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Milliardo: There she is
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kahtt: Hi sas
Sascha_I: Hi Dear
kahtt: ready for chat
Sascha_I: I'm sober, lemme get my 5th of Vodka first
kahtt: k
Sascha_I: I've been reading "Children of the Arbat" by Anatoli Rybakov, hence the Russian references
Sascha_I: Yeah, I'm new to this...author chat. I'm supposed to do one for HELL soon too, in public in front of a group. I'm NOT afraid to be a public speaker

kahtt: k
kahtt: everything will be fine
Sascha_I: "hopefully" I can get to the HPEP play party and maybe scribble a few things down so I'll have new material...and I'll just not tell anyone I'm not claiming to be a writer at the moment
Sascha_I: I know
Sascha_I: I should log this huh

kahtt: nah, I'm doing it
kahtt: brb ggp
Sascha_I: k
kahtt: back
kahtt: sorry about that
Sascha_I: It's okay.
kahtt: know where all your stories and poems are published?
Sascha_I: HerCurve.com and ASC
Sascha_I: plus there is one more I'm looking for
Sascha_I: damn I haven't been in my writing folder in about three weeks...damn thing is dusty

kahtt: s'okay me have all the info
Sascha_I: you're missing a few maybe
kahtt: well then find 'em for me
Sascha_I: Antennae online has a poem
Sascha_I: Antennae Online "Carpet Tells Nothing" if it's still there
Sascha_I: nope..it's down

kahtt: ahhh, nerve.com
Sascha_I: might think it better to email that list to you
Sascha_I: in fact...yeah
Sascha_I: Amoret, SubVerse, ASC and HerCurve love me hehe
Sascha_I: now if I could get a real paying bit

kahtt: you will
Sascha_I: Mary Anne Mohanraj suggested my latest rejection go to Cleansheets.com
kahtt: so send it there!
Sascha_I: But I just decided to quit writing before I came back from CA!
kahtt: well tuff! send it in
Sascha_I: That would go against principle one might think
kahtt: not at all
kahtt: you were given a suggestion by a well known author editor and publisher
Sascha_I: if I vowed never to write again and suddenly 'aqua dream' appeared online?
Sascha_I: yeah, and I only recently remembered she runs that show too
Sascha_I: and I need an idea for a story in MISS...

kahtt: well then
kahtt: hmm, you could ask for help during this session
kahtt: here comes kenners
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kahtt: Hi Kenners
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Kenn: evening peoples
Sascha_I: Kenn,
kahtt: hey sas is the link for SubVerse www.subverse.net?
Sascha_I: Lemme check
kahtt: I came up with a few URLs
Sascha_I: oh?
kahtt: never mind
kahtt: found it
kahtt: www.btinternet.com/~elle.finn/SubVerse.htm
Sascha_I: Yup
Kenn: pleas excuse my dead zone, sleep on floor last night
Kenn: back acting up again
Sascha_I: Ah
kahtt: oh no Kenn!
kahtt: Kenn you need to help sas come up with a story idea
Sascha_I: for Males In Slavery Stories
Kenn: every once in a while I have to lay on hard surface, keep back straight
Sascha_I: see I only right now want to kill off Mistress Kitty
Kenn: Males in Slavery Stories? as the slave?
Sascha_I: I just need an idea for what the next adventure in BDSM Mistress Kitty and her boy will have
Kenn: nailguns and problem cuticles?
Sascha_I: oh that could be fun..
Kenn: I have no ideas tonight yet
Kenn: never was involved wit a BSDM sexual experience
kahtt: What year and month was the amoret thing sas?
Sascha_I: doesn't quite have to be exactly BDSM
Sascha_I: I'll put that in myself

kahtt: he could be a picky eater and she has whip him into shape
Sascha_I: August 2000 and March 2001
Kenn: but there was that time in the shower with the soap on a rope and the damn near strangulation of my little buddy
Sascha_I: loll Kenn
Sascha_I: I've already unfortunately mentioned him being good at being an eater Kahtters

kahtt: rats
Sascha_I: but I may do something like that
kahtt: are you sascha the sensual?
Sascha_I: I'm trying to show a romantic ordeal with this one
Sascha_I: Yup
Sascha_I: That was me

Kenn: been done, eating rats that is, once of Nicksons aids
kahtt: eeew
Kenn: flogging with long stem rose's?
kahtt: with thorns
Sascha_I: They sell those
Kenn: flogging roses?
Sascha_I: my first piece detailed a letter from Her about the new toy he bought for Her, a deerskin flogger
Sascha_I: Yes..

