The Transformation

by Glenn Beuhring

© 2001, All Rights Reserved

It was a long day by the time Venessa left the office. She had finished two business proposals, had three client meetings and even settled and office dispute between the secretaries. All she wanted to do was soak in a warm tub and slip into blissful sleep. That was about the extent of her down time ever since the divorce. Who was she kidding, that was the extent of her down time even before the divorce. Harry just wasn't there for her. He was too busy building up his law firm.

Venessa often thought that she just wasn't attractive enough for her husband. It didn't matter that men often hit on her telling her that she had the most beautiful chestnut hair that they'd ever laid eyes on, or that her crystal blue eyes were enchanting to most heterosexual men. It didn't even matter that women often commented on how envious they were that at the age of 35 she had a firmer body than they did at 25. These things didn't matter if her husband wasn't interested. Her self image was eroded away until of course she found out about the 18 year old boyfriend Harry had put up in his own
apartment across town.

Well, there's no sense thinking about that now, she shrugged. That was then, she was thinking as she inserted her key into her car door. It was then that she heard it. At first it was barely audible, then as she concentrated, she definitely heard it. A quiet squeal. It was so quick and silent that if she weren't listening, she'd have missed it.

"A stray cat," she thought?

The stairwell over there. . . Yes, definitely the stairwell. Maybe a cat got locked into it. Carefully as not to startle the animal she slowly, silently opened the door. She wanted to make sure it wasn't rabid before she let it out so she peeked in. She saw the forms, though her disbelief did not allow her to focus on the scene for moment.

A man dressed in those tight surfing shorts stood with his back almost but not completely to her. His hips rapidly moving back and forth in opposite rhythm to the woman in front of him. The blonde hair hung, blocking her face from view as she was bent over in-between the lower and upper hand rails.

Venessa examined the couple noticing that the woman's skirt that was raised above her hips was part of an expensive business outfit that she'd almost purchased the day before. A garter belt held up a pair of silk stockings while a pair of pink silk panties rested around her knees.

As she observed with greater intent she noticed that the man, with long brown hair was dressed more like a surfer than a business man that would be expected to be seen in this downtown section of San Diego. His big T-shirt did nothing to cover his bare butt as it moved rapidly back and forth. His tight shorts clung to his legs just under his cheeks.

From this angle penetration could not be seen but from the sharp squeals that emitted from the woman every couple of seconds she imagined what she could not see. Venessa was not aware of any time passing but at some point the man, who until now was holding her around her hips reached a hand to her back and urged the woman to bend even farther forward than she was, though, it seemed as though she might fall if she did. She complied with his wishes without a moments hesitation. She held on to the lower rail, her only means of support.

His efforts became more forceful as he rammed even harder back and forth. The frequency of her squeals became more frequent and of a higher pitch. His thrusts became so severe that Venessa was afraid that the woman would be thrown from her perch.

He heaved one final time, then stopped, letting out a groan, the only noise he'd made the entire time. The woman began to pant. "Yes!", she breathed.

Suddenly Venessa realized that if she didn't leave now, she would be seen by the couple. Quietly, she closed the door and in a daze of arousal, walking back to her car and as quickly as she could, she drove away, not wanting to see the faces of the couple that she'd watched.

As much as she did not want to admit it, she enjoyed watching the couple. What was worse in her mind is that she had wanted to be in her place. It was the most erotic moment of her life and at 35, she thought to herself that was fairly pathetic. After almost running a red light, Venessa forced herself to put the images of a few moments ago out of her mind. She got home without another mishap and proceeded to do exactly what she'd planned on in the first place. She ran her bath water, getting undressed and sank into the warm water. As she lay there thinking about not much of anything, images of the stairwell flashed into her mind.

Though she hadn't pleased herself in months she found herself doing just that the rest of the night. She woke the next morning more energized that she had been as long ass he could remember. Without even looking at the bundle, she grabbed up the mail from the previous day, planning on reading it in her office, at work.

Through the pile of mail, only a single post card caught her attention. It read; If you want to see more come to 333 Lenton Ave., Apartment 4 , 3:30am tonight. It was signed only 'The Aphrodite Club', She chuckled to herself, rationalizing that she must have been seen in somehow in the stairwell and this was some sort of joke. Anyway, she told herself, she had better things to do at 3:30 in the morning than go to some strange address. She chuckled to herself as she tossed the post card aside. She had work to do.

The day went as so many other days. She did her job well and efficient and when the day was over, she stood to get her coat. Out of the corner of her eye the post card caught her eye. "Why hadn't she thrown it away?" she pondered, finding herself staring at it for what seemed like several moments. She suddenly grabbed it, intending to throw it in the waste basket in the hallway, not wanting anyone to find it in her office.

