#chatterlings Special Chat Event: Couples Who Write

Hosted by
Bert Rinehart & Kim Corum

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kahtt: Hi Kenn
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kahtt: hi julius
julius: evenin' kahht und darklord
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julius: was it something I said??
kahtt: nah, he prolly closed the wrong window
julius: a draught perhaps?
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kahtt: wb kenn
DarkLord: i
DarkLord: got lost
kahtt: closed the wrong window?
DarkLord: did something
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DarkLord: have erachat window open so to make comments
kahtt: hi Kim
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Kim: Hello, Kahtt
julius: hi kim
Kim: howdy!
Kim: How is everyone this evening?

DarkLord: evening and well
julius: me i'm just sparkling
kahtt: okay
Kim: sparkling? like a Christmas tree?
kahtt: will both you and Bert be able to chat?
Kim: yes. we're both here. I thought we could do it in shifts.
DarkLord wonders if Big Bird and Ernie is here also
DarkLord: sorry
kahtt: okie
Kim: Bert says ha ha ha
kahtt: he would
julius: my big bird's here and my partner too
Kim: i don't know if I wanna go there or not.... :-)
kahtt: not
julius: (retracted of course)
Kim: so is Darklord and Julius writers as well?
kahtt: I think we should wait a bit for a few more people to show up
kahtt: gentlemen?
DarkLord: so so, novice trainee
julius: isn't that aren't
Kim: It's been a long ass day for me, Jul.
DarkLord: I too long for. . . .
kahtt: <g>
julius: I think you meant is my lady a writer to... yes but we're both very much amateurs.....
DarkLord: let me know when we are don waiting kahtt
Kim: what sort of stuff do you write?
julius: I'm weighting two
kahtt: Julius and his partner are here Kim
julius: YOU"VE NO READ ANY!!!!!!!!!
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julius: not
Kim: Oh! I swear it's been a really long day!
julius: I'll be quiet now
kahtt: Kim, Julius is pulling your leg
Kim: ??
DarkLord doing this with out rum be gentle
Kim: Tell him to give me my leg back!
kahtt: <g>
julius: nice leg, needs a shave!
Kim: you didn't look too closely...
DarkLord: close look?
kahtt: close shave
Kim: uh, yeah.
DarkLord: let me see?
julius: didn't look that high!
Kim: I'm showing them to you right now.
DarkLord: me???? never
julius: one's left!
kahtt: lol
julius: nice boots
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Kim: ;-)
kahtt: hi Andrew
Kim: hello andrew
Andrew: hi kahtt
julius: Hi in Garlic land, sorry Gaelic land
DarkLord: evening Sir
Andrew: hi kim, Kenn, Julius
kahtt: Andrew - Julius is representing two peoples and so is KIm
DarkLord opening spotlife to add pictures to chat
julius: 2 peoples, Nova Scotians and Kippers
Andrew: I see, ethnic heritage?
julius: hmmm
kahtt: this is so weird, chat where the men are more than the chicas
Kim: it is strange to me, too...
julius: more what, hairy legged?
Andrew: more what?
kahtt: unless you shave Jul
julius: where
kahtt: your legs of course
Andrew: ha
DarkLord shaved. . long time ago
Andrew: I tried once
DarkLord: never shaved my legd
julius: god no, nor face, can hardly see me for the undergrowth
Kim: try it. it feels so good in the sheets when you go to bed
Andrew: but she wouldn't hold still a second time
julius: my legd's unshaved too
DarkLord: course oral sex has always been a tangled snarl for me
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kahtt: hi Lynne
Andrew: hi Lynne
DarkLord: My Lady
kahtt: sex users!
Kim: Lynne
julius: ow's yer legs missus
Lynne: Hi everyone
kahtt: and now we are balanced
Andrew: definitely
kahtt: Okay, let's start the official chat.
Kim: Goodie!
Andrew: are guests here?
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kahtt: of course Kim is really Kim & Bert
Andrew: greets Cait!
Andrew: Oh I see, duh
kahtt: Hi Cait.
julius: hi cait
kahtt: Our host couple is Kim Corum & Bert Rinehart
Kim: Hey Cait
Caitlain: Hi kahtt, Hi everyone. Hi Kim & Bert.
Kim: that's me
Lynne: Hello Kim and bert
Kim: Hello from Kim and Bert :-)
Andrew: Bert is an alter ego?
Kim: :-l
Kim: Bert told me to do that

