The Valley of Desire II


by Glenn Beuhring

Elisa drove down the road, the panic long ago dwindling into decisive action. It had been three days since she last heard from her husband Maxwell. The police say that they have looked with little success for the missing middle aged man. If she was ever going to see her husband again, she would have to find him herself.
She pulled into the motel, the last place that he'd called her from. Nervously, she got out of her little red sports car. She noticed as she advanced toward office, the manager watching her approach. He seemed immensely interested in her short red dress blowing in the wind. Gawking was one thing she had to get accustomed to early on. At 14, she was almost 6 feet, with the body of an adult. It always amazed her that men could stare at her full breasts even as they talked to her.
Her long blonde hair blew in the wind as Elisa entered the small unspectacular office. The manager watched with obvious lust as she neared. "Good morning lovely lady, how may I help you?"
Smiling the smile that got her out of a number of traffic tickets and practically insured she would get good grades in least from the male teachers. "I hope so. I am looking for my husband. He called me from here 3 days ago from your motel. I was hoping you might help me."
With concern the manager, a middle aged but quite handsome man spoke. "Anything that I can do, I assure you I will. What was the name?"
"Maxwell Powers, he is about 40 with graying temples."
The manager opened his registration book and scanned it's pages for a moment "Oh, it is. He checked out the next morning I'm afraid and I haven't seen him since."
"Would there be anyone else I can talk to? Someone he might have spoken to?"
"Well, maybe he stopped for breakfast before he left. Why don't you talk to some of the waitresses over there?"
Smiling a warm smile of gratitude, Elisa turned and left the way she came. "Thank you," she called out as the door closed.
As Elisa entered the small diner she scanned the place before deciding on a seat. The beautiful woman caught the attention of several customers as she walked to the back of the restaurant and sat at the booth.
"What'll you have today, honey?"
Raising her gaze to meet the waitress, she was stunned to see this beautiful woman whose hair was similar color but done in an out of date style. Examining this ravishing woman, Elisa had to catch herself from staring
"Honey? Can I get you something?"
"Yes, coffee please...and could I ask you something?"
"Sure," she said, "what do you want to know?"
"My husband, Maxwell Powers is missing," she informed as she riffled through her purse fishing out a recent picture. "Have you seen him?"
After examining the picture for a moment, she returned the picture. "Yeah, I think I remember him."
"Did he say anything about where he was going?"
"No...I don't believe he did. Let me get you a cup of coffee and let me think on it a minute."
"Sure...thank you."
Elisa found herself watching her sauntering to the counter. She pored a cup of coffee and grabbed a metal creamer container. When she returned to the table, she sat at the seat across from her and set down the coffee cup.
"Here you go, honey."
She found it actually pleased her when this woman called her honey. Not sure why, she shrugged to herself and poured some cream into her coffee. At first it seemed to be bad, but after smelling its contents, she determined that it was just a little thick.
"Well, darlin...I've been thinking about when I waited on you husband but for the life of me I can't think of anything to help you find him."
Elisa's heart sank in despair but smiled at the caring woman across from her. "Thank you for trying anyway."
"I'm sure he'll turn up, no man is going to walk away from an angel like you."
As she drank her coffee, a shiver of joy shot through her at the complement. This coffee is about the best I'd ever tasted, thought Elisa as she continued drinking. Normally, she could sip a coffee for hours but she seemed to want to gulp it down.
"That's some good coffee ain't it?" smiled the waitress watching her enjoyment with interest.
"Yes, it is quite wonderful. Is it a special brand?"
"You could say it's our special blend. Would you like another cup?"
"Yes please."
As the gorgeous creature stood up, Elisa found herself staring at the round firmness of the woman's ass. The urge was so great that that she turned her head to continue watching after she was behind her.
It was then that she noticed some of the other people in the diner. In astonishment, she realized that with very few exceptions everyone here was quite attractive. Insane as it seemed she was getting hot just looking around at them. She could feel herself getting wet and she had the sudden urge to touch herself.