It was not until she walked into her apartment and took off her jacket that she realized that she had forgotten to throw it away. She tossed on a table and convinced herself that she would throw it away after dinner. Her evening went much like her day. . . uneventfully. Her sheets felt wonderful as she collapsed into her nice soft bed. She slept the sleep of innocence. . . that is until about 1:30. Suddenly her eyes were open and she felt wide awake. She stared at her digital alarm clock until about 2 am and then in frustration decided to get a drink of warm milk to help her sleep.

As Venessa walked through her living room her attention was drawn as if magnetically drawn to the end table. She could see the post card resting there just where she had put it. Marching to the table, she grabbed it and marched into the kitchen. Opening the lid of the garbage can, she held the piece of paper for a moment. "This has to be a joke. They're probably waiting there intending to laugh at me. They want to embarrass me." Venessa found herself getting angry at the thought of someone creating this elaborate hoax just to embarrass her. What kind of jerks would do that to her. Throwing on a sun dress and some shoes, she then marched out to her car. "I'm going to tell them off, she thought. Nobody should be this cruel to anyone, let alone her. What did she do to deserve this?"

Finding the address was easy. Getting out of the car was difficult. Again, she told herself that she was here to tell off the architects of this elaborate joke. She gathered her courage and entered the apartment building at 333 Lenten Ave. It looked like a converted brownstone with about four apartments. It couldn't be cheap from the looks of it. It even had an elevator, which she rode to the second floor. With a single mindedness she never knew she had, she strolled down the hallway to apartment four. She knocked...She knocked again and still there was no answer.

Now even more infuriated, she walked back to the elevator which she realized had been called down to the first floor. She practically punched the button, smoldering in her anger as the lift made it's way up to her. Her anger was in fact so great that she did not realize until it was too late that there were other people there. The door closed behind her as she looked across the small elevator and saw them.

One girl was standing on one leg, her body stocking clumped in a heap at her feet as her left leg was stretched out and rested on one of the hand-rails. The girl was in her mid to upper 20's with muscular legs and a tight stomach. Venessa was stunned at the beauty of her body but sighed at her beautiful long auburn hair. Her first instinct was to run her fingers through it. Her dazed state only continued as she realized that it was not a man but a woman who knelt at her feet. Her rather boyish, short blonde hair was deceived her until the shapely, nude body came into her focus. The redhead lay her head back closing her eyes in ecstasy, her quiet moans were easily audible in the confined space of the elevator.

From her angle she could see the blonde's face moving frantically as her tongue dug into the other's vagina. Venessa found herself breathing heavier, watching the scene playing out before her. Never before had she seen in person this kind of sensuality. Without saying a word, she watched the pretty blonde user her fingers to separate the lips and with the tip lick gently the entire length of the opening. This evidently was approved of by the red head as she let out a much louder sigh. The tongue only left it's work to be replaced by a finger that slipped delicately into the now wet pussy. It probed for a moment as if looking for something and a squeal announced to all that it had found the spot it searched for. With that encouragement one finger became two and a gentle stroking became furious, matched by the breathing and moans that followed. In rapture the moans turned to screams the blonde again buried her tongue deep into the pulsating cunt bringing a sweaty finish to the display of pure carnality.

Suddenly the reality of the situation came hurling into focus. The elevator doors were open and she used the opportunity of sanity to make her escape. In confusion and fright Venessa made her way home, locking the door behind her. In the morning she would convince herself that she had wanted to run but was trapped by the elevator doors. She should have called the police, she thought to herself as she made her way to work the next morning.

Only after sitting at her desk, staring at the blank computer screen for about an hour did she push thoughts of the previous night to the side. In her usual manner, Venessa checked her e-mail before jumping into the challenges of the day. As the list of e-mails came into view she was suddenly overwhelmed with shock and fear.

"Going down?" was the subject title. Venessa delete it without even reading it, proving to herself that she was not like that. Feeling rather pleased with herself, she continued down the list of e-mails until her first task of the day was complete. It was then that she realized that the message was still in the trash folder of her email program. As she opened the folder she set her mind to the task of deleting it for good.

How would she rationalize opening the message? She gazed at the words and suddenly did not care. "Your almost there. Take the next step with us. Shed your mundane existence and ascend to who you really are. We await your arrival. Your transformation will take place under the boardwalk at pier 19 at noon."

