The Limo by Tavie

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The sun’s brilliance was amplified by its reflection off the new winter snow
as she exited the airport. A long, black limousine waited in the white
zone, a defiant act given the recorded announcements over the loudspeaker.
A young man got out of the driver’s seat to walk around the luxury car and
open the door with a grand bowing gesture. Michael’s new chauffeur was a
handsome young man with dark hair and eyes, and a physique hidden by the
ill-fitting uniform he wore. She remembered him from the trip to the
airport. How excited she had been then. Michael had called, asking her to
spend the weekend in New Orleans with him. Dreams of long walks, romantic
dinners, and even longer nights in his loving arms floated through her head
as the limo took her to the airport.

Ruefully, she ridiculed herself, “so much for romantic dreams.” Michael had
hardly seen her, much less touched her the entire weekend. “Business,” he
had said in an unapologetic manner the few minutes he did spare for her. Of
course there had been those 15 minutes between phone calls. She wasn’t sure
you could call it sex but definitely didn’t classify it as making love.

Disappointed and horny, she looked forward to getting home, taking a nice
hot bath and putting her vibrator to good use. With a small smile at the
chauffeur, she stepped into the car and settled into the broad seat. The
door shut quietly behind her then she could feel the car rock slightly as
the driver got behind the wheel and they were on their way.

The drive home was a good 30 minutes so she decided to take advantage of the
bar by pouring herself a scotch and soda. The potent liquor had an almost
immediate effect on her senses as her body sank back into the soft leather
seat. Thinking about her plans upon getting home, her body reminded her of
how unsatisfied it had been over the weekend.

“Maybe I’ll just save the bath for later,” she said to herself as she took
another sip.

As the alcohol continued to soothe her nerves, her body made increasing
demands for attention. Thinking about how she would pleasure herself, she
let her hands wander over her breasts, feeling the nipples harden through
the material of her bra and silk blouse. Feeling her desire build, she shot
a quick glance at the window separating her from the driver. It was closed
and tinted so he could not see her activities. Smiling to herself, she
undid the first 4 buttons and slid her hand inside her blouse. A very
provocative thought crossed her mind.

Setting down her drink, she put her hand on the button to the window and
pushed it. The window slid down about 4 inches, allowing her to see the
driver’s cap. Another push, another 4 inches; she could see his eyes
looking back at her through the rearview mirror. One last push and the
window was completely down.

Keeping her eyes on the mirror, she continued to play with her breasts,
sliding her fingers under the bra cup. She could see him watching her and
it thrilled her to know what he was seeing. Taking it another step, she let
her other hand wander down to her skirt, her fingers gradually drawing it up
over her thighs to expose the straps holding up her stockings and the silken
panties covering her now pulsing mound.

Thump! The car lurched as it hit a large pothole. “Sorry about that ma’
am,” the driver mumbled as he regained control of the limo. She looked out
the window to gauge where they were. All she could see were snow-covered
trees and knew they were about 15 minutes from home; home and her vibrator.
Suddenly, that seemed too long to wait and another, even more provocative
thought came to her.

“Driver,” she called softly.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he answered.

“I think you need to pull over,” she replied.

“Is there a problem?”

“I thought I heard something break back here,” she said, “maybe you had
better check it out.”

With a sigh, the car pulled into a side road and stopped. The black clad
chauffeur stepped out and walked around the car, inspecting every inch.
Opening the back door, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. Reclining on
the seat was his charge. Her blouse gaped open, her skirt around her waist,
and her hands… where were her hands?

Stunned, he stood there for two full minutes. It was that long before two
things became very clear to him. One, this woman was masturbating right in
front of him; and two, he was getting very hard watching her.
Unconsciously, his hand passed over the fly of his pants as he watched her
fingers move under her bra and over her panties.

“Do you want me?”

Her question drew his eyes to her face. Her smile was, in a word, seductive
and her stockinged foot nudged his hand out of the way to massage his groin.

“Mister…Mister…” his mind could not focus on a name.

“To hell with Michael,” she said, flippantly. “He couldn’t spare two
minutes to pleasure me,” she continued fingering herself, “but I bet you

“But… but…” he continued to sputter.

Her foot moved to his chest and her toes burrowed into the buttoned closure
of his coat. With a quick jerk, he fell into the car, his face landing at
the juncture of her thighs. The smell of her invaded his senses and,
without another thought of his employer, he shut the door and started
unbuttoning his jacket. With hurried movements, he stripped off the coat
revealing a skintight white T-shirt. Turning, he bent over her, burying his
face between her thighs.

She moaned as his tongue pressed against her silk covered mound. He groaned
as the flavor of her juices passed through the material and onto his taste
buds. Impatient for more, he grasped the leg band and pulled it to the
side, revealing the wet, tender flesh beneath. His mouth replaced the silk,
kissing and sucking the labial lips, his tongue burrowing into the dark
crevice. Her cries of delight and constant stream of female juices spurred
him on. Continuing to tug on her panties, the material tore under his
fevered hands.

