An ENE Review of the novel
Heartbreaker by Kim Corum


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe


Okay, before I begin this review, I would like to ask all the guys to
leave the room. Right now. That's it, just put down the review, forget
you even heard of this book. Go watch some wrestling or hockey or
something, because this is not for you. Yes, that's right, all of you,
out of here, even you. Close the door behind you. Thanks!

Are they gone? Good! Let's begin!

Ladies, you're going to love Heartbreaker. It's the story of Tina who
breaks hearts for a living. That's right, girls - if you've been
wronged by a guy, you just give Tina a call and she will seek out the
perpetrator, lead him down the path of hot romance, then at just the
right moment, she'll break his heart and, for no extra charge, bust his
balls while she's at it. After all, payback is a bitch, right? Nobody
knows this better than Tina, and nobody does it better, either. She's a
southern belle with a passion for Elvis and fine American cars, and this
girl can hold her liquor, too.

Of course, you'll get to meet many of the broken hearts, every one of
them deserving everything that Tina gives them. Tina also has an
entourage of amusing friends: her best friend Charlene, her other
friend Mary (both strippers), and Red, who has the hots for Charlene.
Little does Tina know that her own heart may be next in line for the
same treatment she's dished out so many times. Who could possibly break
the heart of this steel magnolia? Enter Earl Goodman, up and coming
Nascar driver, gorgeous hunk of male flesh, who possesses everything
Tina finds appealing in a man, from a great set of arms to a passion for
The King equal to her own. Did I mention that Earl has a mirror on his
bedroom ceiling?

Kim Corum's third novel is not only sexy, it's hilarious, with a cast of
wacky characters that could only be found south of the Mason-Dixon
Line. The women are definitely smarter than the men (well, maybe), or
at least much more devious. The men unwittingly stumble into trouble
with every turn of the page (or do they?), although the ladies get their
fair share of the trouble, too. But girls, this is very important --
you mustn't leave this book out where the men in your life will find
it! Why? Because they'll find out all our secrets, that's why!
They'll discover how that harmless flirtation with that friend of yours
could possibly be their karma, catching up with them at last! If they
learn the tactics outlined in this book, relations between men and women
will never be the same.

Wait - what was that? Somebody get the door. Well, looky here! While
I've been reviewing this book for all the women, the men have been
hanging around and eavesdropping, because they all want to know what the
fuss is about. Move along, boys, there's nothing to see here. Quick,
grab that copy of Heartbreaker before one of them - hey, mister, come
back here with that! I'm telling you, that book is NOT for you! Don't
read it! (But I guess there's no stopping them, is there? Ah, well,
boys will be boys...)

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Heartbreaker by Kim Corum is available for purchase through Amazon.com

In her third novel, Kim Corum turns the genre of single-woman-looking-for-love on its ear. Because the heroine of Heartbreaker isn't looking for love, she's looking to get even. - iUniverse.com

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