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In The Flesh by Emma Holly

Reviewed by: Volponia Foxglove

See, here's the thing. When you're reviewing something like Emma Holly's "In the Flesh," (Black Lace, 2000) you can't say "This is a good book" or "This isn't a good book." You've got to specify what the book is supposed to do.
Example: If "Making Potholders from Sanitary Napkins" taught you how to ski downhill, it would not be fulfilling its promises. "In the Flesh" has no pretensions to being "Pride and Prejudice." The cover makes it clear that this is an erotic novel. Thus, while "In the Flesh" will never be on my list of compelling literature, I can easily see Gentle Reader masturbating to it quite happily.
In this volume, Ms. Holly writes like a cross between Mary Higgins Clark and Judith Kranz; that is, there's a dash of mystery, a lot of drama, quite a bit of juicy sex and well done scenery (interior and exterior), plus pretty clothes and mouth-watering descriptions of bodies.
The sex is pretty hot yet good-natured; the author shows no interest in the truly perverse, in the form of direct violence, incest, rape or bestiality. Near the end, there is one m/m scene; otherwise, it's strictly boy-meets-girl-meets-boy. There's some kink content, though that shouldn't bother a Black Lace fan.
The plot, while utterly preposterous, is entertaining, and Ms. Holly takes a stab at character development. That's hardly surprising. After all, if you are writing a book of 273 pages, and perhaps half are to be devoted to descriptions of sex, how much can one demand in the way of plot refinements and nuances of character?
Ms. Holly provides her readers with vividly painted characters, interesting settings, conflict aplenty, a glimpse into the lives of the rich and infamous, and -- oh yes -- lots of hot, wet, varied sex.
Really, what more could you ask for?
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