An ENE Review of the novel
Tongues of Fire by Mari Ness


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe

The life of a book reviewer is not always an easy one. I mean, yes, I
get to read lots of books. But sometimes, depending on what's in the
queue, I get a steady diet of one type of book or another. Lately,
it's been novels, lots of them, and while I have nothing against them, a
nice collection of short stories can be a welcome change of pace.
I'm happy to report that Tongues of Fire, by Mari Ness, filled that need
just fine!
Here we have twenty-three erotic tales, some as brief as a pair of
thong panties, others rich in detail, character and plot. Most follow a
theme of bisexuality and/or polyamory - does it really matter whether
a girl loses her heart to a man, or to a woman? Why can't she have both?
Indeed, in many of these stories, it's the best choice. For example,
"And Then" explores what happens when two couples couple up, and all
the possible combinations contained within. "Fountain Play" finds two
women hanging out at Epcot Center after hours, their attraction growing
with every gesture. The emotional range in this collection provides
something for everyone, from the poignant "Water and Roses" to the
sidesplitting "The Swing". If I had to choose a favorite, it would be
"Gretchen", a paddling tale with a surreal spin. However, don't just
take my recommendations! You're sure to find at least one story in
here that will haunt you.
Several of these stories have appeared in Clean Sheets, Mind Caviar,
and Zaftig!, but I've chosen most of my favorites among the ones that
appear only in this book. Tongues of Fire is bright, witty, and very hot!

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A woman and her lover give each other explicit instructions on how to make love on a public state. An Internet relationship starts to heat up -- or does it? A college girl starts fantasizing about her roommates. And what exactly is that man planning to do with his wife with that swing?

Mari Ness has been delighting the Internet with her well crafted erotic fiction for years. Now, in her first ever collection of short sensual tales, she explores the entrancing world of the erotic, in stories guaranteed to heat your mind, body and soul.

Check out Mari Ness' website - Silken Chambers

For the past five years, JZ Sharpe has been making up for the time she lost in a 20-year writer's block. She lives in the Pennsylvania mountains, where most of her friends and coworkers would be shocked and amazed by her secret life as a writer of erotica and science fiction. JZ Sharpe is a regular contributor to ENE. You can also find her work at About's Amateur Erotica, Adult Story Corner, Biblio Eroticus, Blood Moon Zine , Dare , Erotica Readers Association, HotErotica.Com and Scarlet Letters . Get lashed by the Sharpe Tongue.

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