That's insane, she reproached herself. I know it's been about a week, she thought, since she had made love to her husband but she'd gone a lot longer than that. Before the waitress returned, she decided to go to the bathroom. It was amazingly clean for such a greasy spoon diner, she observed. After lowering her panties she sat down and relieved herself. At the instant her hand brushed against her thigh, it sent a jolt of pleasure shooting down to her clit which caused her to squeal suddenly.
Surprised by this sudden surge of lasciviousness, Elisa stood from her seat. It was then that she saw the hole. Upon closer examination, she also saw the eye that peered through it. Instinctively, she reached for her panties that encircled her ankles. It was not until she heard the ripping that she realized that a thread had caught on the buckle of her shoes. At the moment that she pulled them up, the entire crotch of the silky fabric ripped to shreds. Once more she stood, now holding the useless garment in her hand.
Though upset that she'd ruined an expensive piece of underwear, she again became aware of the eye watching her. Despite her indignation at being spied on she couldn't deny that her pussy tingled and fluid dripped down her leg. She turned away from the hole and with her ruined panties reached up and wiped herself. Tingling metamorphosed into pleasure at the contact. The moan that escaped her lips made her ashamed. Though she had not moved the fabric from the mound of her pussy, she was determined that this exhibition was over.
With a consorted effort, she managed to throw away the panties and brush her skirt down to it's rightful position. Quite proud of herself, Elisa turned to stare at the voyeur only to find them gone. Anger welled up inside and she lunged for the dark hole hoping to find the identity of her spy. It took a moment to adjust to the light of the other room but when she did, she gasped in shock.
The man standing against the far wall was a handsome man of 20 or so. He had close cropped dirty blonde hair and a muscular build. The sight of this man's cock was what drew her attention. It was enormous and so hard it pointed to the ceiling. The young man had his eyes closed as he clutched the shaft and slowly sensually stroked it's length.
Bent over, peering into the room next door, Elisa casually reached up and touched her bare pussy lips. "Why was she doing this?" she wondered. She'd never done anything like this before. Though she knew it was wrong, she was helpless to move as the stranger rubbed his cock. As she watched precum ooze from the head, a sudden urge entered her brain. Her tongue slithered from her mouth wanting to lick it clean.
Elisa's fingers parted her lips and invaded the soft flesh within spurred on by the burst of pleasure that they caused. Not trying to think of her horrid actions, she stared in awe as the stroking hand hastened it's velocity. After pumping his prick fiercely for several seconds, the man opened his eyes and looked directly at her. Elisa's heart raced in arousal from the first spurt of cum that shot across the floor to the last drip that clung to his fingers before dribbling down his thigh. The amount of cum that puddled on the floor amazed her and triggered a hidden desire of licking it off the floor. As her fingers ignited an orgasm with such intensity as she'd never felt before, she heard herself scream in pleasure that she knew the entire restaurant could hear. How could she walk out of here in front of all those people?
She looked up as the effects of her climax subsided, noticing that the man was gone, leaving only a puddle of his goo to mark his passage. Even as she emerged from the bathroom, she searched the dining area for any signs of him. Knowing that everyone stared at her, she tried to avoid their eyes. She finally made it to the door of the diner and marched to her car. She had to get out of here. She had to find her husband and go home. Frantically, she sped from the gravel lot and onto the highway.
When she saw the flashing lights, she quickly checked her speed. She was going a little fast but not enough to get pulled over for. Maybe they were trying to get by her, she rationalized as she pulled to the curb of the mountain road.
To her dismay the cop pulled up behind her. Smiling confidently to herself, she knew she could talk this guy out of a ticket. As the female officer exited her car, she felt her chances dash to pieces. One thing that didn't make sense to her was her thinking how pretty the officer was and how sexy she looked in her uniform.
"License and registration please," ordered the pretty brunette.
"Oh... sure," she stammered, as she tried to find her information.
"Could you step out of the car?" the officer politely requested.
A bit nervous now, she none the less complied. The wind picked up here on the mountain and as a gust of wind wiped by the car, Elisa's skirt blew up over her waist, exposing her patch of blonde hair to the staring officer. She grabbed at the hem frantically and suddenly lost her balance on the steep incline. Her fall sent her right at the startled policewoman, who mistook the move as an aggressive move.
