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kahtt: Hi peoples!
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DarkLord1: Scanner Rider!
kahtt: tanke ye both
DarkLord1: M7y LAdy good evening
baddog: beam me up scottie
kahtt: woof BD
baddog: high guys
selkie: ah 3 females to 2 males getting better
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baddog: so much for that
kahtt: hi Bert!
Bert: Hello
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kahtt: SEX USERS!
DarkLord1: wheres Erney?
baddog: i always prefer one on one
DarkLord1 pours another what ever
Caitlain: Hi Bert.
kahtt: heeey
kahtt: don't pick on our guest
Bert: I'm not sure about Ernie.
kahtt waves at Kim in the background
DarkLord1: ya bring Big Bird?
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Bert: I think he's hanging out in the men's room at the Greyhound bus station
kahtt: Please Bert, no encouragement
Bert: Ok. I was just trying to be helpful
DarkLord1 belives so, what with the si. . . .never mind, proper time
kahtt thinks it's going to be a sassy night
DarkLord1 wonders where she got the spurs and whip?
Bert: Ok. So what do you want to know?
Caitlain: We are a rather boisterous lot...
Bert: Kim says hello, Kahtt
kahtt: First let me introduce our guest author
kahtt smiles at Kim
kahtt: Bert Rinehart is 33 years old and lives in the South. In addition to
kahtt: writing books, he has written comics and has been published in several
kahtt: alternative publications.
Bert: Kim winks at Kahtt
kahtt: And Bert's latest book is -
kahtt: A.K.A. Dorothy Drab by Bert Rinehart
kahtt: How do you go on with life after your wife has become a famous porno
kahtt: actress? a.k.a. Dorothy Drab by Bert Rinehart is not your normal love story.
kahtt: It’s a witty tale about the disintegration of a relationship and one man’s
kahtt: attempt to put it and himself back together.
Bert: just kidding
baddog: how about trying to hit on the other female porn stars instead
baddog: afterall the acting, they would probably appreciate something smaller.
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Bert: Good observation. However, that's just not the case
DarkLord1: she forgot to watch the time
kahtt: she'll be back
DarkLord1: hitting on a porn star can get you beat up by her girlfriend
kahtt: Bert, I want to know how you came up with the premise for this book
DarkLord1 rems barkeeper days at strip bar
Bert: I'm not really sure. I wanted to write a book about regret in a relationship and this just seemed like a good way to express it.
DarkLord1: and was there a lot of research?
kahtt: Hmm. So, you didn't just finish watching a porno and thought "Man, I wonder what their real life relationships are like?"
Bert: Ha ha. Not really. I just read a lot of articles on behind the scenes kind of stuff just so I wouldn't get too hokey
DarkLord1 awaits Kims reaction to that statement
DarkLord1: sorry
Bert: No, not really. I sort of looked at in reverse. I looked at a relationship and wondered how it would be if the female was in the sex biz
kahtt: lol
baddog: was the wife a porn star when they met
Bert: No. She became one after they were married
baddog: what happened to bring her to that point it is not a normal occupation
Caitlain: It would seem opportunity knocked...
Bert: She was just an unhappy person and this is how she ultimately became her real self
baddog: i thought you would say that
Bert: It's more about the freedom to do what you want rather than any sexual aspect
Bert: The sex is really not that important a part of what she's doing.

baddog: this time of a personality sea change does not lend itself to continuing an existing relationship
kahtt hopes Bert is not giving away any of the story
Bert: You don't have to worry.
baddog: but we do
kahtt: we want y'all to buy the book afterall
baddog: we are concerned about characters and their happiness
Bert: Dog, you're right. But that's addressed in the book.
DarkLord1: any pictures?
baddog: that makes you feel good
Bert: No pics. It's not that kind of book
kahtt: a lovely cover Kenn, check it out
baddog: do you think it could go to video
DarkLord1: any blank pages so I can draw my own?
Bert: You can draw in the margins
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selkie: some gremlin that was
selkie: tanke Cait
selkie: had to do a full restart
DarkLord1 slips a cheep feel
selkie: ummmmmmmm
baddog: DL you have been drinking at least you have an excuse
baddog: do we have to tell selkie what she missed
kahtt: Bert, many of us here are writers and one of the genres we write in is erotica. Now when I looked up your book on Amazon I noticed that it was bought along with many erotica novels
kahtt: She'll read all about it Mike
Bert: That's true. I wouldn't really consider it erotica though. It's more of a novel that deals with erotic subject matter - somebody else might call it erotica though. I can see it.
selkie: If so Bert. Is it erotic and if so why aren't you in era the best place on the net
DarkLord1: I have to go for a few, company, give me a little time to send them packing
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kahtt: Bert, how would you classify your novel?
grmouser: Greets, all.
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kahtt: Speak of the devil
DarkLord1: hello sir hair, good by sir Hair, back in a few
selkie: hi JOan , Mouser
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Bert: I think maybe literary fiction
baddog: how is the erotic market, has the internet affected sales of professionals
kahtt: hi JoanZSie
grmouser: kah: That would be me, yes?
Bert: Or complete bullshit
JoanZS looks around for the devil
JoanZS: hi, kahtt!
kahtt: who else grm
grmouser: bert: Complete bullshit? Splendid! Sounds like something I might scribble. :)
Bert: I'm not sure about that, dog.
kahtt: not at all Bert, it's doing well
selkie: Is that literary fiction with what I would call titillating snips in it to keep the readers interest Bert?
Bert: Thanks.
selkie: Or is it romantic fiction
baddog: since joining era, i have not felt urge or need to buy any erotic stories
baddog: the people here are incredible writers
baddog: BD is sucking up again
grmouser: bd: I should think you'd be up to your eyeballs in it by now. <G>
Bert: Selkie, Maybe. I didn't really intentionally try to put any sex in the book for that reason. I took a pretty minimal approach. Less is more.
selkie: I feel awed in the presence of some of them.
grmouser: Good approach, Bert.
selkie: I think the imagination is the groin twitcher. To put it crudely
Bert: Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe
JoanZS: I actually get bored with long, endlessly detailed sex scenes. After a while, they seem rather monotonous.
baddog: i watch the "famous" authors hawking their books on the major media
baddog: how does the small timers do it
selkie: Yes Joan Unreal. How many real life sex scenes go on for 12 hours.
grmouser: bd: They tell kahtt. She tells everyone else. ;)
JoanZS: Ah, I wish, selkie...
baddog: about two a day
selkie: Ludwig please elucidate Bert
Bert: He was the guy who said, "less is more."
selkie: two mins is pretty short though:-)
Bert: He was an architect
baddog: a minimalist
Caitlain: Ah, and an art critic.
selkie doing a screenwriting workshop and everthing seems to be in 3 min scenes
baddog: have you ever tried to live in a dog house
JoanZS: three minutes can be a long time in a film
Bert: Go here to find about about Ludwig
selkie: Yes Joan. I am really struggling only went on this workshop cause I was the secretary of the groupo
JoanZS: Still, I've been told that if you want to learn something about plot, learn something about screenwriting.
baddog: going to eat and drink, thanks guys have fun
JoanZS: bye bye baddog
Bert: See ya
Caitlain: Bye.
selkie: I have got to say that Francois F. Huret was one of the greatest Parisian Architects after the war. He buil row upon row of identical flats along the Seine. Was hailed as brilliant design with inner marble floors and gold painted radiators
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kahtt: missed him
kahtt: I think because of the books subject matter it is grouped with Alma Marceau's Lofting and Kim Corum's 99 Martini's
selkie: He wasn't staying long when he came in
JoanZS: gold painted radiators?
kahtt: and Playtime
Bert: I like gold plated back scratchers
Bert: Nothing but the best
Bert: I'm not familiar with Huret's work.

