Poetry from Thawed Stars by Alice Pero © 1999-2000

Thawed Stars

by Alice Pero
Copyright © 1999

Honestly, I can wear that jacaranda tree as a scarf
although I'm not sure if purple is my best color
You say, no, it's not true
You exaggerate
An oleander bush over each breast
will not ward off nibbling
That eucalyptus tree with peeling skin
would make a dainty hat pin
but you defer
Parrots in your hair?
The sky is my bonnet
Clouds powder my nose
Why are you so jealous when I flirt with the moon?
He's too old, you declare
you need someone younger
I don't think so
His experience is what I am after
and the sun's too
(though he may look bright, he's a bit wizened
under the chin)
So while I paint my fingernails with meteors dripping
liquid silver
you might stop to reconsider
Is there more to a woman that how she dresses?
I am airily painting my face blue
and decorating my toes with tiny ponds
a string of stars around my belly
but there is more to me
when you look past mere appearances

from Thawed Stars © 1999 Alice Pero All Rights Reserved

Poetry from Thawed Stars by Alice Pero © 1999-2000
All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or distribute
without the expressed written consent of the author.

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