Kenn attempts to remove Caps Lock key
kahtt: hmm... how about a male sleeping beauty theme
Kenn: done, oops wrong key, brb
Sascha_I: She wakes him up?
Kenn: a
kahtt: yup
Kenn: with a barbed strap-on
kahtt: but it's how she wakes him and what he has to do out of gratitude
Kenn: built in vibrator
Kenn: low voltage shock system
Sascha_I: That's an idea
Sascha_I: a fairy tale

kahtt: you need to do a FemDom or BDSM for ASC sas
Sascha_I: I've done them
kahtt: me saw
Sascha_I: for ASC
kahtt: oh yeah, I don't have your website URL
Sascha_I: just a sec
kahtt: lots of links up for you through google
kahtt: oh you were featured on divinepleasures
Sascha_I: are there?
Sascha_I: was i?

kahtt: http://www.malesubmission.com/saschai
Sascha_I: I'll be...if it takes lusting after Arina to get that much...
Sascha_I: yup

kahtt: the Net Writers archive is searchable
kahtt: http://www.dvnpleasures.com/articles/Erotic%20Flowers-Sascha.htm
kahtt: it's a review
Sascha_I: Ah, from a dear friend of mine who printed out my entire E-book
Kenn: brb, please excuse
kahtt: check this one too - www.very-koi.net/works/erotic/erotic241.htm
Sascha_I: now when did Koi put that up?
kahtt: dunno
Sascha_I: The woman that runs that site and I used to talk a long time back, she's the one that suggested I befriend Heather Corina at Scarlet Letters
kahtt: Eloquent Motions
Sascha_I: which ultimately got me on the ball to writing erotica
Sascha_I: yeah, I remember the piece
Sascha_I: I'll be damned
Sascha_I: Koi is a very sweet woman

kahtt: and this one www.angelfire.com/NJ/sailormoon3/Gundam/life.html
Sascha_I: she's one of the few that has ANY pictures of me
Sascha_I: oh, don't worry about that!

kahtt: but I love sailormoon
Sascha_I: I'd sleep with her but I really wanted the other blonde
kahtt: I thought tidal wave had it's own site
Sascha_I: and Sailor Mars
Sascha_I: it does
Sascha_I: www.tidalwave-thebook.com

Kenn: back
kahtt: hmm, it was under something else
Sascha_I: Yeah, we had that for one reason or another, I forgot exactly.
Sascha_I: And that quote was from GUndam!

kahtt: me know <snicker>
Sascha_I: silly Kahtters
kahtt: that's me
kahtt: why are people always late to chat?
Sascha_I: hell if I know.
Sascha_I: They're always rushing to get somewhere else
Sascha_I: in fact I am rushing to get somewhere too
Sascha_I: but I'm not sure where I'm going, as long as I'm rushing to get there

Kenn: dinner? sex? overtime ? sex? forgot? sex?
kahtt: k
kahtt: weird
Kenn: maybe making plans for tomorrow, last minute shopping what not
Sascha_I: and Kahtt gets to chose a name for Mistress Kitty's pet
Kenn: Scanner
Kenn: sorry
kahtt: let me think
Kenn: what time did it start?
kahtt: 7
Kenn: you did say EST right?
kahtt: yup
kahtt: EDT
Kenn: I am not very much help in the BSDM whatever
Kenn: BDSM?
Sascha_I: I'll be...three pages of results for me alone on Google
Kenn: whatever
Sascha_I: It's just a name Kenn
kahtt: yup me told you
Sascha_I: Umm..net writers archive url?
Kenn: I really should read up on it soon
kahtt: yup
kahtt: see what I mean Sas?
Kenn: Wizard of Oz on, wife torturing me again
kahtt: can't find my name book
Kenn: male or female pet?
Sascha_I: the slave is male
Kenn: thought you were talking about an animal pet like thingie, silly me
kahtt: pay attention Kenn
Kenn: Bruce
Sascha_I: oh, Kenn knows I'm not writing anymore...damn
Kenn: I gotta listen to the music of the Oz while in chat, oh such horror
kahtt: no he doesn't
Kenn knows he's not writing either
Sascha_I: He's on Parlor, he got the email I'd assume
Sascha_I: Maybe I should give Arina something too...

kahtt: yes
Kenn: yes, but with the little problem I have been having for a while
kahtt: She needs new stuff
Sascha_I: I might be able to come up with something old for her
Sascha_I: that no one's seen yet

kahtt: so wanna see the links etc. I have compiled for you?
Sascha_I: Please :)
kahtt: here are the links
kahtt: Adult Story Corner
kahtt: http://www.adultstorycorner.com/erotica/alive.shtml
kahtt: http://www.adultstorycorner.com/guest/bri.shtml
kahtt: http://www.adultstorycorner.com/erotica/splash.shtml
Sascha_I: Trent
kahtt: http://www.adultstorycorner.com/femdom/mistress.shtml
kahtt: Amoret
kahtt: http://www.amoretonline.com/C106.htm
kahtt: http://www.amoretonline.com/C332.htm
Sascha_I: bri?
kahtt: HerCurve.com
kahtt: http://www.hercurve.com/smut/archives/bythefire.html
kahtt: SubVerse
kahtt: http://www.btinternet.com/~elle.finn/svpoems.htm#_For_Mistress_by
kahtt: Very Koi
kahtt: http://www.very-koi.net/works/erotic/erotic241.htm
kahtt: Tidal Wave
kahtt: EROTIC FLOWERS: Erotic Verse For Those Moments by Sascha Illyvich
kahtt: "A compilation of erotic poetry! Ranging from D/s theme (light) to vanilla kink (the kind of kink that makes the missionary position exciting), and a stop in between to celebrate the vagina and it's beauty." Note Bene: When ordering REB e-books, select 'ENE' from the resellers' drop down menu. Read Reviews of Erotic Flowers By SS Moses & Gary Blankenship
kahtt: Review by Arina Divine
Kenn: damn fast typer Kahtt
Kenn: typer
kahtt: And now for the author bio:
kahtt: Author Bio: Before turning his attention to poetry and erotic
kahtt: prose, Sascha Illyvich sharpened his skills writing romance
kahtt: fiction. He is currently writing and compiling short stories for
kahtt: an erotic anthology. Sascha is currently a coauthor on Tidal
kahtt: Wave. Samples of his erotic fiction may be read at Amoret, SubVerse,
kahtt: Hercurve and Adult Story Corner. He is a member of the Erotic Readers
kahtt: Association and EroticRomance, which has helped him improve
kahtt: his writing skills. When he's not writing, he's playing bass or running.
kahtt: http://www.malesubmission.com/saschai
Kenn: well shit and go blind
kahtt: heh heh heh
Kenn: and I scribble on gass station walls:(
Sascha_I: Damn, that's quite a great deal
Sascha_I: just a sec Kahtt
Sascha_I: afk