selkie: Yes. Truly. And I would be sent as a child to amuse myself in the lobby among the moasic tiles and I would lick these raidators with dreams of better things. (aged 4)
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JoanZS: Gee, selkie, hope you didn't give yourself lead poisoning!
grmouser: ReGreets, Kenn.
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Bert: Dreams of better things are good to have
selkie: He was probably not as good as he made out but he made 32 million after the war.
DarkLord1: evening again, they gone
JoanZS: that's true, Bert
selkie: I do wonder with the chronic disabilities I have
Bert: Better days through better ways, that's my motto
Bert: Not really
selkie: He does have a plaque up in his memory but would need to access my autobio to find out where
Bert: Actually my motto is, "There are no solutions because there are no problems."
DarkLord1: aint met my first wife huh?
selkie: I'm not sure about that one Bert
selkie: You could be saying 'Everything is Free'
Bert: It's all relative
DarkLord1: not anymore is she
Bert: haha
selkie: That's true but experience plays a large part in writing I believe
Bert: Oh, c'mon experience is way over rated
selkie: I don't agree.
Bert: Emily Dickinson never left her house
grmouser: 'There are no happy endings because nothing ends.'
Bert: Somerset Maugham spent most of his time in a sanitarium
selkie: What I have experienced throughout my life has made me write the way I do
DarkLord1: and "If ya live long enough, you're gonna die"
JoanZS: I used to think experience played a bigger role, and that actually made me stop writing for a long, long time.
selkie: Bad vibes Joan
Bert: I'm just kidding. Of course, experience is important. Everybody knows that
Bert: But like Joan says, not as important as people think. All that living can get in the way of writing
grmouser has blissfully ignored the 'experience' requirement for his scribbling
Bert: Or lack of living for that matter
JoanZS: "write what you know" - but what if you don't know anything?
selkie: Ok. So if you go down to the actual nitty griity. Waking in poverty abuse deprivation. Are yousaying it doesn't affect your style of writing. Or better still can you escape from this style
Bert: You write what you don't know
grmouser: jzs: Then make it up!
DarkLord1: read some of my stuff huh?
JoanZS: Well, that's what I eventually learned, Mouser!
grmouser: jzs: Good onya. I fake most of it.
selkie: I can't imagine
Caitlain: It's more than that, selkie, though experience is an invaluable aid. It's a mixture of things, I think. Talent, desire, finding a story that will touch the sensibilities of the age you're in...
selkie: faking orgasms is an essential part of female culture
grmouser: <wry grin>
Bert: Here's a good example. Michael Caine was supposed to do this sword fight scene with this other guy. The other guy trained for days to get it just right. Michael Caine just sat around and did his thing.
kahtt: I think if we can all at least try to put ourselves in a situation and write about how we would experience it
selkie: True
Bert: The other guy says to him. "ARen't you gonna rehearse?"
Bert: Michael Caine says, "I only have to make it look good for two minutes."

