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SUNI'S GIFT by Anne Rainey is available for purchase through Amazon.com

High School English Teacher, Suni Buchanan married the man of her dreams and has a job she loves. As a firefighter, Ross sees his fair share of heartache and performs heroic acts every day. So, why does she fantasize about being with two men? It's wicked and selfish of her to even consider something so scandalous. But then Ross shocks her when he announces that he's read her journal and knows her secret desire. He goes one further when he surprises her with a special present for Christmas. A threesome that includes their mutual friend, Alex Boggs. But will the passion-filled night change their marriage for better or worse?

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Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr by Elizabeth Amber is available for purchase through Amazon.com

The last in a fabled line of otherworldly aristocracy, the Lords of Satyr are born to wealth, power, and a talent for sensual delight that mere mortals only dream of. Commanded to marry, these passionate men will travel to Rome, Venice, and Paris--and along the way will explore desires both shamelessly wicked and blissfully divine...

He Had Sworn To Take A Proper Wife. He Hadn't Bargained On Meeting His Match...

Nicholas looks very much like what he is--the handsome, successful heir to a vineyard in Tuscany. But Nicholas is much more, for he is one of the last in an ancient line of satyr men. And the dying king of ElseWorld wants him not only to marry, but to wed one of the king's own daughters--a half-human, half-faerie woman unaware of her heritage. Nicholas won't shirk his duty to produce heirs to guard his race's legacies, but he never plans to make his bride his only lover. A satyr's sexual hunger and sensual skills are legendary. One woman will never satisfy him.

Or so Nicholas believes until he meets Jane. As spirited as she is fey, as beautiful as she is innocent, she is nevertheless determined to make her new husband hers alone--and she's eager for him to teach her every deliciously carnal secret he knows...

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Deadly Tease by Michelle McGriff is available for purchase through Amazon.com

Read an excerpt from Deadly Tease.


OBSESSION (The Reckless Rockwoods Book 1)Forbidden Pleasures Forbidden Pleasures by Monica Burns is available for purchase through Amazon.com

A woman of Victorian England teetering on the brink of sin... Helen Rivenall is a woman bound to sin, according to her abusive uncle, but it is not until she finds herself drugged and auctioned off in a London brothel that Helen discovers a man who makes her believe that sin is a pleasure. A man who values his iron-willed self-control... The secrets of his past haunt Sebastian Rockwood, Earl of Melton, honing him into a man who values control above all else, but when he finds himself bidding on a woman in a private auction, he discovers even his iron will can not protect him from the ultimate obsession.

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Forbidden Pleasures by Monica Burns is available for purchase through Amazon.com

Love's Revenge: Quentin Blackwell, the Devil of Devlyn, has returned home five years after a bitter betrayal by the woman he loved. He'd like nothing better than to extract his pound of flesh and when the opportunity presents itself, he's more than eager to accept the challenge. Especially when it means exploring Sophie Hamilton's delicious curves. Love's Portrait: When Julia Westgard commissions a nude portrait of herself, her rebellious behavior puts her at odds with the Marlborough Set's most rake, Morgan St. Claire. From the first moment Morgan sees Julia's portrait, he's determined to have her. But the woman he meets is a far cry from the image on canvas. What starts out as a simple exercise in seduction quickly evolves into a quest to reveal the true Julia Westgard. With each sensually, erotic encounter, he employs every seductive weapon at his disposal...

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COURTING MIDNIGHT by Emma Holly is available for purchase through Amazon.com

The world's oldest living vampire assumes a mortal identity--and experiences a blazing passion for a woman that brings his tired heart back to life.

kahtt's Review: All I can say is, I've been waiting for Lucius White's story for a long time and Ms. Holly did not disappoint me. The third intallment of Ms. Holly's paranormal eromatica tells the tale of the oldest upyr, Lucius, as well as the history of the upyr. And we get an update on our old friends - Gillian and Aimery! That's the only teaser I'm giving folks, you'll have to read the book to find out what happens...

The Demon's Daughter by Emma Holly is available for purchase through Amazon.com.

