Fevered Spirits

An ENE Review of the book of poems
Fevered Spirits by Diana Cory and Gary Blankenship

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FEVERED SPIRITS by Lynne den Hartog

Ms den Hartog's poetry presents the complete spectrum of life with its many different facets. Whatever mood the reader is in, the chances are they will find a poem in this anthology which reflects their frame of mind and strikes a chord of recognition. Whether she is writing about dreams of true love, the pain of betrayal, or the quirks of everyday life, her words masterfully capture the essence of the human condition with all its hopes, tears and laugher. For those who enjoy poetry, this treasure trove of verse would make a fine addition to their collection. For those who think of poetry as the exclusive domain of high-brows and wimps, read this book and it just might change your mind. Note Bene: When ordering REB e-books, select 'ENE' from the resellers' drop down menu.


Poetry Review
by Diana Cory, Online Poet

Lynne den Hartog's Fevered Spirits captures a vision of Fantasy, Life, and Humor in thirty-three earthly poems. Ms. Hartog's poetry-weaving starts with a Fantasy section where night-time lovers meet and love to her retelling of beloved fairy-tales. She produces a strong visual spell for her reader. In her Life section, Hartog poetry-weaves a grim tale of lost love through sadness and a touch of real life. In her Humor section, Ms. Hartog teases the reader to sit back and enjoy a chuckle. Lynne den Hartog's Fevered Spirits is a delightful read of poetry-weaving for her audience. Everyone can sit back and enjoy this book.
Diana Cory, online poet and short story writer, has been published online by different erotica sites and the ezine Fantasy Today a free ezine by subscription. She is proud to announced that the Janurary issue of Writer's Digest had Fantasy Today as one of the top 50 ezine's on the Net! Diana Cory resides in the Midwest Bible belt but she enjoys writing erotica poetry and short stories along with mainstream poetry and short stories. You may contact Diana Cory via email, she will reply to every message. Check out some of Diana Cory's poetry.

Poetry Review
by Gary Blankenship, Poet

Lynne den Hartog displays a wide variety of talent in her new collection of poems, Fevered Spirits: Dark fantasy to light limericks, life's pain to love's pleasures, rhymed form and free verse.
To me, her best work is the light erotic, her sensual pieces, and the humorous bits. Take for example, this selection from "Holiday Romance:"

Waves washing over bodies
Entwined in hot embrace.
Ocean sounds
Mingling with lover's cries,
Surf breaking in crescendo.
Nature echoes
Human passion
As cried of joy
Soar like seabirds
Into the night sky.

Or this bit of fun from "How to Lose Weight:"

Oh, what are you doing with that?
And a grin like a mad Cheshire cat?
That cucumber's my dinner
To make me look thinner,
Stop waving it round like a bat.

(The rest you will have to discover for yourself.)
If I wished for anything, it would be more sensual poems, more to make me sweat and heat up a bit. But check it out, you'll enjoy the moments Lynne brings.
Gary Blankenship is a retired federal managers whose new avocation is writing poetry. His work has appeared on Writer's Hood, Clean Sheets, Electric Wine, Scarlet Letters, and ENE among others. He won ENE's Dark Fantasy contest earlier this year and his short story placed fourth in the Preditors & Editors 1999 Reader's Poll. He is an editor (frog-herder) at WDS Writer's Block and managing editor for the InterBoard Poetry Competition. He loves to talk about writing as much as write and to play writing games. He spends too much time in workshops. Check out Gary Blankenship's poetry.
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