!!
kahtt: server prank - spat you into another fold in reality for a bit
Sandaidh thinks twice about handing another rum to Gary
kahtt: now y'all don't ask me about another fruit - it's the only one I did
Gary: into a dimension where there are no poets/
kahtt: oh the horror! please do not even think it
Gary: kahtt, thanks. Send it to me and I will workshop it a bit if you do into mind
Gary: and for you, a wee tanka

kahtt: Gar - if you would like. It was not meant to be anything but a play on words
Gary: strawberries/are best when eaten/with sweet cream/later, you will enjoy/them with a dap of salt.
*** grmouser (grmouser@d52.as13.nwbl0.wi.voyager.net) has joined channel #chatterlings
kahtt: wb grm
grmouser: Greets, all.
*** Mode change "+o grmouser" on #chatterlings by Sandaidh
Sandaidh: hiya mouser
Gary: hey who you and how was the dance
kahtt: how was it grm/
grmouser: Very very long.
Sandaidh: dance?
Gary: we think how was daughter personage?
*** Signoff: Pearlee (Pluto.WA.US.ShadowWorld.NET Collective.MA.US.ShadowWorld.Net)
Gary: gee
*** Pearlee (Nora@dialup- has joined channel #chatterlings
Sandaidh: OOPS lost pearl again
*** Mode change "+o Pearlee" on #chatterlings by grmouser
grmouser: ReGreets, Pearlee.
kahtt: Hmm my Eudora highlighted all the "your tongue" and "suck/sucking" Gar
Sandaidh: hi again pearl
Gary: but she is getting better at getting back quickly
Pearlee: mouser I keep getting booted and thrown into ugly dimensions!!
grmouser: Dani was great. Surprised us right well, she did. :)
kahtt: P is unstable connection
kahtt: good
kahtt: pics?
Pearlee: Hi again everyone
Gary: hi ghost
kahtt: wb P
grmouser: Got all of *one* pic before the batteries went spung. :(
Pearlee ROFLMA
Gary: awe!
grmouser: And the dippy daughter just *had* to be standing at the far end of the stage at the time.
Gary: dippy?
grmouser: Yv got some on the regular camera, though. I'll have to scan 'em in.
Sandaidh: what dance????
Sandaidh has a feeling she missed something
grmouser: Not a dance, Sandaidh. School talent show.
Sandaidh: ah...makes more sense now
Pearlee was going to say something about batteries but changes her mind
kahtt: Gary - excuse grm. his terms of endearments are weird to say the least
grmouser: Go right ahead!
grmouser hopes everyone has sufficiently tormented the poet <G>
Pearlee: Must have been the copper tops, mouser!
Gary wonders if the batteries in his other toys are charged
kahtt: he was charging the batteries for all of 30 mins in chat - now that is a shame. dunno about that birthday gift on thursday grm
Pearlee hates, despises,loathes those batteries
Sandaidh wishes the charcoal briquettes would light so she could have dinner
grmouser: I would have charged the batteries if I had remembered this gig was tonight. (I've got a set of NiMH for the digital.)
kahtt: prolly may no see a Father's Day gift either
Gary: and even arbor day
Sandaidh: flag day!
kahtt: tsk tsk grm - forgetting Dani's show
Gary: or be the main gig at memorial day
Pearlee says, "If Dani knows, and she gets angry at you, will never let you forget it...
kahtt: oh Gar - every chat is poke-fun-at/harass-mouser time
grmouser returns to the screen and grumbles
Sandaidh doesn't poke fun at/harass mouser
Gary: if dani knows and why would she not?
grmouser: In my defense, Dani practiced this whole gig in secret.
Pearlee: mouser: that's a child's privlege..harassing 'ol Dad
Gary: cause someone has to tell her
Gary: or mom
Gary: or both

Pearlee: please don't grumble, mouser....
kahtt 's work is done <evil snicker>
Gary chortles
Pearlee: with friends like this/who needs friends?
kahtt: heh heh heh
kahtt: heeey! I am a great friend
Gary: to dani
Sandaidh: I didn't do/say anything
kahtt: I'll be sure to leave out grm's humiliation in the log
Sandaidh and Mouser are the ones write weird shit
grmouser is off getting a Dew and didn't hear nothin...
kahtt: hmm, by omission San
Sandaidh: nuh uh!
Pearlee: whazzat, San?
kahtt: now San on the other hand has taken up grm's bad habits
Gary: weird - did I hear weird
Gary and gars ears perk up

