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[19:01] <Alma> Hello TueSoClb
[19:01] <kahtt> Hi TUe
[19:01] <kahtt> I know who you are
[19:02] <TueSoClb> Hi kahtt, it's Cait ...and Kim, Karen, Cathy, and Cindy
[19:02] <kahtt> Alma, just to clarify - did you have a book signing at Book People in September
[19:03] <kahtt> excellen! Alma, TueSoClb is just that a Tuesday night club
[19:03] <Alma> Kahtt, no...I've never done one
[19:03] <kahtt> Book Club Cait?
[19:03] <Alma> Ah
[19:03] <kahtt> hmm, I see a listing online for that
[19:04] <Alma> Book People has an erotica reading group, which I believe is connected to people at a site
called "Brilliant Smut"

[19:04] <kahtt> It was an even listed on BookPeople.com "Erotica BookGroup: Tonight, Alma Marceau's
Lofting. Date: Wednesday, September"
[19:04] <kahtt> 26, 2001 07:00 PM. Event Type: Other. Author/Presenter: Description: . ...
[19:04] <Alma> They did a discussion,I believe...but the book signing was the following week...for MARCEL
Marceau :)

[19:05] <TueSoClb> Well ...at least for tonight.
[19:05] <kahtt> Ahh, thanks for the clarification. Will you be doing any book signings soon?
[19:05] <kahtt> http://www.bookpeople.com/
[19:05] <kahtt> Brillians Smutt http://www.brilliantsmut.com/
[19:05] <Alma> Not that I have planned. The bookstores down in So Cal don't seem very interested; SF would
be more logical, but I havent made it up there yet
[19:06] <Alma> The Indies down here are very strange...
[19:06] <Alma> I think they want a film angle...on everything

[19:06] <kahtt> Think about Good Vibrations
[19:06] <kahtt> http://www.goodvibes.com
[19:06] <Alma> Yeah... They've been great: they were the first retailer to buy the book
[19:07] <Alma> Cara Bruce is working there now, I believe

[19:07] <kahtt> Excellent!
[19:08] <kahtt> Have you seen the ScarletLetters review of Lofting?
[19:08] <kahtt> http://www.scarletletters.com/current/fe_mice.html
[19:08] <Alma> Yeah...it was great...and it's quoted (extensively) on the latest printing
[19:09] <Alma> (on the back)

[19:09] <kahtt> Yup
[19:09] <kahtt> Heather Corinna says "It is an"
[19:09] <kahtt> obscenely delightful combination of smart humor, engaging
[19:09] <kahtt> characters, very real relationships and character development, and
incredibly hot
[19:09] <Alma> BTW, does my text read violet?
[19:09] <kahtt> "sex throughout where the action never lets up, and it stays fun throughout. "
[19:09] <kahtt> no only on your end <g>
[19:09] <Alma> Oh:) Haha...okay
[19:09] <kahtt> you must be on IRCLE
[19:10] <Alma> Yeah, Heather was very flattering....she's groovy, too
[19:10] <kahtt> One more quote from the review: "I feel the need to tell you erotica readers, as an
erotica author, that composing close
[19:10] <kahtt> to 300 pages of sex scenes without cliches and within a solid plot is
about as difficult
[19:10] <kahtt> as it gets, and whatever Alma Marceau is on, I'd give my eyeteeth for
it. Perhaps I
[19:10] <kahtt> can bribe Mlle. Marceau with this review: I promise to shell out more
flattery if you
[19:10] <kahtt> promise to send me a dose or two just to be fair. Deal?"
[19:10] <kahtt> eep sorry for the spacing
[19:10] <Alma> no worries
[19:11] <Alma> I got ahold of some real absinthe...I should send her some

[19:12] <kahtt> Hmm. You and Poppy Z Brite are the only ones I know who talk about Absinthe
[19:12] <Alma> It's technically illegal, I believe
[19:12] <Alma> <--criminal
[19:13] <Alma> I haven't had occasion to really indulge: the high is supposed to be very interesting...but
the hangover is renowned for its brutality

[19:13] <TueSoClb> Alma: Cindy here thinks that might be cruel (the absinthe), but terribly zippy!
[19:13] <kahtt> So I've heard
[19:13] <Alma> Tue, that's what they say!
[19:13] <Alma> It's pretty foul tasting...pastis/licorice...but harsh
[19:14] <Alma> Has Poppy Z. Brite had a chat here, Kahtt
[19:14] <kahtt> no, I have read many of her books if not all
[19:14] <TueSoClb> I've never had any, but she seems to think it was awful ... but zippy!
[19:14] <kahtt> I would love to chat with PZB
[19:15] <Alma> I haven't read her...Any you'd recommend?
[19:15] <kahtt> Another review I'd like to bring up is the CleanSheets review by Gwydion McCarthy
[19:15] <Alma> (She's very impressive: she has a real writing career
[19:15] <kahtt> yup and still very young IMHO
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[19:15] <grmouser> Greets, all.
[19:15] *** kahtt sets mode: +o TueSoClb
[19:15] <kahtt> hi mouser
[19:15] <Alma> Hey Grmouser
[19:15] <TueSoClb> Hi, GRM.
[19:16] <Alma> Kahtt, and driven. I admire her fecundity and hard work
[19:16] <kahtt> He said "Yes, of course, all this intellectual
[19:16] <kahtt> intercourse gets me hot, makes me respect the characters, turns it from pornography to
erotica. But Alma
[19:16] <kahtt> has this way of turning a narrative from CSPAN to the Porno Network in a heartbeat."
[19:16] <kahtt> yes
[19:17] <Alma> Haha...that was pretty funny..and I took it as a compliment
[19:17] <Alma> I think Joan liked that part a little less

[19:17] <kahtt> Cracked me up
[19:18] <kahtt> Let's see what JZSharpe had to say
[19:18] <Alma> (Which I can understand)
[19:21] <Alma> Screen freeze?
[19:21] <Alma> Ah, no...

[19:21] <grmouser> Nope. I'm here per request. I don't know enough about writing to ask anything coherent
just yet. <G>
[19:22] <kahtt> Poppy Z Brite's Publications
[19:22] <Alma> Mouser...I can talk about cooking too:)
[19:22] *** selkie has joined #chatterlings
[19:22] <Alma> Thanks, Kahtt. I've checked her website out, too...it's very interesting
[19:22] <grmouser> Greets, Jacqui.
[19:22] <TueSoClb> Hi Jacqui
[19:23] *** kahtt sets mode: +o selkie
[19:23] <kahtt> wb Jacqui
[19:23] <Alma> Evening Jacqui
[19:23] <selkie> Thank you. Took 25 mins to get back in here.
[19:23] <kahtt> JZSharpe said: Now I will warn you that at several points in this book, I was tempted to
set it
[19:23] <kahtt> down and say, in that cynical voice reserved only for reviewers, "Aw, c'mon!
[19:23] <kahtt> People don't talk like this!" My belief was sorely tested when Claire's
[19:23] <kahtt> cyber-attraction to Andres deepened because his opinions on post-modernism
[19:23] <kahtt> were the same as hers. Granted, I've had moments where an already intriguing
[19:23] <kahtt> person becomes even more appealing - but somehow, their opinion on
[19:23] <selkie> hi Alma nice to meet you
[19:23] <Alma> And you: thanks for having me here
[19:23] <kahtt> post-modernism never seems to figure into it. (Okay, maybe I've got a problem.
[19:23] <kahtt> Maybe I'm the one who needs a shrink.)
[19:23] <grmouser> Post-modernism? Egads. Cervo attack. <WG>
[19:26] <kahtt> just to clarify TueSoClb is actually 5 women
[19:26] <selkie> I never unstood any moderism.
[19:26] <Alma> I'm happy to entertain questions, or to discuss anything that's of interest to anyone. It
could be about the book, or writing in general, or anything related

