An Evening In

by e_s_e

Having just arrived from an afternoon of shopping, Sierra stood in the
doorway setting down some bags. I finished placing our nice dinnerware and
walked over to kiss her. Our lips met with a quick and wet kiss. I had to
get back to the dinner I was preparing. I walked back in the kitchen as
Sierra took off her coat and put things away.

Dinner was finally ready. She came to the table as I filled our glasses with
red wine. One look at her and I could feel my cock stiffening. Her
volluptous breast held tightly together and created a sensous curve leading
towards that sex tummy. I noticed her nipples through her shirt, poking out
and inviting. She was gorgeous and sexy.

After we finished eating, I walked to her side of the dinner table as she
stood and we kissed. I ran my fingers through her long, wavy brunette hair.
Gently pulling on her silky ends, she followed my lead by slowly leaning
back on the hard wood table. She wrapped her legs around my waste tight. I
stood there with my quickly stiffening cock pressing through my khakis and
against her tight blue-jeans. I moved my hands to her tight little tummy,
lifting her shirt just to her nipples revealing an adorable and innocent
white lace bra. Sierra closed her eyes and arched her back. Her juices were
beginning to flow as I continued to massage her stomach and pull her hips
into mine. With my cock rock hard and pulsating, I unzipped her jeans and
pulled them off. Her matching white-lace panties were moist and the smell
was intense.

I pulled up the chair and began to lick around her pussy, kissing through her
panties and pulling them from side to side teasing her with little pecks everywhere.
She tasted succulent and sweet. I could not stop. Her back arched with each
long kiss and her moaning was getting intense. I wanted her to orgasm so I buried
my tongue further, licking her tight soaked pussy. With my arms wrapped
underneath her legs I pulled her pussy into my mouth. Her tightly curled public
hair tickled my nose and felt soft. She was in pure bliss as she continued to moan
louder and louder. Her movements became more erratic as I flicked my tongue
faster and deeper until finally she came all over my face wetting everything from
my nose to my shirt. With her smell still fresh on my face, I stood up and leaned
over to kiss her. We kissed long and deep, sharing her cum between our lips.

Leaving the table filled with dishes, we took off our clothes and stepped
into the bathtub. The warm water was running and felt relaxing. Sierra sat
opposite of me and our legs crossed and rested around each others hips. Her
breasts were half covered in water with her stiff nipples lingering just at
the surface. We lathered each other up and washed each other softly being
sure to cover every inch. She paid special attention to my stiff cock
stroking it as she smiled and talked to me. We also washed each others hair.
With the shampoo on my hands I massaged her breasts, shoulders and neck as
she leaned back against the tub. Sierra returned the favor and again stroked
my cock and fondled my balls with her shampoo covered hands. I wanted her to
keep going but she stopped early and told me that I needed my strength for
later. She also mentioned that I needed an enema before we got out. She told
me that I would need it for something later on. I didn't know what she was
talking about, but it I was very excited. I have never had an enema before
or anything up my ass for that matter.

We both stood as she drained the water and turned on the showerhead.
She asked me to turn around as she took the thin, removable shower head in
her hand. Standing there, I leaned forward against the warm tile, holding my
ass outward, waiting with anticipation. At first I felt one of her hands slipping
between my butt cheeks. It came to rest snug against my anus, spreading my
ass cheeks slightly. Then I felt the shower head placed snug against my ass.
She held it there tight. I didn't feel felt any penetration initially. Then I felt
the warm blast of water that came shooting into my anus when she turned up
the water pressure. This surprised me and I jumped at first. She giggled a
little but reassured me by putting her other hand gently on my back, telling
me to relax and let things happen. I could feel the water pouring out of my
ass as she increased the pressure again slightly. She did this to me for a
few minutes as she rubbed her free hand over my back with some soap. She
finally stopped and told me to remain still. My anus felt clean and new. I
had never felt that way before. After the water drained out, she slipped out
of the shower really quick. She told me to close my eyes as she got back in
the shower. I was so excited I felt my cock pulsating like I was going to
cum just standing there. I had no idea what she was up to.

When I opened my eyes, she was holding a very slim and tiny waterproof vibrator.
I asked with delight what she was going to do with it. She told me to relax and
that she wanted to penetrate me anally. She turned it on and it began to buzz and
hum. She put some soft body lotion on the vibrator and reached over to me to
kiss me. While we were kissing I felt her hands slip around to my anus and
she inserted the vibrator into my ass. It was so slippery I hardly felt the
penetration. And then the vibrations came through me and straight to my
balls and cock. I could feel the strong vibrations and the sound was
tantalizing. As we stood, she pushed the small vibrator all the way in and I
began to cum hard. I shot my warm cum all over her breasts, stomach and down
her body.

The warm water continued to bounce off our bodies. As I was still
coming, she stopped kissing and watched my reaction to my moment of bliss.
She smiled at me and asked how I liked it. I was awestruck by the moment and
could hardly speak a word as my cock was still trying to ejaculate even
though I had long run out of cum. It felt so wonderful to be penetrated like
that! Already I wanted more. She pulled the vibrator out of my anus as we
finally turned the water off and got out of the shower. She dried off much
quicker than I did as I was still trying to gain my strength back. She said
there was another surprise for me.

