Lip Service

by Volponia

© 1999-2001, All Rights Reserved

Two weeks had passed since that amazing night when Jack Fry got jacked off by his college roommate and discovered that being touched by another guy wasn't all that bad.
Much to Jack's relief, Gil hadn't made another move. At least, he guessed he felt relieved. But now, when he was alone in their room jerking off, he couldn't help remembering how exciting it had felt to have a strange hand on his dick. Sure, free love was the rage in this year 1974, but not in the prim Baptist college they attended.
Jack was still dating Wendy, and still coming home with a bad case of blue balls after every date. Tonight was no exception. In his frustration, he slammed the door when he got back to the dorm and woke Gil. The tanned, black-haired six-footer yawned, stretched and smiled when he saw Jack stalk across the room, throw his clothes in a corner and jump into bed without a word.
"Man, I don't even have to ask," Gil drawled. "That girl turns you down more often than a bedspread."
"Tell me about it," Jack grumbled, swiping his blond hair back off his forehead. "Right this minute, guys all over the country are getting laid, or at least getting blown, but me? Hell, no."
"Hey, Jack? You ever get a blowjob?"
"Well ... " Jack shifted uneasily under the covers. "Not exactly ... "
"It's about 10 times better than jerking off," Gil said.
"I'll bet. Maybe someday, like before I die ... "
Gil swung his legs to the floor and crossed the small room. "No time like the present for another scientific experiment," he said. "You can't just accept an unsupported statement that it's 10 times better. You have to find out for yourself."
Gil tossed the covers back, smiling to see that Jack was buck naked. Their bodies were a study in contrasts: Gil had the olive skin that went with his dark eyes and hair, and a swimmer's deep-chested, slim-legged build. Jack's smooth, fair skin covered a nicely muscled, thickset, nearly hairless torso, except for his crotch, where a thatch of tightly curled, dark-blond hair surrounded the base of his chubby cock.
"Remember how it felt when I jerked you off?" Gil whispered.
"Yeah ... It felt great," Jack confessed.
"Well, feel free to take notes."
With that, Gil bent his head and slowly licked Jack from the base of his large pink ball sac to the head of his cock. Jack shivered and drew in his breath, but said nothing. His cock spoke for him; it raised its rosy, uncut head and began to inflate like a party balloon.
Gil returned to his friend's balls and delighted him by licking them thoroughly and then sucking them, one by one, into his mouth. Jack's prick was fully erect at 7 inches now, and waving for attention.
Chuckling deep in his throat, Gil drew his head back and took aim at the head of Jack's cock, which was peeking further out of its turtleneck of skin. Bowing his head over it, Gil opened wide and pushed the foreskin all the way back with his lips, covering the purpling head of Jack's cock with the flat of his tongue. Further Gil pressed, drawing the column of meat into his mouth with his muscular lips, licking up and down the underside of Jack's cock as he went.
"Ooohhhh," Jack sighed, arching his back and pounding the mattress. Gil's mouth was firm but smooth, hot and wet, and it slipped up and down the shaft of Jack's cock like a tight silk glove.
Gil's tongue traced the blue veins that stood out in high relief; it circled and licknibbled at the edges of the corona and darted in and out of the peehole, picking up a coating of clear precum.
Raising his head for a moment, Gil took Jack's prick between thumb and forefinger and manipulated the foreskin back and forth. He squeezed the trembling rod in his fist, and then bowed his head again. Smearing his lips with another helping of Jack's precum, he slid them up and down the shaft again, circling the tip with his tongue at the end of his backstroke and taking almost the whole package into his mouth on the downstroke.
Jack reveled in the deliciously hot, wet sensations. His head tossed restlessly on the pillow as Gil sucked and licked, tugged and mouthed his hungry cock.
In a husky whisper, Gil praised his partner's straining member. "Oh, this is a beauty, Jack," he said, "and just perfectly sized for sucking. If I stretch, I can get almost all of you into my mouth," and he demonstrated, causing Jack's dick to leap and grow even harder.
Withdrawing with a sensual slurping noise, Gil said, "Those girls don't know what they're missing, Jack. This is one delicious hunk of meat you've got here."
Every word, every move, every lick of Gil's hot tongue cranked the tension up another notch. Too soon, Jack felt that familiar heaviness that seemed to connect his balls to the base of his spine. Urgently he thrust upward, sending his cock as deeply as he could into his roommate's waiting mouth. There was no pretense of reluctance; Jack thrust his fingers into Gil's hair and pressed him closer still.
Gil impatiently shook off his friend's hands and drew back until only the head of Jack's cock was inside his mouth. He grabbed the hot column with one hand and began frigging it hard. He thrust his other hand under Jack's blazing balls and pressed a finger against the tightly clenched ring of asshole, meanwhile sucking hard and loud on Jack's cockhead.
A muted wail rose from Jack's throat, and his hips rose off the bed as a mighty spasm shook him and a jet of creamy jism spurted into the back of Gil's throat. Gil made a noise like some jungle animal and sucked even harder. Spasm followed wrenching spasm until Gil had cum leaking from his smiling mouth and Jack lay spent and exhausted.
Gil swallowed with gusto, smacked Jack on the thigh and asked, "Well, was I right? Ten times better?"
Weakly, Jack answered, "Twenty."
BIOGRAPHY - Volponia Foxglove, once an itinerant Sunday School superintendent for the First Church of the Gooey Death and Discount House of Worship, changed careers some three years ago. Having recognized that the unexamined life is not worth living, she examined hers and found it wanting. So she turned her back on a life of Good Works and applied herself diligently to her first love: smut. She has earned at least $37 so far via web publication of her work, and sees a bright future ahead -- or maybe that's just the medication kicking in.
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