Inspector Adrian Philips has long felt on the outside. A human who has been "enhanced" by Yamish implants in order to police the rougher parts of town, he is feared by his coworkers and has been spurned by his former wife. After a fight leaves him wounded, he finds himself in the care of the infamous artist Roxanne McAllister. Despite social norms that say they aren't a good match, each finds in the other the sense of home they've longed for. Holly crafts a thoroughly engrossing tale, deftly melding an alternate Victorian London with a retro-futuristic flair. That alone would make this an exceptional book, but the deeply sensual and emotional nature of her work also makes this a must-have for fans of more erotic romance. Nina Davis Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved.

kahtt's Review: The Demon's Daughter brings together two of Emma Holly's best genres - eromance and science-fiction. Adrian Philips is a peace officer ensuring that the civil rights of both humans and demons are enforced. Roxanne McAllister is the illegitimate daughter of an opera singer and demon diplomat who makes a living painting erotic art. When Adrian's hobby brings them together their instant chemistry sends them on the adventure of their lives and a great story for us.


RAVISHED: The Trials and Tribulations of Goldilocks by Chaz Thompson is available for purchase through Amazon.com

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CRIPPLED DREAMS by David Rehak is available for purchase through Amazon.com

A lot of us want to see the good guy win. We want him to find love even if he's a hunchback. We need books about romance between real people. Real people are fat, bald, handicapped, have a nose that's too big, a butt that's too flat, or some other defect. People want to believe they will be loved and it makes them feel good inside when the hero gets the girl or vice versa, even if he is blind, or deaf, or in a wheel chair. We at JMB are tired of stories about perfect people who have tons of money, and not one defect on their body. Whether the world is ready for it or not, we are bringing out books targeted to the other people. The real people. Just My Best, Inc is an independent press whose focus lies in publishing some of the best in quality fiction from both new and established voices. David Rehak is one of our new authors and one of the few to whom we could afford to extend a standard contract. But we know there are many other would-be authors out there too who deserve a chance. Therefore, we have also begun to offer self-publishing service options through our subsidiary press Aarbooks and we plan to start publishing titles under that imprint as well. We are a small company but growing. Readers are encouraged to peruse our list of enjoyable titles and pick a book that suits them.Our head offices are located in Ohio.


DEVIL TAKES A BRIDE by Gaelen Foley is available for purchase through Amazon.com

Devlin "Devil" Kimball, Viscount Strathmore, has one goal in life: to find and punish the fiends who killed his parents and young sister. Devlin infiltrates the Horse and Chariot Club, searching for the murderers among the dissolute members only to be pulled away from his mission of vengeance by a hasty missive penned by Lizzie, his Aunt Augusta's companion. When Devlin arrives at his aunt's home he discovers the letter is merely a ruse on Lizzie's part to get him to visit, but her plan brings some unexpected consequences when Lizzie finds herself being seduced by the devilishly sexy Devlin. At first Devlin has no intent of seriously pursuing Lizzie, but when his matchmaking aunt adds an interesting twist to her will, Devlin and Lizzie are forced to consider an arrangement neither would have imagined: marriage. With its wonderfully complicated, unforgettable characters; sharp wit; and riveting plot rife with menacing danger and sizzling passion, Foley's latest Knight's Miscellany Historical Regency is simply superb. John Charles Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved


STRANGE ATTRACTIONS by Emma Holly is available for purchase through Amazon.com

Determined not to repeat her mother's mistakes, high school dropout and unrepentant heartbreaker Charity Wills jumps at the chance to attend college for free. There's just one little catch...

She must travel to the estate of reclusive physicist B.G. Grantham, who likes to play sex games as exotic as the particles he studies-and is obsessed with the thrill of being refused the one thing he craves. But Charity is more than up to the challenge-especially when Eric Berne, her sexy "keeper," lends a hand.

Behind the locked doors of Grantham's isolated mansion, the games begin. So does the education of Charity Wills-who's about to discover that the possibilities for sensual indulgence are beyond anything her wildest dreams ever allowed...

kahtt's Review: Strange Attractions is an eromantic tale of three people whose lives become enmeshed while they explore their fantasies. B.G. Grantham is a physicist who studies every aspect of life as intensely as he does electromagnetism. Eric Berne seems just the opposite, as the consummate rich playboy. However, B.G. and Eric share a very special relationship and are both masters of sensuality. Charity Willis, is a sexy, independent, free spirit in need of a college education who B.G. and Eric take under their wings providing her with a unique means of obtaining that education.