[19:26] <selkie> oh
[19:26] <Alma> Kahtt, ah...thanks!
[19:27] <grmouser> Five of 'em? Caitlain's become a collective?
[19:27] <Alma> It sounds very Seven of Nine
[19:27] <kahtt> Now that we have a few people let me "introduce you"
[19:27] <grmouser> Ooh! Pic! <G>
[19:27] <kahtt> Lofting by Alma Marceau
[19:27] <kahtt> Lofting, a novel, is the record of a perceptive and intrepid sensualist, one woman's
exploration of the thematic catalogue of fin de siecle eroticism. Rendered in compellingly elaborate
detail, its scenes of debauch will delight aficionados of exhibitionism, voyeurism, bisexuality,
bondage, flogging and other national pastimes.
[19:27] <kahtt> Review of Lofting on ENE by JZ Sharpe
[19:27] <selkie> norty mouser
[19:27] <kahtt> Author Bio:
[19:27] <kahtt> Alma Marceau is the author of the erotic novel "Lofting." An Amazon erotica bestseller,
and now in its 8th consecutive week as #1 at Readerville.com, "Lofting" has garnered laudatory reviews
from ENE, Erotica Readers Association, Scarlet Letters, Herdesires, Clean Sheets, Bookreporter and
Scribesworld. In addition, "Lofting" will be excerpted in Susie
[19:27] <kahtt> Bright's "Best American Erotica 2002" and is a Venus Book Club selection.
[19:28] <grmouser> Wau. Good onya, Alma.
[19:28] <kahtt> Alma Marceau is self-employed artists' representative living in Los Angeles. She has
authored several articles on the taxonomy of Neotropical beetles and is an avid reader. She enjoys
cooking (Mexican, French and Indian cuisine in particular) and is an active roller hockey player.
"Lofting" is her first and only work of fiction.
[19:28] <selkie> Sounds good. The genre I like or would like to write.
[19:29] <Alma> It's a very interesting...and very challenging genre
[19:29] <selkie> Neotropical beetles to Lofting an erotic work of fiction. Quite a jump I would think
[19:30] <grmouser> Please forgive, but be this a print novel or an e-book?
[19:30] <Alma> Yes, quite different in a lot of ways, though my work in beetles is descriptive
biology...which trains you to be very precise with words

[19:30] <selkie> Did anything influence you in taking this step?
[19:30] <Alma> Mouser, print only...though MJ Rose keeps trying to persuade me to do an ebook
[19:30] <grmouser> Imagine that. :)
[19:30] <Alma> I know...shocker, huh?
[19:31] <selkie> descriptive biology... could be a bit matter of fact in some ways.
[19:31] <Alma> Selkie, I think it presented a challenge...I started cause I wanted to see if I could do it
[19:31] <Alma> Well, except that all language is very slippery...which you find whenever you try to really
depict anything

[19:31] <selkie> Yes. That's what I suspected.
[19:31] <kahtt> I like ebooks - listen to MJ!
[19:32] <grmouser> So you just suddenly said 'I think I'll try an erotic novel next'?
[19:32] <kahtt> MJ Rose
[19:32] <Alma> Kahtt, I will...eventually
[19:32] * grmouser nudges Alma. So kahtt badgers you too, hmm? <G>
[19:32] <selkie> Did you do any background work. Read other eroticists?
[19:32] <Alma> Mouser, something like that... I felt it would be interesting...wanted to know if I could
do it
[19:33] <Alma> Hahaha Mouser

[19:33] <grmouser> It appears you've succeeded!
[19:33] <Alma> Selkie, I'd read a fair amount over the years
[19:33] <selkie> Yes . I think in the UK you would have been struggling. We are so far behind
[19:33] <Alma> Mouser, I think so; I mean, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out
[19:34] <selkie> Good.
[19:34] <Alma> It was a long process, though...around four years
[19:34] <grmouser> Was about to ask. So writing it start to finish took four years?
[19:34] <selkie> Why?
[19:35] <Alma> Yes. The writing and rewriting about 3 years... Then, when I was unable to find an editor,
another year to edit it

[19:35] <TueSoClb> Her muse visits only occasionally, as do ours.
[19:35] <Alma> Selkie, that's how long it took. I hadn't written a word of fiction before, so it was like
Novel Writing 10
[19:35] * grmouser files that info away for the next time kahtt bugs him
[19:35] <Alma> Haha Tue...she's a bitch, me muse
[19:36] <selkie> So did you edit it to suit an editor ? And then did you lose some of your writings by
doing this
[19:36] <Alma> No: I edited it to suit me. There was never any editor (other than, at the end, a copy

[19:37] <selkie> I see.
[19:37] <Alma> But the only way to self-edit...and it's highly NOT recommended...is to be VERY hard on

[19:37] <selkie> I get paranoid when I do that
[19:37] <Alma> Haha...yes
[19:38] <Alma> It's like you have to become two people...(though, that's part of writing anyway, I think)

[19:38] <selkie> What do you plan next?
[19:38] <TueSoClb> Do you take time away from the writing before beginning the edits?
[19:39] <Alma> I'm cogitating:) I think I have another book in me...but it won't be something I can get to
for a while

[19:39] <selkie> And of course the dreaded question. Did you make money from it?
[19:39] <Alma> Tue, yes: about 6 months. Very important that, I think
[19:39] <Alma> I'm making a little money now: I just did a third printing, which included a second buy
from Venus (Book Club), so now I'm in the black
[19:40] <Alma> But, on an hourly basis...I'm below minimum wage still :)

[19:40] <grmouser> Good onya for being in the black. But why do you say being very hard on yourself in the
self-edits is not recommended?
[19:40] <selkie> They say few writers can esist on a book.
[19:41] <Alma> No, I think being hard on yourself is necessary. Which is why it's not recommended
[19:41] <kahtt> Self-Editing For Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King
[19:41] * grmouser attempts to proces that
[19:42] <Alma> An editor provides a counterforce...even when you disagree with him or her, it's good,
cause it forces you to justify your decisions

[19:42] <kahtt> hmm
[19:42] <grmouser> Right. Rethink every facet of the story, even those you've been over several times
[19:42] <Alma> (Even when you HATE them...<g>
[19:43] <kahtt> hate is such a strong word :o)
[19:43] <Alma> Exactly...and editors are good at zeroing in on those parts we love...but which aren't good
for our stories
[19:43] <Alma> Kaht...or not strong enough!