Kenn: impressive he is
Sascha_I: am I?
Sascha_I: damn I guess I can't quit writing
Sascha_I: huh?

kahtt: nope
Kenn: nope
kahtt: you can take a break though
Kenn: I need someone to keep me in my place
Kenn: reading:)
Sascha_I: I am breaking...not quitting
Kenn: that's good to hear
Sascha_I: Seletta and Mistress talked me into breaking as opposed to quitting
Sascha_I: just a sec, gotta take care of some business

kahtt: k
Kenn wonders what's for din din
kahtt: oh me hungry
Kenn: looks like wife is planing a late dinner
Kenn: or hoping I'll forget about it
Kenn: ever notice the temperament of the different writers in the group?
Sascha_I: back
Kenn: brb, water drink time
Sascha_I: Yes I do Kenn
Sascha_I: Kahtt, it's updated...
Sascha_I: www.malesinslavery.net has "Allison" my first piece

Kenn: such a cross section of emotions and writings
Sascha_I: I think it's wonderful personally.
Kenn: same here
Sascha_I: Looks like I've gotta talk my muse into writing then
kahtt: ahh
Kenn: I decided to set mine on fire, make it write
Kenn: How about " The Flogging of Robin Hood" by Maid Marion?
Kenn: random thoughts
Sascha_I: hehe, I think I might have something romantic and edgy still for Mistress Kitty and "Trent"
kahtt: me need a password?
Sascha_I: You will
kahtt: nice Kenn
kahtt: adult check?
Sascha_I: I'm looking along the site itself, he's (Kevin) mentioned my writing
Sascha_I: no, it's just a MISS members password
Sascha_I: I'm looking for the exact link
Sascha_I: I don't think it's entirely up yet

Kenn looks down
Kenn: your right there!
kahtt: I can't get a link
Sascha_I: oh, my
Sascha_I: he's got four pieces up

kahtt: nah I need a password
Sascha_I: SaschaI and Sensual1
Sascha_I: I believe

kahtt: so people would have to join
Sascha_I: yes
Kenn: $20.. brown envelope, corner of 5th and Main, midnight
Sascha_I: Right
Kenn: ding Dong the witch is dead. . . . damn damn damn
Sascha_I: I agree
Kenn: I have to go, shower before dinner and what not, had boys today also tired, enjoy folks and thanks for the invite tonight
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Sascha_I: I'm glad he was here
kahtt: me too, all the other slackers will stroll in at 9ish
Sascha_I: LOL!
Sascha_I: so that's 8 here?
Sascha_I: central?

kahtt: yeah
kahtt: me lost a potential guest author for chat 'cause I told her it could be from 2 to 4 hours
Sascha_I: oh?
Sascha_I: what was the problem?

kahtt: she has an autistic son
Sascha_I: who was the guest author?
Sascha_I: now why is Trent asleep?
Sascha_I: and What does Miss Kitty have to do to wake him up?

kahtt: Barbara Crocker
Sascha_I: never heard of her
kahtt: sodomy of course
Sascha_I: but she needs to do these
Sascha_I: LOL!

kahtt: exactly
Sascha_I: I may be working HPEP's play party again this weekend so maybe something fresh'll come into mind
kahtt: I'm starving
kahtt: good
Sascha_I: I can't believe he gave me an entire section in MISS
Sascha_I: instead of a guest thing

kahtt: cool
kahtt: paid?
Sascha_I: no but I think I'm doing it for the free membership
Sascha_I: and the exposure

kahtt: ahh
Sascha_I: I'm on the MISS mailing discussion list as well
kahtt: ahh
kahtt: I really need to eat something
kahtt: I came right home and turned on the computer
Sascha_I: go grab some food
Sascha_I: I'm grateful but don't starve yourself

kahtt: me waiting until 9
Sascha_I: when there are people here?
kahtt: hopefully
kahtt: so are you giving up stories only? or poetry too?
Sascha_I: everything
Sascha_I: but my one MISS piece

kahtt: hmm
Sascha_I: and the one poem I wrote today that was non erotic and very disturbing
Sascha_I: My head is a mess
Sascha_I: this is getting severely edited right?