kahtt: <g>
grmouser: Good lad, that Caine.
Bert: I think you can apply that writing
selkie: Mies Van der Rohe rresembles Alfred HItchcock
selkie: I am have to go to bed soon the minions are waiting
Bert: Yes. He does look like him. Except different
selkie: sorry minion
DarkLord1 still trying to picture himself straddleing a scanner
kahtt: sleep well jacqui
DarkLord1: night
selkie: Kenn my flasher about that was a year ago
grmouser: G'night, Jacqui.
DarkLord1: email me it
Bert: Good night
selkie: still here just hedging bets
selkie: in case he pulls the plug
Bert: So, has anybody here read my book?
DarkLord1: I haven't
kahtt: ASIDE: Emily Dickinson
selkie: No. I must apologise
Bert: That's ok.
kahtt: ASIDE: About Mies Van der Rohe
grmouser: I haven't, but I've heard much of it from the kahttling.
Bert: Well, thank you, Kahtt
Caitlain: There's subject matter for you. "My husband, ...hell's first denizen, and the devil's very minion."
selkie: I have a web page just bookmarked to check when not tired
kahtt: np B ;o)
Bert: Sounds like a helluva guy
Caitlain: I should write ad copy...
selkie: I like the devils very minion. My witches play was on at the arts centre this wek
selkie: week
kahtt: do you have that URL Jac?
selkie: ?
Bert: Which arts centre would that be?
selkie: http://members.aol.com/richpat/860/biblio.htm
grmouser: kah: Are you sure you're logging is correct, or shall I stay connected whilst I'm gone to capture it all just in case?
kahtt: just in case grm
grmouser: you're=your
selkie: The Maltings Art Centre Berwick Upon Tweed. I wrote my first play about local witches
grmouser: Okee dokes. I'm off now. SWMBO hath summoned me. Good seeing you, Bert.
kahtt: Excellent! Thanks Jacqui
DarkLord1: night grm
JoanZS: Good friends, I think I shall go forage in the fridge for some dinner.
Caitlain: NOt yet Bert, but upon kahtt's suggestion I've ordered from Amazon. I think your's is among them.
Bert: Sounds interesting. I've known a couple of witches
JoanZS: good night, Mouser, save me a seat at the dinner table...
Bert: Thank you very much.
Bert: Thanks for chatting, JZ
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selkie: We have a village 1 1/2 miles where the last three witches were tried
JoanZS: Bert, nice to meet you, say hi to Kim, I reviewed a couple of her books and enjoyed them very much!
selkie: and found innocent. What was good was the youth theatre performed it. They were fasc inated by the legends
Bert: I will. She really liked your reviews. YOu've got an excellent site, BTW
kahtt: GRm do me a favor and take over please - emergency happened here
selkie: oops
JoanZS: Thanks! I haven't updated it in AGES, I'm ashamed to say...
Bert: Sound cool. So are you in Jolly old
DarkLord1: he lfet kahtt
selkie: Bert. So do you post or eroticromance?
kahtt: no he's here
grm_loggin: Take over? Surely she jests!
selkie: on
kahtt: please?
Bert: Don't be ashamed. just update
DarkLord1: your turn grm
Bert: No, I've never actually posted any erotic stories
grm_loggin: I'm out the door, kitten. Tag off to someone else!
selkie: I'll go for you khatt
JoanZS: Just as soon as I can get some new stuff written -- that's another whole story!
*** Signoff: JoanZS (Quit: "Go with all your heart for what is exactly your own.")
selkie: eroticromace is not always erotica. Some beautiful stories and poetry has come from it
kahtt: eep!
DarkLord1: BErt, was it hard finding a pub?
Bert: Well, sorta.
kahtt: Hey kenners? take over
DarkLord1: right
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7:57 PM: *** You have been marked as being away
7:57 PM: DarkLord1: in which ways?
7:57 PM: Bert: I've never written what would be called beautiful stories or poetry (at least I don't think so)
7:57 PM: kahtt: Thank you sir
7:58 PM: *** Signoff: DarkLord1 (Quit: Leaving)
7:59 PM: Caitlain: Acck!
7:59 PM: Bert: So, Selkie, are you a witch?
7:59 PM: Caitlain: Well, so much for the hosts.
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7:59 PM: DarkLord1: Sorry hit wronge key
7:59 PM: DarkLord1: thanks
7:59 PM: Caitlain: I guess so...
8:00 PM: selkie: like hell Bert. I'm disabled but wanting to delve into everthing so I can write
8:00 PM: selkie: bdsm. folk. erotica, childrens, and doing ascreenwriters course ay mo
8:00 PM: selkie: at mo
8:01 PM: Bert: Oh, I understand. I was just wondering. Because of the play, you know?
8:01 PM: Bert: Not trying to be judgmental or anything

8:01 PM: DarkLord1: brb
8:01 PM: Caitlain: Bert, I've often wondered how successful authors pursue the mechanics of writing. Do you write daily? Do you write when the fancy catches you?
8:02 PM: Caitlain: Write for a set period? Write for a specific word count?
8:02 PM: selkie: It was because the village based on play was 2 miles north and it was so obviously contradictoray. Drown a witch if she floats she is a wictch if she drowns she isn't
8:03 PM: Bert: Actually, I don't write daily. I should. I used to, but now it's like every other day or so.
8:04 PM: Bert: The witch thing was to weed out the weakest members of society usually
8:04 PM: Bert: Also, the outcasts, etc..

8:05 PM: Caitlain: Hmmm. Can't help thinking I might have been considered one.
8:05 PM: selkie: backward moron, etc and the
8:05 PM: Bert: Although I sometimes write every day. I try not to be too rigid. Also, I've been trying to branch out in my activities
8:05 PM: Caitlain: Like this chat...?
8:05 PM: DarkLord1: what other activities do you enjoy
8:05 PM: Bert: Also, people used it to get rid of people they didn't like or who they owed money
8:05 PM: selkie: in what way? do you only write or doyou do other things like play musical instruments?
8:06 PM: Bert: I like Karate. I also play the guitar and read a lot
8:06 PM: selkie: bert you have it perfectly
8:06 PM: DarkLord1: fictions/non-fiction?
8:06 PM: Bert: Both
8:07 PM: selkie: I play the what would be whistle but now evolved to aluminium or fife
8:07 PM: Bert: Sounds nice, regardless of what it's called
8:07 PM: Bert: I also play the radio

8:08 PM: selkie: haunting sound is etheral
8:08 PM: Bert: I also workshop blackjack, quite a bit
8:08 PM: Caitlain: Bert, besides reading over Kim's shoulder, what have you read recently that you'd recommend?
8:08 PM: DarkLord1: damn caps key
8:09 PM: selkie: tropic of cancer
8:09 PM: Bert: When I used to be very rigid in my writing, I began to feel too restricted by my routine.
8:09 PM: DarkLord1: if I had a life it wouldnt be my own
8:09 PM: selkie: por me kenn
8:09 PM: Bert: I strongly recommend The Beach by Alex Garland
8:09 PM: selkie: why?/????????????????
8:09 PM: Caitlain: That I can understand. Hate that rigidity myself.
8:10 PM: DarkLord1 pours another
8:10 PM: selkie: Bert have you read Terry Pratchet?
8:10 PM: Caitlain: Always have at least three projects going.
8:10 PM: Bert: No, I'm not familiar with that author
8:10 PM: Bert: that's a good goal.