[19:43] <selkie> here in UK agents and editors are very far and few between.
[19:43] <grmouser> Aye. That one scene that's been there from the start that you just adore but doesn't
make sense to anyone else in the world. :)
[19:43] <Alma> Selkie, is that true? I don't know anything about the UK publishing world
[19:44] <Alma> Mouser, one think I read in an interview with Norman Mailer stuck with me

[19:45] <selkie> Very true. It's well known here that the US is far better at publishing. Now we have
vanity agents who will read your book for £49,95 in 10 days and then tell you it's ferret dubng!
[19:45] <selkie> dung]#
[19:45] <selkie> dung#
[19:45] <Alma> He basically said "If you're having a really hard time with a scene or passage...can't make
it work...it probably doesn't belong"

[19:45] <selkie> I agree with that. I would leave it aside then maybe go back later and I often write from
the end to the front
[19:46] <Alma> Selk, ouch. Well...I have to tell you: I queried the 18 agents in Writers Guide who claimed
to represent erotica...and not one asked to read my ms

[19:46] <grmouser> That's interesting, Alma. I've had the opposite effect. It just flowed right along
beautifully until someone told me it didn't make any logical sense.
[19:46] <kahtt> Here is an interesting guide that was published April 2000: The Erotic Writer's Market
Guide 1999

[19:46] <Alma> Haaha Mouser...well, that too (we're often blind to what were in the middle of)
[19:47] <grmouser> True. I've learned to kick myself out into the audience to actually see what the heck I
just scribbled.
[19:47] <grmouser> If I start throwing popcorn etc, it's no good. :)
[19:47] <Alma> Another trick is to read your stuff when you're in different moods
[19:48] <Alma> Haha (buttered or non?)

[19:48] <kahtt> Norman Mailer's Publications
[19:48] <grmouser> Buttered, of course. I'm not one for popcorn anyway, so there better be something on it
to keep my interest. :)
[19:48] <Alma> Kahtt, you're a wizard!
[19:48] <Alma> Hahahaha
[19:49] <Alma> Can I assume that all of you are interested in writing erotica to some extent?

[19:49] * grmouser nudges kahtt. I'm keeping the author entertained. Did I do good? Huh? Huh?
[19:49] <kahtt> verra good grm ;op
[19:49] <grmouser> Not all that intereted, but it hasn't stopped me yet. ;)
[19:49] <Alma> haha
[19:50] <TueSoClb> Alma,when you wrote, did you set a time and work daily; set a goal and write to a word
count; write fitfully as the muse revealed itself?
[19:50] <Alma> OK... I mean, I don't want to bore anyone with "deep thoughts on writing"
[19:50] <grmouser> Hey, 'deep thought' away. Keeps me from having to come up with 'em myself.
[19:51] <kahtt> James N Frey wrote "How to Write a Damn Good Novel"
[19:51] <Alma> Tue, I didn't set any particular page/word goals...and I don't really recommend that. I
did, however, get into a very regular writing mode: I wrote nearly every day for a few hours, regardless
of my mood, degree of fatigue, etc

[19:51] <grmouser> Impressive.
[19:52] <Alma> Well, it's not really that impressive. After a while it's more habit than anything. It's no
"discipline"--which is a word used a lot

[19:52] <grmouser> Oh ick. Makes writing sound too much like real work. <G>
[19:52] <TueSoClb> Oh, but it is. Just doesn't seem it when you do it.
[19:52] <selkie> ah but was the writing when you were fatigued meaningful>? I have chronic fatigue
syndrome and I write crap when tired
[19:52] <kahtt> grm: don't you normally do most of your writing on your lunch hour at work?
[19:52] <Alma> If you have to force yourself...I mean, if it's painful...you shouldn't be doing it...or
you should work on something that''s interesting to you

[19:52] <kahtt> every day/
[19:53] <selkie> Damn. I love writing. Writing is what has kept me going
[19:53] <Alma> Selkie, sometimes it was awful: but the computer is great for that. You just revert to

[19:53] <grmouser> kah: Yep. Used to, anyway.
[19:54] <kahtt> A companion to Frey's book is "How to Grow a Novel" by Sol Stein
[19:54] <grmouser> Step 1) Plant it in the backyard.
[19:54] <kahtt> It deals with the most common mistakes writers make etc. Alma did you use any of these
types of how-to books? Or did you just write
[19:54] <Alma> One of the things I think is missing from a lot of discussions about writing you see both
online and in print is mention of judgement
[19:54] <Alma> I didn't use them.

[19:54] <grmouser> Judgement?
[19:55] <Alma> Yes. Judgment
[19:55] <selkie> reality
[19:55] <Alma> It's about developing an ear for prose...your own prose
[19:55] <Alma> And developing a sense of what's original...and what's derivative

[19:56] <grmouser> Ah yes. Originality being the art of concealing your source. ;)
[19:56] <Alma> You HAVE to make decisions...make hard ones; don't be afraid to be hard on yourself
[19:56] <Alma> Haha...true, in part

[19:56] <kahtt> Sin and Syntax : How to Craft Wickedly Effective Prose
[19:56] <kahtt> by Constance Hale
[19:56] <TueSoClb> I'm cursed with the derivative...
[19:57] <Alma> Tue, what I mean by that is more the avoidance of cliche
[19:57] <Alma> Not just of phrase or trope...but of character and situation

[19:57] <grmouser> The dreaded feeling of 'I've seen this sort of thing before', yes?
[19:58] <Alma> So, for example,if you start with a stock setting...play off of it: change it, make it
somehow unexpected

