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Chapter One: Remembrance
IT was late on a cold winter's night as
John VonNeuman sat alone in his study sipping
a chilled glass of Chardonnay and wondering if
he would ever find happiness in his life. John
was young, successful and good looking but even
with all of those attributes he was still unable
to find a woman that made him feel complete.
Taking another sip of the chilled champagne his
thoughts turned to Julie Nemare his college
sweetheart and first serious relationship. They
had met on a warm fall day at the freshman mixer
that the university threw every year so that
incoming freshmen could meet new people and
possibly make a few new friends to make the
transition from high school to college easier.
He remembered that they had gotten off to a really
bad start as he recalled. He was standing in line
waiting for his drink order to be filled when he
accidentally spilled his plate of food all over
Julie ruining the pretty yellow sun dress she was
wearing, not to mention drawing the attention of
seemingly every person within ear shoot as she
yelled at him for his stupidity.

"You idiot!! Look what you did to my dress!"
she had exclaimed as she slapped his face leaving
an angry stinging feeling in his cheek.

Standing there feeling as if every eye in the
whole universe was trained on him as if he were
some kind of new and interesting insect from outer
space John went numb.

"I'm sorry, it was an acci..accident," he
heard himself croak out in a barely audible voice
as he reached to try to help her wipe the food off
of her dress.

"Get your hands off of me! You've done enough
already don't you think!?!," She said sarcastically
as she swatted his hands away before turning and
storming out of the party.

Feeling embarrassed and like a complete idiot John
turned and met the eyes of the people closet to him
before quietly leaving the gathering to go back to
his dorm room. As John quickly walked back to his
room he heard someone call out his name, fighting
the impulse to pretend he hadn't heard his name
being called he turned around to see who had called
out to him.

"John! Hey! John wait up!" he heard as he turned.
Seeing that it was his assigned roommate Nick he
started to walk slowly back toward him as Nick sprinted
to catch up with him.

"Hey John I saw what happened back there," Nick
said his voice slightly shaky from sprinting to catch
his roommate, " and I just wanted to let you know that
I think that it wasn't all your fault and that that
girl was being a jerk."

"Really Nick? Still I feel like a moron for not
looking before I turned around and then with all those
people looking at me I just felt.. . stupid I guess
and had to get out of there,"

"Well you shouldn't, after all it was just an
accident, could have happened to anyone really,
and you did try to apologize."

"Yeah...I guess I did."

"So why should you feel bad? I mean what else
could you do? Look why don't we go back to the party
and forget that this happened and enjoy ourselves,
meet a few more people and get some more free food?
Come on what do you say?"

"Weell I don't. . . look thanks for coming out
here and everything but I really don't feel like going
back in there so why don't you go back and have fun,
no sense in both of us not having fun because of this,

"What about you? what are you going to do if you're
not going back to the party?"

"I think I will go for a walk around campus or

"Sure you don't want to go back? There's cake."

"No, I'm sure. Look I'll see you later at the room,

"Okay then, see you then," Nick said as he started
to turn to head back, "Oh and by the way Nick, thanks."

"No problem buddy."

John remembered walking for hours that night before
finally going to his room for the night. Thankfully
his roommate was fast asleep when he got in saving him
from having to talk about "the incident", as he had
grown to think about it, anymore for that night. As
he fell asleep he was wondering what if he hadn't
spilled that plate of food.


A week later walking back to his room after class
John was deep in thought and didn't notice right away
the person that had fallen into step with him. Suddenly
becoming aware of the other person's presence he turned
to look at them and was startled to see the girl form
the party.

"Hello," she said and smiled.

"Hel...hello," he stammered, taken aback at how
friendly she seemed, maybe she has forgotten who I
am he thought.

"You're the guy from the other night that spilled
food on me right?"

"Yeah I guess so," he replied apologetically.

"Well, oh by the way what is your name?"



"John VonNeuman,"

"Nice to meet you John my name is Julie Nemare
and John I just wanted to tell you that I am very very
sorry about how I behaved the other night."

"Oh, well that's okay Julie. I mean I spilt food
all over you so..."

"Yeah but it was obvious that you didn't mean to,
at least to normal people anyway unlike me, and beside
it was nothing to go ballistic over like that, so I would
like to formally apologize to you John VonNeuman, I am
sooo sorry, forgiven?." she said holding out her hand

"Forgiven," John said as he took her hand firmly
shaking it.