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kahtt: see what did I tell you?
*** Mode change "+o helenaS" on #chatterlings by kahtt
kahtt: Hi Helena
helenaS: hi folks...whew, sorry I am late
kahtt: np
helenaS: Hi Kahtt
helenaS: Sascha
Sascha_I: Helena, hi honey
helenaS: How are things going -?
helenaS: Slow been busy?
kahtt: sloooow
helenaS: aw...
Sascha_I: very slow
helenaS: rats
Sascha_I: but Kenn was here earlier.
kahtt: we are trying to help sas with story ideas
Sascha_I: spurred an idea for my next MISS piece
helenaS: and I was visiting Morpheus - can't seem to keep awake!
helenaS: MISS piece?
helenaS: You are writing for Miss Magazine?
helenaS: LOL
helenaS: tell me
Sascha_I: No honey, Males In Slavery Stories
helenaS: ahHA!
helenaS: I figured it would be something like that
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BigB_D2: hi all
Sascha_I: So far we're going with Kahtt's fairy tale idea of Mistress Kitty waking him
*** BigB_D2 is now known as BigB
Sascha_I: Big_D2, greetings
kahtt: Hi BB
Sascha_I: BigB, :)
helenaS: hiya
BigB: ltns k
BigB: didn't expect you all here tonite
kahtt: me think it's a good one
kahtt: Kenn suggested a Robin hood theme
BigB: special Tuesday chat?
helenaS: LOL Kahtt
BigB: hi helena...have we met?
helenaS: I dunno\
Sascha_I: Me, the author chat :)
helenaS: sorry I was off looking quickly at email
*** Kenn (whitesight@adsl-151-196-239-228.baltmd.adsl.bellatlantic.net) has joined channel #chatterlings
helenaS: hey Kenn
Kenn: all clean:)
helenaS: geeze I am no better than yesterday
Kenn: cluck cluck
helenaS: YIKES
helenaS: the truth is out
Kenn: will my cock a do doodle do?
helenaS: I can't type
Sascha_I: Kenn, back again :)
helenaS: LOL Kenn
Kenn: sorry, continue
helenaS: BigB - where might we have met
*** Mode change "+o Kenn" on #chatterlings by kahtt
kahtt: wb kenners
BigB: here if anywhere
BigB lends self a space
kahtt: yes BB special Tuesday chat
helenaS: ah...no this is my 2nd time to chatterlings
Kenn: . . .and it was well past midnight, a dark seedy alley, lower NYC. . .
helenaS: first time the room was empty
BigB: ahhhhhh, ok
Sascha_I: This Sascha Illyvich writer guy is here or something
BigB: usual time is Fri. nite
helenaS: yes it was a Friday.....
helenaS: but my timing is awful
Kenn: their planning the over throw of the world
Sascha_I: of course
helenaS: and NOW my hubby is telling me I had better cook supper...
helenaS: brb
BigB: you need a little patience, the ppl will be here
BigB: hah
helenaS: gotta cook...
kahtt: aww
BigB: tell him if he EVER wants to eat again, he will wait until you are done chatting
helenaS: I'll hurry back -
Kenn: I have to put my glass's on here
kahtt: glasses?
helenaS: this is why I will be so happy to catch a break next week kahtt
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kahtt: I hear ya HS
helenaS: LOL Big B
Kenn: blind left eye, can hardly see out the other
*** kahtt has set the topic on channel #chatterlings to Sascha Wayne Chat Co-author of Tidal Wave
Sascha_I: Honestly that was for BigB
*** kahtt has set the topic on channel #chatterlings to Sascha Wayne Chat, Co-author of Tidal Wave
helenaS sighs over WI men...
helenaS: he's not that bad...honest
kahtt: riiiight
helenaS: will just take a sec to pop some stuff into pots and program the microwave....BRB
BigB: yeah sure
kahtt: k
Kenn: I wrote a sort of BSDM (?) poem a long time ago
helenaS: he likes to eat....
BigB: men are pigs
kahtt: yes you did kenn!
helenaS: brb
*** helenaS has left channel #chatterlings
BigB is a MANLY MAN <oink>
Kenn: that's why we are called "PORKERS"
kahtt: lol
Kenn: I go to the Manly Man store once a week]
kahtt: and buy tampons for your wife?
Kenn: " I* knew I was in trouble as I watched her strap on the B&D Impact Drill"
Kenn: not at home depot, unless they add something to the insulation Dept
Kenn: I have a fetish for office supplies
Kenn: sorry, forgot where I was
kahtt: okay me have to eat brb
*** Kenn is now known as Dinner
kahtt: ask sas questions
Sascha_I: well
Sascha_I: yeah, ask me questions while I get myself food

*** Dinner is now known as Kenn
Kenn: I have to think?
Sascha_I: Kenn, yeah sure
Kenn: Do you find it annoying that people think one has to inflict pain when engaged in BSDM?
kahtt: good question
Sascha_I: Yes I do actually
Sascha_I: such is NOT always the case
Sascha_I: Some of the things I've written about involve very little or no pain at all and they're still considered BDSM stories

Kenn: I believe that not all of it relates to physical pain, but something along the line of roll playing and being the submissive or master of the act
Sascha_I: This is true too
Sascha_I: What I've so far found interesting about the lifestyle itself is the great amount of thinking involved
Sascha_I: the mindgames if you wil
Kenn: not many people understand it very well, not that I know that much about it
Sascha_I: It's not really that difficult
Sascha_I: For some of my BDSM writing I've attended a couple of play parties including the large one held once a year in Houston
Sascha_I: Watching the protocols involved has often triggered ideas for stories

