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Hive by Ischade Bradean


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe

Do you like political upheaval? Palace intrigue? A varied cast of good guys and villains who twist and turn through a maze of a plot? Then you'll like Hive, by Ischade Bradean. Be warned - this isn't your grandma's kind of fairie tale (of course, I don't know your grandma).
Hive takes place in an intricately built fairie society that seems an awful lot like a beehive, or perhaps an ant colony. The females run the show, of course; the males work to serve them, whether as laborers, soldiers, or with a dose or two of the Queen's milk, as drones in a harem. As the book opens, the old Queen is murdered - and right away, plans are hatched for the seizure of power, the rule of the strong at the expense of the weak. Soon the battle is down to two Queens, which is one too many to assure the stability of the hive. Aynia, beautiful and good-hearted, is nevertheless unsure of her power at first and must grow into her reign. Carman, on the other hand, is already convinced that she's the rightful Queen, if only she could get rid of that pain-in-the-ass Aynia and her court! Behind both pretenders to the throne, we find entourages filled with the well-meaning, the wicked, the treacherous, and a few who are swept into the tide of madness just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Meanwhile, as this power struggle mounts, trouble looms on the horizon as the hive itself proves to be too small and weak for its inhabitants, and wouldn't you know it - it's in the way of some human armies, too! Who will the power struggle between the throne, the temple and the people? And who will be trampled to death along the way?
I won't even begin to tell you, because I wouldn't want to deprive you of the pleasure. Despite its length, Hive kept me turning pages right to the end. The cast of characters is a delightful collection of good and evil, each character having a bit of both, of course (no two-dimensional fairytale stereotypes here). Just as their fates had been decided, or so I thought, we'd come around another bend in the hive and all bets were off! The intricacy of this book is amazing; a lesser author would only confuse the reader, but I flew straight through it all the way, and loved every second of it, too. Oh, and did I mention the sex scenes? There are plenty of those, too, in plenty of erotic configurations, and each one essential to the story, too.
This book is impossible to categorize, so don't even try. Hive is a fantasy, to be sure, but it's also an political thriller, with plenty of sensuality throughout. If all the books you've been reading lately have started to sound alike, then this one will renew your faith in originality. I haven't read anything this creative and unique in ages - and I highly recommend it!
About The Author:
Raised in a family that moved constantly, the author, Ischade Bradean, studied the local lore and legends of each place she lived. She always preferred the darker, older versions of tales that were meant as much for adults as they were for children. Special favorites were the haunting tales her Romanian Grandparents told her late at night.

A social chameleon, Ischade learned how to appear to be a native as quickly as possible. Her ear for accents and ability to adapt to the people around her make her nearly invisible to the naked eye, which is what she prefers.

Ischade currently lives at thirty-three degrees north, her favorite latitude no matter which continent she's on.

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The Queen is assassinated, touching off a fierce battle for the crown between her five daughters. Treason, betrayal, political intrigue, and murder are only part of what it takes to ascend to this Throne.

But when the apparent winner fails to deliver the final death blow to one of her sisters it exposes the Hive to the possibility of civil war. Using her power of seduction the new Queen persuades the powerful High Priestess to bow down before her and share the forbidden secrets of the Sisterhood of the Temple. She dares to use her harem of males in ways that stun the conservative established powers. But its all up to her to lead the Hive to victory or death in a confrontation that proves that sometimes sex is the ultimate weapon.

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