[19:58] <TueSoClb> Yes, I know. I'm at that point where it seems all of it, everything I write is
derivative of something I've read.
[19:58] <Alma> Right, Mouser
[19:58] <selkie> that is cringe material mouser
[19:58] <Alma> Tue, that's okay...we can't avoid influence...we don't write in a void
[19:58] <selkie> It seems to be fininding a new aspect on a theme.
[19:59] <grmouser> Thankfully, I've steered away from that sort of thing. If it's not different somehow, I
don't write it.
[19:59] <Alma> But we can be aware of what is expected...and tweak it
[19:59] <selkie> Come on mouser. Rage was different
[19:59] <selkie> You converted me
[19:59] <Alma> Convention and stock setting are useful, because we can play off of them
[19:59] <kahtt> Trope and Allegory : Themes Common to Dante and Shakespeare by Francis Fergusson
[20:00] <Alma> You set the reader up...then you give them what they weren't expecting
[20:00] <selkie> I need to find out which shakespeare play a christmas elf is mentioned in btw
[20:00] <grmouser> jac: Exactly. He was different, so I wrote about him. If he was the standard anti-hero,
he would have been dreadfully dull.
[20:01] <grmouser> alma: *Love* doing that, and then having readers curse at me. :)
[20:01] <selkie> But it ewas gripping. You had climaxes and down climaxes and uppers so it worke
[20:01] <Alma> Hahaha...they'll curse...but they'll keep reading
[20:01] <grmouser> Exactly! Hence my odd popularity.
[20:01] <Alma> Was this a short story, Mouser?
[20:01] <kahtt> grm writes teasers Alma
[20:01] <Alma> Kahtt, cool. Is there an archive?
[20:02] <grmouser> alma: The one Jacqui is referring to started life as a short story, but then people
started screaming for more. Now it's solidly in book-length territory.
[20:02] <selkie> It's the hook I think. The fiorst few paragraphs that link into the erotic fnatasies that
the readrer has that keeps them
[20:02] *** ladyfire has joined #chatterlings
[20:02] <grmouser> Greets, ladyfire.
[20:02] <kahtt> hi Ladyfire
[20:02] <kahtt> SEX
[20:02] <Alma> Mouser, that's great!
[20:02] *** kahtt sets mode: +o ladyfire
[20:02] <grmouser> USERS
[20:02] <ladyfire> hi, oops, sorry, forgot to change my name
[20:02] <Alma> It's neat when things develop organically
[20:02] <TueSoClb> It's just that I seem to have an amazing memory and it doesn't let me forget that "this
scene is right out of Hemingway's 'Old Man and the Sea, right down to the imagery and the selection of a
character with the initials JC'." Some such floods me right afte I written this really beautiful piece
of prose. Almost enough to push me into writing ad-copy.
[20:02] <selkie> I hated scifi till mouser did this series
[20:02] <grmouser> alma: <shrug> Keeps me off the streets, anyway. :)
[20:02] <Alma> Evening Ladyfire
[20:03] *** ladyfire is now known as Chelisse
[20:03] <grmouser> Ah. Greets, Chelisse.
[20:03] <Alma> Haha Tue...ad copy is an art too
[20:03] <selkie> HI there Chelisse
[20:03] <kahtt> hmm, have to watch that excellent memory Cait
[20:03] <Alma> Hey Chelisse
[20:03] <Chelisse> hi Alma. I'm sorry I'm late, I can barely connect to this server
[20:03] <Alma> <--working hard to get the names/handles thing put together
[20:04] <selkie> me too took 25 mins
[20:04] <grmouser> kah: And I do *not* write teasers. Y'all are just easily teased. <g,d,R!>
[20:04] <Alma> Chelisse, I understand...welcome
[20:04] <selkie> sexusers dare I say it
[20:04] <kahtt> if everyone thinks so grm, must be true
[20:04] <Alma> Cait: I stole from many of the greats
[20:04] <kahtt> allo Chelisse
[20:04] <selkie> after 75 years not copyrighted
[20:05] <Alma> Blake, Melville, Jim Morrison, Prince...
[20:05] <kahtt> the singer?
[20:05] <Alma> The singer
[20:05] <Chelisse> hi Kahtt. and a big hi to Selkie and mouser too. *smiles*
[20:05] <grmouser> Or whatever. <g,d,R!>
[20:05] <Alma> Not Machiavelli
[20:05] <kahtt> Blake is a favorite of mine
[20:06] <Alma> Blake is amazing...very, very strange, too
[20:06] <Alma> I think reading poetry is important for novelists, too

[20:07] <TueSoClb> All the greats, and I have to think that Machiavelli was a little old and not Chaucer.
I prefer Milton...
[20:07] <grmouser> Uh-oh.
[20:07] <kahtt> William Blake's Publications
[20:07] <kahtt> Why Alma?
[20:07] <Alma> I haven't read much Milton...though I've got the Pinsky translation here on the
shelf...taunting me
[20:08] <Alma> Kahtt, because it trains our ears and eyes...rhythm, the sounds of words..how they work

[20:08] <kahtt> ahhh
[20:09] <TueSoClb> Though I can quote, I'll spare everyone. Milton just seemed to strike the nail on the
head for me when it came to elemental feelings.
[20:09] <Alma> I also never appreciated certain books...Gatsby comes to mind...until I started
writing...for the same reason...the sentences are beautiful

[20:09] * kahtt is playing devil's advocate as she agrees
[20:09] <Alma> Hahaha
[20:09] <Alma> Kahtt, you don't like poetry?

[20:10] * grmouser (heathen swine that he is) isn't big on what most people call 'poetry'
[20:10] <kahtt> love it - write it
[20:10] <selkie> With me it was the Beat Poets in the UK.It just made so much sense
[20:10] <Alma> Ah...okay
[20:10] <selkie> It was escapism
[20:10] <Alma> I like Ginsberg, certainly
[20:10] *** JoanZS has joined #chatterlings
[20:10] <grmouser> Greets, JoanZSie.
[20:11] <JoanZS> hi, mouser!
[20:11] <Alma> Hey Ms Sharpe
[20:11] <selkie> hiyah JoanZS
[20:11] <JoanZS> Evening, Alma!
[20:11] <kahtt> Herman Melville's Publications
[20:11] <TueSoClb> Hi Joan, Hi Chelisse
[20:11] <JoanZS> Nice to see you, selkie!
[20:11] <kahtt> Hi Joanzsie
[20:11] *** kahtt sets mode: +o JoanZS
[20:11] <kahtt> sex + juanita
[20:11] <JoanZS> Hi, caitlin, hi, kahtt!
[20:11] <selkie> Alma who published your book btw
[20:11] <Alma> Selkie, it's self published
[20:12] <Alma> (that's a secret, for some reason...mummms the word)

[20:12] <JoanZS> So Loplop Studio is yourself, Alma? Interesting name.
[20:12] <selkie> Ah. Is it oh dear. word probs here. Working/ Are sales going?
[20:12] <Alma> It's from a character in several Max Ernst paintings
[20:12] <selkie> Jeez now I know
[20:13] <Alma> Sales are pretty good; better than everyone tells me I should have expected
[20:13] <JoanZS> :-) I must look into that. Not that familiar with Max Ernst.
[20:13] <Alma> Joan, he's great!!! Check him out
[20:13] <selkie> You didn't do it through Renaissance E Books then
[20:13] <Alma> Probbly the best surrealist artist, overall
[20:13] <JoanZS> I like surrealists.
[20:13] <selkie> Oh no Dali is mine
[20:14] <Alma> Selkie, no, did it independently
[20:14] <kahtt> Wilderness : The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison by Jim Morrison
[20:14] <Alma> Ernst was incredibly diverse, and playful. Do you know Edward Gorey? He did all those weird
little books..."The Unstrung Harp" etc?

[20:14] <grmouser> kah: Or just steep your brainbox in wood alcohol.
[20:15] <selkie> I'm already steeped in alcohol:-)
[20:15] <JoanZS> I do like Edward Gorey. I'm drawing a blank on the name of my favorite surrealistic --
he's the one who did all the guys floating in the air with umbrellas...
[20:15] <Alma> Magritte?
[20:15] <JoanZS> That's the guy.
[20:15] <selkie> It might be Magritte
[20:15] <Alma> I mention Gorey because he was influenced by Ernst's collage books
[20:16] <kahtt> Ernst (Great Modern Masters) by Max Ernst, Jose Maria Faerna (Editor), Alberto Curotto
[20:16] <Alma> Ernst cut up all these old 19th Cent catalogues...and made weird,scary picture books out of

[20:16] <selkie> Weird when you think of all the questions and comments that have come across tonight that
we have mostly hit upon the same names and titles
[20:17] <Alma> Plate o' shrimp :)
[20:18] <kahtt> The Unstrung Harp : Or Mr Earbrass Writes a Novel by Edward Gorey
[20:18] <Alma> BTW, I self published out of desperation, not choice. I simply couldn't get a toe hold into
the industry
[20:18] <Alma> But there were benefits...like picking the cover art

[20:18] <selkie> Nor me.
[20:19] <Alma> It's a closed door, really
[20:19] <grmouser> Lovely. :/
[20:19] <kahtt> you did an excellent job Alma. Was MJ an inspiration?
[20:19] <Alma> You should hear writers complain about the covers their publishers pick!
[20:19] <JoanZS> I have, I have!
[20:20] <kahtt> Une Semaine De BontE : A Surrealistic Novel in Collage by Max Ernst
[20:20] <grmouser> I have!
[20:20] <Alma> Kahtt, actually, I found out about her story only after I'd taken the plunge. But she's
been very helpful since

[20:20] <kahtt> ahh
[20:20] <kahtt> http://www.mjrose.com
[20:20] <Alma> Kahtt is possessed! She has extramundane powers!
[20:20] * grmouser votes for just 'possessed' <g,d,R!>
[20:20] <TueSoClb> Well, Alma, maybe so, but your battering ram seems to be picking up momentum. Few more
sales and you may wield an impressive weapon.
[20:21] <selkie> I agre
[20:21] <selkie> agre
[20:21] <Alma> Tue, from your lips to Zeus' ears
[20:21] <selkie> agree
[20:21] <Alma> But Barnes and Noble still won't buy it for their stores! (Instead, they fax me special
order requests... This is NOT a business run by geniuses...

