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I have you tied with silk scarves to the kitchen chair. The stereo hums softly and thunder crashes from an unusual desert storm. The lightning flashes through the curtain. I stand in an unbelted silk kimono and wonder what to do with you. I take the seat across from you, one foot tucked beneath me. With my other knee up to my chest and my chin resting in my palm, I watch you. You wait and wonder.
I lazily pick a grape from the fruit basket and run it around my mouth, then inside my bottom lip. I reach across and touch it to your lip so softly you barely feel it. I bring it back to my mouth and hold it between my lips and lean towards you. You reach to meet me but I pull back and suck the grape into my mouth. You shut your eyes and smile. I gently trace your sexy mouth with my middle finger. Just the lightly.
I love that mouth and am tempted to just devour it. I lean towards you again and my tongue darts to your lip. You watch and your tongue slips out. I lick it and pull back an inch, then lick your top lip. I stand and go to the window to watch the lightning taunt the neon of the Las Vegas Strip.
Our room overlooks the pool and huge water drops splash. My mind wanders as I think of you and all the things I'd like to do with you. I turn and go sit in your lap. I reach behind me and blindly grab a bottle of wine. I rub the bottle over your cheek and kiss your neck. I pour a drop on your cheek then lick it off. I dip my finger in the bottle and rub it on your ear, then lick that off. I take a drink and you watch me expectantly. But I swallow it and lick your bottom lip. Then I pour a little on your neck and shoulder and follow with my tongue. I take another drink, this time lowering my mouth to yours. I let you swallow the wine. Our tongues meet. I pull back then pivot on your lap, turning my back to you. I uncover a plate.
I tell you to close your eyes. I look over my shoulder and your eyes are wide open. I don't move until I know your eyes are closed. You try to grind against my butt. Finally, you close your eyes. I turn back to you and rest my forehead against yours. Our eyes meet as I tell you to shut them until I say so. You do and I reward you with a strawberry kiss. Our kiss turns passionate and I moan. The strawberry passes from my mouth to yours and back again. I swallow it and kiss your forehead. I get out of your lap and go to the bedroom. You lift the chair and follow me going to the doorway. I leave the shower door open and you watch as I soap myself and wash my hair.
I lean under the spray and allow the water to cascade over my back. I roll to toe point and stretch my calves, then rock back down and up again. Forgetting the towel, I stand dripping. I go to you and drip on you. My hair grazes your cheek as I kiss the top of your head, then your cheek and neck. I reach around and kiss your ear. I go to the table and grab the wine. I let you drink from the bottle then pour a little on my hip and let you lick it off.
I pass the shower and go to the bathroom that adjoins the bedroom. You can barely see me so I try to afford you a better view. I flip my hair and wrap it in a towel, then wrap myself in a bath sheet. I stand in the doorway and look around. You do, too. My eyes absorb the free-standing shower, the steps to the Jacuzzi, then glance back down to the king-size bed. The big screen TV is off. The bathroom behind me has a tub and toilet. I am at a loss because I so want to please you but don't know where to begin.
I walk past you, gently rubbing against you. You try to grab the towel, but I slip out of reach. I get what I need, then come back to you. I finally drop my towel and climb in your lap, one foot in your crotch. I gently roll my toes. You sigh. I lean back and take a strawberry, rolling it over my lips, down my chin, in circles on my neck, and down my breasts to my stomach. I put the strawberry in my belly button, then arch up to you. You reach down to scoop it out with your tongue, then kiss my stomach and up to my breasts. With your mouth full of juicy red fruit, you rub my nipple against your lips, then suck it in, devouring everything. You strain against my foot as you bring your mouth up to mine. I feel the strawberry and your tongue pass my lips. You strain some more.
I stand up and walk slowly to the bed. Before I get there, you are behind me sweeping me the rest of the way. I land face down and you enter me from behind. I groan. You whisper in my ear. "I have to teach you how to tie knots."
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Mojo is a thirtysomething auburn-maned princess currently residing in her Lone Star castle. She enjoys writing erotica and chatting on ICQ with her inspiration and soulmate, Brian, all while crossing and uncrossing her 45" legs. When she is not changing her motor oil, cheering the Denver Broncos, or getting her toenails painted, she can be found working on her web site, Mojo's Stories.
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