Two's Company, Three's Better


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Two's Company, Three's Better by Mickey Kline


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe

All right, guys - everyone who likes to watch two girls get it on, raise your hand! Just about all of you? Then you'll all like Two's Company, Three's Better.
Two's Company, Three's Better is a two-pack of threesome fun. Most of the time, the girls are playing and the sole male, who also happens to be the narrator, watches and describes. The first novella, "Cottontails," involves a young man who is having a secret affair with a married coworker, who also happens to be the boss's daughter. A voyeur neighbor catches him in the act with his coworker and proposes a threesome. The appeal is strong between the two women, almost two strong, leaving our intrepid narrator as the odd man out - or, no, perhaps not, thanks to the neighbor's roommate.
In the second novella, "The Beauty of Desire," our narrator is married. He lusts after his wife, and she after him, but she harbors a bicurious desire as well. Will their friend and pool buddy be the third character in their bedroom activities? He certainly hopes so...
I must warn you that you will find no compelling plot lines in Two's Company, Three's Better. You will not find quirky, unforgettable characters or surprise endings. This is vanilla stroke fiction through and through - not that there's anything wrong with that! Don't expect great literature. But if hot threesomes are your thing, you'll find something to moan about here.

Two's Company, Three's Better by Mickey Kline is available for purchase through Amatory Ink

Two great stories from widely published and acclaimed Mickey Kline that tell of how circumstances can lead to some hot steamy sex with additional partners and clandestine lovers. Read excerpt.


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