kahtt: Kim Corum & Bert Rinehart have been married for 11 years and live down south.
Kim writes sexy novels and Bert writes novels with sex
Kim: Yes, alter ego. He sits on my shoulder
Andrew: I see, like Long John Silvers parrot
Kim: Kahtt, that is too good.
kahtt pats self on back
Kim: Yes, a parrot would be good.
Lynne: Isn't it a devil that sits on your shoulder?!
DarkLord: brb, sys problem
*** Signoff: DarkLord (Quit: Leaving)
Kim: No devils! I don't like horns.
Lynne: LOL
julius: ?
kahtt: a bit more introduction. Bert has two books available on Amazon.Com - 1. A.K.A. Dorothy Drab
kahtt: 2. Animal Kingdom
Kim: Bert says thanks for the links
kahtt: Kim has three books out - Playtime
kahtt: 2. 99 Martinis
kahtt: 3. Heartbreaker
Kim: Kim says thanks for the links
kahtt: that's my job
Kim: :-)
kahtt: I'll leave our chatters to the interrogation - er questions
julius: ?
Kim: Should I be scared?
kahtt: nah
julius: do you write parts of each other's novels or do you write solo all the time
Kim: Solo all the time. We don't work well together :-)
kahtt: ?
Kim: On books. we fight if we write together
julius: no asking opinions or for comment etc
Kim: we're thinking about doing a non-fiction together, tho
Kim: Oh, yeah, I have to know what he thinks. And he has to do editing for me

Andrew: ?
kahtt: Andrew
Andrew: how about editing each others work?
Kim: Yes. We do that.
Kim: I call Bert the editor nazi

julius: ?
kahtt: julius
Kim: He goes though it with a fine tooth comb.
kahtt: Kim: when you see a ? please "call on" that person
julius: any inhibitions when writing I found mine slow to let go, still have a couple
Kim: Like this: ??
kahtt: Kim: nah just say their name
Kim: Sure?
julius: ?
Kim: Julius, I try to let all inhibitions ride when writing. Is that what you mean?
*** Caitlain is now known as Cait-afk
julius: don't understand your response really
Kim: What is your question?
Cait-afk: My apologies, must go. Dinner. Nice to see you both again.
Lynne: I noticed kahtt's description of your books 'Kim writes sexy novels and Bert writes novels with sex' Is this
your definition of your writing? If so - are there differences in the way you approach your writing?
julius: back seven lines i think
*** Cait-afk has left channel #chatterlings
Kim: Yes, we are very different. I try to focus on one character, Bert seems to be more broad minded and
throw all kinds of stuff in there

kahtt: ASIDE: I was just using a cute phrase, they did not agree to my description of their writing
Kim: Julius, I don't have many inhibitions when writing.
kahtt: ?
Kim: No, we agreed. We thought it was funny.
julius: well I'll get there i guess
Kim: Stick to it.
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Kim: I found it hard at first, but I've been writing over ten years now.
Lynne: ?
kahtt: I think what Julius means is that are there certain things you still can not write about due to your personal
kahtt: Lynne
Kim: Exactly, but those are the things I like to focus on. If it makes me think twice, I know it has to go in there.
It makes it more real.
Lynne: Do you think the differences in your writing is a male/female or a personality thing?
Kim: Both. But mostly male/female. I've very feminie and he's a MAN! Eats steak with his hands. LOL
Lynne: LOL
julius: ?
Lynne: ?
Kim: I'm not gonna say what else he does.
Kim: He's really not that uncouth.
Kim: He doesn't use his hands. He uses his feet.
Kim: he told me to say that.

Lynne: Do you ever ask each other's advice when writing about a character of the opposite sex?
Andrew: ?
Kim: Sometimes. Depending on the characters. Usually, we don't take the advice given, tho.
Lynne: !
Kim: I've actually written in the male narrative.
Kim: !
Kim: We're both very territorial when it comes to our writing is what I mean.

