by Jade

© 2001. All Rights Reserved.

Ass Whippin'
C'mere, take those pants off,
they're too tight anyhow.
Scoot over my knee,
Mr., you're all firm buns and big talk.
Now I didn't even touch you yet
And you're hard already.
So easy to please.
Stay silent while smack your bottom with my paddle.
Take your licks like a man.
& I'll reward you with what you crave
most of all.
Booty Call
What I really want
Is a man with a sweet disposition,
a hard body
and a big cock
I want him to start subtly
By taking me out to dinner
at an oceanside restaurant
then he'll drive me home
eat my pussy raw
fuck me
make me purr like a feline goddess
make time stand still
then hold me
while we fall asleep
in a protective shell
of cum and sweat
washed clean at dawn
with cool vanilla water
and a French kiss.
Then he'll get in his Cadillac
and drive away,
squinting into
the sunlight
til the next time
one of us
picks up the phone.
Tape fades with time, it's mere magnetic string
Usually good for a laugh,
Or background noise at your local trendy bar
Where the wall of TV sets is tuned
To Antony and Cleopatra sans subtlety
As the apple martinis pour.

A name, scrawled and indecipherable
On the spine of a plastic case.
We were so young, so drunk
Wrapped in our last bit of baby fat
As surely we were wrapped around each other.
What's this fuckin' camera for, you said,
And then
A blowjob later
You forgot it was there .

I need something to remember you by, I said
Give me that much
Set upon me
The way nature intended,
Fingers teasing and testing my pussy.
Your cock in close up
Preserved for
eternal seduction.
All poems are © 2001 by Jade. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or distribute without the expressed written consent of the author. Poems used here are printed by permission of the author.
Jade is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in Cleansheets.com, Darkfuneral.com, WHAP, Playgirl, and Peacock Blue.com.
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