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In Honor Bound by Alexandra Adams


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe

Some people love historical fiction, but I must confess that I'm not one of them. I have enough trouble dealing with the contemporary world, thank you very much. Strangely enough, I don't seem to have the same problem with worlds of pure fantasy; maybe that's because they never actually existed, so I have to take the author's word for it (and I usually do, if it's well written). But a story set in Victorian England, or the times of ancient Rome? No thanks!
With that said, I must also admit that every once in a while, I make an exception to this rule. I did just that with In Honor Bound, an erotic novel by Alexandra Adams. It takes place in the mid-fifteenth century; in fact, Ms. Adams begins the novel with a narrative on the history of the era, and the various tensions of the time. This is not exactly the way I would choose to begin a novel, because it tends to leave the reader wondering -- will this be on the test? Is there going to be a quiz on this, Professor? Nevertheless, I figured it was necessary to the story, so I kept going, and I'm glad I did.
Once I managed to make it past the first three pages, I was swept into the story of Ariane, a Wallachian healer who is taken into slavery when the vassals who rule the Dark Citadel storm the Turk's stronghold. She is purchased by Lord Stephen, Seneschal of the Citadel, and is given over to two trainers who are themselves slaves, Radu and Antony. Together, they forge ties and become an unbreakable team who manages to escape and find a new life in an abandoned keep thought by some to be haunted and dangerous, the Keep of the Unburied Dead. Ariane grows from a frightened virgin to a responsive, sensual woman whose strong love and ties of honor to both Radu and Antony create a force to be reckoned with.
Once the book gets going, one need not worry about overdosing on history. There's plenty of sensuality and erotic scenes between the three main characters, as well as with others. In fact, if you're fond of m/m/f threesomes, then this book will definitely satisfy! In Honor Bound is that delicious, rare combination of erotica and dramatic, edge-of-the-seat story. Ms. Adams' writing style is richly lyrical, at times almost too much so, but the swiftly moving tale will keep you from getting bogged down.
Looking for a summer escape into another time and place? In Honor Bound can take you there!
In Honor Nound

This offbeat, sensually explicit historical novel sets a wildly unconventional love story against the colorful backdrop of fifteenth century Romanian feudalism as it existed at the end of the bloody reign of Vlad the Impaler. Read Chapter One of IN HONOR BOUND free!

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