Poetry by Tavie

© 2001. All Rights Reserved.

© 1999


You keep me on a fine edge
Lodged somewhere between frustration
And ecstasy

Poised above me
Buried within
I await your command, Wait!


I hold my breath
Tears falling from the corners of my eyes
Body weeping

Your arms wrapped around me
Your breath on my neck
Together we soar

A sigh
A laugh
The minutes tick away

It is time to part
A click and a buzz
My turn to dial next
© 1999

Feelings so strong
Thoughts jumbled
Heart beats at a rapid pace

Sensations rise at the very thought
You and me
Emotionally so close
Physically far apart

Tears falling
Inside only
Can't have you seeing
Just how deeply you effect me
Be With Me
© 1999

Somehow you touch me through 600 miles of telephone wire
Making my temperature rise, and my body wet with anticipation
Just seeing your name builds within me such sweet desire
I need to reach out and touch you, hold you in my arms
Let me do whatever I can to set you on fire.
My heart beats a little faster when I hear your voice
Making love to me long distance, my body trembles
My passion climbs to the greatest of heights
You tell me to come and my body has no choice
Ecstasy takes over, giving you my moans and sighs
Even when not one such word is said
You touch me
Even if it is only to have you beside me
I want you in my bed
When He Says No
© 2000

Drawing her hand across his body
She elicits a response
"not now," he murmurs
He brushes her hand away

She moves closer to him
Seeking his heat
The scent of his skin
He embraces her
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About The Poet:
In her mid thirties and youngest of eight children, Tavie writes short stories and poetry when the mood, or the muse, strikes. The rest of her time is spent in a traveling photo studio taking pictures of children, families, lovers, and friends. It is a great job for someone who enjoys dealing with people.
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