Sandaidh: happens when you write the same stuff I guess
kahtt: claiming her writing is weird, claiming her poetry is no good
Sandaidh: it is! on all accounts
kahtt: Gary - you should read some of this stuff
Gary: define weird if you please
Pearlee: I always enjoy reading your work, Sandaidh!
Pearlee crosses her heart and hopes to die...
Sandaidh quickly stuffs all stories and pretend poems under the bed
kahtt: okay prove me wrong and paste a bit of poetry in here
Gary and gar say pretty please
Sandaidh: weird as in fantasy - not normal
Sandaidh: like what kah?
kahtt: um, hello - everyone has fantasies, doesn't that make it the norm?
Sandaidh: Emach was normal????
kahtt: Just post your recent bit o poetry San
grmouser has returned but ain't back yet. Off loading up the pic per Dani's request...
Sandaidh: man who is no man
Sandaidh thinking...
Sandaidh: Rejection? the bilingual one?
Sandaidh: brb then - gotta find it
kahtt: I mean fantasies are a normal occurrence, since each person is unique, not all fantasies will be the same
Sandaidh: no not posting the Gaelic version
kahtt: thank you - that would take me a while to figure out
*** Signoff: Gary (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Pearlee: fantasies like Uh oh..Gary got booted...
*** Gary (gardawg@AC8A38BE.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #chatterlings
*** Mode change "+o Gary" on #chatterlings by Pearlee

Pearlee: wb gary!
Gary: gee
Gary: that is spooky
Gary: was it the shout?

Pearlee emits an evil laugh...
Gary: do I need to whisper
Gary: or did Lovecraft hear me?

Pearlee: Maybe Piers Anthony?
grmouser returns
Sandaidh: back...didn't even remember the name correctly
Gary: maybe the real graymouser
grmouser: Blasted pic did *not* turn out well at all. :(
Pearlee: sorry, mouser...
Sandaidh: Rejected copyright 1999 by Sandaidh
Gary: ah
Sandaidh: Passion/ Pain/Despair/Reach out/Seeking/Withdraw
Pearlee: Sandaidh was good enough to be published...
Sandaidh: Rejected
Sandaidh: that's it
Gary: may I
Sandaidh: not my poetry
Gary: play a bit?
Sandaidh: go ahead Gary
Gary: passion and pain/both sides of despair/reach out to find withdraw
Sandaidh: btw - it was mostly one word = one line
Gary: what I hear
Gary: but why is fantasy weird?

Sandaidh: I wanted to keep it trimmed to the bare bones (1 word - 1 line) because I did it in Gaelic as well
Sandaidh: compared to the rest on ERA, Mouser and I write "odd things"
Gary: you do gaelic? by chance could you sent something to poetry@writershood.com in both Gaelic and english
Sandaidh: only have the one poem (above)
grmouser: Yeah. We've got this unnatural fixation with storylines and plots and character development. <shudder>
Pearlee wishes she could be 1/8 as talented as Sandaidh and mouser
Sandaidh: and many times no sex
Gary: then something new/
Gary: oh, true prose!

grmouser wonders how Pearlee arrived at that particular fractional amount
Pearlee says "Ok, 1/16th!
Gary: no sex - does sensual need sex, does sex need to be sensual?
Sandaidh wonders the same as Mouser
grmouser: pearl: Just write 'Once upon a time, some stuff happened. The End' and you'll be ahead of my game. ;)
Sandaidh shrugs
Pearlee: Gary: how can sex not be sensual??
grmouser: Wham-bam-thankee ma'am.
Sandaidh: porn
grmouser: ERA
Gary: I can think of three reasons at least
grmouser: <ahem>
grmouser wonders who added that last one...
kahtt: I can think of at least one
Pearlee wonders if she is going to learn something???
Gary: child/forced/by the numbers with no emotion to get it over cause you are obligated or thing you are
kahtt: can I consider the informative and book plugging part of this chat over?
Gary: wasn't that informative and you could find a book for anything
Gary has more strawberries

