Hot Tub Encounter by Tavie

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The hot, bubbling water felt good against her skin and eased her tired
muscles as it enveloped her body. The outdoor hot tub was one of the
luxuries offered by the complex in which she lived. Almost all of the 25 or
so residents used it at least once a week except in the winter when they
felt it was too cold for such activity. She didn’t mind the cold though.
In fact, she felt the need to use the hot tub at least once a week and she
preferred to use it alone. That is why she usually waited until after
midnight to indulge.

As she felt her muscles relax, she let her mind drift along with the rising
steam. Her thoughts soon floated into the sensual realm. One hand
involuntarily cupped her breast while the other skittered down her belly to
gently massage the sensitive bud between her legs. Her nipples tightened as
fingers alternated between pinching and caressing through the material of
her one-piece bathing suit. The index finger of her other hand burrowed
beneath the edge of the suit searching for better access to the already
sensitized flesh. A shudder went through her as she rose briefly, looking
for a better position and the cold winter air skimmed across her warm, wet
skin. It had been too long since she’d last had any sexual relief and she
was anxious to have an intense release. The squeak of the gate leading to
the hot tub jerked her out of her reverie. Quickly she slumped deeper into
the water to hide her erect nipples from whoever was invading her privacy.

She looked toward the gate and saw the figure of a man through the mist
hovering over the water. Suddenly she felt very vulnerable. The only
lights in the area were the ones in the hot tub and there was no evidence of
anyone else being about. The man walked towards the hot tub, shedding a
jacket along the way. When he reached the edge of the tub, she could see
that it was the guy who had just moved into 201. She wondered why he had
come to the hot tub so late, and without his live-in girlfriend. Yes, she
recalled the svelte brunette who had clung to her man the entire time the
moving men transferred their belongings to the apartment.

“Sorry,” his deep voice claimed her attention, “thought I would be the only
one here.”

“No problem,” she answered automatically.

“Do you mind if I join you,” he asked, gazing about as if looking for other
night owls.

“Not at all,” she replied, not at all her mind repeated as she examined his
lean form and dark good looks.

“Had a hard day,” he mumbled as he stripped off his sweatshirt, “need a good

“Me too,” she said as her eyes took in his hard, bare chest, the nipples
tightening against the cold.

A gasp almost escaped her as he peeled down his jeans, stopping briefly to
kick off his sneakers. His thighs were thick, well muscled and lightly
covered with dark hair. When he stood again she could see that his black
trunks did little to hide the bulge at his crotch.

The water sloshed against her as he lowered himself into its heat. He let
out a long, deep sigh as he settled onto the bench and laid his head back
against the edge of the tub. His eyes were closed and a slight smile
crossed his lips as the warm, bubbling water did its magic. He shifted and
his foot bumped into hers. Immediately he sat up a little.

“Sorry,” he grunted and moved as if to avoid further contact before he
settled again and closed his eyes.

A wicked smile rose to her lips as she mischievously let her foot drift
towards his. This time, instead of just bumping, she drew her foot across
his and then up his calf. He moved his leg. She followed it with her foot
and caressed his leg again. He moved his leg again. She looked up at him.
His eyes were no longer closed but were staring intently at her. She smiled
at him even as her foot touched him a third time. His eyes widened as he
realized her intent.

“I’m living with someone,” he stated flatly.

“I know,” she said in her sexiest voice, “I’ve seen her, she is lovely.”

His head fell back against the edge again as if the issue was now closed.

“If she were here,” she continued, “we could have a very good time.”

His head shot up and he looked momentarily shocked.

“She is out of town right now,” he said, then smiled, “I guess that means it
is just you and me.”

She smiled broadly and swam the short distance across the hot tub. Without
prelude, she straddled his hips with her knees and held his head in her
hands before crushing her lips against his. His hands grabbed her hips,
holding her, as his mouth opened to hers. Their tongues danced while he
pulled her closer to him. Soon the sexual ache she had felt before was
reborn and her pelvis was grinding slowly against his.

She ripped her mouth from his and led his lips to her erect nipples.
Without prompting, his tongue snaked out to lick her breasts through the
bathing suit before his lips fused onto their erect peaks. She swallowed a
loud moan as the thrill of his sucking sped through her already stimulated

She could feel him growing beneath her. He must be magnificent, she thought
as she felt his hands move up her back to the straps of her suit. The
material peeled away from her water slick body and the sucking stopped for
only a moment as her breasts were bared. Now he was tasting her naked flesh
and this time she couldn’t hold back her moans as her climax hit.