8:10 PM: selkie: Heis a very popular author in Uk for fantasy.
8:11 PM: Bert: I'll have to look him up. Are you in the UK?
8:11 PM: DarkLord1: I've seen some of his books in Science Fiction Book
8:11 PM: DarkLord1: they carry fantasy also
8:12 PM: Bert: I always liked Philip K. Dick and Norman Spinrad. They're not really fantasy though. More science and speculative fiction
8:13 PM: Bert: Back to the routine thing. I think that's important for a writer to have a life outside of writing
8:13 PM: DarkLord1: have you had any book signings?
8:13 PM: Bert: No, I haven't.
8:13 PM: Caitlain: Must. Else, where would any of that experience come from?
8:13 PM: Bert: I suppose I should, though
8:14 PM: DarkLord1: heard their fun at times
8:14 PM: Bert: Exactly. I think a lot of writers get too wrapped in the worlds they write about
8:14 PM: Bert: Maybe it makes them better writers, but they forget about themselves in the meanwhile

8:14 PM: DarkLord1: seeped in a madness of their own realitys
8:15 PM: Bert: Also, it can get to be almost an obsessive/compulsive kind of thing
8:15 PM: Bert: Gotta write. Can't do anything else. Can't go out drinking, gotta stay home and write

8:15 PM: DarkLord1: heard of some writers getting hate mail because they killed offf someones favorite character
8:15 PM: Bert: Kim's a lot more disciplined writer than I am.
8:16 PM: selkie: But do you have quiet to do it. No vacumming nokids hubby farting around?
8:16 PM: selkie: What does Kim write
8:16 PM: DarkLord1 thinks selkie has been talking to his wife
8:17 PM: Bert: I don't really have to have quiet, if I've got a good thought. Editing though is another story entirely
8:17 PM: selkie: why Kenn?
8:17 PM: DarkLord1: the gassous thing
8:17 PM: Bert: Kim wrote the books, Playtime and 99 Martinis. She chatted with y'all a while back.
8:17 PM: selkie: I need quiet or viavoice doesn't work. Hubby clatterungaround doesn't help
8:17 PM: DarkLord1: can pick a Robin off a tree limb at hundred paces
8:17 PM: Caitlain: I can't edit just after I write. It has to sit. Two months or more!
8:18 PM: Bert: Cait, I'm exactly the same way. I can't make heads or tails of it for at least a couple of weeks
8:18 PM: DarkLord1: I have to have others edit, no grammer or spelling knowledge here
8:18 PM: Bert: It either seems like a masterpiece or complete shit.
8:19 PM: Bert: Dark, those are only minor concerns when it comes to writing

8:19 PM: DarkLord1: I find that I use the same sounding words in a very wronge way
8:19 PM: Bert: You can always say you're writing like James Joyce or Irvine Welsh
8:20 PM: DarkLord1: like the folks around here are gonna belive that;)
8:20 PM: Caitlain: I find that if I start too early, that my concept prvails and the troubles with punctuation, plot misques, duplicated words, etc., etc., don't reveal themselves. I see what I think I wrote, not what's on the page.
8:20 PM: Bert: They'll just say, "Bad grammar, that's just Darklord1's style"
8:20 PM: DarkLord1: theydo, they do!
8:20 PM: Bert: He's doing it intentionally
8:21 PM: DarkLord1: I find that after I read it aloud its shit
8:21 PM: Bert: As long as you're consistent, you can get away with almost anything
8:21 PM: Caitlain: Shit? Maybe, DL. Shit with flourish though!
8:21 PM: DarkLord1: like trying to get the wife insterested in oral sex
8:21 PM: selkie turns to whistle practise for tomorrow
8:21 PM: Bert: exactly!
8:22 PM: DarkLord1: please, dont get me going, I slightly drunk. . .may post email to group
8:22 PM: DarkLord1: and GRM logging! so thats what he calls it;)
8:23 PM: selkie: do so Kenn
8:23 PM: DarkLord1: though I have seen the stills and it still looks like its throbbing
8:23 PM: selkie: ????????????
8:23 PM: Caitlain: Any sure fire ways to break a writers block, Bert?
8:23 PM: DarkLord1: later, after I check into another chat room where the crazy dwell
8:23 PM: DarkLord1: please tell please tell
8:24 PM: selkie: guiness and blackcurant and aple really nice here
8:24 PM: Bert: I try to do what Ernest Hemingway did. I always try to leave what I'm writing slightly unfinished, so I have a good place to start
8:25 PM: Bert: As far as breaking it goes, that's a tough one. Usually, I just keep writing, knowing I'm gonna end up trashing it. Eventually, I'll find a jumping off place again.

8:25 PM: DarkLord1: I think Hemingway was scared by the Spanish war thing
8:25 PM: DarkLord1: Franco and what not
8:25 PM: Caitlain: Hmm. Hadn't thought about it that way. Kind of like leaving yourself standing on the diving board...
8:26 PM: Bert: I think he was unhappy that he knew he was fading out
8:26 PM: Bert: Yep.