That was it. There was no signature nor even a return email address. Venessa's feelings were now an alien entity to her. Yes there was still fear, though, it was now the fear that this was all a dream and she would wake up in her bed alone and wanting. The clock on the wall read 11:00 when she made her way to her boss's office and explained to him that she had to leave early. Though shocked at the rarity of his employee needing time off, he graciously approved her request. Her car stereo clock read 11:30 when she arrived at the pier. Her stomach fluttered with excitement as she tried desperately to concentrate on parking the car. As she made her way down the steps to the sandy beach,Venessa searched the area for signs of people. Though she could see pretty far down along the pier, she saw nothing. Fearfully she stepped under the cover of the boardwalk which teamed with people. The footfalls echoed through the wooden rafters distracting her attention for a moment until her eyes found a white envelope tacked up on one of the beams. 'Venessa' was written across it.

Desperately, she tore it open revealing what seemed to be instructions. 'Your next steps must be taken without shame or trappings to pier 18. Shed your inhibitions as you shed you garments. We wait with excitement for your arrival.

Her heart would burst from her chest, she thought, though in spite the fear. . . or because of it she began to disrobe as a hundred people marched like ants not more than 20 feet above her head. She bunched up her clothes and stuffed them into her purse.

The salty air of the ocean blew over her completely naked body causing her nipples to stiffen and her juices to stir. Without conscious thought the fear of being seen transformed into the desire to be seen. This urge was so great that when she passed steps that would lead to the boardwalk above she almost walked towards them. What kept her walking down below was simple, she wanted to complete her journey.

Approaching the pier, she saw the man first. The handsome man, in his thirties stood about 6 feet, with dark hair and a firm, muscular build. He was completely naked with only the equally naked body of the auburn haired girl she recognized from the night before, to block his body from her gaze. Venessa stopped to watch as the girl kneeling at his feet moved her head back and forth in an almost musical rhythm. The man watches Venessa approach with only a blissful countenance for a response.

Venessa completely content to sit and watch, was almost disappointed when the man, with his left hand, lightly urged the woman to stop. Withdrawing her ministrations and pivoting slightly on one leg, she turned so that she knelt on one knee to the man's left side. A tingle of excitement shot through her body as the massive organ came into view, pulsing still as the woman stroked from base to tip. She knew it would not be long until creamy cum would fire from the tip.

It was then that she realized that this was an offer. First she searched the woman's eyes for signs of jealousy. She found none. It was evident that this woman wanted her to accept this gift. Subsequent as she looked to the man for signs of scorn or aggressiveness, she found only a look of utter rapture. In one fluid motion, Venessa took two steps, dropped to her knees and engulfed him. His musky smell filled her nostrils as with her right hand grasping his butt cheek, she urged him even deeper into her throat. Time seemed to slow as his veins pulsed with blood. Venessa closed her eyes, wanting to hold onto this moment forever and yearned for the offering with such lust that it pained her to wait.

It was then that she became aware of the muffled whispers not far from here. The voices of the lucky teenagers that hid from the truant officers echoed around her. Though she could not tell how many she imagined that she heard at least two male voices and one female giggle. The humiliation of her predicament only caused her excitement to multiply.

Unable to resist the impulse, the index finger of her left hand found it's way to the lips nestled between her creamy white thighs. As she was literally dripping with her juices, the lips parted easily with a welcoming jolt of pleasure. The first dose of cum flooded her throat, threatening to choke her with its abundance. With a sheer act of will, Venessa gulped down the precious sperm and preparing herself for the next. The gasps of excitement and the nervous giggles of desire urged her to never before experienced heights of ecstasy as the eruption of her own orgasm burst through her being.

With every blast of cum came another wave of exhilaration which only subsided with the withdrawing of the cock that seemed the center of her existence. When it seemed as though she might not let him go, a voice pierced her consciousness. As her mind became aware of the running teenagers, she withdrew and relinquished her grip on the object of her desire. Not wanting to move for fear of falling, she looked up at the man who soon afterward knelt at her side. His smile seemed warm and comforting as he took her hand in his. Full feminine lips reached hers and kissed her, smearing the excess of cum sticking, now to them both. More was shared as their tongues danced together playfully exploring one another.

Parting has never been such sweet sorrow, Venessa thought, as the kiss ended and the three sat in the sand, not wanting to part company but knowing they must. Without words or instructions, Venessa stood and turned away and proceeded to return from where she came. Tomorrow she would receive an email giving her the information she needed to arrange meetings with others. She realized her journey had just begun and she was now at the point of no return. If she lost herself in her lust then so be it. Looking back never even entered her mind.
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Glenn Beuhring lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two dogs, two cats and three roommates. He enjoy writing in many genres but finds writing erotica very exciting. His Non-Erotic Stories are posted at Fantasy Today and more Erotic Stories at Literotica. His artwork can be found at Erotic Candy, Mind Caviar and Venus or Vixen. Visit Glenn Beuhring's website.
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