"Good," she said as a radiant smile spread across her
lips " now to make it up to you I'd like to buy you lunch,
that is if you're not doing anything right now, are you?
Doing anything right now that is?"

"Well ah no I was just going to go back to my room
for a sandwich or something, nothing special," John managed
to say feeling slightly uncomfortable at the directness
of the girl before him.

"Good then you're free. I know this great little
place called the Amsterdam Cafe. It is walking distance
from here and they have great food. I eat there all the
time. I am buying and I won't take no for an answer,
especially now that I know that you're free." Julie said
as she took him by the arm and began walking him in the
direction that she wanted to go.

They walked in silence for a few seconds and John
took the time to get a closer look at this remarkable
woman who had commandeered him for lunch. The top of
Julie's head came to just below his chin. She had
very beautiful black hair and deep rich black eyes to
match. She was darkly tanned and her skin appeared
flawless. He saw that she was wearing a green dress,
and had a very shapely figure, that came down just
below her knee were he noticed that she had very nice
legs, not very long but not stubby either, with nicely
muscled calves.

"You know I have seen you walking back and forth
from class every day all week and felt just plain awful
about how I went off on you that night," Julie said turning
to look at him

"Huh, ah, well it was just a misunderstanding,"
He said as he quickly averted his eyes from her body
to her face hoping she hadn't caught him checking her

"Well yes but I still felt bad and I have been
wanting to apologize to you all week but I was too
chicken to go up to you until today...I guess mostly
because I was afraid of what you might say to me or

"Oh I see, well it was no big deal. I figured you
were just caught up in the moment and didn't really mean
most of the stuff you said anyway besides if I had been
a little more careful it wouldn't have happened anyway."

"John VonNeuman, you sure are hard to apologize to,"
Julie said giggling as she patted his arm, "and very sweet."

John remembered that they had had a nice conversation
during lunch and gotten to know each other a bit. Julie
talked about her family and her pet dog Roscoe back home.
She told him a funny story about her older brother and he
could see the affection she held for him in her eyes as
they laughed at her brother's exploits. He told her a
little bit about his childhood and that he was majoring
in International business. She was a material engineering
major. After lunch she asked him for his number and
gave him hers. They started going out on a regular basis
and soon after they were officially dating.

Taking another sip from his glass John started
thinking about the first time he made love to Julie.
He remembered it as if it were yesterday. It was his
first time. They had gone out to the late night free
movie at the campus theater to see the movie Event
Horizon just before Christmas break. The weather had
grown considerably cooler by then and Julie had sat
snuggled up against him during the whole movie.
Afterward they went back to her spacious, by college
student standards, off campus apartment as usual to
talk and maybe make out a little in her bed.

"Hmm what did you think of the movie?" Julie asked
as she brought their drinks into the room and sat next
to John on her couch.

"It was okay, I was a little disappointed in the
plot but not anymore than I usually am."

"Ha, me too. Sometimes I think Hollywood will
never make another good movie. I mean the last all
around good movie that I can remember seeing was Prince
of Tides for Christ sakes and that was way back in what
'92 or '93," she said shaking her head before taking a
sip of her coke.

"Yeah I know what you mean," John had said softly
as he let his eyes begin roam over her beautiful body.
Starting at her lustrous hair and then letting his eyes
stop at her full and sensuous lips before letting his
wondering eyes move farther down her wonderful frame
down her graceful slender neck moving on down her soft
curves stopping at the rich dark color of her cleavage.
His palms began to itch at the remembrance of how soft
yet firm her breast had felt in his hands before letting
his eyes move back up to her face and those glorious lips
of hers.

"...was okay and Nick Nolte was very good in that one and
Barbara Streisand did a superb job, as usual, playing
his psychologist in my opinion. So are you hungry or
something?" she asked as she stood up to go into the
kitchen for snacks, "I'm kind of hungry myself. I think
I have some smoked ham left if you're feeling like a
sandwich or something."

"Oh no I'm fine." John said as he let his eyes
briefly travel to her breasts and then back to her lovely

"Okay I'll be right back then."

