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Why Should Guys Have All The Fun? by Cindy X. Novo


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe

You know, that's a darn good question. Why should guys have all the
fun? Why do they get to call the shots? How come they make the rules,
anyway? It's just not fair!
Indeed, it's a question that was probably been asked by girls in the
Stone Age, as they were dragged back to the cave by some horny
Neanderthal. It's a question that will be asked forever, as long as
there are two sexes on this planet. In search of a remedy, Cindy X.
Novo invites readers to "Cindy's Boot Camp for Unenlightened Women".
In this educational institution, she attempts to teach her fellow females
how to "beat men at their own game" by adopting the very same rules
that men have always followed. She outlines the rules in great detail, then
gives copious case studies and examples, even providing fictional
interviews with heroines of the past, such as Cleopatra, Medusa, and
the Bride of Frankenstein.
Of course, sizing up a guy's dick is not as easy as performing the same
assessment on a girl's tits. But here, the ever resourceful Cindy
suggests a number of ways that one can take care of this most important
task - because after all, the length and girth of the family sword is
the most important thing to know about a man. Especially since you're
probably only going to fuck him once anyway (following the rule of
"Find 'em, feel 'em, fuck 'em, and forget 'em!").
I suppose, if one reads this book with the tongue firmly lodged in the
cheek (your own, not someone else's), it could come across as a
humorous romp. But after a while, I began to wonder just what had
happened to poor Cindy X. Novo (not her real name) to put her off the
opposite sex so much. Ladies, do we still want to perpetrate such an
angry message? Should we really treat men as "living, breathing dildos"?
Will the world be any better if we do? I wonder.
Still, if you'd like a bit of a chuckle, you might find something to
make you smile in this book. However, don't take it too seriously -
unless, maybe, you've just had your heart broken. I suppose you could
see a grain of truth in it then. For the rest of us though, it's just
another diatribe on how men suck (and not in a good way). Gee whiz,
ladies, this is the 21st century! Haven't we moved beyond such
thinking by now?
Why Should Guys Have All the Fun?

WHY SHOULD GUYS HAVE ALL THE FUN? Beating Men at Their Own Game of Sexual Conquest by By Cindy X. Novo is available for purchase through Amazon.Com

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