8:26 PM: selkie: yeas
8:26 PM: DarkLord1: might have been the hanging out in key west also, rather strange place it still iis
8:26 PM: Bert: He was no longer the young lion, he once was. Also, I think he was manic depressive and he was definitely an alcoholic.
8:26 PM: selkie: BUt Hemmingway is remembered so he wasn't a failure
8:27 PM: Bert: No, he wasn't a failure. But at the time, he was no longer the colossus, he once was. For a guy with a major ego, that can be a terrifying thing.
8:27 PM: DarkLord1: I slightly remember him in an interveiw, his voice sounded so rasping, deep
8:27 PM: selkie: Lithium wasn't discovered when Ernest was in his full bloom
8:27 PM: Caitlain: Yes, we think so selkie, but what did he think?
8:28 PM: selkie: The thoughts of a madman. It made sense to him but flitted beyond meaningfulness to most people
8:28 PM: Bert: I had a friend who had this metal platter hanging in his kitchen. When the light would hit it a certain way, the reflection looked like the profile of Papa.
8:28 PM: DarkLord1: reality of the scares streaching bounds on humanties soul?
8:28 PM: selkie: pro Kenn
8:28 PM: selkie: prob
8:28 PM: Caitlain: I suspect you have to be a little mad to be successful at being creative.
8:29 PM: DarkLord1: then I should tone it down a bit
8:29 PM: selkie: Do you know that there is no defination of madness? Madness is what society finds unacceptable
8:29 PM: Bert: Maybe, but not necessarily. I don't think it's an absolute.
8:29 PM: Caitlain: Yes. Exactly.
8:30 PM: DarkLord1: and now we drift to the outer fringes of a writers mind. . . .
8:30 PM: selkie: Society as a whole has decided normality and anything that marginates one degree is abnormal to them. But if everthing stuck to scoiety's line it would be so boring
8:31 PM: DarkLord1: where folds become valleys and riffs filled with the distant echos of comming greatness
8:31 PM: Bert: That's true. That's why you can't really give a fuck what everybody else thinks. Most likely they're more screwed up than you are, they just don't show it.
8:31 PM: Caitlain: To be creative is to see with different eyes and portray what is seen through a medium, no?
8:31 PM: selkie: BUt greatness has produced the moist mazing discoveries
8:31 PM: selkie: most
8:31 PM: DarkLord1: like moist better
8:32 PM: selkie: you would
8:32 PM: DarkLord1: I was trained well
8:32 PM: DarkLord1: last time saw 81 year old mother
8:32 PM: DarkLord1: she was wearing tee shirt " Hot to Trot!
8:33 PM: selkie: neat!
8:33 PM: Bert: Sounds cool.
8:33 PM: DarkLord1: she has started telling me about my father and hers early relationship
8:33 PM: Bert: Creativity manifests itself in many different ways. Not just in writing.
8:33 PM: DarkLord1: all I could say was "MOTHER!"
8:34 PM: selkie: before mum went down with altzeihmers she drove a sports car and the kids thought she was supergran. Now she had 7 years with altzheimers in fairy land.
8:34 PM: Bert: What did she say
8:34 PM: Caitlain: I'm not so sure, selkie. The only art to being great is to see anew. Often, the tag of great is thrust upon someone he sees what was perfectly obvious ... to him.
8:34 PM: selkie: music Bert
8:34 PM: Bert: My grandmother had Alzheimers. She was always asking about where her coat is.
8:34 PM: DarkLord1: she talked about him cheating on her early in marrage and how she as she says
8:34 PM: Bert: was
8:35 PM: DarkLord1: What is good for the goose is good for the gander
8:35 PM: Bert: Well...
8:35 PM: selkie: My mum never speaks is in a lost world and nursed all day in Brittany. I feel bad But I wish she would just die as she is a shell
8:35 PM: Bert: What about Music?
8:35 PM: selkie: Music is expressive
8:35 PM: Caitlain: I don't think I'd wear that tag well, do any of you?
8:35 PM: DarkLord1: its decovery
8:35 PM: DarkLord1: discovery
8:36 PM: DarkLord1: like reading a book
8:36 PM: DarkLord1: what the musican wants you to hear and feel
8:36 PM: selkie: music can be erotic if you plan the notes carefully so the notes of a harp correlate with body rythms
8:36 PM: kahtt: back!
8:36 PM: *** You are no longer marked as being away
DarkLord1: your turn!
Bert: How about a washing machine?
Caitlain: wb Kahtt.
Bert: Does that count?
DarkLord1: she rides them well, dont you kahtt?
kahtt: thanks. sorry about that had a little emergency
selkie: ???????????? Apart from sitting on it or discussing the washing going around it
Caitlain: Ooooh! Lot's of fun if you know how...
DarkLord1 pours a realy big one now
Bert: I hope it wasn't too much of an emergency
selkie: I have a new one it doesn't vibrate:-)
kahtt: nah, s'okay
DarkLord1: what a bitch!
DarkLord1: the washing machine
Caitlain: You haven't loaded it right...
kahtt: lol
DarkLord1: like a dildo without the batteries
selkie dick gave me aguines with apple and black currant juice
selkie: guinness
Bert: Is that a normal thing to drink?
DarkLord1: no cream?
kahtt: So Bert who are some of your favorite authors?
Bert: NOt the guiness, the juice
selkie: excuse me bert Kenn or me?
DarkLord1 couldnt figure out how to copy and paste
selkie: I have no idea just want some sl;eep tonigh. Have major insomnia
kahtt: s'okay Kenners ;o)
selkie: Bert Fav authors?
Caitlain: <Ctrl+C> to copy; <Ctrl+T> to cut; <Ctrl+V> to paste.
Bert: I like a lot of different authors. I like Henry Miller. Tropic of Capricorn was a real eye opening experience for me. The first few pages were like Henry Miller had looked inside my head.
Bert: You, Selkie.
selkie: Yep Miller is good. Has a good plot and a good flow
DarkLord1 trys to rem if he added rum to coke
selkie: yes ken you did
Bert: I also like Ayn Rand. Alex Garland, Hunter S. Thompson, Robert YOung Pelton
DarkLord1: sex is always a good plot and flow, if he gets lucky
selkie: No horror like KIng Koontz etc
Bert: I like Helen Fielding, and JK Rowling (can't help but love HP)
Caitlain: He wrote one titled "Genius & Lust" that I've always wanted to read but could never find.
selkie: JK Rowling is not what she seems
Caitlain: Miller, tha is.
kahtt: ASIDE: Henry Miller Books
Bert: I used to read a lot of horror when I was younger, stuff like HP Lovecraft, Stephen King, Peter Straub, but I sorta got out of it
selkie: She has become very money orientated.

kahtt: ASIDE: Alex Garland
Bert: I just like the books. I'm sure she can't help but be money oriented. It would be hard not to be
kahtt: ASIDE: Ayn Rand
Bert: I also like Celine.
kahtt: Hunter S. Thompson
selkie: Bedtime goodnight Thanks Bert I enjoyed your chatting and in put.
Bert: But of course my favorite is Kim Corum
Caitlain: Got to like her pluck. Take up writing because someone says you'd never amount to a damn?
DarkLord1: night
Bert: Thanks, Selk. have a good night.
*** Signoff: selkie (Quit: Steps into a parallel world where everything is surreal.)
kahtt: J. k. Rowling
kahtt: of course Bert <snicker>
Bert: naturally
kahtt: Helen Fielding
DarkLord1: Hi Kim;)
kahtt: Robert Young Pelton
Bert: Kim says Hello, Darklord1
kahtt: Do you let anyone read your work as you are writing it?
Bert: I let Kim read it, after I get to a spot where I'm comfortable with what I've written
Bert: Other than her, no.

kahtt: what about suggestions? Do you like to hear them while your are writing or after you write the first draft?
Bert: Let me take that back, I let a friend of mine read my stuff occasionally, but he laughs all the way through it. Even at the parts that aren't supposed to be funny
DarkLord1: do you ever have disagreements on what you have written?
Bert: After the first draft.
Bert: Occasionally. But she eventually sees things my way.

