Poetry by Arrianna

© 2001 Arrianna James

Morning Mist
by Arrianna James

When dawns lazy eye begins to open
And the sky turns crimson with the blush of day
I behold all this in isolation at my window seat
I think of your dimpled smile

Too soon my body blossoms with desire
Lips seek the moist sweetness of your tongue's touch
Arms ache to wrap you in their embrace
Turning inward, I remember your beating heart

The heat of the day and my thoughts amplify
Reminiscences of past passions poised on my mind
Gentleness turning to hunger, hunger exploding to need
My womanhood ignites and the craving begins

Boyish shyness gone, replaced by masculine pride
You call to me, entreat me, cajole me and take me
I give in to you, yield, my surrender complete
Your lust and mine erupting into action

I cry out, take me every way, everywhere
You turn me, mold me, guide me, and hold me
I moan and whimper at your bold stroke
Thoughts gone, only passion rules

Coming together in lusts delight
Searching for the satiety of satisfaction
Knowing no matter how long, how well or how much
It will never be enough to calm our whetted appetites
by Arrianna James

Every moment, every word, an important gift
I am captivated and hungry.
I am wantonly willing to wade with you
To watery walkways warm and wild
Touching truly the tenuous terrain that the
Tide of time and tone took us to.

I am in thralldom taking those tiny treasures
You thoughtfully tribute to your tropical troll.
Slippery, silent, salty tears sally forth as salutation.
Seeing this you taste the sapid, languid,
Seeping secretion, smiling sagaciously
Yea secretly savoring the spent maidens treats.

She swims with you in suspended seas of surrender...
She searches word banks to say what she seeks to speak
A new, never used name for narcissism
Nan in her natural natter needs to share with you.

Lame, lamenting, lapses in latent laurels leave laughing lovers
Little leeway but to legitimize their liaison,
Lingering languidly on lips luscious litmus
Loving and leaving little liminal lines lasting long into life's limit
Love the pinnacle, the piece de resistance of past pious, pithy phrases
Love the word she seeds the sands of knowledge with... the earth of us
We and us take on a new noticeable position in this our lexicon of
Passions Voice
by Arrianna James
Threads of loves first coat remain at her throat
Choking back cries once made in darkness
Lovers mock her by teasing her passion without release
She takes out the feelings each day and clasps them in her grip
Enjoying the deep ache it causes in her near cauterized heart
"How could it have come to this?" she muses with silent tears
Desire so strong as to bond with her core creating this mutation
Now it holds her captive and quiet in the long, dark hallway of
If by chance there is some release, she will forgo it, just to spend
Hidden at the illusive exit gate of passion there is a lone guardian
The duties of this station allow passage into passions pond
She waits inside the feeling, holding on to each roller coaster climb
The silent scream pierces the air, sidestepping her vocal chords
All they see are the tears that tread that forsaken territory

The beginning of the river of rapture

her body






the waterfall

Of an unearthly land
She finds the surrender complete
The bottom of the falls caresses her skin with moistened solace
On her back she opens her eyes in anticipation of the sight of such
The ceiling is hardly convincing in its reality, as she was not in this
Yet passions voice remains spectral, unheard and of the muses
Bird on the Wire
by Arrianna James

You are the Bird on the Wire, beautiful, majestic
I am the wind, gentle, silent
I softly caress your feathers, urging you to spread your wings
And fly with me to faraway lands of adventure and mystery
Will you fly with me?

I am the Bird on the Wire, lonely, isolated
You are the wind, my strength, and my guide
I ride on your currents, showing you the beauty of your limits
And fly with you through clouds of dewdrops and cream
Will you hold me in your breath?

You are the Moment in Time, sculptured, idolized
I am the artist, passionate, longing
I give you life with my gift, and show you to the world
Where your beauty radiates forever in my Garden of Eden
Will you stay with me?

I am the vision of love, passionate, honest
You are the sculptor, insightful, molding
I am drawn out of the clay, released by your fingers
And stand still and solid, a testament to your talent
Will you touch me again?

You are the Maiden in the Sky, waiting, wanting
I am the explorer, determined, brave,
Though the obstacles are great, I will come for you
I carry you away on my golden stallion to lands of milk and honey
Will you love me?

I am Sleeping Beauty, ready, but sleeping
You are Prince Charming, waking me with your kiss
I feel your breath inside me, awakening my soul
I rise to meet my destiny and hold my lover
Are you the One?
For Alison
by Arrianna James

I want love to find you
I want it to enter your eyes
Slide discretely down your throat
Catching in your breath till you burst
So you are physically aware of it

I want love to find you
I want its fingers to caress your temples
To feel the gentleness of your spirit
To float over your tongue till you speak its name
So you are caught in its beauty

I want love to find you
I yearn for it to enfold you
Holding your heart captive, till you long to cry out
I want your mouth to open without speech
So you are struck by its power

I want love to find you
I urge you to open your arms and legs
Running over the hills in joyful exuberance till you beam
I want your eyes to sparkle with that unmistakable glow
So that all that see you will truly know

I want love to find you
In the soft blanket that protects your soul
I want your beloved to enter and make you whole
I want your body, mind and spirit to savor
The union that can only come when love has found you
All poems © 1994-2001 by Arrianna James. All Rights Reserved. Used here by permission of the author. Do not reproduce or distribute without expressed written consent from the author.
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Arrianna James was "reared" in the Midwest and as an only child relied on an overdeveloped imagination as her best friend and Muse. She majored in Psychology and English and taught primary school in Los Angeles for a few years. She left one husband and found another and lived in Detroit, Cleveland, New York, and San Francisco. She presently resides on the west coast of Florida and writes for local and national magazines and is working on a novel. She has sold many of her short stories to Variations magazine and has been published at Bondage.com. More of her poetry can be found at her web site at Arrianna's Home Page. She has recently joined Erotica Readers Association and when she is not writing she enjoys fishing and mellow jazz. She also writes for more genteel publications under another name.
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