Lynne: One of the disadvantages maybe of being husband and wife?!
Kim: One of the many.
kahtt: julius
Kim: That's what it's like, though. We'll ask advice, then when we get it, we're like, You don't know
what you're talking about
julius: Are you ever inhibited because you know bert is going to read what you wrote/ Juliet
Lynne: ?
DarkLord: sorry, have to leave, long distant phone call, later I hope
*** Signoff: DarkLord (Quit: Leaving)
Kim: Sometimes, yes. I'm like, Oh, man, he's gonna kill me for using this!
kahtt: andrew - your question
Andrew: do you ever just hop in bed and do some research?
julius: Does the editing ever lead to misunderstandings between you?
Kim: I don't call it research....
Andrew: for a story?
Kim: Does the editing ever lead to misunderstanding? That's putting it mildly.
kahtt: Lynne - your question
Lynne: When you wrote your piece in the male narrative did you ask Bert's opinion of whether you got it right?
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Kim: Actually, no. He read it and didn't say anything, so I figured I must have got it right.
kahtt: Hi Joan
Kim: He now claims he did tell me about some things a guy wouldn't do.
kahtt: <g>
JoanZS: Hi, kahtt! Hello, room, with special greetings to our guest. :-)
Kim: HEY JZ!!
Lynne: !
kahtt: Lynne - your comment
Andrew: hi Joan
Lynne: oops - hope I'm not causing a marital dispute now!
julius: ?
JoanZS: Hi, Kim! (Just finished Bert's book, will review later this weekend)
kahtt: julius - your question
Kim: Nah, we fight all the time. (Not bad...)
JoanZS waves to Andrew
Lynne: ?
Kim: Joan, Bert is on eggshells waiting...
kahtt: ASIDE: making up after the fight is the research part for books <snicker>
Kim: Kahtt knows best.
JoanZS: Tell him to be weeeee bit more patient! LOL!
julius: Sometimes i find we are carefull of the other's feelings so are not always as truthful as
we might be with someone else.Does this happen with you?
Lynne: Very true Kahtt!
Kim: I will. Actually he just read it.
Kim: J, there must be truth! I just finished a book that he hasn't read and I hope it doens't
make him uneasy, but if it does, then that's kinda good cause I know I did something right.

kahtt: Lynne - your question
Lynne: Do you both use the computer for writing?
Kim: If I get kicked off, my computer hates me.
kahtt: Kim please change your nick name to KimBert
Kim: Lynne, good question. Because it made us...irritable to share a computer, we bought another one
recently. Bliss is back.
Kim: I'll try Kahtt

Lynne: I know the feeling!
Kim: Bert says we have to log out and get back in.
kahtt: type /nick KimBert
kahtt: okie
Kim: Lynne, two computers is the way to go
kahtt: we'll be here
*** Kim is now known as KimBert
KimBert: YEA!!!!
kahtt: <g>
KimBert: I'm KimBert!
JoanZS: No relation to Dilbert...
kahtt: when Bert gets on he can use BertKim
KimBert: Uh, not saying...
KimBert: No, he has to use KimBert becuase it sounds better.

Lynne: Or if you have only one computer you must have a timetable I suppose
kahtt: LOL
KimBert: The one comupter thing was nightmare!
kahtt: ?
kahtt: Did you have a timetable?
KimBert: He'd say, I'l using it tonight and then I'd be like, NO!!!
Lynne: We solved it by my having it during week days and hubby evenings and weekends
KimBert: No, we didn't, but we should have. LOL
KimBert: Bert says the timetable was I made him get off when I wanted it!

kahtt: Julius? Juliet? Do you use a time table?
KimBert: I'm really not that bad.
kahtt: riiight
KimBert: uh huh
julius: No but I'm out workign during the weekdays so HE USES IT THEN.
JoanZS: Must be going, eyes refuse to stay open...
Lynne: But i admit it can be irritating if you suddenly get inspiration in the evenings! You
have to be flexible as well
kahtt: night Joan
KimBert: See ya JZ. :-)
Andrew: nite nite Joan
kahtt: I say have pen and notebook at hand
KimBert: Bert hopes his book didn't turn you against reading
JoanZS: Good night, kahtt, Andrew, Julius, Lynne, and of course Kim.
*** Signoff: JoanZS (Quit: "Go with all your heart for what is exactly your own.")
kahtt: INSIDE Scoop: JZS likes Bert's book
KimBert: YEA!!!!!!!
KimBert: JZ good.
KimBert: Bert bad.

kahtt: I just can't say anything else
KimBert: I'd never ask you to.
KimBert: So, what did everyone have for lunch today?
KimBert: I had a club sandwich.

kahtt: chicken cutlet parm over linguine with extra marinara sauce
Andrew: I had some healthy Scottish food, chips
KimBert: Yummy on both parts. Mine pales in comparison.
KimBert: Scottish? Are you in Scotland?