John leaned back into the couch and closed his eyes
letting lascivious images about what he so desperately
want to do with Julie play through his mind's eye.
Feeling his member starting to swell at his thoughts
he unconsciously let his hand drift over the bulge in
his pants and gave himself a firm squeeze. Hearing
Julie return from the kitchen he quickly removed his
hand and shifted uncomfortably in his seat feeling
suddenly self-conscious. Looking up sheepishly at
his girlfriend John saw that she was smiling as she
took her seat next to him and set her snack down on
the coffee table.

"Hmm, what are you doing?" she asked in a voice
with a low sexy tremor as she slide closer to him
on the couch and draped one arm behind him across
the back of the couch.

"Oh, nothing just scratching, I ah...I had an

"Hmm, an itch, huh?" she said as her she placed
her hand on his thigh and then quickly moved it to his
crotch, "Liar, an itch my ass."

"Ahh," John exclaimed with a sharp intake of air,
shocked at the situation he was finding himself in.

"Hmm feels kind of nice," Julie said as continued
to play with his hardness, "I wonder what it would feel
like naked in my hand," she mused out loud as she began
to reach for his zipper with both hands.


"Ssshhh," Julie said as she put one finger over
Johns mouth before returning her attention to his
zipper and opening it she reached inside and let her
hand snake past his fly and onto his fully erect cock.
Grasping the swollen mass firmly with her fingers she
took her time exploring the contrasting hardness covered
by silky smooth softness at the same time.

"Ahh," John gasped at the little waves of
ecstasy that the softness of her touch sent coursing
through him.

"I want to see it," Julie whispered after a few
more minutes of her exploring and reached for his belt
and began unbuckling it. Lifting his hips as Julie
grasped his waistband and pulled his pants downward
until they were down around his calves. Standing John
stepped out of the discarded garment and then sat down
again close to Julie wrapping his arms around her slender
shoulders as he pulled her close for a deep kiss. Feeling
her nimble fingers again on his shaft he moaned softly
into her open mouth as their tongues clashed. Feeling
Julie's hand on his chest he pulled back a little and
began to quickly unbutton his shirt while her hand
continued to send tremors through his body. Throwing
the shirt off he eagerly returned to her soft pliant
lips and warm hand.

Letting his hands begin to slide up her luxurious
thighs John firmly grasped her waist as they continued
to passionately kiss while she played with his cock.
Moaning with pleasure his hands began to travel up her
frame to her full breasts. Taking them in his hands
gently he once again marveled at their delectable
firmness. Surrendering to an overwhelming urge to feel
them in his hands he began to fumble at her blouse,
trying desperately to get his hands inside. Julie pulled
back from him and unfastened the top four buttons before
pulling the blouse over her head and after discarding
the blouse Julie reached behind her to remove her lace
bra slowly, finally letting her generous breasts spill
free into Johns eagerly waiting hands.

Feeling how soft, warm and pliant they were in
his hands sent chills up his spine as he lowered his
head to her right beast to run his tongue salaciously
over it, coating it with his saliva. Taking her nipple
into his hot mouth John began to gently suckle on it
while running his tongue over the turgid nubbin.
Running his hands from her breasts to her back he
pulled her closer before reclaiming her precious jewels
of womanhood. Hearing her moan softly made him want
to feast all the more on her breasts as he switched
his hungry mouth to her other breast immediately
taking the nipple into his mouth. Feeling her hands
upon his head he tried desperately to stuff more and
more of her delicious flesh into his mouth.

John pulled back releasing her nipple to the air
and leaned over and took her into his arms to kiss her
mouth passionately. As Julie slid even closer to him
John began to let his hands wonder down her back to
the waist of her skirt. Pausing there briefly he let
his hands continue on its journey down her thighs as
he continued to engorge himself on her mouth.

Finding the edge of her skirt he nimbly let his
hands slip underneath and began their return journey
up her thighs. Reveling in the silkiness of her thighs
he moaned softly in her open mouth as he whispered
"God you feel so good, I want you so bad,". Reaching
her panties he lightly ran his fingers over her lace
covered mound before he gently pushed aside the crotch
of her panties and slipped his index finger inside of
the garment. Running his finger over the hypersensitive
area through a tangle of hair he found the opening to her
womanhood. Hesitating slightly he let his finger slowly
slip inside and was surprised at how warm and wet she was.