“Yes!” she demanded, “tear them off me.”

The panties gave way and he had full access to her treasure of pleasure. He
cupped her bottom in his hands and lifted her up to his waiting mouth. When
he focused his attention on her hard little clit her high, keening scream
filled his ears and the car.

Still heaving, she watched his juice covered face pull away from her thighs
and come closer to her own. His lips covered hers and she could feel the
wetness from his face rub onto hers. Taking his head in her hands, she held
him so she could lick the juice even as he did the same to her.

Shaking her hands away, he grabbed her half-opened blouse and ripped it off
her still shaking frame. Then he hooked one finger into the front of her
bra and, with one firm pull, tore it from her breasts. Kissing her again,
his hands closed over the firm globes, his fingers worrying the hard
nipples. Her tongue followed her moan of pleasure into his mouth.

One of her hands worked its way under his shirt while the other fumbled with
the button on his fly. In her haste, the button flew somewhere around the
car and was soon forgotten as she pulled down the zipper. His mouth moved
down her throat and fastened onto her hard nipples as her hand found his
hard shaft. Their simultaneous moans drove them further. She wrapped her
legs around his hips and pulled him into the cradle of her hips.

Unerringly, he found her entrance and slowly pushed into her. Once
completely imbedded, he sat up and shifted her buttocks onto his thighs and
watched their intimate joining. As he plunged into her again and again, he
let his thumb stray to her clit, enjoying her sobs of pleasure and cries of
frustration when he refused to take her over the edge. He could feel her
juices running over her buttocks and onto his thigh, making her slide
sinuously against his skin.

Finding the sensation too much to handle, he pressed his thumb against her
clit and felt her tumble into pleasure’s abyss. Following her, his cum
sprayed her inner walls bringing her to yet another climax.

Taking only a moment or two to catch his breath, he pulled out of her then
used the remnant straps of her bra to draw her up to him.

“Suck it!” he rasped, holding his now limp, cum covered member to her mouth.
Helplessly weak from her intense orgasms, she could only open her lips and
take him deep into her throat. With a groan, she savored the mixed flavors
of herself and him now playing on her tongue.

Licking his shaft, she could feel it grow inside her mouth. Applying
suction, she drew him deeper into her throat then let it slide back out.
She kept this up until she could once again taste his juices and knew he was
ready to explode. She took her mouth from him and wrapped her satiny soft
hair around his staff, stroking it while she licked and sucked her juices
from his thighs and balls. Satisfied that he was now clean, she took him
into her mouth again and looked up to his face and she took his entire
length. With a Tarzan-like yell, he exploded into her throat. She sucked
every drop of his juices out of him then lay back on the seat, licking her
lips clean of what little had escaped her mouth.

For several minutes they just looked at each other. His eyes took in her
still body and the stream of juices still trickling out of her vagina onto
the leather seat. The sight stirred him once more and a giggle escaped her
as she noticed his burgeoning arousal.

“Do you want to fuck me again?” she whispered huskily.

All he could do was nod, his dry mouth unable to form words.

“Then take me,” she challenged, “anyway you want.”

Without prelude, he flipped her over, pressing her face against the door
window, and plunged his not fully erect staff into her waiting, wet hole.
Reaching over her, he touched a button and the window slid down until her
head fell forward into the frigid winter air. The cold wind blowing into
the car did nothing to cool his ardor as he grew harder with every thrust
into her body. She sobbed as he covered her from behind, his hands roughly
kneading her breasts.

He pounded into her relentlessly until he felt her body tense, signaling her
oncoming climax. With a scream, her body shook as the orgasm hit her; still
he pumped into her, never losing momentum. The force of his thrusts pushed
her farther out the window until she hung over the window with her nipples
pressing against the cold body of the car. Another shudder took her as she
climaxed again, her cries echoing against the trees.

This time he withdrew from her only long enough to turn her over, letting
the upper half of her torso continue to hang out the window, before plunging
into her once more. Her hands covered her breasts and the sight of her
fingers pinching her own nipples sent him over the edge. Pouring himself
into her, she climaxed one final time before blackness overtook her.

It was dark when she woke again. Confused, she realized she was lying nude,
in her own bed. Only the vague soreness between her thighs told her that it
hadn’t been a dream. That and the warm male body lying beside her. Taking
the diamond ring from her left hand, she threw it across the room before
wrapping herself around the man lying beside her.
The Limo © 1999-2002 by Tavie. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or distribute without the expressed written consent of the author. Poems used here are printed by permission of the author.
About The Author:
In her mid thirties and youngest of eight children, Tavie writes short stories and poetry when the mood, or the muse, strikes. The rest of her time is spent in a traveling photo studio taking pictures of children, families, lovers, and friends. It is a great job for someone who enjoys dealing with people.
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