Special Delivery

By Debora Myers


I received a phone call from my mother telling me to expect a package
in a week or so. This was no surprise as she always sends me something
really nice through our favorite clothing catalogue. I could use some
new clothes and a little cheering up this year more than usual because I
had just broken up with my mate and was feeling lonely and defeated. I
hoped that my favorite UPS man still had the same rounds. I had a crush
on him but being married and unavailable could only love him on the
dream plane.

I kept myself busy with my civic duties and volunteering at the local
women's shelter. I emerged myself into my job as well. Determined to
make it on my own I put forth all my energy to better my situation in
life. My kids were grown and in college. This was finally the time to
redefine who I was and what I wanted out of life. I wasn't interested in
starting a relationship but at the same time I missed the companionship
and love I had once shared with my husband.

I was on the phone about a couple weeks from the Christmas holidays,
arranging a fund -raiser for the women's shelter when I heard a loud
knock on the door. I jumped up, answered the door and stopped dumb-founded
at the magnificent perfection standing in front of me. There he was my
dream man; tall, wide shoulders, well-defined muscles, smooth skin with
piercing green eyes that lit up when I approached the door. I had just
taken a shower and still donned my satin robe, which was opened enough
to show off my pretty long legs.

He was just as shocked by my beauty as I was by his. We stood there for
a minute or so just taking each other in, then he switched to attack
mode and I made sure to not take up a defensive position. I knew it would
have to be now or never. Who knows when I would ever have this chance

"You look so thirsty Rick! Would you like to come in for some
refreshments?” I asked with a coy little smile that said more than words ever

"Yes please, I am rather thirsty!"

"Well come on in and let me quench your thirst. My name is Jo."

Rick raised his eyebrows knowing what kind of refreshment I was
offering. I opened the screen door and he assuredly walked in. I motioned for
him toward the kitchen where I opened the fridge and poured him a cold
glass of water. I reached my free hand to his temple and said "You are
so hot, drink this."

"I believe you are making me that way Jo," he said as he set the glass
down firmly on the kitchen counter. He reached over and placed his
hands on my waist, then picked me up and plopped me gently onto the counter
facing him. His nostrils flared as his breathing increased and I felt
the blood running hard through my veins as my chest rose and fell faster
and faster.

Reaching my hands toward his face, I cradled his wide jaw in the palms
of my hands and pulled his face toward mine. He tasted sweet. I licked
his lips gently then sucked his tongue into my mouth. He purred like a
big cat as I ran my fingers through his curly hair. I stroked his head
and neck with my fingertips and kissed his neck and earlobe bringing
more soft groans from his throat. I could feel him growing more agitated
as his libido kicked into high gear. I was squirming by now too and my
blood was racing hotter than it had been in years. The satin robe was
sticking to the perspiration on my shoulders and back and I wiggled to
free myself from it. As my robe fell off and hit the table Rick pulled
me to his chest and held me closely while we both caught our breath.

There I was sitting on my kitchen counter naked, heart pounding in my
chest, I just couldn't believe that I had this beautiful man standing
there between my legs. He rubbed the small of my back and gently scooted
me toward him. I easily slipped right up against his pelvis on my silky
robe. Rick leaned over and with the point of his tongue swirled and
explored behind my ear. As he nibbled my earlobe he brushed the insides of
my thighs with his fingertips tickling and torturing me into giggles. I
tossed my head back as I laughed. He looked down at me with such joy
and warmth that my heart almost skipped a beat.

"Are you sure you want to?" He asked with sincerity.

"I tilted my head to the side, inhaled and sighed. "I have never
wanted anything so badly. All I ask is that you not forget me, please
remember me and how I make you feel."

Rick answered me with a long deep kiss, which felt like more than just
a one-day stand! "I'm breaking my rules you know Jo." He cleared his
throat then said; "I usually never make love to the clientele."

His mouth turned up into a smile and his eyes looked earnestly into
mine. He was puffed up and turned on. Even though I didn't really know
this man I felt a deep connection to him. He kissed me again with such
urgency that I wondered what moved him so. I looked up at him with a
long, suffering glance to let him know I was more than ready to take him
in. My thumbs hooked inside the waist of his shorts and belt. I shinnied
them from his waist to the front of his fly and unbuckled him. I
fumbled at his zipper feeling for the first time that he was fully aroused
and straining to get out. I carefully unzipped him and out he sprang.

He gingerly traced his fingers all around my mound and petted and
gently patted me. I burned deep from within as the heat rose between us. It
didn't take him long to find me ready and ripe for him. He kicked off
his shorts and pulled out his wallet, quickly tore opened a condom and
rolled it over his twitching shaft. Tingling from head to toe I easily
slid my butt closer to him. I threw my head back again as he rubbed his
life force against mine, then I felt him stab into me, his powerful
hands on my hips brought me in rhythm with him. Grappling the edge of the
counter with both hands we moved together like we were one. Rick pushed
deeply inside me and stopped. My legs trembled as I jerked with little
spasms of electricity. He scooped me up as I straddled him and carried
me toward the couch. I was burning for more and panting heavily trying
to catch my breath.

"Sit down you beautiful man. I'm going to ride you as long as I can."
I ordered. He fell back onto the couch never pulling out of me.

He filled me entirely.

Sitting in his lap I plunged down onto him rocking and rolling until my
legs cramped and little beads of sweat beaded on his upper lip.

"Oh Jo keep going don't stop now honey!" I pulled up to look at him.
His expression was beautiful. We were in heaven as I came again and
again. Each orgasm repeatedly explodes inside me deeper and more powerful
than the one before. I could feel the pressure building under me. He was
holding back. I stopped with him still deep in me. I tightened my hold
on him while I reached my hands up to stroke his jaw and cheekbones.
His neck was arched back over the couch. Wrapping my arms around his
upper body I drew closely into him. I rested my head on his chest, which
gave us a couple of minutes to catch our breath. Then revived, I once
again gently moved back and forth, then with circular motions I kept an
even tempo until I was crying out as he filled me with his life force. We
were soaking wet now and swirling in the higher charged energy of raw
electricity and desire. His hands brought me down on him in rhythm as he
came in a volcanic explosion.

My neck was arched back as I raised my face to heaven in complete
bliss. We stayed like that for a few minutes then with a deep sigh I
crumbled on top of him and he held me in his arms.

As we came to I asked "Would you like to rinse off before you continue
your deliveries?"

He smiled and responded with a nod.

"That was some special package you brought to me. Too bad you have to
go back to work." I said as we walked to the shower.

He stopped me in the hallway and lifted my face up toward his. "I wish
we could play all day but I must return to work. Do you have plans for
this evening? I would love to take you out if you're interested."

The pleading look in his eyes gave him away. I thought to myself that
this couldn't be possible that I was just dreaming again. I closed my
eyes and opened them to make sure this was really happening. There he
stood, stark naked looking down at me with gentleness and sincerity.

"I would like to spend some more time with you, to see if this
connection can go even farther. You never know if you don't try." He said.

We showered off and I answered him with, "Can you pick me up at 8:00?"
"I'll be here."

He smiled, dressed and kissed me again. As he left my porch, he turned
and smiled sweetly. I just grinned back, hiding nothing as I stood in
disbelief and wholehearted excitement. What a package I thought to
myself. I picked up the telephone to thank my mother for such an appropriate
gift. Little did she know that by ordering that new outfit she was
working with the universe to set me up with the man of my dreams!

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