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Forgotten Lore by Carly Corday


Reviewed by JZ Sharpe

Love is timeless. If you've forgotten that, perhaps you should pick up
a good historical romance - like Forgotten Lore, by Carly Corday. Not
only is this a fine romance, but it's hot, too
An Egyptian marauder, Namhotek, has come to the Celtic Isles (the Isles
of Mist) as part of an army whose mission is to pillage and plunder.
While surveying a village as a possible target, he stumbles upon a
ceremony; a beautiful young woman is being led through the streets,
naked. Analeita is a creature whose loveliness is beyond compare, and
he knows right away that he must have her. Of course, his initial
intention is to take her back to Egypt as plunder, as a virginal gift
to the King. But when he manages to separate her from her people, he
discovers a spirited young woman who is nearly impossible to resist.
Nevertheless, he does, because he knows her value will be much less if
he gives in to his desires. Analeita doesn't make it easy for him,
either! As they run away from her ruined village to join up with
Namhotek's comrades, they get to know each other and their attraction
inevitably grows. Their journey, in and out of the hands of several
enemies, then eventually to Egypt, is one of twists and turns, where
they can't trust anyone except, ultimately, each other.
What sets this book apart from your average historical romance is the
erotic element. Make no mistake, the sex in this book is hot without
limit. It's not only fueled by the passion between the two main
characters, but by the author's imagination, weaving in elements of
bondage and sexual prowess that makes each sexual encounter stand out.
Unlike some stories which toss in sex as a bonus, the scenes in this
book are an integral part of the book, filled with intrigue. I'm not
sure about the accuracy of the history in this novel, but unless you're
a historical purist, it won't really matter. The characters and their
prurient adventures will make up for that.
Forgotten Lore is a fine effort from an author obviously experienced in
building sexual tension and keeping it aflame. It's a book you won't
Forgotten Lore

Forgotten Lore by Carly Corday

Naked except for her ceremonial girdle, a pale virgin of unearthly beauty seems ungrateful for her rescue by a sultry young marauder. Analeita is no longer the sacrificial Chosen One of her wintry Druidic tribe, but a foreigner's captive, bound by ship for a land of eternal summer! Namhotek of Egypt could seduce, enjoy, and abandon his captured innocent, but if, instead, he gives her to his king as exotic tribute, he is sure to be extravagantly rewarded. Ambition drives him. But so does lust and love. Until he decides her fate, Analeita must remain 'untouched'. Her captor has no plans for rape - but a thousand other delights in each other's bodies are possible. He doesn't discount a single one.

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