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Erotica Anthology by Carrie White


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe

Every once in a while, an author will contact us here at the review desk, to tell us about a new book worth reviewing. That was the case with this Erotica Anthology, by a new author named Carrie White; we received an e-mail, wrote back to express our interest, and were promptly sent to, a website out of the UK especially for independent authors. We downloaded this book, opened the file, and scratched our heads. An anthology that's only eleven pages long, with only three stories? Something must have happened to the file in transmission, we thought.
But that's all Ms. White wrote - at least for now. Three stories, each one erotic and quite readable. Floodgates, Ms. White's first erotic story ever, is about a young woman's sexy encounter on a crowded subway train. (We happen to know some fans of frottage stories, and they will not be disappointed.) Booking Bonnie is a f/f story about a delightful birthday surprise, while In The Archives takes us to another popular location for salacious encounters, the library. All three stories are spicy, fun pieces.
Yet there are only three of them! When we finished this anthology, less than half an hour later, we wanted more. Erotica Anthology is a bit like those boxes of Godiva Chocolates that only hold four pieces - a tease that makes one crave another box, and another, and another... Please, Ms. White, don't stop here! Flesh this anthology out with a few more tales, and maybe a more imaginative title, and you'll be playing in the big leagues of erotic writing in no time.
Erotica Anthology

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Eliza, Claire and I. Three different women and life's. All erotic and all displaying blatant sexuality. Meet me, Carrie, the author. I write from my heart, my imagination and my experiences. I believe, it gives that unique taste that leaves you, my valued reader, guessing as to which part of me is revealed. Could it be all of them? Or is it just one? There again, it could be none. I'll let you decide....


For the past five years, JZ Sharpe has been making up for the time she lost in a 20-year writer's block. She lives in the Pennsylvania mountains, where most of her friends and coworkers would be shocked and amazed by her secret life as a writer of erotica and science fiction. JZ Sharpe is a regular contributor to ENE. You can also find her work at About's Amateur Erotica, Adult Story Corner, Biblio Eroticus, Blood Moon Zine , Dare , Erotica Readers Association, HotErotica.Com and Scarlet Letters . Get lashed by the Sharpe Tongue.

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