[20:22] <selkie> lol.
[20:22] <grmouser> <laugh>
[20:22] * kahtt snickers
[20:22] <selkie> I bet the sales assistants wonder though
[20:22] <TueSoClb> Is publishing a genius mentality business?
[20:22] <Alma> I told MJ "You know...these people in publishing are stupid"
[20:22] <Alma> She said "You've overestimated them by a factor of ten"

[20:23] <kahtt> How To Publish and Promote Online by M. J. Rose, Angela Adair-Hoy
[20:23] <kahtt> LOL
[20:23] <Alma> No, it's run by..um...sub geniuses
[20:23] <grmouser> Step 1) Get kahtt on-board with the project.
[20:23] <Alma> MJ's book..that one...is excellent
[20:23] <Alma> It's got TONS of real, practical tips
[20:24] <Alma> She really knows what she's talking about...which is very rare

[20:24] <grmouser> Not surprising, as she seems to have done quite well for herself.
[20:25] <Alma> Yeah...and she's prolific too! (I think she's like TueSoClb...really five women
[20:25] <selkie> what puts me off is the cost of self publishing in the uk
[20:25] <grmouser> <laugh> Or has much time on her hands.
[20:25] <kahtt> <g>
[20:25] <kahtt> how much is it Jac/
[20:25] <Alma> Selkie, have you looked into it, really?
[20:25] <kahtt> You could go the ebook route jac
[20:25] <TueSoClb> So, don't do it in the U.K., Jacqui.
[20:26] <Alma> Jacqui, if you decide to pursue it, I'd be happy to give you advice. You can email me at
Octavia Pez @AOL.com

[20:26] <selkie> i have. I have wriiten my autobio which is not erotic but bad shit. and can't get it
handled thouogh they all say brialliant writing. No body want to damage the social services reputation
[20:26] <selkie> thanks alma
[20:27] <kahtt> Prince's Music
[20:27] <Alma> My pleasure
[20:27] <Alma> Kahtt has a Cray computer?

[20:27] <kahtt> Alma Marceau - OctaviaPez@aol.com
[20:27] <selkie> eatin a beautiful pumpkin sand lamb mince shroo0ms and onions indian tomato sort of mess
but neautiful
[20:28] <kahtt> cray?
[20:28] <Alma> Hahaha
[20:28] <Alma> Kahtt, Cray is a supercomputer

[20:28] <kahtt> you're making me hungry jac
[20:28] <kahtt> that is not a mac right?
[20:28] <Alma> Those Brits...they'll put anything into a pie
[20:28] <Alma> Hahaha...no, not a Mac
[20:28] <Alma> They're a few million each...

[20:29] <kahtt> woa
[20:29] <selkie> Yeah exept pumpkin we think it's watery
[20:29] <TueSoClb> Actually, you can buy the x-mp for about $100,000
[20:29] <Chelisse> now it's my turn to say wow
[20:29] <Alma> Jacque: Yankee secret: Libby's pumpkin in a can
[20:30] <selkie> as bad as haggis in a canc
[20:30] <selkie> can
[20:30] <Alma> ROFL
[20:30] <TueSoClb> But the y-series range into the 10s of millions
[20:30] <kahtt> The Cray X-Mp/Model 24 : A Case Study in Pipelined Architecture and Vector Processing
(Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 374) by Kay A. Robbins, Steven Robbins

[20:30] <Alma> TueSo, if you're going to shell out...go for the high-end:)
[20:31] <selkie> eek
[20:31] <selkie> eek
[20:31] <TueSoClb> Must have a need first.
[20:31] <selkie> eek
[20:31] <Alma> I figure the application will follow upon the capability...
[20:31] <Alma> Imagine how it does email!

[20:31] <selkie> yeah
[20:31] <TueSoClb> The companies initials are not NOAA.
[20:32] <grmouser> And plays a btichin' game of solitaire.
[20:32] <Alma> Haha
[20:32] <selkie> lol
[20:32] * grmouser recalibrates his fingers
[20:32] <selkie> what about Kyodai?
[20:32] <kahtt> Alma do you have a website?
[20:32] <Alma> Kahtt, not yet... (guilty half-laugh...
[20:32] <Alma> I'm working on it...(MJ give me major shit about this...

[20:33] <kahtt> just so you know I can help you create a very simple one
[20:33] <kahtt> it ain't hard to do now a days
[20:33] <selkie> i have a ferret one
[20:33] <Alma> I've got someone supposedly working on it...but I may write you...
[20:33] <grmouser> Oh *really*, kitten?
[20:33] <kahtt> you can start with a free service like tripod or use your AOL account
[20:33] <Alma> Do you do site design?
[20:34] <Alma> I am actually paying for hosting...but don't have a site. I figured it would motivate
me...it's just made me feel guilty and lazy

[20:34] <kahtt> grm: you know I have a cert in multimedia. member I build my old dept's website
[20:34] <Chelisse> I need to restart this machine, so hopefully I will be back, however, if this server
decides to give me a hard time, I'm sorry. I have just been reading and absorbing everything that was
said. Alma, it was great to meet you, and congratulations. *smiles* hopefully will be back soon
[20:34] <Alma> Ah! OK...I'm making notes, Kahtt...
[20:34] <grmouser> kah: And this is why you needed all my help early on? ;)
[20:34] <Alma> Chelisse, a pleasure here
[20:35] <Alma> Hope to see you again...soon or later

[20:35] <kahtt> If you give me an idea of what you would like, I do great rough cuts. don't know java
[20:35] <Chelisse> thanks. may the server gods have mercy. lol
[20:35] *** Chelisse has left #chatterlings
[20:35] <kahtt> grm: I did not have the cert then duh!
[20:35] <kahtt> later Chelisse
[20:35] <Alma> OK...I have a lot of materials...photos and some design done...
[20:36] <Alma> I'll let you know soon

[20:36] <kahtt> Alma: I can also give you the contact info of a very good web designer
[20:36] <Alma> Great! Thanks
[20:37] <kahtt> I'm very simple - ENE is my most complex. Other sites that I have done are still on my
computer because the owner are slackers and have no idea of what they want
[20:37] <Alma> BTW, for those who haven't checked it out: the Amazon page for Lofting has editorial review
snippets and customer reviews posted

