Short Tales of Exhibitionism

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Short Tales of Exhibitionism by Scylla


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe

Most of the time, I wouldn't dream of asking a fellow erotica writer if he/she actually did all the things they write about. I know better. We write from fantasy, from our imaginary lives. We're no more connected to our stories than a writer of murder mysteries is a murderer. I would make one exception to this rule, however, and I would only ask Scylla, the author of Short Tales of Exhibitionism because gosh! If these are all fantasies, then this woman has an amazing imagination.
Short Tales of Exhibitionism is an exquisite collection of seven erotic tales, all centering around various acts, none performed alone. The "title cut", "A Short Tale of Exhibitionism", concerns an adventurous woman who receives a package with explicit instructions, in reply to a letter written to a personal ad. We hear, in great detail, how she overcomes her inhibitions and uses the items in the package - including a pair of "love eggs" that I wish I could find in my Easter basket - to engage in the encounter of a lifetime. This story guarantees to raise the heartbeat and get the reader in the mood for the rest of the stories, which are equally arousing. We go behind the scenes at an amateur porn publication, take a ride on an overcrowded bus, seduce an artist at the Victoria & Albert Museum. We even partake in a moment of "urban fantasy" with a rather literal-minded genie in a bottle. They're all equally imaginative, and they're all good.
Unlike some erotic stories, which pack less of a punch in second and third readings, these stories will have your head reeling every time. My only regret is that this collection could use about three more stories just like all the others. If we can't have that, could we have another collection from this author? I want more!

Short Tales of Exhibitionism by Scylla

A mystery parcel of lingerie, a pornographic photograph, a shared seat on a bus, an unsatisfactory one-night-stand, a chance comment, an obscene letter from a lover and a peculiarly hot summer: in this collection of sexually charged scenarios, these are all things that drive people to lose their inhibitions. If you haven't sampled Scylla's intriguing brand of erotica yet, now is your chance. Seven transatlantic tales from the Sexy Thinking regular (two of which have never been published) are assembled here for your enjoyment.

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