The Naked Truth

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The Naked Truth by Natasha Rostova

Reviewed by Sabrina Smith Moses
What do you get when you mix together a sexy story line, an exotic Southern city, and a touch of good ol' Voodoo? You get The Naked Truth, a page-turning, spine-tingling erotic novel, by Natasha Rostova.
Natasha Rostova has does it again with another book that's well-written, highly erotic, and hard to put down! Ms. Rostova has penned several titles for Black Lace, including last year's release, The Transformation. An imprint of Virgin Publishing, Ltd. based in the UK, Black Lace is a series of sexual explicit novels which explores women’s erotic fantasies and provides a good escapist read. In my opinion, Ms. Rostova is definitely one of Black Lace's most talented female authors of erotic fiction for today’s woman …and for some adventurous men too.
The Naked Truth is a contemporary story set in steamy Savannah, Georgia. The leading lady, Callie, is a wealthy, but unhappy wife, who leaves her dominating, but amorously aloof husband to explore her unfulfilled sexual fantasies. Her escapades unravel more than just her own dark desires, but uncovers her husband's shadowy past too. From a riverfront pool hall encounter to the twist and turns of sensual 'artistic' bondage and cemetery sex add sparks to the erotic chemistry of the fast paced, sexy storyline.
I've been an avid reader of Ms. Rostova's Black Lace titles since her first novel and I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Naked Truth. As always, she weaves together a romance-laced plot and many varied sexually situations so smoothly that the story flows very quickly and, yet, is very entertaining and satisfying. Don't be mislead that this novel is strictly a romance, because the sexual combinations in this novel border on the erotic edge of tantalizing taboo!
Ms. Rostova's contemporary characters are very well-written and 'alive' with many unique personality quirks that make them all the more human and interesting. Although the novel's primary story is centered around the marital conflicts of Callie and her husband, Logan, I enjoyed the erotic adventures of the supporting characters most of all.
Tess is a green-haired New Age store owner, whose artistic talents are exhibited in live BDSM performances. Logan's handsome employee, Adam, finds himself willingly trapped in Tess's kinky web. Their private, as well as public, BDSM scenes are a highly erotic read, as well as sensually written.
Other amusing characters include Callie's half-sister, Gloria, who's a Savannah socialite with an appetite for sex. Gloria's fantasies are fueled by her obsession for the British movie spy James Bond and Callie's Goth-friend, Eldrich, who quotes morbid poetry and seduces Callie once, before fading out of the story as the main plotline picks up pace.
In my opinion, a dose of good mojo is added to the novel by a Voodoo mambo named Abiona. Her compassionate insight on Callie and Logan's marital problems and her sexually charged Voodoo rituals help bring the couple closer together as Logan's secret past comes back to haunt him. Abiona adds a dash of erotic spice to round out this interesting mix of a good story and interesting characters which make The Naked Truth a fun and entertaining erotic novel to read.
If you are looking for a quick paced story with lots of sex, seduction, and secrets, then I highly recommend The Naked Truth by Natasha Rostova for you!
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