What I love about Emma Holly novels is the obvious amount of time spent on researching supporting or background information she provides. I learned more about electromagnetism in this novel than I did in high school physics! There are elements of mystery and "science fiction" in this novel that enhances the hot sex scenes and engaging story line. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Strange Attractions and I know you romantic eggheads will too.


BAIT AND SWITCH by Larry Brooks is available for purchase through Amazon.com

The Man
Wolfgang Schmitt: former model, newly single, habitual wise-ass. It's a profile only his accountant could love-but it makes him perfect for one thingÉ

The Bait
Billionaire Nelson Scott wants Schmitt to seduce his wife-setting off a prenuptial clause that will keep her hands off his money. The job pays a million bucks just for trying. Another four if he pulls it off. All he has to do is say yesÉ

The Switch
Next thing he knows, he's dealing with a lot more than he bargained for. Like Scott's gorgeous, stiletto-sharp lawyer. A couple of shady suits who may or may not be Feds. And a few more dead bodies than he's used to. But in the big leagues of money and power, Schmitt happensÉ

About the author, Larry Brooks.


A LOVING SCOUNDREL by Johanna Lindsey is available for purchase through Amazon.com

#1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey sweeps readers into the privileged world of English aristocrats as she presents a new novel of passion, intrigue, and romantic pleasures featuring the incomparable Malorys -- a family of dashing rogues, rakehell adventurers, and spirited ladies. Now Jeremy, the son of gentleman pirate James Malory, falls in love....

When Danny, a young woman who grew up on the streets of London with no memory of her real family, is banished from her gang because she helped handsome rakehell Jeremy Malory steal back the jewels his friend lost in a card game, Danny demands that Jeremy give her a job. She is determined to become respectable in order to fulfill her dream of marrying and starting a family. Intrigued by her beauty and spunk, Jeremy hires Danny as his upstairs maid, although he wants her as his mistress.

Under the tutelage of Jeremy and his cousin Regina, Danny blossoms into a lady. Although she is drawn to Jeremy by passionate feelings she has never experienced before, she refuses to be anything more than a servant to him because she knows he is not the marrying kind. When Danny undergoes a Cinderella-like transformation and poses as Jeremy's new love in an attempt to help him avert a scandal, a few highly placed members of the ton remark on how familiar Danny looks. Now tongues are wagging, raising the question of her true identity, which threatens not only Danny's chances of capturing Jeremy's heart but her very life.

With the humor, lovable characters, and romantic intensity that have placed Johanna Lindsey's six previous Malory novels in the ranks of the best-loved and most widely read romantic novels of our time, Johanna Lindsey delights readers with an emotionally powerful tale of an irresistible scoundrel who meets his match in a brave, strong-minded young woman and can't help but fall in love.


SERPENT'S DANCE by Larry Brooks is available for purchase through Amazon.com

Find him...
Bernadette Kane never believed that her sister committed suicide. And what she heard about her sister's mysterious - and somewhat sadistic - lover made her suspect the worst. With his good looks, private jet and successful career, Wesley Edwards could turn a girl's head. And perhaps, get away with murder.

Seduce him...
Bernadette sets out to do what the authorities could not. Her plan: use her looks and, if necessary, her body to seduce Wesley Edwards, use her charm and her wits to gain his confidence, then use what she discovers to bring him down. First, though, Bernie will have to give Wesley what he wants, which surprises even her. Soon she finds herself a willing pawn in a dark game, in which nothing is as it seems.

Make him pay...
But buried inside the millionaire's inner sanctum are secrets that run deeper than Bernie ever imagined, plunging her into the same nightmare that trapped her sister. And now the choice between revenge and survival will decide the outcome of the final - and most dangerous - game of all.

About the author, Larry Brooks.


THE ILLUSTRATED KAMA SUTRA by Sir Richard Burton is available for purchase through Amazon.com

The Kama Sutra, a 2000-year-old "pillow book," is much more than a catalog of positions, as you'll discover in this magnificently-illustrated edition. Enjoy the abundance of full-color, explicit Indian erotic art, and savor the Eastern tradition of sexual celebration -- a refreshing change from the western preoccupation with guilt and prurience. Pick up pointers on the art of kissing, foreplay and coitus, or fuel your fantasy life with the visual representations of group sex, voyeurism, lesbianism and page after page of positions for sexual intercourse, including sex in a swing and double penetration.

