Fulfilling Your Fantasy

by velvetandlace

Slowly I enter a room. I look around the room it is faintly lit by the burning of two
candles the shadows reaching deep into the corners. I take another step forward
shutting the door I entered behind me. There is a door on each of the four walls
that surround me. I look up and towards the center of the room there is a tall stool
like one you would see at a bar, flat and round on top…2 bars on the legs running
down all four sides of it. The two candles are placed opposite on another in the room
with the stool standing in the middle of them. The little I can see of the walls they are
red…deep red…and the ceiling is white. I step in further yet.

A voice comes out of nowhere, or so it seems, "step to the middle of the room dear."
I am near the stool now I turn around trying to see where the voice is coming from
I shade my eyes trying to get a better look to the corners. Next the voice commands
me "undress now", gradually I move my hands up to my top and unbutton my white
blouse with shaking fingers I release each button working my way down my shirt…
taking it off I place it upon the stool. My hands move to my skirt next moving to peel
it over my hips I place that on top of my shirt and step out of my heels for that is all I
am wearing as You desired.

I instinctively turn and look around me my hands coming up to attempt to cover myself in
some attempt of modesty. That voice once again comes across "hands to your sides"
automatically they drop. I am told to stand facing the door I entered…and I hear a sound
behind me…the desire to turn is strong as I feel movement behind me. I am told to kneel
facing the wall behind me after a few more minutes…I turn to kneel the stool is gone so
are my clothes. I take a deep breath and I fall to my knees sliding my ass back to rest
lightly on my heels my hands clasped at the small of my back my chest thrust proudly
forward and my eyes down…my knees are parted wide showing my treasures. That
voice once again makes a command "wider", I struggle to part my knees wider to show
you yet more of what is Yours.

Once again I feel movement behind me and I gasp as a blindfold is placed
upon my eyes, I am not actually surprised for I know You love to deprive me of
my sight so I can't prepare for I am expected to always be prepared for anything.
Your hand brushes along my neck in the way that You and I communicate, it sets
me at ease telling me all is okay, a light smile touches my lips as I take a deep
breath and relax. I clear my mind of everything taking in the sounds and scents
around me. I can smell Your cologne and the light scent of jasmine in the air, I
can hear Your slow and even breathing and my slightly quicker breathing. As I
take stock of sounds and smells around me You watch me at a distance.

Your next command is "back" I know what You want as I arch my back
further lowering myself to the floor my head tips back my knees still spread
wide…my hands still clasped I can feel them touching the floor. I could feel the
pressure in my hips as soon as I am there…this position is purely for Your
enjoyment… You love to watch me struggle to hold it. For I can't for long I can
feel the softest flogger slowly drag across my body I shiver lightly. You next say
"up" and I return to my original position. "Touch yourself"…my hand moves to
my clit and slowly starts to stroke, my wetness making it even more exciting. My
lips part as I start to breathe harder, "faster" yes Sir is my low response as I go
faster. "Stop", I bite my lip and remove my hand placing it back at the small of
my back.

"Forward", I move leaning forward with my hands still at the small of my
back my forehead touching the floor my knees spread giving you complete access
to my body. The flogging starts…first the primer the soft nylon rope flogger. You
start but running it over my back and across my shoulders giving me a slow
sensuous tease. You step back flogging gently at my cheeks my body starts
tingling happily as I feel each stroke fall. I feel You walk away my eyes close
beneath the blindfold and I breathe slowly and deeply. I can hear you step back
closer and a light gasp escapes as I feel the leather flogger licking at my skin my
body becomes more and more sensitized to your strokes.

You continue with the leather flogger making it almost caress my ass. I am
trembling with the want and need for You. You stop. Leaving me there You walk
away…my cheeks are flaming I can feel the slow burn…while the fire within me
is raging. You walk back I feel a drip of ice cold water fall on my ass in response
I jump. Then I feel Your hand with the ice in it caressing my cheeks as the ice
melts and runs in rivulets down the back of my legs I shake with need I can feel
the water dry as You step away and it is completely evaporated before You return.
You step close again I am as You left me, with my ass in the air knees spread
slightly, forehead on the ground and my hands still clasped at the small of my

I feel soft supple leather touch my skin as I feel the crop start to kiss my
skin. With a snap I feel it land repeatedly on my bottom I have my lips parted as I
slowly drag in uneven breaths loving every single minute of this. I moan…I can
feel my wetness on my thighs. You stop. "Stand" slowly I lean back to rest my
ass on my heels and then rise slowly and a bit unsteadily to my feet You put out a
hand to steady me I smile a little bit because You are always so caring for me. I
stand there alone for only a moment and then You are beside me once more. You
push on my shoulder some pushing me forward as I lean forward I feel the leather
of the stool beneath my stomach.

You step behind me and I feel Your length slide into me as I feel your hand
on my hips pulling me back against You I moan as You enter me…and a soft
thank You Sir escapes my lips. I feel You there deep …taking me hard and
fast…I fly to heights that just cannot be fathomed. I cry out my pleasure as You
take me I feel your hand land on my ass cheek and You start spanking me with
your hand as we continue. You pull me close and I call out edge. "NO!!!" You
continue as I fight to hold back my orgasm my body quaking with the need the
fire raging within me. Please please Sir I need to cum so badly. "NO!!!!" You
pull out and stop. A small cry escapes my lip. "Is that a complaint dear", "No
Sir", "I am afraid it was dear." "Yes Sir" I mumble low, "Ten strokes for a
complaint You know that" Yes Sir. I feel the crop come down on my right ass
cheek twice quickly, one Sir, two Sir.

I feel two more fall on my left ass cheek three Sir, four Sir. I moan for I
know it is coming a short small snap on the lips of my sex and I moan out five
Sir. Again it falls on the lips of my sex, six Sir. You stand me up twice against
my right nipple seven Sir, eight Sir. At this point my eyes watering my voice
cracking, You flick the crop over my left nipple twice fast and hard nine Sir and
ten Sir. I feel the burning sensations deep within my nipples.

Slowly I sink to my knees and suck You once again. Sucking gently till You
pull me up gently by my hair pulling me tight to you, You press Your lips to mine
hard and furious. Then pushing me over the stool once again You sink into me
deeply. I moan as you press into me. We move in fast deep strokes taking me
hard, I moan happily and I feel Your body tense I cry out edge once again and
You say "yes NOW little one" I feel my release flow over my body I shiver and
quake I feel it deep into my soul and I cum faster and harder as I feel Your release
within me I fly to the heights that some can only dream of. I collapse against You
and I sob Your name over and over while You gather me into Your arms and
carry me out of the room.
Fulfilling Your Fantasy © 2002 VelvetandLace. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or distribute without the expressed written consent of the author.
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