She leaned over to my ear and whispered about the time she caught me trying
on her bra and panties. I listened and she mentioned how she knew what I
really wanted that day. She left the bathroom with just a towel and told me
to wait there. When she returned, she was holding some beautiful black
lingerie in her hands. Without hesitation she told me that I was going to
wear the lingerie tonight. I tried to deny the fact that I was so turned on
by the idea, but she knew I wanted to. She said she would dress me since
this was going to be my first time. I stood there and lifted one leg and
then the other as she slid the black lace teddy all the way up my body. It
felt so smooth and sexy I wondered how much longer before my half limp cock
grew hard again. I was a little embarrassed as she snapped the crotch
together between my balls and anus. I looked down and noticed four straps
hanging down, two in front and two in back. The teddy felt tight around my
chest and I admired myself in the mirror.

She bent down as I lifted one leg at a time while she slipped on my black stockings.
She pulled them up and carefully connected each one to the four straps so that
they pulled tight to my legs. I felt sexy and my cock was getting erect. I looked
at her and I was blushing. She reassured me that I looked beautiful and told me
that there was one last thing I needed. She told me to sit down on the toilet
seat. She walked over to me and picked up a brush. She brushed my damp hair
and then snapped in her pastel mini hair clips tightly. She had pulled back
my short hair and kept it tightly packed into little tails on the top and
sides with her clips. At this moment I felt really embarrassed, but
incredibly turned on and feminine for the first time. Then she took a small
curling iron and curled the little tails she had created. She stepped back
to look at me and took me by the hand. We went straight to the bedroom. She
continued to reassure me how beautiful I looked in the lingerie and how my
hair looked very adorable pinned up and curled in all of her little clips.
She also mentioned how she was shopping at Victoria Secrets earlier that day
and was reminded about the time she caught me with her bra on. She saw the
teddy outfit and just had to have the outfit for me. I was touched by her
thoughts and held her hand tightly.

We walked into the bedroom and she dimmed the lights. I definitely knew we
were not going straight to sleep. There was one more thing that would make
the night complete she told me. I hopped on the bed and anxiously awaited
the third surprise of the night. She opened the dresser and pulled out a
strap-on dildo. My eyes got big and my cock grew hard, stretching the lace
teddy. I watched her strap-on the dildo and walk over to me on the bed. She
told me that tonight I was going to be the girl. I was so excited but
nervous about the dildo. It was very solid and looked about 8" long. It was
solid shiny black, with three sets of angled ribs running around it. The
head was shaped just like a cock and the other end had a large, molded set
of balls resting against the fabric of her leather panties. It looked heavy
and thick. The next thing surprised me.

She asked me if I'd like to suck her dildo. I nervously agreed, and she slowly
walked towards me and stood at the side of bed with her dildo in my face. I
picked it up with one hand and placed the hard, black object in my mouth and
began to suck. She placed both of her hands on my still damp hair and gently
held my head as I worked the dildo in and out of my mouth. It didn't taste like
anything, but I was overwhelmed by the size. It barely fit into my mouth and I
wondered where else it could possibly fit. I sucked her dildo as she moaned and
rocked slowly back and forth for about 10 minutes. My mouth was getting tired
and my saliva covered the dildo thoroughly. I stopped and she laid on the bed
and asked if I could sit on her face. I straddled her body backwards as she
put her hands on my hips and guided my anus to her mouth. I didn't know that
there was an opening in the back of the teddy I was wearing. I felt her wet
tongue licking around my opening and then penetrate my anus. She pressed her
tongue hard into my anus going deeper than I ever imagined. I began to moan
louder and I felt as if my cock was going to explode. After a long and
thorough anal cleaning, Sierra said that she wanted to penetrate me with the
dildo. I was more nervous than I have ever been with her. I trusted her very
much though.

I could feel my anus quivering with anticipation as I turned over on my knees and
bent over a pillow. I looked back as she knelt behind me lubing the dildo and also spreading some over my opening. She asked if I was ready and reassured me that
I could do this. I said go for it babe. She took her dildo and worked it all around
my opening and lightly penetrating me with just the end. It felt huge! She reminded
me to relax and let it happen. As she worked the dildo further in, I felt my ass
stretching and loosening to accommodate the girth. I could not believe how heavy
and full it made me feel. My cock was beginning leak cum onto the teddy. I looked
over my shoulder as I began to breathe very erratically. I saw her begin to
get into a rhythm as she went faster and faster. She smiled at me as I
moaned in ecstasy. I was completely turned on by the site of her behind me
and watching my ass as it began to lightly smack her hips. After about five
minutes, I had finally taken in all 8" of the dildo and I could feel the
balls slapping my ass cheeks. I grabbed onto the bedpost and begged her to
go faster. She hurried her thrusting and grabbed my hips tight as I started
to bounce off of her. Now she was pounding me hard with every thrust and
working my ass good. I held on tightly as she pounded my ass for about 20
minutes. Finally, I felt myself begin to cum. I yelled out to Sierra, and
whimpered loudly while I covered my teddy with warm cum as the lace design
held my cock tight. I had cum everywhere and it took a while for my cock to
stop convulsing. She finally removed the dildo from my ass and laid down
beside me.

I laid there on my stomach sweating and breathing hard with my
eyes closed. It was the most intense moment I had ever felt. She kissed me
lightly on the ears and neck and she removed my hair clips so we could
sleep. I could not believe what just happened but already I wanted to plan
another evening of ecstasy.

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