Hearing Julie moan at his touch he began to slowly
explore her with his finger first slowly sliding it in
and out of her in the imitation of coitus and then
moving slowly up and down her slit and until he heard
her make a very sharp short inhalation of air and a
soft exclamation of "Oh god," as she thrust her hips
at his probing finger. Returning to the location that
had cause such a wonderful reaction he let his finger
linger and play about the area gently for he was not
very sure about what he was doing. Seeing that his
probing was getting the same response as before only
stronger he continued to play there. This must be her
clit he thought to himself judging by her increased
moaning and wetness.

"Don't stop ," he heard her whisper breathlessly
as she grabbed his hand and held it in place "God, please
don't stop,"

Emboldened by her reaction he increased the tempo
of his probing over her clit while he watched her face
fascinated as it became flushed while beads of sweat
popped out on her forehead and her face took on an intense
look of agony, eyes shut tight and brow furrowed. Feeling
his throat go dry with desire as he continued to watch he
began to stroke her clit a little faster. Leaning over he
kissed her right cheek and then her lips. Kissing her
forehead he let his tongue slip out and licked away the
sweat beaded there.

Feeling her squeezing her thighs around his hand as
he watched her arc her back and begin to moan louder John
nearly came all over himself. Feeling her wetness spreading
over his hand and finger he continue stroking as her body
quivered uncontrollably at his touch until finally she collapsed
against the back of the couch with one final moan
and exhalation of air. Removing his finger from
her folds he let his hand gently stroke her thigh
as he watched her laying beside him still panting
and eyes shut with a look of ethereal bliss upon her
face. As she opened her eyes he brought his hand to
his lips and, succumbing to the overwhelming urge for
her to see him taste her juices, he wrapped his lips
around his fingertip and sucked it clean.

"God seeing you do that is so sexy," Julie whisper
looking up at him with desire in her eyes.

"Hmm you taste so good too, GOD Julie I want you
so bad," he whispered breathlessly as he leaned over
and kissed her on the lips deeply letting his tongue
slip expertly inside of her waiting mouth, mixing her
juices with their saliva.

"John I want you to fuck me so bad it hurts," Julie
whispered to him between kisses "God, I want to feel you
inside me," she said kissing and nibbling his neck as she
ran her hands over his back and chest.

"I want to fuck you so bad too, GOD I want to." he
had said barely able to control his breathing as he gently
pushed Julie into a supine position on the floor in front
of the couch.

Reaching for two cushions from the couch he placed
one behind her head and one beneath her buttocks before
entering the embrace of her arms and legs. Feeling Julie's
legs wrapping around his waist as he pushed her skirt up
around her slender waist he fumbled for only an instant
before slipping smoothly inside of the warm, wet tunnel
that was her cunt. A wave of pleasure washed through
him as he marveled at how silky smooth her tight passage
felt on his cock as he slid deeper into her folds. Letting
his hands slowly slide up her sides until they were behind
her back he passionately kissed her as he began to gently
stroke his cock in and out of her delicious cunt.

Moaning deeply as wave after wave of pleasure coursed
through his body John began to let his hands travel down
her body until he could firmly lock them on her soft, pliant
buttocks. Feeling Julie's legs tighten around his waist he
started stroking into her faster and harder as his pleasure
increased. Griping her hips tighter as he thrust into her
over and over again until finally his body stiffened,
shaking uncontrollably as his orgasm exploded through his
consciousness obliterating everything except for the pleasure
he was sharing.

Rolling over to lie beside Julie John tried to get
his breathing under control as she snuggled in closer
by his side. Draping his arm around her shoulder he
lay there panting beside her for a few minuets before
he whispered how incredible the sex was for him and
that he loved her.

Coming out of his reverie John heard the phone
ringing and reached to answer it.



After hanging up the phone John began to wonder
just what did happen to Julie after they had broken up
two years later and went their separate ways. He knew
she had went on to finish her degree and took a job in
Atlanta Georgia but after that he didn't have a clue as
to how her life had went. Maybe I should look her up and
see how she's doing and maybe catch up on old times he
pondered as he got out a note pad and made himself a note
to ask his secretary to do just that, find out where Julie
was now and her number so he could give her a call. God
I don't feel like going into work tomorrow maybe I should
just e-mail her this note about Julie instead. Yeah that
is what I will do he thought as he turned on his computer
and waited the few seconds for it to boot up.
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