Kenn: being of limited funds here, I really on places like ERA and such for my understandings of different sexual wants and needs
Sascha_I: and ERA is an excellent source
9:29 PM: kahtt is away, afk- yum yum
9:29 PM: *** You have been marked as being away
9:29 PM: Sascha_I: for the rest of us, because I'm also on limited funds, it's easy to either search the internet or find a friend who is in the know
9:29 PM: Kenn: that it is, but at times, I find myself a little put off by some of the comments made
9:29 PM: Kenn: Gafk= Going after fresh kill
9:29 PM: Sascha_I: onlist?
9:29 PM: Sascha_I: LOL Kenn
9:30 PM: Sascha_I: Or on the site?
9:30 PM: Sascha_I: Sometimes as you've noted on mailing lists, opinions can very
9:30 PM: Sascha_I: Those times can be made into interesting stories

9:30 PM: Kenn: in parlor, many find it hard to except different styles of sexual expressions
9:30 PM: Sascha_I: They do, and they are allowed
9:31 PM: Sascha_I: and unfortunately that limits my reader base

9:31 PM: Kenn: that I understand very well
9:31 PM: BigB: what do you think of Gorean styles
9:31 PM: Kenn: Men in Frocks?
9:32 PM: Sascha_I: I personally think they're worthless because they to me dehumanize people. They push limits even "I" wouldn't touch
9:32 PM: Kenn: Gorean?
9:32 PM: BigB slaps Kenn with a Talisman of Gor
9:32 PM: *** helenaS (enigma119@AC9861A8.ipt.aol.com) has joined channel #chatterlings
9:32 PM: Kenn: Leave Gor out of this
9:32 PM: BigB: btw, I do not subscribe to them, was just asking
9:32 PM: Kenn: John what's his name
9:32 PM: Sascha_I: Helena, hello
9:32 PM: helenaS: OK for a minute or two, anyhoo
9:32 PM: helenaS: hi Sasch
9:32 PM: Sascha_I: However that won't stop me from writing about them
9:32 PM: Kenn: welcome back
9:32 PM: *** Mode change "+o helenaS" on #chatterlings by Sascha_I
9:32 PM: helenaS: ty Kenn
9:33 PM: Sascha_I: One piece I wrote recently involved use of knife play
9:33 PM: helenaS: I will be bouncing back and forth tween the kitchen and the keyboard
9:33 PM: Kenn: read the Gor books back in my hippie days
9:33 PM: helenaS: Kenn was a hippie?
9:33 PM: Kenn feels another brain cell spark back to life
9:33 PM: helenaS: Hard to believe - LMAO
9:33 PM: Kenn: WOW! two in one day:)
9:33 PM: Sascha_I: I know a few Gorean Masters and I respect them, but I as a slave would not entirely feel obligated to honor them
9:33 PM: Sascha_I: any other different than another mistress
9:34 PM: Sascha_I: Interviewing them could bring a new voice to that though