*** Caitlain (Caitlain@ has joined channel #chatterlings
kahtt: Okay since my description of your writing styles was poor, Bert can you get on the puter and
describe your style?
Andrew: I don't know, been a long timew since I had a club sandwich
kahtt: wb Cait
KimBert: Here he is. Be gentle.
KimBert: :-)

Andrew: yes KimBert, Edinburgh
Caitlain: Thanks....
KimBert: Bye! (from Kim)
Andrew: hi Cait!
*** KimBert is now known as bertkim
Lynne: If one of you gets a good review how does the other react? I ask because - although my hubby
is pleased he always tries to keep my feet on the ground by saying that my head will be too big to get through the door!
kahtt tries to give poor Bert a word in edgewise. Oh and Heartbreaker is HILARIOUS!
bertkim: It is a very good book (I edited it, after all)
kahtt groans
bertkim: it's true :-)
kahtt: yeah but don't rub it in. answer lynne's question
kahtt thinks she created a monster
bertkim: Lynne, we think it is great when either of us gets a good review. Seriously. We really think it's cool.
kahtt: ASIDE: Kim's latest book - Heartbreaker
bertkim: Kahtt, no monster here. Just a guy, sitting at a computer, typing and drinking a beer.
bertkim: and sitting in a chair.

kahtt: ASIDE: Bert's latest book - Animal Kingdom
Lynne: I guess my husband's reaction is because he isn't a writer - which must be one of the advantages of you both doing
the same thing - you can really empathize
bertkim: Lynne, what sort of stuff do you write?
Lynne: Erotica - mostly collections of short stories - but also two novels
bertkim: Cool.
bertkim: Where might I find them?

kahtt: Renaissance E Books
Lynne: And from Amazon
kahtt: yes most of REB's are available on Amazon
bertkim: what's the titles (so, I'll know where to look)
kahtt: hold on I'll get the links
Lynne: Thanks Kahtt
kahtt: np
bertkim: Kim's book, Playtime is also published by Renaissance
Lynne: My husband does help though
kahtt: we know
Lynne: And not only with the research!
bertkim: Research is always good. (If you choose to call it that)
Lynne: LOL
bertkim: Kim's got another book coming out through Renaissance pretty soon
bertkim: It's 99 Martinis -Uncensored

Lynne: Good publisher (though I am biased!)
kahtt: Wives and Lovers by Terry
bertkim: I'll check it out...now
kahtt: select ENE as the reseller code for these titles please
kahtt: ?
Lynne: My husband helps with the technical stuff - and has set up a website to promote my work -
and designed the cover for Wives and Lovers
bertkim: Kahtt, Ok
kahtt: Would Kim prefer readers to buy her book through Amazon or REB?
bertkim: Kim's mentioned your book before. it looks good.
Lynne: Wives and Lovers is actually published under a penname
kahtt: Rainbow Dreams by Lynne
Lynne: Terry MacCoy
bertkim: Through REB (more royalties) it's all about the benjamins, you know?
bertkim: well, not exactly, but you know what I mean.

Lynne: Though there does seem to be a bigger catchment area on Amazon
kahtt: Whispers in the Wind by Lynne
bertkim: ?
kahtt: Avalon by Lynne
kahtt: bert you and kim as hosts talk freely LOL
bertkim: I had a question. I'm not really sure I understand the thing about the Catchment area. Lynne, could you explain?
Lynne: Amazon UK has just started stocking Renaissance books - as well as Germany, Ausrtria, France- and Japan!
kahtt: Fevered Spirits by Lynne
Lynne: So there are a lot more poeple out there that will see the books
Lynne: Or even people! Sorry - it's late here!
bertkim: Oh, yes. Of course. yes.
bertkim: indeedy