KISS OF FIRE by Barbara Nitke is available for purchase through Amazon.com

The photography of Barbara Nitke easily rises to the level of fine art, bringing a kind of raw and real sexuality to a level that few other artists even attempt. There is nothing either salacious or illustritive in Nitke's work. Using the light and shadow of life as it actually looks she makes portraits of moments and passions, peopled by those who lived the moments and experienced the passions. She belongs in the ranks of the great art photographers such as Arthur Tress, George Dureau and Robert Mapplethorpe.


PHOTO SEX: Fine Art Sexual Photography Comes of Age by David Steinber is available for purchase through Amazon.com

Thirty-one photographers share their vision and affirmation of sex as a wonderous and complex expression of the human spirit. Well over one hundred duotone images illustrate the infinite range of sexual experience, combining aesthetics, physicality, spirituality, and the broad range of emotions expressed in sex between friends, lovers, partners, and spouses. Reassuring in its variety, and confident in its jubilant depiction of that variety, Photo Sex offers a rich and moving testament to the universal marvel of sex. Crossing the boundaries of gender, orientation, race, age, ethnicity, and more, the photographs of Photo Sex provide a visual touchstone for all who would embrace a more celebratory attitude toward sex.


TRAIL OF SEDUCTION: A Tale of Frontier Passion  by D. Musgrave is available for purchase through Amazon.com

THE RANCH WIFE AND THE RAMROD! In this erotic western romance, Kathleen, trapped in an abusive marriage which convention says she can not end and isolated on a remote ranch with a violent, controlling husband, still keeps her spirit and hopes unbroken. Then one day the tall, silent, gentle Vance, whose lightning reflexes and hatred of injustice have earned him a reputation as one of the West's deadliest gunfighters, rides onto the ranch and into her life. After he sees how Kathleen's husband Boyd mistreats her, Vance agrees to help her escape and seek haven in a distant town. With only her brutal husband as a tutor in love, Kathleen has learned to hate sex, but as she and Vance travel together, Kathleen begins to experience physical stirrings that both frighten and thrill her. Seeking shelter in an Apache village they find Boyd's mutilated body, his punishment for the crime of raping an Apache maid. Free from the guilt of adultery, Kathleen quenches her passion for Vance, and discovers their love is mutual. At first the two can not get enough of each other, but when a lover's quarrel separates the pair, Kathleen finds herself alone in a mining camp threatened with gang rape by the sex starved minors. Saved by Vance's deadly gunfire, Kathleen tells Vance she loves him, and the two engage in heated, passionate lovemaking. But, the next day, a wagon train filled with mail-order brides creates further misunderstanding, and opportunities for Kathleen to learn a "few tricks to keep her man happy." But, when this dangerous gunfanner proposes marriage, Kathleen must decide whether it is love or gratitude she feels for the man who has awakened her sexually, and whether she is ready to commit herself to a life that promises its own dangers and hardships.

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HUNTING MIDNIGHT by Emma Holly is available for purchase through Amazon.com

kahtt's Review: At the end of Catching Midnight, I wondered what laid ahead for Gillian and Aimery, but we can wait for another book in this series for that! Hunting Midnight is Ulric - Gillian's ex-lover - and Juliana's story.

The story begins with a mysterious duo, one I would love to see in the next book of this series! - seeking refuge and a new home. Their quest gives the story its general theme, but it's the love between life mates that drives the plot.

Juliana is a maiden fleeing the clutches of an older, amoral bethrothed, and Ulric is a heart-broken pack leader lost without love. From the moment these two meet sparks fly - literally. As Ulric initiates Juliana into the world of sensuality, she helps him find love again.

Emma Holly's second foray into paranormal eromatica is even better than the first and a definite must read for Holly fans. As I hinted at earlier, my wish for the next book in this series ... A story about Bastien.



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ebtn Predator by Lesly Sloan

ebtn Polly Wants a Cracker by Lesly Sloan

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SWEET SORROW & BITTER APPLE by Robert W. Birch is available for purchase through Amazon.com.

This is a book of adult poetry containing sensual love poems, erotic poems, and playful poems, present in both free verse and in verse with meter and rhyme. All are brought together, both the naughty and the nice, in a low-cost chap-book format. In humorous verse, discover the sweet sorry of parting, as well as Eve's major complaint about that apple incident in the Garden of Eden. However, you will also find romance, love and passion within the pages of easy reading.


DARK FLOWERS by Tina Marie is available for purchase through Amazon.com.

