An ENE Review of the novel
Incognito by Lisabet Sarai


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe

A good erotic novel should be like a delicious box of chocolates, a
smorgasbord of confections in all shapes and sizes. It should have
something for everyone, from the rich vanilla of the buttercreams to the
chewy challenge of the nougat. It should even have a few surprises, a
few odd-looking items that, once bitten into, turn into sheer delight.
Lisabet Sarai's novel, Incognito, provides all that, and a sexy, artful
cover to boot.

Incognito is the story of Miranda, a young academic with an interest in
Victorian erotica. In fact, such work is the topic of her doctoral
thesis; her premise is that such tales are not fiction at all, but the
thinly veiled accounts of actual individuals, who braved society's
disapproval to explore their carnal urges. In serendipitous support of
her theory, she stumbles across the secret diary of Beatrice, a
Victorian Bostonian whose daring adventures in erotic play mirror
Miranda's own. Accounts of Miranda's many explorations, each one hotter
than the last, are interspersed with pages quoted from Beatrice's
journal, so the reader has several story threads to follow. Whether you
like turn-of-the-century sex, or if you prefer your fantasies to be more
contemporary, Incognito will have something for you.

The book is a little light on actual plot, but that's quite all right.
You won't miss it, because you'll be too busy rushing on to Miranda's
next encounter, from rough encounters on pool tables to intimate
evenings with good friends who are even better friends by the time the
evening is through. What's your fantasy? It's in Incognito, and I can
promise that you'll be aroused. I certainly was!

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By day, Miranda Cahill is pursuing her doctorate in English literature. But at night, she haunts the streets, bars, and clubs of the city, engaging in anonymous, outrageous sexual liaisons. The line between her two selves begins to blur when she discovers that her masked partner in a fetishistic orgy and a bookish colleague who has been wooing her are the same person.

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