He held her tightly to him, his mouth continuing its assault on her breasts
as he felt the ripples of her pleasure pass through her. When at last she
stilled, he lifted her out of the water and, turning, set her on the edge of
the tub. Even as she shivered violently against the cold air, she lifted
her hips to aid him in removing the rest of her suit. After the suit
cleared her feet, he laid it next to her then buried his face into her
crotch, his body forcing her legs wide. His tongue delved deep into her and
she forgot all about the wintry breeze blasting her wet skin.

She raised onto her elbows to watch his face as he tasted her juices. His
eyes looked up at her as his tongue moved up to her clit and flicked across
it with short, quick strokes. She could feel her second climax building as
he teased the sensitive bud. When her hips started to buck, he wrapped his
arms firmly over her belly to hold her still. His mouth locked onto that
little, erect bud and the suction took her over the edge. She started to
scream out her climax but, at the last second, bit her lip so as not to
alert the entire complex to their activities.

A big grin greeted her when her body finally calmed and she could focus her
eyes again. She returned the smile and slid back into the water, her
breasts rubbing his face, as she moved downward. Her hands reached for the
waistband of his trunks as she allowed her lips to rove his muscular chest.
His hands grabbed her head, fingers buried into her hair as he held her
mouth to one of his hard nipples. She nibbled and suckled the erect bud
even as she hooked her thumbs over the waistband of his trunks and pulled
them down over his shapely butt.

He moaned as her lips moved to the other nipple. She had to pull away from
him to get the trunks down over the fullness of his crotch. His thick,
erection popped up from the trunks and she could feel it hitting her belly
as it bobbed in the water. She maneuvered herself so the length of him was
between her legs, sliding against her labial lips. His hips flexed, seeking

“Oh no,” she whispered, pulling away from him, “it’s your turn now.”

He appeared puzzled as she pushed him toward the edge of the tub. Patting
the concrete, she indicated that he should sit on it. Once he was in
position, she moved between his thighs. Her tongue was warm against his
suddenly cold skin as it traversed the length of his erection from the head
to the base. Her wet hand stroked him as her mouth enveloped his balls and
her tongue twirled around them. His hips squirmed and then bucked as the
stroking got faster.

“I’m cumming,” he groaned through gritted teeth.

In the blink of an eye her lips were on the head and his cream filled her
mouth. She swallowed after each spurt and savored every drop. Even as his
penis started to soften and shrink, she took the length of him into her
mouth, urging it back to a full erection. He was astounded as he could feel
himself harden and grow inside her hot mouth. He had never been ready this
soon before and wondered what was wrong with his girlfriend that she couldn’
t stimulate him like this woman obviously could. All thoughts of any other
woman left his mind as he watched the one in the hot tub take his member
deep into her throat. He softly groaned as her throat muscles caressed the
head. Suddenly the mouth was gone and she was smiling wickedly up at him.

“So how do you want me?” she let him take the led.

Without words, he slid back into the water and sat on the bench. He guided
her over his lap, lowering her onto his staff. She sighed as he filled her
deeply. Using her hands to guide his lips to her nipples, she moved her
hips in a slow, grinding motion. Together they moved in a slow rhythm until
climax became imminent. Without warning, he picked her up, turning her
around so she stood with her arms braced on the edge of the hot tub, and
buried his hard member deep within her from behind. The new position put
her hips in front of one of the jets and the bursts of water hit her clit as
he thrust in and out of her. This time she couldn’t hold back the scream as
the climax ripped through her body.

She cried out again and again as he continued to pump into her. The feel of
her vaginal muscles clamping down on him took its toll and he started
shooting his cum deep inside of her with every thrust. Once, twice, three
times, he lost count before he finally shot the last of his juices into her

Exhausted, he pulled her close and held her as his now softened staff
slipped out of her. Without the constant blast from the jet, her climax
wound down and she relaxed in his arms. For several long moments they
remained still as their breathing returned to normal. When, finally, their
hearts were beating normally, she eased out of his embrace and turned to
look at him. They shared one tender kiss before pulling away from each
other. Without words, they each climbed out of the hot tub and began to
dress. He took a long last look at her body as she pulled on her suit.

“You are one experience I wouldn’t want to share,” he said as he dragged his
shirt over his head.

She laughed, “I wouldn’t want to share you either.”

Together they walked through the squeaky gate and she remembered what she
had been doing when he’d walked in. A secret smile rose to her lips and she
took one last look at him after he turned towards the stairs to his
apartment. He turned and smiled at her. At that moment, she knew that
future hot tub encounters were a definite possibility.
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About The Author:
In her mid thirties and youngest of eight children, Tavie writes short stories and poetry when the mood, or the muse, strikes. The rest of her time is spent in a traveling photo studio taking pictures of children, families, lovers, and friends. It is a great job for someone who enjoys dealing with people.
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