kahtt: Chained Melodies by Lynne
bertkim: absolutely
Lynne: Though it would be helpful if they included blurbs for the books!
bertkim: I think they do. It just takes a while. BTW, Lynne are you in England?
Lynne: I'm in Holland
kahtt: Please select ENE as the reseller code for these titles at REB
bertkim: Close, but no cigar (as usual)
Lynne: No - they don't include a book description - David has contacted them about it
Lynne: Only on the US site
Lynne: Thanks for the links Kahtt
bertkim: Will do, kahtt. Most definitely. yes.
kahtt: np
julius: Sorry we have to go!! Thanks so much for the chat.It has been fun.
kahtt: night Juliet - julius
*** julius has left channel #chatterlings
Andrew: cheers Julius
bertkim: Glad to have you.
bertkim: So, ask me questions.
bertkim: Remember, the answer is only one question away.

kahtt: Find review of Kim's books Heartbreaker on ENE
bertkim: where?
bertkim: Ok.

Andrew: ?
bertkim: review has been found
kahtt: Read past chat logs of Bert and Kim separate author chats on ENE
bertkim: Andrew, we're going to discuss that...kim
bertkim: You are talking about JZ's review, right?

kahtt: yup
kahtt: Andrew - your question
bertkim: I am on it.
Andrew: I tried to ask KimBert but she never really answered, do you ever do real research, to try a position an see if it's feasible?
bertkim: Andrew. All positions have usually been researched.
Andrew: not by me
bertkim: Ok.
Andrew: guess that's an answer
bertkim: Everything she writes about is feasible. She really
bertkim: Then, I'm not sure I'm understanding your question.
bertkim: What sort of positions are you talking about then?

Andrew: don't you ever have characters in strrange configurations?
bertkim: Configurations? We are talking about sexual positions, right? or situations?
Andrew: and don't know if arms should go above? or below?
Lynne: I actually researched a story about professional phone sex by becoming a phone sex girl for a couple of months
Andrew: not just intercourse
bertkim: Lynne, that's cool. What did you think of it?
Lynne: It sucked!
bertkim: Andrew, everything she puts in her books is very rooted in reality. Real situations that could happen to real people.
bertkim: Lynne. I kinda figured that.

Lynne: It was even quite frightening at times
bertkim: Andrew, does that answer your question?
bertkim: Lynne, I'm sure. There's a lot of sick people out there. I

Andrew: close enough I think, maybe
Lynne: But it did have its lighter moments!
bertkim: Maybe sick is too harsh a term. I'll just say that their tastes are quite far from the mainstream.
bertkim: Everything's usually not all bad.

Lynne: No - sick could describe a couple of my customers!
bertkim: I can imagine.
kahtt: ?
Lynne: But I'm glad I did the research -
bertkim: Kahtt, what's the question?
kahtt: Bert can you describe your writing style and how it differes from Kim's?
bertkim: I'm not really sure I can do this, but I'll give it a shot. Kim's writing is more character driven. Also, it seems
to geared more toward women (not that this is bad, it's just how she writes). My writing is more controlled stream of
consciousness (I hope this doesn't sound pretentious - though I'm sure it probably does)

kahtt: define controlled stream of consciousness
bertkim: It's like I'm writing whatever is popping into my head that remotely pertains to whatever point it is that
I'm trying to achieve. I usually get a very loose idea and sort of work it out in a somewhat nonlinear manner.

kahtt: are you more a narrator and Kim a dialoguist?
kahtt made up those terms
bertkim: I'm not really sure about that. (I like those terms). I think that might be true, but I'm not really sure.
Lynne: Or does Kim write in a more structured framework?
bertkim: Lynne, definitely
Lynne: Do you (she) use plot outlines at all?
bertkim: No, we don't use those.
Lynne: Do either of you know where the plot is heading when you start?
bertkim: Here's kind of how it is. Kim starts out with a lot less structure, but the end product is usually very structured
(Odd, considering that she usually writes by the seat of her pants, so to speak - she said this) I, however, usually start
out with more of a structure, but my finished work is (seems) to be less structured.
bertkim: I usually know somewhat. Kim says that she doesn't really know - she just lets it flow.
bertkim: How about you?

kahtt: !
kahtt: ?
Lynne: Does that mean you will veer away from the structure if you think the characters want you to? (That sounds a bit wierd!)
bertkim: Kahtt, ?
kahtt: do you both write a little each day?
bertkim: Lynne, we both say definitely.
Lynne: !
bertkim: Yes. Kim writes more than me, though. We don't force it. If we don't feel like it, we usually don't do it.
bertkim: I used to write everyday, whether I felt like it or not. I noticed though, that my writing usually wasn't very good on the
days I didn't feel like it.

