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Reviewed by G. Russell

Howdy pardners- this month I was lucky enough to receive two e-books to read and review, so without any further ado-let's wagons rolllllllll!
"As I read, I became aware that the passages were written by a female hand, not your average woman, but a highly sexual and confident female. The account was of her voyage to discover her sexuality," writes D. Musgrave in the prologue to Trail Of Seduction, a western set in the 1850s in Colorado.
And these opening sentences encapsulate what Trail is all about.
Trail is not as lengthy as some I've reviewed, coming in at 117 pages more or less, but it's not lightweight where the essentials are concerned: IE the tension and the erotic passion that develops between the two central characters. D. Musgrave has put in place all the ingredients one expects from the western genre of this era- rowdy saloons, gunfights, posses, Indians, kind-hearted whores- used without descending into parody. Also highlighted are areas that have been neglected by many mainstream western writers, as in how women were badly treated, used as commodities, slave labour even, with few rights and scant room for redress of ill treatment. The writer has researched, both the idioms of language and the topography. Well researched and at the same time observing the golden rule: don't let it show too much, which gives this tale the shine of authenticity.
Like most Westerns, be it film or novel, the theme is also one which is both tried and tested in numerous Western films and books. The story tells of a young, beautiful woman, Kathleen, who lives a life of drudgery cleaning the stables of a man she's been forced into marrying until a dark, handsome cowboy rides into town, Vance stone, who rescues her from her misery. They soon find themselves being pursued by her husband and his posse. The couple encounter obstacles and dangers along the way before they reach their final destination-powerful themes that have provided the backdrop for many great westerns. And here it works.
D. Musgrave is a fine writer, not given to over-writing. D .Musgrave is a storyteller who pays attention to small details, and there are no clumsy passages, no purple prose, no horrible euphemisms. The style is under-stated, clear, yet subtle and tight.
The author builds character first before inviting the reader to share in the character's erotic consummation- yet there's nothing coy about the sex scenes and there's sex aplenty here. But the writing is confident enough in to build the tension first, to develop the relationship between Vance And Kathleen as they undergo their perils together.
To give you an example of how D. Musgrave writes:
"She raised her knees into the air and trailed her fingers between her thighs. A sheen of excitement coursed up her spine and raised gooseflesh on her skin. She was surprised at her reactions to her own touch and the lustful thoughts flowing through her mind."
" Kathleen slowly edged her hands down the back of her thighs and cupped her cheeks, caressing the fleshy moons, she pulled them apart, opening herself."

The secondary characters, are also well drawn. They're used as metaphysical signposts to help point the way forward for Kathleen- and this is whom the story is really about- Kathleen's quest for sexual awakening. I would have liked to have seen more of some of these minor characters, in particular with the erotic scenes. Mostly it is their function to initiate or add flavour, either as voyeurs or as those that kindle Kathleen's erotic imagination or act as emotional foils to fuel Kathleen and Vance's sexual chemistry- the jealousy and passion that has to exist between the two of them.
D. Musgrave has done a splendid job with this first full- length e-book. Written with clarity a sense of adventure- a and above all else, a passionate yet convincing provocation of a feisty young woman's burgeoning sexual awakening.

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THE RANCH WIFE AND THE RAMROD! In this erotic western romance, Kathleen, trapped in an abusive marriage which convention says she can not end and isolated on a remote ranch with a violent, controlling husband, still keeps her spirit and hopes unbroken. Then one day the tall, silent, gentle Vance, whose lightning reflexes and hatred of injustice have earned him a reputation as one of the West's deadliest gunfighters, rides onto the ranch and into her life. After he sees how Kathleen's husband Boyd mistreats her, Vance agrees to help her escape and seek haven in a distant town. With only her brutal husband as a tutor in love, Kathleen has learned to hate sex, but as she and Vance travel together, Kathleen begins to experience physical stirrings that both frighten and thrill her. Seeking shelter in an Apache village they find Boyd's mutilated body, his punishment for the crime of raping an Apache maid. Free from the guilt of adultery, Kathleen quenches her passion for Vance, and discovers their love is mutual. At first the two can not get enough of each other, but when a lover's quarrel separates the pair, Kathleen finds herself alone in a mining camp threatened with gang rape by the sex starved minors. Saved by Vance's deadly gunfire, Kathleen tells Vance she loves him, and the two engage in heated, passionate lovemaking. But, the next day, a wagon train filled with mail-order brides creates further misunderstanding, and opportunities for Kathleen to learn a "few tricks to keep her man happy." But, when this dangerous gunfanner proposes marriage, Kathleen must decide whether it is love or gratitude she feels for the man who has awakened her sexually, and whether she is ready to commit herself to a life that promises its own dangers and hardships.

Oil tycoon, shipping magnate, thaumatologist and disinherited aristocrat, G. Russell feeds his senses by indulging his passions in frivolous, casual sexual encounters with anyone. He enjoys his precarious spare time breeding homunculi, tiny creatures no more than four inches high and wholly subservient to his will. He also writes late into the night and has been published everywhere. With the exception of the novel, Mni pot chanting, light opera, and fado. Well- read, erudite, suave, strikingly handsome, and much sought after by discerning women with gargantuan sexual appetites. He is availiable for discrete perversions, but remains happily married.
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