Poetry by Pearl E

© 2001. All Rights Reserved.


Two Haikus #1

© 2001 Pearl E

Frothy ivory silk
Sliding downward; hungry eyes
Yearn for tender touch

Gliding fingers roam
Gently; seeking lips swallow
Salty sweet nectar


Make Up Your Mind

By Pearl E

© 2001

The crimson lacquered box on my nightstand
Says teasingly, "Come on, make up your mind!
Few pleasures you'll get from a busy hand,
My dear, I miss you, so long have I pined!"
My sassy friend, I'll take you from your nest,
Sweet memories of you will never fade;
No hesitation rapidly undressed!
You knew I would be easy to persuade.
Switch on! Now indecision rears its head
My clit? My nipples? Where should I touch first?
"Just leave it to me, lie back on your bed,
Our time together should not be rehearsed!"
Exciting interlude, a brilliant choice
Quit whining, hand, in that pathetic voice!


Haiku #2

© 2001 Pearl E

wispy dream thread
faded images curtain call
rude awakening


Haiku #3

© 2001 Pearl E

Dusky red flower
Sparkling silken spider thread
Opalescent pearl

All poems are © 2001 by Pearl E. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or distribute without the expressed written consent of the author. Poems used here are printed by permission of the author.
Pearl E has been writing poetry and short fiction as a way to express what she's too shy to say. The Haiku is one of her favorite forms of expression. She is a member of the Erotica Readers Association. Her flasher "The Choice" will be in Amoret's November issue.
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