DarkLord1: have you ever offered to s-show her what you ment?
Bert: Just kidding
DarkLord1: excuse rum thing
DarkLord1: damn, I studder whebn typeing
DarkLord1 belives the rum is working now
Bert: I usually just explain it and also that's it's just a first draft
Bert: I also like Irvine Welsh

kahtt: lol Bert, so are you saying neither of your reviewers - Kim nor your friend - have ever disagreed with the way you are portraying a character?
DarkLord1 has to read more
Bert: and Chuck Pahlahniuk (sp?)
Bert: No, they disagree all the time with me.

kahtt: Peter Straub
DarkLord1: who is correct?
Bert: Everybody disagrees with me at one point or another.
DarkLord1: most of the time?
kahtt: how do you handle that?
Bert: Sometimes, on my first draft, my characters have a tendency to be a little over the top
kahtt: do you have to explain what you intended for the character?
DarkLord1: useally between the thumb and forefinger. . .
Bert: I listen to Kim's suggestions and try to get what she's saying
Bert: Oh, I explain.

kahtt: Irvine Welsh
DarkLord1: demstrations work
Bert: I understand what she's saying about my characters, but sometimes, she isn't seeing my ultimate goal. Because it's just the first draft.
DarkLord1: missing an o and a n there
Bert: I usually haven't gotten everything developed properly
kahtt: having someone review your work as you write it helps you pick up on how the reader thinks - yes?
Bert: Yeah. It can wake you up to the fact that you might be completely off base in what you're trying to get at.
DarkLord1: thats what my wife calls a semi erection, deeloped properly
kahtt: but first drafts are raw and another's insight may help you refine it
kahtt: LOL
Bert: That's true.
Bert: Kim's a good editor. She knows how I operate and gives a lot of good advice

DarkLord1: I need to get others to edit my writing before I post them, as for writing a book, nerver
Bert: Why not?
DarkLord1: cause I am not realy a writer
Bert: Why do you say that?
Bert: Don't you write?

DarkLord1: a few restroom walls, a dirty chaulk mark on the sidewalk. . .
DarkLord1: not very much
Bert: Hey, I've read some of your work.
Bert: I think it's amazingly raw.

DarkLord1: I* thank you for that, a brave man
DarkLord1: yes raw
Bert: So, are you the guy they call, "the shithouse phantom?"
DarkLord1: I havent written in quite a while
kahtt: H. P. Lovecraft
DarkLord1: no, I always sign them
DarkLord1: what a twisted mind Lovecraft had
Bert: Well, Charles Bukowski stopped writing for a long time, but when he started back up he was "the man."
Bert: Lovecraft was a weird one.
Bert: I also like charles Bukowski alot.

kahtt: Kenn tends to slip into the 8th century when he writes. Knights and maidens etc. However, he can get very flowery and verbose, that's why he always likes someone to look it over
DarkLord1: I am a little afraid some of my past will slip into my stories
Bert: Let it.
kahtt: Charles Bukowski
DarkLord1: lot of " rightous and unrightness violance" in there
Bert: Palahniuk
DarkLord1: ?
kahtt: I agree. nothing wrong with that Kenn, it may even be cathatic
Bert: I also like Chuck Palahniuk. I thought Fight Club was an excellent book.
DarkLord1: about boxing?
Bert: I read it before I saw the movie. I think his author pic is one of the best I've seen
Bert: It's about fighting and oh, so much more

DarkLord1: was the movie the same name?
Bert: It's a very incendiary book. It's a good think they strayed from the book for the movie
Bert: Yes.
Bert: It starred Brad Pitt and Edward Norton

DarkLord1 use to box for the YMCA a long, long time ago
kahtt: Bert, what do you think about making a novel into a film? I did not read Fight Club, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I think I would enjoy the book as well
DarkLord1: still have the matt burn;)
Bert: I think that, most of the time, it's important for the movie to remain true to the book, but there are exceptions.
Bert: Sometimes the director can really add a lot to the story
kahtt: Stephen King Books
Bert: Kubrick's Lolita for example. It worked well on it's own.
Bert: However, The beach...

kahtt: eh
DarkLord1: in Braveheart I kept looking for the bridge at the end
Bert: There was no need to change the movie
kahtt: Chuck Palahniuk's Books
Bert: Which bridge are you talking about. Was there one in the book?
DarkLord1: the last battle they filmed realy took place on a bridge and pincella, you know sliver of land
Bert: The Beach would have been far better if it had remained true to the book. the director took too many liberties in Hollywoodizing it.
DarkLord1: english were confined in movement as where the Scotts weren't
kahtt: peninsula?
Bert: It's been a long time since I saw the movie
DarkLord1: yeah thats the word
Bert: I like the battle scenes, but Mel gibson can sometimes really get on my nerves
kahtt: I had a feeling Bert. The movie seemed to be missing something the whole time
DarkLord1: watched a show about it the other night
Bert: Kahtt, You're talking about the Beach?
kahtt: yes
DarkLord1: he ain't got that raw, innocent rebel look or "coolness" anymore
Bert: Read the book. One of the most important characters was completely left out of the movie
DarkLord1: he was so good looking in Road Warrior, I even got hot!
kahtt: what was the actual title of the novel the Beach was based on?
Bert: he's just too "wild and crazy" now.
Bert: The beach

DarkLord1: I confuseing On the Beach with it
kahtt: too broad for me to search
kahtt: me too
Bert: Also, Richard, the main character, wasn't an asshole
Bert: the beach by Alex Garland

kahtt: ahh that one
DarkLord1: Long Shanks?
Bert: Also, the ending is completely different
Bert: Long shanks, indeed

kahtt: figured he wasn't Bert. It leaked a bit in the movie - he seemed incongruous at times
Bert: He was also English in the book. He also never got it on with Francoise
DarkLord1: also found out that "tHE bRUCE" WAS DEAD BY THE TIME wALLACE WAS CAPTURED
Bert: Sal was american and there was a lot more interaction with Daffy
DarkLord1: DAMNcaps key
kahtt: The Beach by Alex Garland
kahtt: Woq - those are major hollywood liberties
Bert: The Bruce. I wonder why they called him that.
Bert: those aren't the only ones
Bert: Read the book, damn it! It's fucking excellent!

