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Mesopotamia is my home
by Ryfkah 8-16-99

Mesopotamia is my home.
We journey from point to point
with tents of skins and animals
that speak our wealth.
I am the consecrated whore who brings
all blessings and if they forget
me even the rains for our wells
are interrupted. I rouge my center
and expose myself to four winds
flaps of tent open to welcome the stranger.
Three angels come inside; they need
not take turns being pure energy.
I quake from their thrust
and know that our people shall be made holy.
© 1999-2000 Ryfkah

candida revisited
by Ryfkah

fifty year old half dollar woman
with twenty eight year old lovers
in pursuit
not offended just baffled

not twenty-seven or twenty-nine
or lesser or more of gods
just twenty-eight year old
adonis guys who think i am the one

rumor of war
declares he has specific
sexual wants
i respond, “i am mona lisa!”

or spiritually he christian
i jew; he knows my people well
i know not my people well
am ruth gleaning field corners

i like to keep sexuality mystery
as complicated as dorothy sayers
novel that combines intellect with
body as promiscuous brain

i would rather be remembered
as female ee cummings in my rather
mad hatter tea party of batter
mixed or dr seuss muse where

i am i or what i extrapolate from
others of i that am was shall be
i speak in tongues as flickering
tongue licks erogenous zones

i wonder if sarah had lover
of twenty-eight who fooled
both g-d and man
sarah also with secret smile

(Poem was previously published by the North Orange County Poetry
Continuum in their Lost Anthology.)

© 1999-2000 Ryfkah

Erotic Heart
by Ryfkah

Erotic Heart
Like peach fuzz against nipple
fingers flutter across.
Eyes open black then blue like deep sea,
stare at center eye where soul sees.
Legs entwine as gently as babe cradled
by mother and lullabies are heard
these songs from cave paintings
that celebrate the hunt and conquest.
Two hearts beat to drum of want
twisting and turning to thunder volcanic
eruption earthquake other natural wonders.
Sun never rises nor moon loses light
as beings melt one to one like ice cream
on hot torrid summer’s night
where shooting stars dash to and fro
in symphony of galaxies and beyond. Finally
deep kiss before blanket of simple sleep caresses
and day to day humdrum replaces.
© 1999-2000 Ryfkah

Lovers & Other
Tender Strangers
by Ryfkah

Magenta magic carpet of California spring
flows on hillside to brighten day’s journey.
Leafy fingers yet to behold their display
trumpeter tree heralds heated passion
its golden bells chiming their still silent sound.
Music echoes atmosphere of love or pretension
as season demands its honey-tongued kisses.
Bittersweet embrace does beckon young
and old, lovers and other tender strangers.
Mind flatlines as hoary hormones cast intimate
needs, desires, once in awhile soulmates
to lucid pool of oneness and immediate rhapsody
its notes but synchronism of universal want.
Men and women, women and women, men and men
around beribboned Maypoles of dreams dance, chant
ancient songs and pray biblical Song of Songs
retelling of twin fawns feeding amidst lilies
and pungent odor of frankincense
myrrh and generations.
Spring waves sorcerer’s staff and leads us all
into temptation where not even divine contemplation
can protect fickle soul from sultry appetite
for fruit’s juices taste best when devoured today
and digested tomorrow as conscience soon is reborn
with perennial flowers and other redeemed things.
© 1999-2000 Ryfkah

Saturday Afternoon with Eros
by Ryfkah

The towel fell on top like the face of a cartoon lion,
laundry piles always there like labor pains, other discomforts
Within erotic of words and art day of rest found holy

god said:
“Adam, where are you? Adam?”
“I am here, heineni.”
“Why are you hiding?”
“I am without clothes.”
“How come you know that this is so?”

Speechless he cowered behind fig tree that grew knowledge

“Eve said, ‘Eat it already!’ and I ate.”
“Nu, if she said ‘jump off a bridge,’ then you would jump?”

Pissed, god took out his sewing machine and made them clothes, a nice
wool blend suit for him, a red dress with
matching three inch heels for her, a nice ensemble all around

“Adam, you’ll have to work 9 to 5 from now on unless you’re
a doctor or lawyer then the perks will be tennis, a cocktail
in the afternoon, vacations in the Caribbean, tax free.

“Eve, you need to have children in pain.”

She began thinking about the snake and how he slinked
across her thighs and licked her belly button
If she only had listened carefully about how Lillith
had become an independent woman of means
Something about being on top and being created equal

“Damn that sharing a rib, too much trouble nobody knows
the trouble I’ve seen nobody knows but Eros.”

god’s angel with multi-edged sword barred the way
to tree of life, but Eve who gives life smiled knowingly:
Yet to be given were the ten commandments
Poetry by Ryfkah © 1999-2000 everyfkah@aol.com
All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or distribute
without the expressed written consent of the author.
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