Sacred Exchange


An ENE Review of the anthology
Sacred Exchange


Reviewed by G. Russell

Editors L. Sarai and S.F. Mayfair have done an outstanding job of gathering in one volume, twenty-two entirely original, often very beautiful stories that capture the profundity underlying the dynamics of the D/S lifestyle.
For anyone interested in going beyond the "trappings" of BDSM; the costumes, whips, handcuffs and blindfolds, I can highly recommend this thought provoking, at times disturbing, but ultimately honest collection of modern D/S orientated erotica.
Put simply, this is, in my experience, a quite unique collection of erotica. The tales are wide ranging, obviously chosen with precise care by the editors. They illuminate, they educate, they provoke, and above all, they excite.
All sex is sacred, perhaps. Yet the nature of a BDSM session is by necessity highly aware, intense and self-reflexive. It is sex finely tuned; sex as spiritual practise; sex as life itself- Co-editor Seneca Mayfair writes in her introduction, and in so doing sets the tone of this anthology. The stories mirror Seneca Mayfair's assertion; finely tuned, intense, at times even challenging.
A good example of this is the opening story, Come For Me, Dark Man by Anne Tourney. A melodic, folksy tale set close to the railroad tracks. During, I suspect, the depression years; Grace, one day, hears the stranger's song. She feels a pull deep in her body, as if the music were being drawn out of some underwater cave where her desires live. The music has a driving rhythm that mounts slowly, like the approach of a train-faster, faster, leading up to the tantalising space of time in which a person could jump on board if she wanted to, before the train disappears. Fine writing coupled with powerful imagery of bondage and subjugation.
Living in Hell, by Mel Smith, a writer I hope destined for greatness, writes a heart rending, Sci-Fi tale had me racing through the pages, and had an impact like a punch to the solar plexus. It haunted me for days. Similarly, S.F. Mayfair's White Coyote layers symbolic imagery with lust to produce one of the most imaginative works I've read in a long time. She sewed her journeys with Miguel into the quilt. The squares spiralled in patterns around Miguel and jean, then would dissolve, and then reform again. Jean knew Miguel was her teacher. He was the story she loved; she was the poem he wrote - S.F. Mayfair, White Coyote.
There are some quite well known names here, including Lisabet Sarai, M. Christian, Portia Da Costa, Tom Piccirilli, and other up and coming writers who no doubt will make their mark.
SE is Erotica elevated to an art form. It's intelligent erotica, written by people who are players, who know how to combine the beauty of physical pain with sensuously rich language. An anthology of BDSM literature that has managed to eschew the clichˇs that too often plague this fascinating erotic genre.
Sacred Exchange

SACRED EXCHANGE edited by Lisabet Sarai & S. F. Mayfairis available for purchase through

Much has been written about the physical aspects of dominance and submission, including the use of such paraphernalia as whips and bonds, but the literature does not fully explain the compelling attraction many have to S/M experiences. Through stories of ritual, communion, telepathy, devotion, dreams, commitment, and personal transformation, Sacred Exchange portrays how the bonds of trust between dominant and submissive might lead to emotional and spiritual revelations. This is an exciting collection of fiction that delves into an often misunderstood realm.

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