Sandaidh is confused again
Gary reads
Pearlee: Gary likes strawberries/and peaches with cream/if he doesn't watch out/his weight but a dream...
kahtt: It was most informative Gary. Believe it or not you shared a lot of your experience and knowledge with us - for that I thank you.
Sandaidh: why do you want something posted to that site in Gaelic Gary?
Gary: wrap your tongue/around strawberries/sucking in/until the berry pops/and you look for another
kahtt: your tongue-in-cheekiness and commradrie was a nice plus
Sandaidh is burning dinner again
Sandaidh: was fun for sure
Pearlee: Yes Gary, thank you...I learned some new things...
Gary: Sand: I try to do some multi language work every month and I have no Gaelic
Sandaidh: learned lots of new things
Gary: thank you all it is has bee fun
Sandaidh: ah...okay. that's to you then?
kahtt: no need to go Gar
kahtt: just stopping the formal chat
Gary: does dear kahtt clean up the spelling in da poems
kahtt: it was four hours long
Gary: sand, yep that is my editor mail
Gary: only the poems kahtt the berry and peach bits?

kahtt: I do a bit of spell check, yes, but for the most part leave everything in tact - in your own words
Sandaidh: okay cool
Sandaidh: but edit out the thong thingy please
Gary: or if you want to gardawg@aol.com
Sandaidh blushes
Gary: why, there was a thong poem in there
kahtt: will do as I promised before San, that and the mouser bits - er ...
Sandaidh: okay
Sandaidh: thankee
kahtt: not the thong poem perse, but the out takes
Gary: are you all east coast?
Sandaidh: now let everyone know when the formal is over so we can have fun and games
Pearlee: I am midwest Gary..
kahtt: I just did, even though it was prolly over long before
Sandaidh: nope Gary - west coast
grmouser is Midwest
kahtt: I'll use my discretion - want to see it before it's posted San?
kahtt: Pearlee?
Pearlee: Yes kahtt?
Sandaidh: nah tis okay -
kahtt: do you want to see the chat log before I post it?
Pearlee: no that's OK
kahtt: I'm good at cleaning it up, while still leaving some banter. Read the MJ Rose one on ENE
grmouser: I missed most of that one too, as I recall. :/
kahtt: well if you change your mind, just tell me kahtt@yahoo.com or kahtt123@aol.com
kahtt: yes you did grm - groceries. what did you think of the log?
grmouser: The log was great.
kahtt: cool
Gary: am I still here
kahtt: I'm plagued and bushed <snicker> so I think I'll hit the hay
kahtt: yes Gar
Pearlee: Unless your evil clone took over??
Sandaidh: leaving kahtt?
kahtt: that would be the Dawg in you Gar
grmouser: G'night, kitten.
Gary: something happened and I do not know what
Pearlee: good night, khatt..
kahtt: yeah
Sandaidh: night kah
Gary: bye, kahtt or meow if you wish
kahtt: ??? maybe we just got quiet for a bit Gar
Gary: no I got green notes
Sandaidh is glad the burnt pork chop is still edible
kahtt: hmmm
kahtt: what did they say? spam maybe?
Gary: I'm going to bug out to, no dinner, and eyes tired and then some, there a yawn
grmouser: G'night, Gary.
Gary: and I have to finish the zine tomorrow
Pearlee: nice to meet you Gary..good night...
kahtt: me no dinner too - plagued
Sandaidh: night then...and thanks. was fun
Gary: peace and poetry all
kahtt: Thanks for the Honor Gary
Gary: and thanks for the opportunity
Gary: g'night

kahtt: night!
*** Gary has left channel #chatterlings
Sandaidh: so now what?
kahtt: okay folks, I'm outta here. Thank you for coming
Pearlee: night kahtt
*** grmouser has set the topic on channel #chatterlings to The Dawg has left the building
kahtt: you can do whatever you want
Pearlee: he was quite nice
Sandaidh: glad to be here
Sandaidh: yes and informative
kahtt: Gar is great
grmouser: Aye. Good lad.
Sandaidh: and tolerated our banter and teasing
kahtt: been up since 5 am - prolly won't get any sleep but hopping into bed now until 5 am
Pearlee: sleep well...
Sandaidh: ugh...night then kahtt
Sandaidh: go to bed!
kahtt: tanke - night
grmouser casts sleep and anti-plague spells on the kahttling
Sandaidh is going to have to turn down 9 Inch Nails soon
kahtt: grm: anti-plague - that comes in the form of a pill, the sleep may not happen though
kahtt: good choice in music San
Sandaidh: tried it - like it
Pearlee: You're listening to 9 inch nails, Sandaidh?
kahtt waves to all on her way out
Sandaidh: yep
Log file closed at: 5/8/01 11:29:30 PM

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