DarkLord1 belive tow, two different film being discused I be, but by the dark bioughs of a southren oak. . .
kahtt: okay you convinced me LOL
kahtt nudges Caitlain
Caitlain: Bruce was a surname.
DarkLord1: and JUST where can I find this "FUCKING EXCELLANCE"?
kahtt: ever read A Killing Smile by Christopher G. Moore ?
Bert: Look anywhere and you'll find it.
Bert: NOpe, I'm not familiar with it.

kahtt: kenn I just posted the URL
DarkLord1: neither am I
kahtt: The Beach by Alex Garland
DarkLord1: thank you
Bert: By the way, FIGHT CLUB, the book was a lot more, sorta tongue in cheek.
kahtt: people who bought the beach bought a killing smile
DarkLord1: annulsex huh?
Bert: I mean, it just kinda bopped along
Caitlain: Is that anything like RTFM?
DarkLord1: tongue in cheek, hind sight?
Bert: haha
DarkLord1: I mean if your that close
kahtt: A Killing Smile by Christopher G. Moore
DarkLord1: why not take a look
Bert: Killing smile looks good
DarkLord1: might see something you like, munchies even
DarkLord1: just around the bend
kahtt: A Killing Smile by Christopher G. Moore
kahtt: The story is set along the fringes of Bangkok's Patpong, Nana Plaza, and Soi Cowboy, and the late night meeting spot
kahtt: called HQ where spies, gangsters, pimps, diplomats, businessmen, travellers, teachers and writers gather alongside the
kahtt: women they buy for the night. Follow an international cast of characters through the labyrinth of Bangkok's
kahtt: underworld as they work and play in one of Asia's most famous cities.
kahtt: eep sorry for the funky post
DarkLord1: "What are you doing down there?". . "Flossing Dear?"
kahtt: kenneth! lol
Bert: The Beach is also set in Thailand. I think that's the connection.
DarkLord1: what?
kahtt: The Globe & Mail have called Christopher G. Moore the Hemingway of Bangkok. One of Canada's most successful
kahtt: novelists is almost unknown inside Canada or the United States. But in Bangkok and other Asian cities he has become
kahtt: something of a folk hero among foreign workers and travelers. His 13 English language novels have sold more that
kahtt: 20,000 copies in Bangkok alone. His books have been translated in Japanese, Chinese, German and Thai.
kahtt: ahhh
DarkLord1: Thailand, now theres a connection I remember well
kahtt: Ernest Hemingway
Bert: The Tesseract by Alex Garland is also good, but not nowhere as good as "the beach."
DarkLord1: Banging Cock in Bankok
Caitlain: Tesseract? Hmm.
kahtt: Speaking of Hemingway, which author's style do you think is most similar to your own?
Bert: I have no clue. I haven't really thought about that.
DarkLord1: brb
kahtt: The Tesseract by Alex Garland
Bert: I don't particularly try to write like anybody.
Caitlain: Tesseracr, fourth dimesional analog of the three dimensional cube.
Bert: I just stay at it until I'm happy with it.
kahtt: I don't think any of us try to, however many authors are compared to past "great" authors
Bert: It's one of those stories where several different lives are interlinked.
DarkLord1: I shall never have that problem
Bert: That's true. I would have to let someone else do the comparing though
Bert: It's sort of like one of those "two days in the valley" kind of things.

DarkLord1: more like the Shithouse Hussler
Bert: I actually hate movies like that usually, but The tesseract was good.
Bert: Shithouse Hustler

DarkLord1: or how I lost my virginity?
DarkLord1: see, even screw up the short jokes
kahtt: Survivor : A Novel by Chuck Palahniuk is lumped together with The Beach and A Killing Smile
DarkLord1: are you working on a book now?
Bert: Kahtt, I'm gonna have to get off in about 30 minutes.
Bert: Yes, I am. as a matter of fact.

DarkLord1: only a quickie huh
Bert: I guess it's a quickie. Only 2 and half hours.
DarkLord1: and it deals with, if I may be so bold to ask?
Bert: I hope it's ok.
kahtt: so is The Boy by Naeem Murr
kahtt: That's cool Bert
DarkLord1: you ever work for an Add Agency Kahtt?
Caitlain: Fine, Bert. Don't let DL's ill humor detain you...
Bert: The book is about a guy's perspective on the world
Bert: and so much more.

DarkLord1: all right
Bert: thanks, Cait
DarkLord1: ill?
Bert: I'm glad somebody's looking out for me.
kahtt: Another Guy again huh? Ever wrote from a female POV?
DarkLord1: cut down in my aged youth!
kahtt: kenn: I ain't the chat moderator of ERA for nothing ;o)
DarkLord1: sorry My LAdy, what time is my drawing and quartering?
kahtt: we'll discuss that in private ;op
Caitlain: Thought we'd keel haul you first, DL.
Bert: Not much. this story is deals with a woman,though. I've got a fear that if I try to write too much froma female perspective, my writing will seem like some sort of writing exercise or something.
DarkLord1: oh, the love of the sea!
kahtt: Bert: how did you get AKA Dorothy Drab published?
DarkLord1: just write what the better part tells ya, you cant go wrong
kahtt: lol
kahtt: enticing cover
Bert: That's true. I was just very persistent.
Bert: I actually sat on it for about three years before I really did that much with it.
Bert: I was working on comic books and other things.