A magical, special book for the gentle reader. Exceedingly humerous, poignant, touching...a young woman revealing herself in every aspect of humanness.


DREAMS OF THE WOMAN WHO LOVED SEX by Tee Corinne is available for purchase through Amazon.com.



1000 REASONS YOU MIGHT THINK SHE IS MY LOVER by Angela Costa is available for purchase through Amazon.com.

This red-hot palm-sized book will make you laugh, blush and look for a lover. The leather-and-roses cover is sure to turn heads when tucked into your pocket -- or wrap the book in a bit of silk and it's a perfectly enticing gift. These one thousand spicy little reasons are sure to lead to adventures of all kinds.


POEMS FROM MY BLEEDING HEART by David Rehak is available for purchase through Amazon.com.

In this unabashedly daring and impressive collection, David Rehak displays his mastery of different forms and styles, offering us poems reminiscent of Charles Bukowski and Allen Ginsberg on the one hand, and others that remind one of Charles Baudelaire or Arthur Rimbaud. His poetry is as accessible, controversial, and exciting as his fiction, covering themes and subjects like romantic love and sex, death, social issues, spirituality, and everything in between, full of the authorŐs own thoughts, ideas, fantasies, and personal life.


TEN POEMS TO OPEN YOUR HEART by Roger Housden is available for purchase through Amazon.com.

Ten Poems to Open Your Heart is a book devoted to love: to the intimacy of personal love and lovemaking, to a loving compassion for others, and to the love that embraces both this world and the next. This new volume from Roger Housden features a few of the same poets as his extraordinarily moving Ten Poems to Change Your Life, such as Mary Oliver and Pablo Neruda, along with contributions from Sharon Olds, Wislawa Szymborska, Czeslaw Milosz, Denise Levertov, and others. Any one of the ten poems and, indeed, any one of Housden's reflections on them, can open, gladden, or pierce your heart. Through the voices of these ten inspiring poets, and through illustrations from his own life, Housden expresses the tenderness, beauty, joys, and sorrows of love, the presence of which, more than anything else, gives human existence its meaning. As Housden says in his eloquent introduction, "Great poetry happens when the mind is looking the other way and words fall from the sky to shape a moment that would normally be untranslatable. . . . When the heart opens, we forget ourselves and the world pours in: this world, and also the invisible world of meaning that sustains everything that was and ever shall be."


THE INK DARK MOON: Love Poems by Ono No Komachi and Izumi Shikibu (Vintage Classics) by Jane Hirshfield, Mariko Arantani is available for purchase through Amazon.com.

These translated poems were written by 2 ladies of the Heian court of Japan between the ninth and eleventh centuries A.D. The poems speak intimately of their authors' sexual longing, fulfillment and disillusionment.


THE 100 BEST LOVE POEMS OF ALL TIME by Leslie Pockell is available for purchase through Amazon.com.

Here, in one compact volume, is a greatest hits collection of the 100 bets love poems ever written by 100 of the world's greatest poets. This essential anthology is ideal for the romantic-and will inspire any cynic. The poets included range throughout the history of world literature: from the Classics (Sappho, Catullus) and Renaissance (Shakespeare, Donne, Dante) to the Romantics (Shelly, Keats, Wordsworth) and 20th century giants (Frost, Lorca, Graves), right down to the present day (Viorst, Patchen, Neruda). Each poem features a brief introduction, which details the poet's life history as well as the poem's significance.


THE HELL WITH LOVE by Poems to Mend a Broken Heart by Mary D. Esselman, Elizabeth Ash Velez is available for purchase through Amazon.com.

THE HELL WITH LOVE is for the millions of women who are in and out of relationships-and who are weathering the inevitable break-ups that accompany them. It's a sassy and heart-wrenching collection of poems that expresses the anger, hurt, and depression of loss; that asks why, analyzes rifts, and strives for explanation; and that builds resolve, envisions a future, and revels in the present. Chapter themes move through rage, sadness, self-hatred, false hope, resolve, relapse, real hope, and then, of course, moving on. Poets include Margaret Atwood, Louise Gluck, John Donne, Billy Collins, Gwendolyn Brooks, Sharon Olds, Pablo Neruda, Elizabeth Bishop, Jane Kenyon, Galway Kinnell, Robert Frost, Carolyn Creedon, and many more.



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