Lynne: You asked how I write. I think in a similar way - though it does depend. Sometimes I have an idea in my head with a definite
beginning, middle and end - and that's what gets written. Other times I will have no idea what is going to happen until it does!
bertkim: I understand completely.
bertkim: Sometimes, I just get the idea of a feeling that I'm trying to capture and that's what I try to write about.

Lynne: Hmm - that's more like the way I write my poetry
bertkim: Kahtt, how about you?
bertkim: Lynne, usually I do it in some roundabout way
kahtt: i write when I get inspired
kahtt: never written a novel though so ...
Lynne: And what inspires you Kahtt?
bertkim: Your poetry, Kahtt? (time for the tables to be turned)
bertkim: ?
bertkim: :-)

kahtt: well since I mainly write poetry - I've only written about 5 stories - yes. it's usually emotionally driven
kahtt: but I have also used poetry to experience many things
bertkim: Example?
Lynne: To experience? Or to cope with experiences?
kahtt: different types of relationships like BDSM
kahtt: both Lynne
bertkim: I think writing is an excellent way to cope. It's also a good way to sort of test things out.
kahtt: yes
bertkim: BDSM, Kahtt? (eyebrow raised)
Lynne: And which of those turn out the best in your opinion - as I woul;d say that one sort would be written more with the head
- the other with the heart (to use cliches!)
bertkim: I usually write with my hands (usually)
Lynne: LOL!
Lynne: Not with your feet then?!
bertkim: Not usually. I would have to take my shoes off.
Lynne: Oooh - better not then! (Thinking of Kim!)
bertkim: I guess you got me.
kahtt: exactly Lynne. If I am writing about something I experienced then it's all heart. If it's something I am curious about
and would like to explore it's with the noggin.
bertkim: Very astute, Kahtt.
Lynne: And which do you think turn out better?
bertkim: Kahtt hit the nail on the head.
kahtt: dunno, I'd have to ask others. I think that 80% of my poems written from experience are very raw and emotional. some
times I read them over years later and am in shock
bertkim: I read some of my stuff from years ago and cringe.
Lynne: Well folks - I'm going to have to get to bed - it's 4 am here!
kahtt: yeah, I would not recommend them now
bertkim: Wow.
kahtt: night Lynne
kahtt: er, morning
bertkim: good night, Lynne. Pleasant chatting
Lynne: Night everyone - and thanks Kahtt, Kim and Bert for tyhe interesting chat.
bertkim: morning, then.
bertkim: thank you for participating.

*** Signoff: Lynne (Quit: Time to put theory into practice!)
Caitlain: Bye, Lynne
kahtt: Kim's Books
kahtt: 1. Playtime
kahtt: 2. 99 Martinis
kahtt: 3. Heartbreaker
kahtt: Books by Bert
kahtt: 1. A.K.A. Dorothy Drab
kahtt: 2. Animal Kingdom
kahtt sticks in the extra plug
bertkim: Kahtt, but sometimes when you read some of your older stuff, are you surprised at what you've written? But in a good way?
bertkim: Thanks, Kahtt. for the linkage

kahtt: yes
kahtt: np
Caitlain: !
kahtt: I'm not ashamed of even the "bad" stuff or the "overly raw" stuff. It shows my growth etc.
kahtt: Caitlain - your comment
bertkim: I'll be reading some of my stuff (although I rarely read anything I write after I'm done with it - Kim thinks this is weird) and I think it's complete garbage, but sometimes I'm like, man, what a coherent thought.
Caitlain: I didn't want you all thinking I was asleep here. The comment seems to hold true here too. Most of what I write that grabs attention is written from experience and from the heart.
bertkim: I'm not ashamed of anything I write (although I might not want to let anybody read it)
kahtt: ? Cait
Caitlain: Yes.
kahtt: have you ever put yourself in a situation and written about it to see how you would respond?
bertkim: is this question for me or Cait?
kahtt: Cait, Kim, Bert, Andrew
Caitlain: Uhm, ussually situations first. I write about them long after....
bertkim: No, I don't do that. I usually have the situation roughly worked out before I write it.
bertkim: Not to say that it's not spontaneous or anything. It's just that I have a limited amount of writing time, so I have to make every minute count.