9:34 PM: Kenn: not really, was in it for the sex drugs and booze
9:34 PM: helenaS: I've only discovered the meaning of GOR in the last couple of weeks
9:34 PM: helenaS: LOL Kenn - and not for the ass, eh?
9:34 PM: helenaS: oh\
9:34 PM: helenaS: sex
9:34 PM: helenaS: oh my head...
9:34 PM: Sascha_I: Sex is partially why I write
9:34 PM: Kenn: expert?
9:34 PM: helenaS: (reaching for HER drink)
9:35 PM: Sascha_I: Helena knows I write Femme Domme *giggles*
9:36 PM: helenaS: lol
9:36 PM: helenaS: yes.
9:36 PM: Kenn: but there is something about strapping a woman down on a padded saw horse and having my way. . . .
9:36 PM: helenaS: the mind boggles Sasch
9:36 PM: Sascha_I: Males in Slavery just started an archive of my FemmeDomme works
9:37 PM: Kenn: bent over backwards, tied to an evil alter and offering her " wears" to me
9:37 PM: helenaS: Tho I must confess that if I ever met a man who wanted to be dominated by me I'd prolly run the other way
9:37 PM: helenaS: screaming...
9:37 PM: Sascha_I: Because romance wreaks into everything I do, I try to put that in my BDSM writing even in the slightest
9:37 PM: helenaS: sorry Sasch
9:37 PM: Sascha_I: no need Helena
9:38 PM: helenaS: I once dumped a guy because he thought saying "drinky-poo" was perfectly acceptable
9:39 PM: helenaS: and that was before we got to bed...
9:39 PM: helenaS: *G*
9:39 PM: Sascha_I: There are some things I'll NEVER write
9:39 PM: Kenn: did he offer to show you his binky?
9:39 PM: helenaS: But I lovya regardless, sasch...
9:39 PM: Kenn: such as?
9:39 PM: helenaS: LOL Kenn - yup
9:40 PM: Sascha_I: The new flogger on the wall won't get used for another month or so but it sits there ready for inspiration
9:40 PM: Kenn: I have read a few hard core BSDM's in my day
9:40 PM: *** Pearlee (ncbarry@dialup- has joined channel #chatterlings
9:40 PM: helenaS: hi Pearlee
9:40 PM: Pearlee: hello sorry I'm late
9:40 PM: *** Mode change "+o Pearlee" on #chatterlings by Kenn
9:41 PM: Kenn: evening My Lady
9:41 PM: Pearlee: ty kenn
9:41 PM: Sascha_I: Nora, Greetings dear
9:41 PM: Pearlee: evening sascha, helena, kahtt
9:41 PM: helenaS: hello
9:41 PM: Sascha_I: I'm being asked questions about my writing Nora, so if you've had anything you wanted to out me for *giggles* now's the time to do it
9:41 PM: helenaS: brb
9:41 PM: Kenn: kahtt Gafk, Gone after fresh kill
9:42 PM: Pearlee: have I missed a lot?
9:42 PM: Kenn: well, in the beginning all was dark . . . .
9:42 PM: Pearlee: LOL
9:42 PM: Sascha_I: not yet
9:43 PM: BigB: hi Pearlee
9:43 PM: Pearlee: The only thing I had in mind was one of them was a bit violent.
9:43 PM: Pearlee: hello BigB
9:43 PM: Sascha_I: well which one?
9:43 PM: Pearlee: the knife one
9:44 PM: Kenn: BigB here tonight in his slitted leathers
9:44 PM: Pearlee: the lesbian one.
9:44 PM: Sascha_I: Oh, that would have been "Used"
9:45 PM: *** BigB is now known as {_|_}
9:45 PM: Pearlee: Yes that one.
9:45 PM: Kenn: hahaha
9:45 PM: {_|_} <== wearing his assless leathers
9:45 PM: helenaS: lol
9:45 PM: Sascha_I: what questions did you have with that piece?
9:45 PM: Kenn: cute, nice shin you got there;)
9:45 PM: {_|_}: u like my love handles
9:45 PM: Sascha_I: For those who haven't seen it, "Used" was a Female Dominance lesbian edgeplay story
9:46 PM: {_|_} hahaha
9:46 PM: Pearlee wonders if she's out of place here...
9:46 PM: Kenn: sexy
9:46 PM: *** {_|_} is now known as BigB
9:46 PM: Sascha_I: you're not
9:47 PM: Pearlee: Sascha, this Edge is like a true story?
9:47 PM: Kenn: has there ever been a story about BSDM ? involving animals?
9:48 PM: Sascha_I: Yes, but nothing I've written Kenn
9:48 PM: helenaS: ???
9:48 PM: Kenn can not spell
9:48 PM: helenaS: Like the flasher MikeK did?
9:48 PM: helenaS: *G*
9:48 PM: Sascha_I: Nora, this piece was one of those pieces that I can't explain. It sort of started writing itself
9:48 PM: Kenn: Slaughter House 69
9:49 PM: Kenn: or the Bounding of Sheep
9:49 PM: Sascha_I: I try to write based on experiences I've had
9:49 PM: Sascha_I: but I can't always do that
9:49 PM: Sascha_I: I had to ask some other people in the know how and where cutting was done. This piece really involved more research than experience
9:49 PM: Sascha_I: Was that a nice save? *smiles*

9:50 PM: Kenn: close
9:51 PM: helenaS: bbl! supper!
9:51 PM: *** helenaS has left channel #chatterlings
9:51 PM: Sascha_I: some piece I recently wrote for MISS involved flogging which I haven't had in a long time, so I took down the flogger and beat my arm with it!
9:51 PM: Sascha_I: and after the pain went away, I had a better idea of how to describe the slapping of leather against skin

9:51 PM: Kenn thinks he may write a masturbation story. . .
9:52 PM: Sascha_I: for that F/m piece
9:52 PM: kahtt: back
9:52 PM: *** You are no longer marked as being away
kahtt: masturbation
Pearlee: hello kahtt
Kenn: will you please Kahtt?
kahtt: Males In Slavery Stories
kahtt: http://www.malesinslavery.net/members/sascha/index.htm
kahtt: *You need to join this site in order to read the stories
kahtt: Hi Pearlee
Pearlee: I've never written anything like that...
Sascha_I: It's different
kahtt: very
Pearlee: yes
Sascha_I: and different to write
Sascha_I: it can be difficult to write too

kahtt: Sascha's website
Sascha_I: oh she's a doll
Pearlee: some of it is exciting...some of it sounds scary
Sascha_I: It is exciting
Sascha_I: It's freeing to let go of control.
Sascha_I: and I try to carry that across in my works. People who live that lifestyle have been believing my words and even provided me with reviews

kahtt: You should read the one he has on HerCurve, By The Fire
Sascha_I: that was a Female Domme piece?
kahtt: you tell us <g>
Sascha_I: oh yeah
Sascha_I: Actually I'd suggest "waiting for Mistress" at ASC

kahtt: Adult Story Corner has a FemDom piece for you
Sascha_I: It shouldn't be too long now and Tidal Wave will be out in print or E-book
Pearlee: will have to look at it...
kahtt: sas: what can I say, I read your mind
Sascha_I: It's a novel I co-authored with about six other ERA writers
Sascha_I: A Natural Disaster erotic horror

Pearlee: interesting...
Sascha_I: Kahtt's got that URL too
kahtt: Tidal Wave
kahtt: hey speedy, give me a chance
Sascha_I: I'm a virgin at Author chats
kahtt: no you're not, you've been to a couple
Kenn perks up " Virgin?"
Pearlee: oh oh!
Sascha_I: I was at Gary's chat, that was wonderful. He's a very talented poet
Sascha_I: In fact I looked at that log when I was working on Tanka poetry

