Poetry by Diana

© 2001 Diana Cory


a planting of a harvest
by Diana 2001

in spring
she came
wild untamed
warm sun
spring rains
plowed fields

in summer
she bloomed
for more
human touch
& the hot sun

in fall
she was

in winter
she died
dark gloomy
to arrive

a Christmas rose
by Diana 2000

two virgins lying
holding their breaths
wanting desiring
fearfully afraid
of disappointing
loving each other

he slowly touches
her round warm breasts
circling her nipple
hearing her soft moan
he moves to kiss her
warm sweet tender lips

she says, I love you
he says, I love you
she pulls his silk hair
closer to her lips
saying, please take me
he feels her sweet love

a Christmas rose he
says deliciously
wet red sweet petals
entrapping my love
with heady fragrance
forever & ever more

Words of Pleasure
by Diana 8/2000

dark deep soulful eyes
flitting over my form
causing my nipples to rise
warming my passionate storm

low voice whispering "hello"
soothing my chaotic heart
a 'come with me' said low
suddenly I feel torn apart

"you have a beautiful soul"
hearing this said I sigh
my desires needs his bold
words of pleasure to hide

my fears of loneliness
sad tears of guilty needs
hearing 'love me' I confess
to him my wild desires feeds

upon my inner sexual desires
his smile overcomes my fears
'enjoy me' he starts my fires
to enjoy his body so near

'oh cum for me sweet honey'
his words feed my hungry pace
his voice is full of sunny
promises with a lasting grace

'loving you is so easy'
I hear his voice declare
my heart soars crazy
by a simple compliment so fair

by Diana, August 2000

fingertips gently
touch my face
tracing my nose
tracing my lips
capturing them
I kiss one by one
five fingertips

slowly fingertips
travel down my shoulder
to my breasts
touching my left nipple
tracing the oval
tracing the hardness
making me arch back
to give better assess
making me close my eyes

fingertips touch my hallow
between my breasts slowly
gently moving to my right
breasts circling the oval
touching the nipple
forming the hardness
teasing taunting fingertips
arching higher fingertips
move slowly downwards

touching my skin
tracing my scar
old and forgotten
till now
making me aware
I am alive
shivering with anticipation

fingertips slowly move down
to trace my navel
slowly spreading over my skin
to taunt me with delicate
sensations of wants desires
fingertips touching my core
tracing taunting gently awakening
my flush body more......

I want more than gently
placed fingertips now
I want you touching me
with your lips
your hot breath
your quickening desire
I want you to love me
as only you do ...

Windy Rivers
By Diana

She loves
Open fields
Velvet gloves
Pussy bells
Wide fans
Red roses
Warm sands
Furry noses
Plumb kittens
Wet flowers
Silk mittens
Female power
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