An ENE Review of the novel
Greywolf by Mary A. DeCarlo


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe

It's pretty safe to say that, in romance, the hero is often not what he
may first appear to be. But what if, under the influence of a full
moon, that hero is a wolf?
In Greywolf, Michael Greywolf is only 31, yet with his stunning mane of
gray hair and well-built physique, he could catch the eye of any woman
- and often does. Yet he finds commitment difficult, not for the reasons
that most men give, but because once a month he shape-shifts into a
wolf and goes prowling for one night with his hunt-mate, a female named
Koani. The urge is uncontrollable and can't be ignored; he has
inherited this from his father and will no doubt pass it on to any
offspring. What woman would want that?
Enter Altheia Jones, recently widowed, who has come to New Hampshire to
start a new life. The final years of her marriage had not been
pleasant, so her husband's death is bittersweet. She meets Michael at
his garage; the attraction is nearly instantaneous. The fireworks to
follow smolder through the entire book. It's a good thing, too, for
she not only needs Michael as a romantic partner, but as her protector, too
- something he is able to do in both his guises.
In some ways, Greywolf is no different from any other romance. It's a
wonderful love story with a happy ending and plenty of hot sex scenes
on the way. But in Michael's ability to turn into an animal, and in the
heightened senses he has from this, even when in human form, we have a
hero with a touch of the supernatural. What woman wouldn't fall for
that? What reader wouldn't be intrigued by this character, his powers,
and his limitations, too?
I enjoyed Greywolf as both a fine paranormal romance and as a
magnificent escape from reality, two qualities that make this novel a
perfect summer read. Why not put it on your list for the season ahead?
Greywolf by Mary A. Decarlo

Greywolf is a highly imaginative novel that combines the best of romance, eroticism and fable in a seamless tapestry. The transformation of human to lupine characteristics is woven so smoothly that it becomes believable even to the skeptic. Complex, yet all the strands are skillfully woven together, it has suspense, mystery, animalism, romance, violence and, most of all, eroticism. Altheia moved to New Hampshire to start over, but finds herself the focus of a stalker and turns to her sexy neighbor for help. Michael doesn't want to get involved, but fate has other plans and keeps throwing them together. He tries to resist the primal attraction. After all, how do you tell the woman you love that you're a shapeshifter ... and a werewolf?

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