Without warning, the pretty housewife found herself handcuffed and bent over the hood of her car. It happened so fast that it took Elisa a moment to realize that with her being unable to keep her skirt in check it blew unchecked up onto her back. All who drove by would be able to see her completely exposed ass.
"Please, could you cover me?!" she cried.
"You should have thought of that before you attacked me!"
"I wasn't attacking you mam, I fell!"
Elisa was aware that the officer stood directly behind her, though neglected to assist her in keeping her skirt over her exposed ass. "Please, mam...could you cover me?"
"Sure," she said taking a hold of the hem. She held it with both hands, close as not to let it fly up. Elisa found that the sudden contact of her hands against her legs was rather unexpected. Though she didn't understand why, she began to get wet in response.
The policewoman, with a slight tug, pulled her from the hood and set her on the ground. "Are you drunk?" she questioned.
"No!" cried Elisa.
"I want to get a breathalyzer test. Will you submit to one?"
"Yes, of course."
Guiding her to the back seat of her cruiser, the law officer was unable or unwilling to continue holding her skirt. It flew back and forth, exposing her below the waste continuously until she was in the vehicle. As she sat in the passenger's side a plastic tube was brought to her lips and upon finding her sober, the police nodded.
"Good, now the only charge you have is indecent exposure and assault of a police officer."
"What? I didn't expose myself on purpose and I sure as hell didn't assault you!"
"Tell it to the judge," she smiled maliciously.
"Why, you bitch!"
"Now you have verbal assault on the list. Anymore?"
It was just too much for her and Elisa began to cry. "Please, don't do this to me. What can I do to convince you?"
Now the officer's smile widened. Do you mean that? she asked, reaching her hand under her captive's short skirt and rubbing the mound of flesh. "Wha..." the protest was interrupted by a wave of delight that pulsed through her body. "Lay across the seat," ordered her tormentor.
Even if she was not in danger of going to jail and being humiliated by charges of public exposure, her soaking wet pussy would have insisted upon her compliance. She scooted around awkwardly as she was still cuffed. Nervously, she lay her head down on the seat and wantonly spreading her long legs before her abductor who without hesitation tossed the thin fabric of her skirt over her waist and began kissing her thighs. Each kiss pushed her closer to the brink, though as she felt the tongue play over the folds of her labia, she arched her back and cried out in joyous lust.
This symphony of pleasure was brought to new heights by the foray of the woman's tongue into the entrance. It danced about in rapid agitation tasting the nectar of this ripened peach, hungry for more and more. Hands reached under her buttocks, drawing her yet closer to the soft lips. Not content with giving one orgasm nor did she cease. It was in the thrall of a constant surge of passion that the lips and tongue were gone. When reality came crashing back into her mind, Elisa realized that she would do anything for her to continue.
The once respectable housewife of 10 years looked up as the woman gazed into her eyes. Her juices coated the woman's chin and mouth as she smiled at her. Though shamed, she did not move her legs which were still spread wide, exposed to her as well as the traffic driving by.
"Please, don't stop," she pleaded.
"If you want more, go back to the motel. By tonight you'll be in such bliss that you've never know before."
"Go back?"
"Yes, go back. Wait there."
Elisa did not recognize herself. It was someone else who agreed to return and wait at the motel. It was someone else who, once freed from the cuffs hurriedly got into her car, making an illegal U-turn and raced for the chance to feel her plunge her tongue into her pussy again.
The manager did not seem surprised at her return and quickly provided her with a key. Once inside she sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes before deciding to take a shower before her arrival. Wantonly, she threw her dress on the floor of the bathroom and proceeded to take a nice hot shower. It was not until she emerged that she realized that not only were there no towels but that her dress was soaking wet. She cursed herself for not having brought her luggage into the room.
With a quick plan in her mind, she called the front desk and requested towels be brought over. After waiting several minutes, she heard a knock at the door. Hiding behind the door, she slowly opened it and reached around searching for the towel without success. Carefully she peaked around the door expecting a maid with an armful of cleaning material.