Kenn: I made a promise never to try and kill myself again, that's the only reason I am here still
Kenn: OOPS
kahtt: ASIDE: Read reviews of EroticFlower by SSMoses and Gary Blankenship
Kenn should never try two chat rooms at once
kahtt: and by Arina Divine
Kenn being beyond help slinks to the back of the room
Sascha_I: The review on Arina's site was done by a Scene/lifestyle Female Dominant woman
Kenn: I got slinking down pat
Sascha_I: That poetry book was my first compilation of poetry to be published
Sascha_I: It contained BDSM poetry, as well as erotic romance poetry

kahtt: EROTIC FLOWERS: Erotic Verse For Those Moments by Sascha Illyvich
kahtt: Note Bene: When ordering REB e-books, select 'ENE' from the resellers' drop down menu.
kahtt: "A compilation of erotic poetry! Ranging from D/s theme (light) to vanilla kink (the kind of kink that makes the missionary position exciting), and a stop in between to celebrate the vagina and it's beauty."
kahtt: hence Sascha's participation in the Yahoo Group EroticRomance
kahtt: So have you written any tankas Sas?
Sascha_I: I've followed the group there as well and decided to reinstate the theme of Romance throughout my works
Sascha_I: Yes I have Kahtt, I've got a new poetry compilation in the works

kahtt: nice
Sascha_I: So far the working title is "A Pillowbook for Mistresses and Lovers"
kahtt: make sure you tell us all about it
Sascha_I: and the majority of it will be tanka style poetry
Pearlee: Like the title, Sascha
Sascha_I: I want to Romanticize BDSM for one
Sascha_I: and ultimately, the book will be about the two loves of my life

kahtt: good inspiration
Sascha_I: My Girlfriend and my Mistress have set forth much for me to write about
kahtt: so Sas, apart from these two women, What stimulates your muse?
Sascha_I: Every day things come into mind that give me inspiration. I mow a lawn once a week and it's a rather large lawn. I have time to think.
Sascha_I: So sometimes a story idea comes into my head and I write it down

kahtt: while mowing? or right afterwards
Sascha_I: or I'll be riding public transportation and "boom" story idea pops in
Kenn: sorry all, I have to go now, lots still to do before my day in done, enjoy
Sascha_I: while mowing if I can get pen and paper
*** Signoff: Kenn (Quit: Leaving)
Sascha_I: Kenn, it's been fun
Sascha_I: fun

kahtt: I did my best writing on new york city trains
kahtt: missed him
Sascha_I: Had I the mindset, I would have written while in CA two weeks ago
Sascha_I: I left my tools at home as well
Sascha_I: I carry around a notebook and pen because napkins are a pain to hold onto

kahtt: How long does it take you to write a novel? Do you have another planned?
Sascha_I: I do have one in the works which is a FemmeDomme Romance novel
Sascha_I: The basis of it so far is a lifestyle couple is overburdened by his job and She decided along with his employer that he needs a break. Health problems, stress, their marriage things just go wrong until she finds this camp to send him to

Pearlee: Sascha, kahtt, I am sorry, I have to go...
Sascha_I: that is a Corp retreat camp but secretly has it's S/M training sessions
Sascha_I: Nora, thanks for stopping by
Sascha_I: Mail me some time

kahtt: thanks Nora
Pearlee: I would like to...and you also, kahtt..some things to discuss with you.
*** Pearlee has left channel #chatterlings
Sascha_I: "his Retreat" will be the title and it's required some different research
Sascha_I: It'll be my first actual prose novel and so far writing it has been fun
Sascha_I: On a side note about this novel, I've got a vanilla relationship developing between two other characters
Sascha_I: I've been focusing on short stories lately
Sascha_I: but stories over 3000 words because I cna put more detail into them but I don't feel the need to dig too deeply for research just yet

kahtt: k
kahtt: So will you be doing a book of short stories?
Sascha_I: I'd like to at some point. David Dryer with Rennaisance E-books has wanted to see one
Sascha_I: from me
Sascha_I: If I can put together about 30,000 words for him then there might be something out by November

kahtt: cool
kahtt: sales from REB have been good then?
Sascha_I: not at all
Sascha_I: for my poetry book yet
Sascha_I: but on short story anthologies, according to figures I'm seeing, they have more promise to sell
Sascha_I: and they sell MUCH better than poetry, which I've known
Sascha_I: I might take "Erotic Flowers" away from David in a year and try to push it through 1stbooks.com
Sascha_I: so it can be POD
Sascha_I: What else could I mention?
Sascha_I: The lesbian work at SCS

kahtt: SCS?
Sascha_I: I meant ASC
kahtt: ahh
Sascha_I: "Splash" and "The Bright Flame" are lesbian erotica
Sascha_I: Gotcha

kahtt: what I want to know, which I don't think you have ever defined is When did you start writing? What did you write?
Sascha_I: I started a long way back with just general fiction. I moved up to writing romance poetry and my stories eventually started to take a romantic twist
kahtt: In your teens?
Sascha_I: throughout highschool I wrote for my girlfriend and later for my ex fiancee
Sascha_I: My earliest memories of writing go back to 2nd grade
Sascha_I: where I just wrote fiction
Sascha_I: And I used to keep a journal of writings but it's been lost
Sascha_I: so anything anyone would ever see would be from my Freshman year in High school at the earliest

