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Animal Kingdom by Bert Rinehart


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe

Imagine you're a single guy, on vacation in the islands, and you look
up and notice a woman you haven't seen in a long time - and the last
time you did see her, she was dead. You went to her funeral. You even
identified the body for the police. What would you do?
Freddy Wolfram is the narrator of Animal Kingdom, and this is his
dilemma. At first, he's not quite sure what to do, of course. Perhaps
he should simply do nothing? It's an option - but even that disappears
when Lesley, the woman who has returned from the dead, recognizes him
and throws her arms around him, seemingly happy to see a familiar face.
She then forsakes her escort to hang around with Freddy, first on the
islands, then in Mexico, and then to Las Vegas, where things just get
weirder and wilder and... but that's all I'm going to tell you right
Animal Kingdom is a quick read with some fascinating characters, but as
I sit down to review it, I must confess that I'm scratching my head.
Poor Freddy scratched his head a lot, too, wondering why Lesley would
fake her own demise when she had everything going for her - and I guess
that's the main premise of the book. I had difficulty grasping that
premise, however, because as Freddy tells his story, he tends to
digress, and not just a little at the beginning to lay down the
background. His story wanders into the past, back to the present for a
minute, then off he goes again, down Memory Lane, leaving us with more
of a string of anecdotes, rather than a cohesive novel.
Still, they're interesting anecdotes, a little like hanging out with a
guy at a bar who keeps buying drinks for the table as long as they'll
stick around for his tales. By the end of the book, you will know why
Lesley faked her death, that much I promise. But will you care? Does
Freddy care, for that matter? That, my friends, I can't say for sure.
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An interesting novel about a woman who couldn't handle it anymore and a guy who thinks he's got it all figured out. Lesley was the most sexually liberated girl that Freddy had ever known. But she's supposed to be dead. So, if this is true, how can he bump into her while vacationing in Jamaica? This isn't as odd as you might think if you know about the Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is not just about life in the wild, it's a philosophy of human interaction.

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