She gawked at the manager who stood there in a state of complete undress. His muscular frame shone with sweat as he held his cock in his hand. "What the hell?!"
"Tell me to go away and I will," he said matter-of-factly, "though I desire you to kneel down and take me into your mouth."
Her first instinct was to slam the door in his face, which was what he was in the process of doing when time seemed to stop as she stared at his engorged cock, dripping with precum. His musky smell invaded her brain, making her dizzy and unable to concentrate. In this state, she moved out from behind the door. Sun shone in her room lighting it with it's radiance. She was cognizant of the fact that she was unveiled before any who walked by. Even as she knelt down in front of the good looking stranger, she expected to be seen. By the time she had guided his ample cock into her mouth, thoughts of being seen were all but gone from her mind.
Gliding her lips over the flesh seemed so natural that she fell into a rhythm she never had even with her husband. Her first urge was to clean the prick of precum, then grasping this man's hips, she urged him to fuck her mouth. The sound of high heels could be heard and a hushed "nice" could be heard as the cock drove in and out. In her mind, she felt ashamed but her lips would not give up its prize. By the time she heard footfalls that stopped at the door, she was being orally fucked vigorously.
Elisa had the distinct impression that she was being watched, though instead of being self conscious she became intent upon putting on a good show. Withdrawing to just the tip and thereupon receiving it again into the depths of her mouth and throat. She wanted to exhibit her passion for whomever would watch.
As a cool breeze danced across her breasts, stiffening her nipples while tossing her hair across her face. Of it's own accord, her hand found the slit between her legs, exploring with care the lips. Urgency called for her to delve deeper, causing a flow of nectar to glaze over her hand. Muffled moans reverberated through the manager's already pulsing shaft.
As Elisa prepared to gulp the onslaught of cum that was preparing at any second to rupture down her throat, she was not expecting the intrusion of a stranger's hand that gripped the cock, yanking it from it's sheath. Instinctively, she opened her eyes closing them just as quickly. The spatter landed just below her right eye and nose, just barely beginning to drip as the second landed nearly in the exact same spot.
In a rapid assault white, warm cum washed over her beautiful face, washing away the woman that was and allowing the woman she always wanted to be to emerge. The warm, musky salve bathing her was the most wonderful feeling she'd ever felt. It was not until the flood of goo stopped that the licking began. The all too familiar tongue lapped her face, leaving more to drip in it's place. Her own tongue protruded from her mouth to catch what she could.
When her face was glistening with saliva, the tongue began lick up what puddled on her chest and stomach. Elisa could now see that the policewoman had arrived. Raising to her feet, still dressed in her official uniform, the woman gave the manager a kiss. "That will be all for now Carl. Thank you."
Hand in hand the two women walked into the room to the bed. Closing the door wasn't even considered as the woman removed her uniform. Elisa sat on the bed and admired this stranger's body as if she'd had gay tendencies all her life. Her small but firm breasts and the total lack of hair inspired feelings of desire she never had with anyone, man or woman.
Several passerby's stopped for a moment to watch the scene as the woman lay side by side, wrapping their thighs around the other's head. The sounds of slurping were only drowned out by the echoes of sighs and moans as tongues dug deeper and deeper. Only after the two lay exhausted on the bed, asleep did the manager come by and close the door.
The next morning, Elisa awoke, realizing that the woman whom she didn't even her name had left. Saddened by her absence, she slowly climbed to her feet. Was it all real? she wondered though the salty taste still in her mouth told her that it was. It was not until after she showered that she saw the note on the bedside stand.
"Join me for more at the municipal park. I would love to show you the sights of our fair town."
Finding that her clothes had been brought into the room, Elisa picked out a white tank top and spandex pants. She loved the way they clung tight to her body as though they were painted on. Anticipation urged her on as she drove towards the business district of this small town. She passed a small hardware store as well as a donut shop. It was actually quite a sweet little town, she thought as she parked.