kahtt: was it more sci-fi and fantasy back then?
kahtt: I started out with fantasy
Sascha_I: naw, just fiction. I've never been able to write sci fi or real fantasy
Sascha_I: I didn't even really read much of those sorts of novels
Sascha_I: I might release as a cheap little chapbook something I put together for my ex fiancee a long time ago
Sascha_I: It's about 30 pages long with just general romance fiction, prose and poetry

kahtt: what happened to it?
Sascha_I: I just recently found it again
Sascha_I: It needs to be redesigned, edited, updated
Sascha_I: and I need to make the dedication again so I can immortalize her as I have my Girlfriend and Mistress
Sascha_I: But I think if I released it at some point and sold it akin to Gary's chapbook it'd help get my name out for one
Sascha_I: Oh, do you think you could post the links on ERA to my audio files?
Sascha_I: so I could mention the audio cd I'd like to do?
Sascha_I: I'd like to do an audio CD of erotic short stories

kahtt: is that public domain?
Sascha_I: the audio stuff on ERA?
kahtt: yeah?
Sascha_I: Yes
kahtt: k
Sascha_I: I suppose at some point I should mention what I'm reading, just to perhaps get word around about other great authors I could/would draw inspiration from
Sascha_I: Lately I'm reading a few books, "Children of the Arbat" by Anatoli Rybakov
Sascha_I: The Vagina Monologues, by Eve Ensler
Sascha_I: and The O'Reilly Factor
Sascha_I: in addition to other various erotic short story compilations
Sascha_I: and soon I'll be reviewing M. Christian's latest work

kahtt: ERA Audio: Quick © 2000 Sascha
Sascha_I: and there is one poem I think too
Sascha_I: If Lybbe will allow it, I'd like to post an updated audio poem on the site
Sascha_I: Have I left anything out Kahtt?

kahtt: me no think so, but I want to find that book
Sascha_I: which book?
kahtt: The Vagina Monologues : The V-Day Edition
Sascha_I: Yes :)
Sascha_I: I've got Althea's copy

kahtt: Children of the Arbat
Sascha_I: Oh, I might have a short story in David Dryer's christmas anthology
BigB is apparently just a spectator tonite
kahtt: The O'Reilly Factor : The Good, Bad, and Completely Ridiculous in American Life
Sascha_I: Good
Sascha_I: If you can find a link for it, I'd like to plug M. Christian's latest novel, because I promised him I would
Sascha_I: at some point when Carol has finished it, I'll be up on her spotlights page
Sascha_I: http://www.simegen.com/writers/spotlights
Sascha_I: I did a chat for her and also have an author questionaire/interview I filed out for her
Sascha_I: so as soon s that's up I'll let ER and ERA know

kahtt: MC is well known
kahtt: cool
Sascha_I: yeah, I met him
Sascha_I: Told him he's a great man, my favorite male erotic author AND a chump!
Sascha_I: althea nearly beat me down over the table until I defended myself

kahtt: speaking of authors, who else do you like?
BigB is off to play Diablo II
kahtt: M. Christian's website
BigB: are you all gonna be on later?
Sascha_I: I like Mary Anne Mohanraj's work, Cecilia Tan, Emma Holly
kahtt: bye BB
kahtt: cool
Sascha_I: bye BB, and thanks for sticking around
Sascha_I: I am fond of Seletta Raven's work for obvious reasons

BigB: u welcome, although I contributed little
Sascha_I: warm body BigO, warm body
BigB: OK
Sascha_I: Oephilia on ER has nice work I admire as well
BigB: HotMale.com
kahtt: Dirty Words
Sascha_I: is that his newest?
kahtt: Thanks BB
Sascha_I: I'm getting a signed copy!
kahtt: yup
BigB: later
Sascha_I: I like Sascha Wayne's work too
*** BigB has left channel #chatterlings
Sascha_I: Michele Claire Thompson who was a member of ERA awhile back, I enjoyed "Hard Corps"
Sascha_I: I really like the Herotica anthologies as well

kahtt: Rough Stuff - lol Sas
Sascha_I: ah
kahtt: that's MC's other book Rough Stuff
Sascha_I: Ah
Sascha_I: I enjoy Anne Rice's earlier stuff when she still had a right to write

kahtt: Rough Stuff
Sascha_I: so have we left anything out?
Sascha_I: Oh, I also enjoy Heather Corina's works, which are mostly on Scarlet Letters
Sascha_I: Emma Holly and Robin Schone actually referred me to ERA

kahtt: cool
kahtt: me no think so.
Sascha_I: Well then, wrap this up?
kahtt: I'm so sorry that people did not stick around longer.
Sascha_I: It's getting late and I need to do the four string thing
kahtt: you think it's the holiday season?
kahtt: I hear ya
Sascha_I: It's okay, we can try again in a few months when maybe I start writing again
kahtt: thanks sas
Sascha_I: of course
Sascha_I: Not a problem Sweetie. I tell you what, if I can get a recording of my HELL ordeal then I'll get you a copy

kahtt: talk to you soon
Sascha_I: thanks Doll
Sascha_I: Take care hon

kahtt: thanks!
*** Signoff: Sascha_I (Quit: I'd walk out the door and BAM, story idea)
Log file closed at: 7/3/01 11:05:03 PM

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