Caitlain: It worries me sometimes, writing from experience. Even when I compound them, I worry that some of my past lovers will see themselves...
kahtt: I meant do you ever explore something through your writing? something you have never done
kahtt: ?
bertkim: absolutely (Kim says absolutely as well)
kahtt: ?
Caitlain: Those details are what happens around the exciting stuff, but yes, I have.
kahtt: Do you ever change a certain character's description because they are too close to someone you know?
bertkim: Kim says she's going to bed. she can barely keep her eyes open.She wishes everyone well.
kahtt: night Kim
Caitlain: G'night Kim.
bertkim: Kim says good night.
kahtt: thanks for chatting
bertkim: Kim says it was her pleasure.
bertkim: Kahtt, in reference to you question. Yes, I have changed character descriptions because of those reasons.
bertkim: But most of the characters I write are more composites of several people, rather than just one person.

kahtt: that was my next question
bertkim: I try not write quirky characters, but I think they sort of end up that way.
bertkim: I usually despise quirky characters.
bertkim: because they're so damned quirky.
bertkim: and contrived

kahtt: <g>
Caitlain: ? Isn't that the nature of 'character'? Something to make them stand out, so they have something to say
...first to the writer, then to the reader?
bertkim: I'm not really sure. I just write them the way I imagine them and make them do the things I need them to
do to make the story go where it needs to go.

*** Jude (Jude_Maso@odojr.cable.cr.island.net) has joined channel #chatterlings
kahtt: Hi Jude
bertkim: If they stand out, then that's entirely due to the place in the story hierarchy
*** BigB (BigB@staff.shadowworld.net) has joined channel #chatterlings
bertkim: hi jude.
kahtt: BB
BigB: hi k
Jude: hi Kahtt, everyone
kahtt: ?
BigB: Hey Jude
Caitlain: ? Is that to say you invest yourself in your character? At least in your main character?
kahtt: Bert, some writers feel that their characters dictate the story. It seems that Kim's do. What about yours?
Andrew: I must go to bed, bye all
Jude: g'night Andrew
Andrew: nite sweet
bertkim: Caitlain. I think it's almost impossible to invest yourself somewhat in your main character.
*** Andrew has left channel #chatterlings
bertkim: Goodbye, Andrew.
bertkim: Kahtt. I'm not really sure. I'll have to think about that.
bertkim: I think I may be too close to my stuff to really see if that's the case.
bertkim: Caitlain. I MEAN I think it's almost impossible NOT to invest yourself somewhat in your main character (I a word out)
bertkim: one of the most important words, no less.
bertkim: Kahtt, I'm gonna have to get off. There is a major storm a-brewin' outside.

BigB: ackkkkkkk
kahtt: thanks for chatting with us Bert
kahtt: and please thank Kim again
Jude: I'm sorry I was so late, thank you for coming
bertkim: Thank you very much for having me, Kahtt. You're a very gracious host.
Caitlain: Thank you, you two!
kahtt bows
kahtt: take care
bertkim: Also, thanks to everybody for chatting. I hope that I said something that made sense to someone somewhere.
kahtt: the chat log will be up on ENE late Sunday
Jude: cool, I'll see all that I missed, thank you Kahtt
bertkim: Kahtt is by far the hostess with the mostest.
bertkim: Thanks, Jude. Sorry I've got to go, but I don't want my modem to get fried (again)

BigB: amd thanx to ShadowWorld fro making this Author Chat possible :)
*** grmouser (grmouser@d109.as9.nwbl0.wi.voyager.net) has joined channel #chatterlings
grmouser: Greets, all.
kahtt: hi grm
BigB: hi grm
Jude: I totally understand, goodnight and thank you
bertkim: Greetings and farewells.
kahtt: bye!
bertkim: see ya.
*** bertkim has left channel #chatterlings
BigB: bye
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