By Debora Myers


I am driving in my brand new Chevy Camaro, going like 85 mph. The
sunroof is opened and the tunes are blasting away. I look in my
rear view mirror to see a highway patrol officer behind me his
lights and siren blaring. I pull to the side of the road, turn
off my ignition and grab my license and registration. I look up
to see an officer asking me for the before mentioned articles.

As I hand over the license.I notice that the good- looking cop is
looking down my shirt, stealing a glance at my now heaving
cleavage. (My breasts are pretty impressive!) He starts in on why
he pulled me over and gives me quite a long-winded lecture for
such a young man. I again notice that he can't take his eyes off
of my breasts and has to struggle to keep his eyes on mine. I
smile a sly smile of acknowledgement that "I know what you're
looking at!" and he starts to turn a bit red in the face. He
continues with his lecture of how dangerous my driving was and he
had to give me a ticket.

I give him a little pout and tell him some sob story of how I am
short on money..that kind of thing. He returns to his car and
comes back with the ticket for me to sign. As he hands the
clipboard through the window I stroke his young policeman hand
while batting my eyelashes and ask him ever so sweetly if there
is anything I can do to avoid having to pay such an expensive
fine! He is blushing again and I can see from how he is checking
me out again that he has the same thing in mind. He smiles and
says, "I do know of one thing that could help me forget your
dangerous driving violation!"

I smile and pat the seat cushion next to me, motioning him to
join me. He looks around and since we are on a seldom-traveled
road quickly makes his way to the passenger door and jumps in
next to me. "Sir, I noticed you are fond of my cleavage, would
you like to see more?" I slowly pull my top up over my breasts
and unsnap my bra. My bosom springs forth in all its bounty and
the officer's eyes shine brighter than his high beams! I lean
over to him and place his hands on either side, encouraging him
to reach out and touch them. Taking a deep breath, he unbuckles
my seat belt while I unbuckle his official belt buckle. As he is
playing with my ta tas I pull out his enormous night stick, now
I'm the one to be blown away, I can barely get my hand around

"I see you like to live dangerously Miss Smith, That thing is
cocked and loaded, be careful." My panties are to the soaking
point as I play with his big gun. I see he is no Rookie as he
pulls an extra large condom out and asks me to slide it over his
shaft. He then asks me to step outside of the car and orders me
to place both hands on the hood of the car. I giggle and here him
laugh in return. I crane my head around to see him fully erect,
pants down around his ankles. He pulls my dress over my bottom
and reaches for my wet panties. He gently teases and rubs me
until I begin to beg for mercy.

When I think I can stand no more, he works that big gun into my
holster, slowly at first then plunges repeatedly until we have
the car rocking and squeaking in rhythm to our cries of ecstasy.
My legs are so wobbly I fear I'll collapse right there in the
dirt, but my officer holds onto me, turns me around and lifts me
up onto the hood of the patrol car. He kisses me so tenderly that
I almost forget that I'm out there in broad daylight with a
stranger. We button up and he hands me his card, asks me for my
phone number and kisses me again! Oo la la!

Top Cop © 2001 by Debora Myers. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or distribute without the expressed written consent of the author.
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