The park was directly across from a mom and pop grocery store though the man sweeping off the sidewalk was no old store clerk. He must be an employee or maybe their son, she surmised. His muscular build and tight blue jeans brought images of lewd activities to mind. It was memories of the night before that guided her to continue her journey to the park's tree line.
Elisa found it peculiar that the entire park was surrounded by a thigh perimeter of trees. If you drove all around the park you could not see into it. The interior was dotted with clumps of trees though the majority was large grassy fields on which teenagers played. A softball game in which four girls were in the field and four boys were at bat. She thought it was unusual for girls to be playing boys but this was the new millennium after all.
Finding a bench away from the activity, she settled in to wait. Across the field, she noted a woman in her thirties, quite stunning actual in a long flowered dress sat with a bowl of ice cream glaring at a young man who approached her.
"I told you to be here for noon young man!" she sneered as he stopped in front of her.
"The only butts here is the one your going to bare!" demanded the angry mother.
"Mom," the teen whined.
Immediately, she grabbed the boy, pulling him towards her. He was helpless as in one motion he was pulled over her lap as his shorts and underwear were hauled to his knees. In total shock, Elisa looked around to find no one even noticing the naked butt as it lay across his mother's lap. Strange too was the fact that the bowl of ice-cream that the woman had been eating was still held between her knees as the boy penis flopped into it.
"If I have told you once, I have told you a hundred times...Do not keep me waiting! she shouted. With that, the woman began to forcefully slap the boys bottom. The palm of her hand smacked first one then the other cheek in a flurry of blows that made his butt ripple under the impact.
The boy began to kick his legs and beg his mother to stop despite the fact that as Elisa watched the boys flaccid penis that lay in the bowl of cold ice-cream, began to grow. With each blow on his ass, the force sent his growing cock dipping into the frozen dessert. While his butt reddened from his mother's assault his prick plunged deeper and deeper until it looked as though he were fucking it.
One final blow from his mother's hand impacted before the boy let out a low moan and sent his sperm spilling into the bowl. The gooey liquid filled the indention, flowing over from spurt after spurt. The mother had grasped his left cheek, closing her eyes as her son's cum mixed with the ice cream. It was not until she could feel him cease that she allowed him to get up.
The boy wiped the tears from his cheeks as his mother wiped on last string of cum that clung to the tip of his cock. After wiping on the brim of her bowl, she watched her son pull up his shorts. He was still sobbing as he turned and walked back down the sidewalk.
With a gluttonous grin, the woman sat on the bench and began to spoon out the ice-cream, coated in her son's goo. She closed her eyes with every bite, licking the spoon as not to miss any of her treat. Elisa sat, stunned by the carnality that had been played out. As she wondered how a mother could do that, she couldn't rid herself of the urge to ask the woman for a bite.
Turning from the temptation, she began watching the softball game. A tall, blonde boy had just hit a pop up, allowing the brunette in the outfield to easily catch it. Evidently this was the third out as the boys were getting ready to go out into the field. Elisa found herself admiring the muscular bodies of the young men as they removed their shirts before proceeding.
The girls ran into bat, striding with confidence. With Elisa as a spectator, the young athletic woman scored 4 runs before a blonde girl was thrown out at home. With that it seemed as the girls were losing some oftheir confidence as the next two batters were struck out. The blonde angrily threw down the bat and in unison with her teammates pulled off their T-shirts.
Realizing that these young girls unashamedly walked out into the field in shorts and bras. Again she looked around the park. Without any reaction to these events, the inning played out all too quickly until the final out was made.
The boys, sour from their low score did not hesitate to remove their shorts, leaving only their jock straps to cover them. From somewhere deep in her mind bubbled the lust for the young bodies that were displayed before her. She stared at each naked, muscular butt at a time, enjoying watching them run around the small field. Dreamily, she noticed as the third out was made.
After the girls, clad in nothing but panties and bra, jogged out to the field Elisa noticed that the lust that brought desire for the boys did not stop. Her pussy dripped with her juices as she longingly stared at the bodies of the young ladies. She began wondering what it would be like to taste their adolescent pussies. Her pondering was interrupted as the tall boy was thrown out at first base. That brought it to the third out and the next inning. Her eyes darted to the grass where the boys laid the last of their clothing.
