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Avalon by Lynne den Hartog


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe

Avalon is a cottage in the country with a story to tell. Or, more accurately, a number of stories, interconnected, spanning from time before history to the present day. Is it a novel or a collection of short stories? I would venture to say that it's both
Donna, the book's central character, has always felt the mysterious energy at Avalon. It has puzzled her from childhood, and now, as a young woman, she will know, thanks to the guidance of a magician she meets at a fair. He carries her back through time, to the primeval Man and Woman, and their banishment from paradise, then visits each of the parties who have, over eternity, experienced the secrets of this cottage. We visit a virginal slave girl, who must lose her virginity to save herself. We meet a young doctor for whom the story of Avalon's past is revealed through her own writing. The past comes rushing from the mists; slowly we travel over the ages to the present day. One by one, in each story, a secret is revealed.
While each story can stand on its own, they are best enjoyed when read together. Each one has its own measure of passion, and those who enjoy sensual love scenes will certainly find plenty to savor. My favorite stories were at the beginning; as the book went on, I wished that some of the later tales could have had as much detail and development as the initial ones. Still, if you like paranormal romance, you'll be reading this book from cover to cover. It's a quick read, and well worth it!
Avalon cover

Avalon by Lynne den Hartog

"Donna caught a glimpse of her face in the mirror on the wall and turned pale. The reflection was misty but her image was not alone. There were other faces flashing before her eyes. A young girl, clad all in white, her eyes filled with fear; a limping man, arms outstretched, searching for something just out of reach; a figure, clothes ripped and torn, with blood streaming from his face; and many more. She closed her eyes in fear and when she opened them again, the images had disappeared at least... Standing behind her she saw the one vision she had expected to meet there ... Gwydo." A gripping tale of Celtic mythology centered around the mysterious "Avalon," a beautiful romantic cottage in the remote wilds of Wales. Yet, this seemingly innocent location is the setting for an eternal conflict between Good and Evil a portal between Life and Death, where star-crossed lovers are fated to play out their dreams and nightmares throughout time.

Avalon is an ideal Halloween gift, providing excellent stories to read aloud at an adult Halloween party! The striking cover graphic is by Patti Gregson.


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