Candy Concussion & Zoot


An ENE Review of the 2 books by
Chaz Thompson


Reviewed by G. Russell

Candy Concussion. An erotic collection.
Candy Concussion - a quirky title for a collection of erotica - the title encapsulates this richly inventive collection of stories. Candy Concussion is a cabinet of curiosities, shiningly beautiful, bizarre, arousing and passionate.
I gush ahead of myself. Before telling you how Chaz writes, let's look more closely at what he writes here. Ten stories. The opening story, "Wendy's House," tells of a young woman's sexual urges being awakened by a nameless, unseen force. The second- "The Lollipop," is just two sides of a page long - but Chaz writes more in 500 words or so than other novelists could manage to do with 5,000. "Ms Frankenstein" - a scientist who invents a machine to make her dreams tangible and inadvertently summons up her ideal sexual fantasy. "The theatre," A fem fatale razor blade yielding assassin who gets herself manipulated into a situation with an adversary who likes to play very, very rough. The stories are very wide ranging in their scope.
Meanwhile, I drag the lollipop to your thighs, painting a trail of cherry sap to that spot high and inside, and I find your pink slice waiting with a sprinkle of eager dewdrops leaking like crystal beads.
This brief excerpt from "Lollipop" will give you a taster of this writerÕs style: he loves words. There's hardly a sentence anywhere that's not fresh, and original- achieved without descending into purple, pretentious, or impenetrably obscure prose - Chaz knows how to write. He knows good technique. He writes with erudite wit, audacity, and exuberance: Metaphor, allegory, simile, hyperbole, paronomasia, hypallage, metonymy, synecdoche- ok, I'm becoming needlessly technical here - suffice it to say, he's damn good.
There's a potential problem with using a very stylistic to erotica. The writer's voice can, if too noticeable, distract the reader from the business of transferring the imagery required to arouse the senses - but with these stories that's not a problem. They entertain on many levels - they communcate ideas, and they arouse. Hotly erotic. As examples of masterfully written erotica, these deserve to be showcased.
I was on her skin. All of me against her with the touch of knowing. My face against her tender legs, I was a shadow of tongue, licking across her thighs, then behind her knees and up, to that lovely, round bottom, especially where her cheeks folded into the backs of her legs. I was a shadow of tongue tasting her cheeks, licking to the crack of her smooth, soft ass. - Wendy's House.
Nuff said. If you're a reader who wants more than just a sex narrative; If there's poetry in your soul - this collection is a must - have.
Zoot. A novel of sexual adventure.
Style-wise, Chaz reigns in some of his showcasing technical pyrotechnics in this imaginatively told tale of Zoot, the enigmatic time traveller who can dimension-jump to any planet using his highly trained will to abduct women to fill his castle. A unique premise with which to start this sensual sci-fantasy.
Chaz's main strengths lay with his unerring ability to create strong, feisty female characters. The heroine, a modern day American called Connie, at first rebels against being taken captive by the sexually irresistible, but emotionally impenetrable Zoot. But she soon discovers her dormant appetite for sapphic pleasures amongst her abductor's harem of nubile playmates.
But Zoot has ulterior motives for kidnapping Connie, and it's not long before she's fighting for more than her freedom when she finds herself embroiled in a nail-bitingly scary power-struggle.
Zoot is a good story. One of the best erotic-sci-fi novels IÕve read. I'd put it up there with Philip Jose Farmer's "Blown" as far as iconic writing in this fascinating sub genre is concerned.
There's some similarity between the two, although Farmer's work is far more bestial, stripped down to the bare essentials of pornography - both focus on the magical powers of orgasm - here, in Zoot, it is his sexual magnetism that acts as an addictive drug:
Mualeshi cried out first, her gash splattering the three of them come, his cock driving into her, deeper and deeper, a jet of non-stop sperm drilling her, filling her, scalding her, igniting inside her like white napalm. Pinwheels spun in her eyes, spun and exploded and kept spinning as she held on to the leader, these bodies slick with sweat, ripping with febrile madness, chopping through them in massive bites.
Both these works by Chaz Thompson, these lushly imagined stories, require deeper analysis than space permits here. I'll end by saying that Mr. Thompson's unforgettable style proves that the short story is capable of infinite depth and diversity, and that his novel Zoot, shows the way forward for aspiring writers of fantasy erotica.
I highly recommend both of them.

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