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Labyrinth of Chaos by Brian Wallace


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe

Take a look at the back cover of Labyrinth of Chaos and you'll see that the publisher recommends this book for either the fiction or psychology sections. It's the fictional account of Alan Agrippa, a young man with a thirst for knowledge and all of Europe in front of him. Thanks to the passing of his uncle, Alan is able to finance his voyage to the fullest, everything from admission to the finest museums, to the purchase of extra-metabolic substances that he hopes will enhance his voyage and give him new insights. Through some other relatives, his Aunt Mary and Uncle Jim, he meets Ronia, a beautiful young Frenchwoman who will accompany him on his travels. The stage is set for "a journey of Jungian individuation" (as promised on the back cover) - or, failing that, at least a very good time.
Unfortunately, unless you are the most patient of readers, you will never know. Reading Labyrinth of Chaos is like trying to play golf in knee-high grass. Brian Wallace's writing style is dense, riddled with obscure adjectives and with so many unnecessary adverbs, I wondered if he was getting paid for each one. What's more, the entire book is written in the present tense, which might be fine for a short story, but tends to be tedious in a novel. Add to this the confusion of abrupt changes in point of view and endless digressions into philosophical rants that don't seem to have anything to do with the story, and you will understand why I simply could not finish this book. Not that I didn't try! But even the sex scenes are ponderous. "With smooth motion he repeatedly plumbs her sentient walls while perceptively responding to her ecstatic moans with according movements." And so on
Throughout Labyrinth of Chaos, characters speak "forcefully" while candlelight flickers "playfully" and emotion "pervades every pore." In the meantime, this reader closes the book regretfully. I'm sure Mr. Wallace has written about some worthwhile concepts, but I lack the energy to struggle through his overwritten style to find them. Sorry!
Labyrinth of Chaos
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