[20:37] <kahtt> Lofting by Alma Marceau
[20:37] <TueSoClb> kahtt: It's obvious Mouser was fishing. Unless you feel contrary, repeat after me ...
"Thank you Brian!"
[20:37] <Alma> Kahtt, ain't business fun?
[20:38] <grmouser> tue: Oh feh. I'm just giving her a hard time. Repaying her for al the flak she's shot
my way over the years.
[20:38] <kahtt> whooppeee Alma ;o)
[20:38] <selkie> lol
[20:38] <Alma> Have you guys been hanging together for a long time?
[20:38] <grmouser> I've been annoying kahtt since about April '97.
[20:38] <kahtt> Hey I have him thanked permanently on my site
[20:38] <JoanZS> Okay, I'm back. Was on the phone.
[20:38] <Alma> Wow! That's like...56 webyears
[20:39] <kahtt> We noticed JZS
[20:39] <Alma> WB, JoanZS
[20:39] <kahtt> lol alma
[20:39] <JoanZS> FYI, I designed my own website. Used Claris HomePage, so I didn't have to know HTML.
[20:39] <grmouser> alma: Feels longer. <WG>
[20:39] *** Chelisse has joined #chatterlings
[20:39] <Alma> Oh, here's a wonderful business anecdote...
[20:39] <grmouser> ReGreets, Chelisse.
[20:40] <TueSoClb> wb, Chelisse.
[20:40] <JoanZS> wb, Chelisse.
[20:40] <Chelisse> thank you. the server gods had mercy!
[20:40] <Chelisse> first time for everything, right? *smiles*
[20:40] <Alma> My distributor told me that a wholesaler...Bookazine...turned down my book...saying "If
you're doing to offer this sort of book, it should have tits on the cover"

[20:40] <selkie> wb Joanz
[20:40] * JoanZS wonders what we can sacrifice to the server gods
[20:40] *** kahtt sets mode: +o Chelisse
[20:40] <Alma> Hey Chelisse
[20:40] <kahtt> Alma people who have bought your book tend to also buy Kim Corum's Playtime
[20:40] <Chelisse> hi Alma
[20:40] <grmouser> alma: Well-l, I'd be the last to disagree to tits... ;)
[20:40] <JoanZS> LOL, Alma! Does it HAVE to have tits on the cover?
[20:40] <Alma> Hahaha Mouser
[20:41] <JoanZS> It's easier to read it in front of my mother in law without the tits on the cover.
[20:41] <Alma> Joan, I swear...what do you say to people like that??
[20:41] <selkie> it's just usual era fun
[20:41] <kahtt> we did a chat with Kim last month, check out ENE's Features page for the chat log JZS also
did a double review of her novels
[20:41] <JoanZS> I believe there was some old rock and roll song about not being able to tell a book by
its cover...
[20:41] * grmouser wonders if he should have some bit of a male member on the cover of KT, then...
[20:42] <Alma> Hahaha
[20:42] <Alma> Joan, exactly!! It's stealth porn
[20:42] <Alma> It should be readable on public transport

[20:42] <JoanZS> Precisely.
[20:42] <kahtt> Corum Double review
[20:42] <Alma> It's not like there aren't enough lurid covers out there
[20:42] <kahtt> Corum chat
[20:43] <JoanZS> Hell, I'm embarrassed to be reading romances on public transport, although for slightly
different reasons...
[20:43] <TueSoClb> Hey this is cool, from one end of the userlist to the other. Patterns...
[20:43] <Alma> Have any of you read Kim Corum?
[20:43] * JoanZS <-- a sucker for futuristic smut and romance
[20:43] <kahtt> eep! I was supposed to remind Bert about this chat. Bert Rinehart is also an author and
Kim's husband
[20:44] <Alma> Ah. I haven't read her... I need to catch up on smut
[20:44] <selkie> ooh dear.
[20:44] <Alma> Does Bert write erotica too?
[20:44] <selkie> Nearly 2am bedtime for me in misty cotland Night all.
[20:44] <grmouser> G'night, Jacqui.
[20:44] <Alma> Night Selkie! Thanks for coming
[20:44] <selkie> Scotland
[20:44] <TueSoClb> Night Jacqui.
[20:44] <Chelisse> goodnight Selkie.
[20:44] <selkie> Really enjoyed it thanks a lot
[20:44] <JoanZS> good night, Selkie. Sweet ferret dreams.
[20:44] *** selkie has left #chatterlings
[20:44] <Alma> Good meeting you
[20:45] <kahtt> We're chatting with Bert Friday Nov 2
[20:45] <kahtt> eep missed her
[20:45] <kahtt> SEX
[20:45] <Alma> Cool. I'll try to make that
[20:45] <grmouser> USERS
[20:46] <Alma> Do you guys do face to face meetings too?
[20:46] <TueSoClb> Only in our dreams.
[20:46] <Alma> Hahahahaha
[20:46] <JoanZS> Sometimes, although we're scattered around the world, so it's kinda hard. But I've met
some ERA folks. Like Kahtt. :-)
[20:46] <grmouser> Only when we sends pics. :)
[20:46] <Alma> Ah...Webcams...
[20:46] <kahtt> A.K.A. Dorothy Drab by Bert Rinehart
[20:46] <Alma> :)
[20:47] <grmouser> alma: Nope, not even that advanced. Still pics.
[20:47] <Alma> <--making note
[20:47] <kahtt> we do them in small groups Alma when we visit another group member's city
[20:47] * grmouser is safely isolated from the rest of ERA et al
[20:47] <Alma> Gr, easier to photoshop edit, too
[20:47] <Alma> Gotcha Kahtt

[20:47] <Alma> Back in the old days of AOL I met a few people..
[20:48] <TueSoClb> Mr, Grey Mouser gives new meaning to the term "Love Handle."
[20:48] <kahtt> Wimz' query about an Erotica Readers Association Conference is a great idea but it would
cost $$$
[20:48] <JoanZS> And it would be a LOT of work!
[20:48] <Chelisse> hopefully someone on ERa and I will be meeting sense we both live in the PNW, and not
too terribly far from each other
[20:48] <kahtt> Joan should know her Writing Group does one every year
[20:48] <JoanZS> The conference my local club puts on is more exhausting than raising children.
[20:48] <Alma> Hahahaha
[20:48] <Chelisse> lol
[20:49] <JoanZS> Just trying to get a keynote speaker is enough to make you nuts.
[20:49] <Alma> Conferences are like trade shows...they wipe you out
[20:49] <Alma> I've never been to a writers' conference...I may never go, either

[20:49] <JoanZS> Yes, they are, Alma. Even just to go to one as a participant.
[20:49] <JoanZS> Oh, I don't know. They're worth it. No two conferences are alike.
[20:49] <Alma> Joan, it's the noise level, and artificial lighting
[20:49] <JoanZS> It's a great way to publicize things.
[20:50] <JoanZS> And it's not as noisy as a computer trade show.
[20:50] <Alma> Well, maybe one day...
[20:50] <kahtt> The Write Stuff Conference by the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group
[20:50] <Alma> I'm not sure how they'd react to an erotica writer
[20:50] <kahtt> oh GLVWG was just fine
[20:50] <Alma> It makes some people nervous...
[20:50] <kahtt> there are erotica conferences
[20:51] <JoanZS> Well, they've had me as a member for six years, and I'm "out of the closet" as an erotica
writers so to speak.
[20:51] <TueSoClb> About the same as they did last time?
[20:51] <Alma> Yeah? They know what kind of stuff you do?
[20:51] <Alma> Ah

