The Sharp Edge of Love

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The Sharp Edge of Love by Galen


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe

The Sharp Edge of Love is the first-hand account of Galen, a newly divorced middle-aged dominant in search of his submissive soulmate. Told mostly in e-mail exchanges, the book follows him through relationships with four women, each one seeking something slightly different. The personalities of the players in this reality play truly come through, as lively as any episode of MTV's "The Real World" or its infamous successor, "Survivor". The reader is the witness as each relationship blooms, as Galen and his submissive get to know each other, and slip from cautious courtesy and limit-setting to hot passion. Occasionally the action takes a brief detour into fiction written by Galen for one of his lucky ladies, and we even get one story penned by a woman in return.
Galen's most passionate encounter is with Arlana, who called herself as a "tiger", after her Chinese astrological sign. Although she has chosen the submissive path, this woman is no wimp! Indeed, with her intelligence and lively personality, she poses quite a challenge to anyone who would want to tame her, and Galen is certainly captivated and, at least in the beginning, believes himself up to the task. But for pure story, in the vein of truth being stranger than fiction, his encounter with the mysterious "sharah" is by far the best part of the book. Who is this mystery woman - in fact, does she even exist? This was the episode that I could not put down, and since it's the first one, it serves to successfully hook the reader into reading the rest of the book.
Of course, with any true tale told through letters or e-mails, one sees the unedited story as it plays itself out. At times, the dialogue between Galen and his woman of the moment becomes slightly repetitive, maybe even a little mundane, but when this happened, I found that simply skipping ahead a page or two was enough to throw me right back into the fiery cauldron.
And fiery it is! If you crave a sexy, true-life account of a dominant man and his loves, you'll find plenty of satisfaction in The Sharp Edge of Love. Galen himself comes across as strong, sexy, and believe me, he knows what he wants. Yet he is also wise and dare I say, sensitive (which, in my humble opinion, is an essential quality in a true Dom). While you may not be fascinated from cover to cover - on the other hand, if you find nothing in this book that piques your interest, I would be quite surprised.
The Sharp Edge of Love

The Sharp Edge of Love by Galen

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The Sharp Edge of Love tears the cover off our culture's normally masked sexual identity and exposes the raw volcanic core within. This scintillating work tells the true stories of the erotic desires and fantasies of sexually submissive women, questing for their truth.

The Sharp Edge of Love is intelligent and provocative with prose as sharp as the thorns on a rose. You'll explore the full range of human passions from extreme sex, mythic love and primal intensity. It is also a good guide to the ins and outs, the do's and don't's of online relationships, no matter the sexual preference.

"The truth of human sexuality is being exuberantly exposed on the Internet. Centuries of repressed sexual energies, the urge to get kinky, are about to emerge in the new millennium, without the bleak guilt and shame imposed by paranoid and hypocritical moralists. Sexuality has become the free-wheeling frontier of human personality. Think of it as Y2Kink!

The Sharp Edge of Love will serve as your field guide to staking your claim in this new frontier of honest sexual expression.

About The Author: Galen is an ardent advocate for sexual freedom, honesty and healing, through his writings, appearances on talk shows, and speaking engagements. He is, as well, a het-Dominant and Mentor active in the BDSM scene, a member of the NLAI, an entrepreneur, marketing relations consultant, multimedia producer, inventor, and proud father.

"Getting honest about our kinkiest desires, is a very hot topic for millions of people. Via the anonymity and safety of the Internet, women in particular are beginning to explore the truth of their sexuality. People in droves are risking the judgement, shame and recriminations of a hypocritical culture, to express their true sexual identity. My goal for the book is that it serve as a gateway, for those who need a nudge to cross through to the honest expression of their sexuality. I want people to know that there is nobility in seeking their truth, sexual and otherwise, and that they are not alone. It's time to raise sexuality to its rightful place as an integral part of human personality, along with emotion, creativity, intellect and spirit." Galen

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