Destiny's Lovers

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Destiny's Lovers by Flora Speer


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe


Poor Janina! She's a scholar-priestess, a high priestess in training, but her telepathic abilities are so deeply buried that she'll never inherit the highest position from her great-great-aunt Tamat, who is 98 years old. That will go to another priestess, Sidra -- or will it? All is well in Ruthlen, where they live, but nothing ever changes -- until Reid, a dark-haired space explorer, gets lost and finds himself on sacred ground, where he doesn't belong. His arrival is enough to literally make volcanoes erupt, as well as a deep love between himself and Janina. Futuristic romance fans, get ready to hunker down with this one. If you're like me, just set a day aside and open it in the morning; I promise you won't put it down until you reach the last page.

As I've mentioned in some of my previous reviews, I have a habit of placing bookmarks at all of the sexy scenes. For some reason, though, I never do this with Flora Speer's books. This is not to say that her stories aren't hot -- far from it! Destiny's Lovers has a scene of sloooow loving, around the middle of the story, that's an endless delight for both participants and readers. The only excuse I can give you, for not marking those scenes, is that I always mean to but I get too caught up in the story and can't bear to get up to go find the markers! That's my excuse, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

Destiny's Lovers was actually published in 1990 by Leisure Books, then reissued in 1998 by LoveSpell, and yes, it's available from Amazon. (Would I tease you by singing the praises of a book that's hard to get?) If you love hot futuristic romance as much as I do, you'll be highly satisfied by this fantastic book.

Destiny's Lovers

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A priestess and a prisoner are drawn together by destiny in this futuristic romance from the author of Heart's Magic and The Magician's Lover.

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