[20:51] <JoanZS> Of course. I've even read some of it to them (kept it pretty PG, we have a lot of senior
[20:51] <JoanZS> I've forgotten how to do CPR, donchaknow.
[20:51] <Alma> I've lived a very sheltered life...I'm very much not connected to the literary crowd
[20:51] <Alma> Ah...hahahaha!
[20:52] <Alma> Bring a defibrillator
[20:52] <Alma> <--updating checklist

[20:52] <JoanZS> Thing is, the literary crowd can be a great marketing tool.
[20:52] <Alma> You're probably right
[20:52] <JoanZS> Writers read, after all.
[20:52] <kahtt> Here is an ERA article about conferences etc.
[20:52] <Alma> Ah, thanks Kahtt
[20:52] <grmouser> jzs: We do? Huh. Imagine my surprise. ;)
[20:53] <Alma> Joan, I've been spending a lot of time at Readerville.com where there are several writers
who post regularly

[20:53] <kahtt> smartass grmouser
[20:53] <grmouser> kah: it's why you invited me, right?
[20:53] <JoanZS> Reading is what I do when I can't write. Which has been going on for about four months
[20:53] <Alma> The book's done well there, too. And only a little sniping from "fellow" writers
[20:53] <kahtt> ;o)
[20:54] <Alma> You can't concentrate, or just no ideas coming?
[20:54] <TueSoClb> Amazing thing about the literary market - Good reviews are good. Bad reviews can be
good. Mediocre reviews are death.
[20:54] <grmouser> tue: Agreed. At least good and bad got a reaction.
[20:54] <JoanZS> A little of both, Alma. I had momentum up to 4th of July last summer...
[20:55] <Alma> What happened then?
[20:55] <JoanZS> Then my husband got sick for a bit and was in the hospital for a few days, and that,
along with aftercare, took all the wind out of my sails.
[20:55] <JoanZS> I'm trying to get back on track, but it's not easy.
[20:55] <Alma> Oh...that's very understandable
[20:55] <kahtt> hey alma see if readerville will do an event with you
[20:55] <JoanZS> It is. Still, I'm hard on myself about it.
[20:55] <JoanZS> Good idea, Kahtt!
[20:56] <Alma> Well, four months isn't that long...I mean, maybe it's what you need...a little fallow time
[20:56] <Alma> I think we sometimes have to let the unconscious do work

[20:56] <JoanZS> Yes, I have been reading like crazy.
[20:56] <kahtt> never forget to promote at places you frequent
[20:56] <Alma> Kahtt, they've been very cool...but I'm kind of a house writer, so they don't do events for

[20:56] <JoanZS> But I got an e-mail about that Villains and Vixens anthology? The one that Caryn's story
is in?
[20:57] <kahtt> houewriter? explain that term?
[20:57] <JoanZS> They want one of my stories if I can make the bad guy badder.
[20:57] <kahtt> you can do it Joanzsie
[20:57] <Alma> Ah...well, that should be a motivator!
[20:57] <Alma> Nothing like an assignment...and a deadline :)
[20:57] <Alma> Kahtt, there are several writers who hang there...post regularly

[20:57] <JoanZS> It is a motivator, but boy, I'm scared. Not like I haven't been published before, but
I'm a little shy.
[20:58] <Alma> They tend to feature outsiders...as guests
[20:58] <kahtt> ahh, well then you need to post more frequently
[20:58] <JoanZS> Kahtt, I suppose it would be like the regulars at ERA -- they'd probably rather feature
[20:58] <Alma> Joan, that sounds like a parallel situation
[20:58] <kahtt> think about contacting the people at Nerve
[20:58] * grmouser hesitates to mention the irregulars of ERA
[20:58] <JoanZS> Parallel situation? Is that like a parallel universe? :-)
[20:58] <kahtt> shhh!
[20:58] <Alma> Kahtt, I have! I even talked to Genevieve Field
[20:59] * JoanZS loves parallel universes
[20:59] <Alma> Joan, yes...with better food
[20:59] <Chelisse> speaking of that site...
[20:59] <Chelisse> I just read the Lisa files
[20:59] <JoanZS> Well, I always stick with the universe that has the better food.
[20:59] <Alma> They wouldn't review Lofting because it's...you know...erotica
[20:59] <grmouser> <gasp>
[20:59] <Alma> Nerve is like...Amish Erotica
[20:59] <JoanZS> Erotica that someone on the staff of Nerve did NOT write?
[21:00] <Alma> Joan, bingo
[21:00] <grmouser> alma: Like 'Art thou up for some plowing?'?
[21:00] <kahtt> Suspect Thoughts is another site
[21:00] <kahtt> ????
[21:00] <Alma> Also, they don't actually approve of sex in their erotica
[21:00] <Chelisse> woh
[21:00] <Alma> Gr, yeah...sorta:)
[21:00] <Alma> Salon is the same

[21:00] <kahtt> check out BlueFood also
[21:00] <TueSoClb> That's done ... how?
[21:00] <Alma> But I gave them the evil eye for dissing me...and the stock promptly plummeted
[21:01] <JoanZS> Yes, I've noticed they have sort of an MFA approach to their erotica. (Nerve, that is)
[21:01] <Alma> <--noting
[21:01] <kahtt> are you kidding me?
[21:01] <Alma> Nope
[21:01] <kahtt> well suspect and blue do
[21:01] <Alma> Joan, I tell you...they are prudes
[21:01] <JoanZS> Something about sex actually being a GOOD THING -- well, we can't have that.
[21:01] <Chelisse> I'm actually at that site now, and I see what you mean
[21:01] <kahtt> Alma now that you are a member of ERA you can ask Charlie to put up your book info on his
website which is all about promoting autjors
[21:02] <Alma> Katt, thanks! Is that BlueFood?
[21:02] <kahtt> no David Salcido is for BlueFood
[21:02] <kahtt> Charlie is a member of ERA
[21:02] <Alma> I gave Nerve the evil eye, too...and the Nerve printzine promptly folded
[21:02] <Alma> Ah, okay...will do, thanks