Though still soft the swinging organs were still impressively large, imparticularly for boys of their age. Now the yearning of her cunt demanded that she rub herself through the fabric of her tight spandex. Wantonly, she parted her thighs and stroked the mound that was soaked by now. She was only vaguely aware that the woman across from her was watching her.
It didn't take long for the boys to attain three outs. Quite pleased with themselves the boys strutted back to the make-shift dugout where the girls bras lay on the ground next to the rest of their clothes. Elisa relished thesight of their small breasts bouncing as they fielded the several hits that the boys managed to make.
Suddenly fingers on the elastic of her pants brought about her attention to the woman who knelt at her feet. Though she was about to protest it fell short as the tight fabric was peeled from her flesh and bunched at her ankles. As the girls made out after out, the strange woman leaned her head between her legs and began eating her out. One leg lay across her shoulder, allowing access to her dripping pussy as she watched the last out being made.
With all of their clothing gone, Elisa was curious as to what they would do. The young boys stood where they are, looking at the girls and began to stroke their pricks to hardness. Only when they stood straight up did they walk to their places in the outfield. The swinging genitals, now engorged with blood caused some awkwardness as they attempted to play the game. As Elisa's third orgasm erupted through her body, she watched the delicious looking cocks bounce, slapping their bellies.
Only once did the game halt as one of the boys had to rub his member back to full erection. It seemed a requirement of the game. Unknown lips encircled Elisa's steaming pussy bringing her to yet another climax that caused a squeal to escape her lips. From her feverish state she watched as the game continued and the last piece of clothing was shed from the girl's bodies. By the victorious leaping into the air, she surmised that the girls had defeated the boys.
One of the blonde girls pointed to the grass at her feet which told the boys where to sit. Scattered only slightly, the boys sat on the grass at the foot of one of the girls as they crouched to their side. As if trained to do so, the boys spread their knees wide while the girls seized their still stiff pricks like prizes and began stroking them with vigor.
Elisa was guided so that her lower back rested on the bench, leaving most of her ass hanging over the edge. In this position the unfamiliar lady explored, with her tongue and fingers the parted cheeks and even began probing her anus which clutched her digits greedily. The heights of ecstasy reached such numbing altitudes that her moans and screams were echoing throughout the park.
Reverberating also were the sounds of groans as the first cock released its milky discharge, which was quickly swallowed down by the girl clutching his prick. The others were not far behind the first, pumping their cum into the girl's throats. What little dribbled from the corner's of their mouths was quickly licked up by voracious vixens.
As quickly as she appeared the woman was gone, walking down the sidewalk quite casually. Elisa thought that it would be a good idea to reach down and pull up her pants, however, she just didn't feel like it. She sat there on the bench wondering what universe she had landed in when she saw two figures approaching. One, she recognized as the policewoman that she was due to meet here. The other was a man she did not fully recognize though it seemed like she should know him.
The gorgeous officer stopped to examine the naked legs and pussy spread openly on the bench. "Having a good time?" She asked smiling a mischievous smile.
"You knew this would happen? questioned Elisa suspiciously.
"It's the usual around here."
Elisa eyed the good looking man standing next to her. "Who is this?"
"You mean you don't recognize him?"
Carefully examining the man, she suddenly did. "Max?"
In the voice she recognized easily, the man spoke. "Yes dear, it's me."
"What happened? You look so sexy."
Max smiled. "Thank you...I think."
"Where have you been?" she inquired said suddenly overjoyed that she had finally found him safe and sound.
"We have a lot to talk about."
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Glenn Beuhring lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two dogs, two cats and three roommates. He enjoy writing in many genres but finds writing erotica very exciting. His Non-Erotic Stories are posted at Fantasy Today and more Erotic Stories at Literotica. His artwork can be found at Erotic Candy, Mind Caviar and Venus or Vixen. Visit Glenn Beuhring's website.
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