Poetry by SomeGuyNDC

© 2000 by Emerson Dawson


I need to feel you now dipped deep inside to the point where
every bit of me is immersed within the reaches of your soul
moving ohhh sooooo slowly with sensual strokes you dole
out in ways you know will make me lose myself in you

I need to hear your voice first in soothing teasing words
that tell me that I move you far beyond that place where
you can properly behave to that one spot where you moan
and groan and sigh and simply cannot remember words at all

I need to sense electricity moving from my skin to yours and
raising flutters of desire that spasm from your toes and
make your eyes roll back inside your head as you bite
hard against your lip and scream improper things aloud

I need to hear you gasp tonight awakening my wild beast
to feel like I've taken you so forcefully it leaves a favorite
gown in shreds lying as a silken rag upon a sweaty
rumpled sheet where you could notice it and never care

I need to make love angrily stripping away the part
of you that pleases me as you coax me from the world
to leave if only for a little while so I will not know
at all the frustrating and harsh distraction's life entails

I need to use you willingly and take all that you have to
give just once and if I'm rough you'll understand that
at this time its what I really have to have and what you
want with all your heart because it fills my needs

I need to do you plain and simple without tenderness
or caring as we've made love oh so many times before
but just this once to ravage you roughly and hard and
viciously to sate my anxious predatory mood

I need to gaze upon your face conquered taken and
consumed to the point where you can hardly lift
your head and as I gaze into your eyes and sense
the dull and swollen ache within your twisted form

I need to know you understand that it was you
who conjured up the beast this time and let him
loose to satisfy your want to see me just one time
without the cool control that rules my soul

An intense embrace
my strong arms wrapped
around your warm body
as your smooth legs
scale my own

A hot wet kiss
our tongues twisting
wildly inside the
moistened flesh
within our mouths

A perfect fit
a part of me
slides freely
into you and
we are one

A lasting moment
hearts and spirits
joined together
in that time we've
shared as love

Ease up baby
nice and slow
that I might enjoy
the movement so
entranced by each
seductive motion
that you make

Is it maybe
of what I see
that captivates
and teases me
and motivates
my eyes to
focus in

Point your toes
and slowly pull
and let me watch
the fabric's full
effect as it does
stretch upon
your leg

And then as
if from
film noire
become this
seductive star
enticing me to
almost want to beg

Then work the soft
mesh up your calf
and offer me a
sensuous laugh
that says you
know too well
just what you do

Let me look
and I will stare
until you hook
the garter there
upon your thigh
the seam so straight
it makes me sigh

Dark eyes stare into your soul
peering past the veil that conceals
the cage that holds the real you
The you that lies there numb
in bed to look into the night
with open eyes kept moist
by silent tears

Dark eyes watching you alone
they view that secret private you
who dreams of moments past
or fantasies, hopes and desires
yet to come those thoughts
you shield deep inside from
all who would not understand

Dark eyes look at you with want
and see the nearly perfect you
the one who you would be if your
life were different or just your own
they look and find the woman who
stares back from mirrors you find
only in your dreams

Dark eyes covet you they seek to
beckon forth the temptress that
you hide within and free her
from the sameness that's become
your life until your mind moves
past forbidden thoughts to
that place where you play

Dark eyes follow you they track
your every movement as you
struggle there as they offer
the acceptance you desire and
your wide eyes lock on their
hypnotic gaze as you let this
unseen spirit fill your soul

Dark eyes ravage you they strip
you free of all you hide within
and as you gaze into the night
you feel the delicious ache of
unseen presence there again
this time softly soothing you
to rest until you sleep

Be my cognac on a summer's night
a warm snifter moist and sweet
that tempts me with its fragrance pure
my tongue and lips delight

To mull you in my hands just right
and savoring amber color so discreet
sipping slowly from the rim of you
to taste your spicy bite

Perhaps I'll allow my tongue
to dip as if to taste
all that you offer I will assure
your spirits I'll ignite

Be my drink upon this summer's night
and let me slake my thirst
and when I arise from your
sweetness you will have felt it first

The candle slowly drips
hot wax that tingles as
it dribbles on your skin

A hissing rushes from your lips
without objections utterance
as your arousal rises deep within

It is not pain that you have sought
that fuels your sense of decadence
and makes you challenge taboos taught

But in this nearly dreamlike state
your spirit seeks deliverance
from the boredom you have bought

And as you strain to break the bind
so free from culpability
wild passions rush to fill your mind

The wetness of your sweat-stained brow
shattering your tranquillity
to slowly free the woman left behind

It is not softness that you seek
or tenderness to fill your need
but deep desire and something more

Oh not words of which you'll speak
Perhaps it is of lust and greed
an aching want that shakes your core

You crave the sting upon your flesh
and warming fullness there inside
that frees the siren's wail from your soul

Your senses then will enmesh
all inhibitions pushed aside
as you surrender all of your control

In cooing love sounds you reveal
a hidden side of you exposed
and you respond under firm caress

It is a dark and coarse appeal
in proper moments you've opposed
allowing one yourself to now possess

Wax curdles on your moistened form
enfolded in demanding arms
you end your search for your release

Shaking what has been your norm
discovering possession's charms
you to slip toward peace
All poems © 2000 Emerson Dawson. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or distribute without the expressed written consent of the author. Poems used here are reprinted by permission of the author, Emerson Dawson.
Emerson Dawson is a writer who lives in suburban Maryland outside of Washington, DC. He makes his living watching people, and then deciding what should be preserved from what he sees. He also enjoys writing of beauty, romance and relationships. He has been writing poetry since 1997, he also writes short stories. Like many writers, he dreams of one day completing a novel worth reading. For now when he writes he enjoys being enjoyed. Visit Emerson Dawson's website.
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