[21:02] <kahtt> lol
[21:02] <JoanZS> I thought David Salcido gave up Blue Food -- or was that just the print version?
[21:02] <JoanZS> He kinda lost interest?
[21:02] * grmouser makes a note not to give Alma cause to give him the evil eye
[21:03] * Chelisse does the same and hopes her investments won't crumble
[21:03] <JoanZS> Is the evil eye the same as the hairy eyeball?
[21:03] <Alma> Joan, yes
[21:03] <JoanZS> I give out hairy eyeballs all the time. And the old fish eye, too.
[21:03] <kahtt> Charlie's Passions - crwxxx@localnet.com
[21:03] <Alma> That works, too.
[21:04] <JoanZS> Well, listen kids. It's been fun. But I got exactly 3 hours of sleep last night, and
I'd like to get more tonight.
[21:04] <JoanZS> And I would like to write for 15 minutes before then, so I don't forget how.
[21:04] <Alma> Joan, good to see you...and thanks for your help...and the review:)
[21:04] <JoanZS> No problem, Alma. My distinct pleasure.
[21:05] <TueSoClb> Night Joan.
[21:05] <JoanZS> Good night, Chelisse and Caitlin!
[21:05] <JoanZS> Good night, Mouser, and good luck with the job search.
[21:05] <Chelisse> goodnight joan. *smiles*
[21:05] <kahtt> night
[21:05] <Alma> I should probably skedadle soon, too. Does anyone have any other Qs?
[21:05] <JoanZS> Good night, Kahtt!
[21:05] <kahtt> thank you for coming
[21:05] <grmouser> G'night, JoanZSie.
[21:06] <JoanZS> Well, I wasn't aware I could have an orgasm from this chat... but... (grinning, ducking
and running like hell...)
[21:06] <Alma> Hahaha
[21:06] <kahtt> woa!
[21:06] <Chelisse> grin
[21:06] * grmouser checks... hmmm... nothing yet...
[21:06] * kahtt looks at what she wrote
[21:06] <kahtt> <g>
[21:06] <JoanZS> Sorry, Kahtt. But I couldn't resist. You did thank me for coming, you know.
[21:06] <Alma> MJ said she had one of her books translated into Hebrew...and I told here that it would be
weird with the phone sex scenes starting with an orgasm and ending with a phone call

[21:07] <JoanZS> And I probably will. Later.
[21:07] <grmouser> <LOL>
[21:07] <JoanZS> LOL! Good one, Alma. See y'all later!
[21:07] <Alma> Night Joan!
[21:07] *** JoanZS has quit IRC (Quit: "Go with all your heart for what is exactly your own.")
[21:07] <kahtt> Alma, another thing to do once your website is up - set up a listserv and send periodic
announcements to your fans that sign up. inexpensive and easy to do
[21:07] <kahtt> sank users
[21:08] <grmouser> Leme think... one last question... any general advice for aspiring multi-pubbed
authors? <G>
[21:08] <Alma> Kahtt, yes...will do. (MJ's mentioned that too...again, and again... And putting my email
address on the book cover...which I forgot...
[21:08] <Alma> Mouser, I think my advice is to take yourself seriously...

[21:08] <kahtt> tsk tsk
[21:08] <grmouser> Oh crud. That counts me out.
[21:09] <kahtt> we'll tag team you
[21:09] <Alma> I mean...if you believe in your writing, then act like it...
[21:09] <Alma> It's hard...keeping faith...but it's necessary

[21:09] * grmouser suspects Alma was coached beforehand by the kahttling!
[21:09] <Alma> <--swears has had NO prior coaching:)
[21:10] <TueSoClb> Well, I could pick up the staff and pare...
[21:10] * Chelisse needs to restart her PC *again*. she also understands and will take to heart Alma's
advice because it makes perfect sense
[21:10] <Alma> I'm serious about this: the powers that be run a very self-important, self-regarding little
[21:10] <Alma> They keep others out because it makes them feel good about themselves...that they somehow
know better

[21:10] <kahtt> psst - MJ Rose chats to come soon on ERA. for now read our past chat with her at ENE
[21:10] <kahtt> come back soon Chelisse
[21:11] <grmouser> Later, Chelisse.
[21:11] <Alma> Night Chelisse...thanks for having me
[21:11] <TueSoClb> Which has a habit of spring a self-important link when Alma gives it the evil eye.
[21:11] <Chelisse> very welcome. hopefully will be back in five mins, depending on if the server gods
shall permit my passing again
[21:11] *** Chelisse has left #chatterlings
[21:11] <grmouser> Wau. First JoanZsie is coming, then Chelisse had Alma without anyone realising...
[21:11] <Alma> Tues, exactly!
[21:11] <kahtt> <g>
[21:11] <Alma> Hahaha
[21:11] <Alma> Feeelthy minds
[21:11] <Alma> (I approve)
[21:12] <Alma> So...to finish my rant...

[21:12] <grmouser> Nahh. Not me. I only scribble pseudo-erotic nonsense. :)
[21:12] <kahtt> very filthy minds here Alma
[21:12] <Alma> Kahtt, a rare and beautiful thing
[21:12] <kahtt> poor grm, we had to make up a genre for his novels
[21:12] <grmouser> <laugh> 'Weird shit', right?
[21:13] <TueSoClb> If you could puch yourself down that wire you could wield the feather tonight....
[21:13] <kahtt> that's the base name
[21:13] <Alma> The fact is that the establishment hasn't a clue what readers want...they don't. You have a
better chance of figuring that out (by writing what YOU like) than they do

[21:13] <grmouser> True enough, Alma.
[21:13] <Alma> OK...end of rant
[21:13] <Alma> God, I'm such a windbag

[21:13] <kahtt> Hmm, I think some people have gotten away with it though. Like Nina Roy and Enna Holly
[21:13] <Alma> I
[21:14] <grmouser> Oh pish. You should hear kahtt when she's got a head of team built up on my stuff.
[21:14] <grmouser> team=steam!
[21:14] <Alma> Kahtt, yeah...they've done a good job working the system. It's an art
[21:14] <kahtt> rant on Alma, that's the point of this chat for us to get to know you and get inspired
[21:14] <Alma> Haha Gr...I'm looking forward to learning about all these internecine struggles
[21:15] * grmouser reaches for his dictionary...
[21:15] <Alma> Thanks Kahtt...(you might regret it!)
[21:15] <TueSoClb> Ha!
[21:15] <kahtt> nah
[21:15] <kahtt> lol Cait
[21:16] <Alma> I should rejoin La Famiglia...they're beckoning me to the dinner table...(where my
enchilada is rapidly cooling...
[21:16] <Alma> I want to thank you all for inviting me...and I look forward to attending future chats

[21:16] <grmouser> Oh dear. We're interrupting the lass's supper.
[21:16] <grmouser> Good chatting with you, Alma. Best of luck.
[21:17] <kahtt> ahh
[21:17] <TueSoClb> If you're headed out, goodnight. Thanks for the answers.
[21:17] <Alma> ...cause I can be really obnoxious...when it's someone else in the hot seat
[21:17] <kahtt> bon appetite Alma
[21:17] <Alma> I am...thanks. Also, if anyone reads Lofting, I'd love to hear comments
[21:17] <kahtt> that's what we need Alma!
[21:17] <Alma> Kahtt, truss me...I can be very annoying...in a funny way
[21:17] <Alma> <--was on good behavior tonight

[21:18] <kahtt> <g>
[21:18] <kahtt> Alma, ever tried BlackLace?
[21:18] *** TueSoClb is now known as caitlain
[21:18] <Alma> Night Kahtt (and thanks for all your tech prep, etc)
[21:18] <Alma> Kahtt, for publishing?
[21:18] <grmouser> G'night, Alma. Happy munching.
[21:18] <kahtt> Emma Holly's Publications
[21:18] <Alma> Night Mouser!thanks
[21:18] <Alma> Night Caitlin

[21:19] <kahtt> yes
[21:19] <caitlain> If you're headed out, goodnight. Thanks for the answers.
[21:19] <Alma> Kahtt..I did...they weren't interested
[21:19] <kahtt> you are most welcome Alma and thank you for coming
[21:19] <Alma> Welcomes...ciao all
[21:19] <kahtt> hmm, weird
[21:19] *** Alma has left #chatterlings
End of #chatterlings buffer Tue Oct 23 21:19:35 2001
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