Poetry by Elana

© 2000 Elana White

Copyright © 1998-2000

open me
unfurl me
peel back my
and sip from me
plump and moist
I am a delicacy
rare and
as yet
a tender fruit
plucked from the tree
but not
fondled, but not
Still fresh
glossy and
innocent of
a knowing tongue


Copyright © 1999-2000

I think about you with my hands.

Fingertips muse over my thighs
palms meditate upon my breasts
nails lightly consider the texture
of excited nipples

the thought of you moves over me
and sensitive digits concentrate
fix upon the deep red concept
at the centre of everything

I send you the images
sensations, cogitations
transmitted by my flesh
through Erotic Sensory Perception



Copyright © 1998-2000

Have you ever licked pomegranate juice
from the tip of a ripe, begging breast
Have you ever sipped sweet red wine
from the hollow of a passion-arched spine
Have you ever sucked crushed strawberries
from the webbing of tender splayed fingers
Have you ever eaten melted chocolate
from a bowl filled with cream and quivering
I know that you have not
for you have not tasted me


Copyright © 1999-2000

Speak to me
though I may not hear
what you intend.

Your funny little story
has been lost,
for as you mused
I was interpreting
the timbre of your voice,
listening for the breaths
between the words.

Your vowels stroke,
their pitch and volume
are varying pressures
of your tongue
upon my thighs

Consonants tap,
flick and nip.
Sudden little exclamations
uttered against my core.

Your tongue curls, lips move
words form like caresses,
vibrations in the air that kiss
my listening skin.

You are so articulate.
But I cannot listen any longer
for all I want to do is interrupt you,
to pronounce my passion upon your body
and make you incoherent.


Copyright © 1999-2000

How far back
would I have to tilt my head
to kiss you?
Would your hand engulf mine?
Would my belly conform
to the pressure of your hips?
How would your body fit me,
if we were wrapped together
in a blanket?
How high could we take each other?
How long could we last?
How many times could I whisper
I love you
in a day?
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Elana White is a graphic artist living in Eastern Ontario, Canada. She has been writing erotic stories and poems for 3 years and has recently been published in DESIRES an erotic anthology published by AmarMira Press. She also has several other works promised for publication in a US-based magazine due out in the summer of 2000. Please visit her website at The Sybarite's Bed. Email Elana White.
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