DarkLord1: sounds like my wife
kahtt: ahh so there is hope for grmouser
kahtt: and sandaidh
DarkLord1: cruel kahtt cruel
kahtt: comic books? do tell!
DarkLord1: I expext you will be getting an email soon
kahtt: Kenn: I never pretended to be nice
DarkLord1: but you are
Bert: I used to do comics with a friend of mine. He would draw and I would write and letter.
kahtt: ASIDE: Bert used iUnivers.com to publishe his novel.
DarkLord1: took you three years to say damn in chat!
kahtt: "iUniverse provides cost effective publishing services, offering authors complete control from literary direction to cover design; and the broadest distribution available supported by promotional and marketing tools."
Caitlain: <Go ahead, Kahtt, show DL the suit, and the crop...>
Bert: One of them used to be published in Scary Monsters and another one was published in Drawl
DarkLord1: now, hell, the marines wont even come in here;)
kahtt: cool Bert!
*** Sandaidh (sandaidh@ has joined channel #chatterlings
Caitlain: San's here.
Sandaidh: hiiya
*** Mode change "+o Sandaidh" on #chatterlings by Caitlain
kahtt likes the Spawn series
Sandaidh: where?
kahtt: speak of the she-devil ;o)
DarkLord1: how does that work out, you tell him the story line, he draws it?
Sandaidh: oh
DarkLord1: evening My LAdy
Sandaidh is not a she-devil tonight
Sandaidh: hiya kenn
Sandaidh cuddles up to kenn for comfort
Bert: Yep. I also used to draw one as well. I was also published in Snicker.
kahtt: San: Bert just said he sat on his novel for three years before he did anything with it and I said there is hope for you and grm ;op
kahtt: SEX Users!
Sandaidh: mine's been in the works for about 6 years though
DarkLord1 looks for the windex
Sandaidh: windex?
kahtt: Yeah, you and grm both. I have hope
DarkLord1: I sort of had a little accident at the word sex
Sandaidh just needs some cuddles not cleaning
Sandaidh: oh
DarkLord1: may I munch a while then?
Caitlain: To celar the monitor screen so it doesn't fog...
kahtt hugs Sandaidh
Bert: six years is a long time
Sandaidh: thanks
Sandaidh: still not finished yet either
DarkLord1: and I thought three was bad
kahtt: Bert: I'm working on them
DarkLord1: oh, on writing, sorry
DarkLord1 rolls to the cornner
Bert: good
DarkLord1: better, shall we say, looking up shots?
kahtt: what made you finally get it pubbed Bert?
DarkLord1: damn, a Van Dyke look alike!
Sandaidh fixes her cuppa chicken noodle soup
DarkLord1: is that like shaveing?
DarkLord1: getting pubbed?
Bert: I was happy with it as a novel and I thought people would like it.
DarkLord1: or wrong use of word?
kahtt: that's it? after three years?
Caitlain: Wrong spelling, DL.
DarkLord1: brb, your rest time is started from me
Sandaidh: roy of Amatory Ink says I have enough already for 3 books
DarkLord1: sex
DarkLord1: oh, brb
kahtt: only three San?
Bert: I don't really know. It just seemed like the time. Also, I had been preoccupied with the comic stuff.
kahtt: ahh
Sandaidh: said it's not finished yet
Sandaidh: no idea how much more there is really
kahtt: is there a website where we could learn more about the comic you pencil/
DarkLord1: boy shes good
Bert: It might be out there somewhere. I think the website where it was has since died, but it might be out there.
Sandaidh: you do the pencil work for comics, Bert?
Bert: I did some. I was mostly a writer and letterer.
Sandaidh is slightly braindead tonight
Sandaidh: that's cool
kahtt: way.
Bert: I still crank one out occasionally. If I have a funny idea.
DarkLord1: long as theres life belwo My Lady;)
Bert: The best strip we did was called, "Dick and Ed"
kahtt hi-fives Kim for telling her about Bert Rinehart
Sandaidh says that soup is *hot*!
DarkLord1: " she worked her thighs like a belows'
Bert: Kim hi fives you back.
DarkLord1: bellows
Bert: Bert Hi fives Kim
DarkLord1 hits floor, hard, after missing
kahtt: kenn you should write porn
DarkLord1: I have grandchildern!
kahtt: so?
Sandaidh: so? I have a granddaughter
Caitlain: You can pick up spelling pointers from them...
Sandaidh writes smut
DarkLord1: they know how to access my files better then I
kahtt: write them a fairytale
kahtt: lol Caitlain
Sandaidh: like Goldielocks
Sandaidh chuckles
kahtt: eep! password protect them Kenn
DarkLord1: crule LAdy crule
Bert: We did a really good strip called "lardboy"
Caitlain: That's cruel, DL.
kahtt: er, and that was about what Bert?
Sandaidh: who's cruel?
DarkLord1: brb for sure, kidneys bitching with the bladder!
kahtt: Bert: I don't want to see you go but you did say you had limited time
DarkLord1: rule, add a c and its crule!
Bert: comic strip
DarkLord1: back, sicker then useual
Sandaidh sips her soup in the silence
Sandaidh: can't be sicker than me at the moment
DarkLord1: or" How to Have Quite Oral Sex"
Sandaidh: son generously shared his cold/virus with me
DarkLord1: wasnt that nice
Sandaidh: no
Sandaidh: wish he'd kept it
Sandaidh: or given it to his father
DarkLord1: try two weeks with ten year old with chicken pox!
Sandaidh: I had a 7 year old and a 6wk old both with the chicken pox
Sandaidh: at the same time
kahtt: eep
DarkLord1: is you book paper back or hard bound?
kahtt: paper kenn
Caitlain: Had to put up with Chicken Pox at age eighteen. That was enough.
DarkLord1: yeah but you aint 56
Sandaidh: and then the 14 year old got it
DarkLord1: oh, thank you kahtt
Sandaidh: true - am only 50 3/4
DarkLord1 notices manors and knows he drunk
DarkLord1: and a real nice background ifyouknowwhatImean
kahtt: okay any more questions for Bert
kahtt: ?
Sandaidh: I missed out on too much to be able to ask any - sorry
Bert: that's ok.
DarkLord1: will there be a sequill to you book, even though I havent read it
kahtt: yeah, you can read what you missed later
Sandaidh: sometimes it sucks living on the west coast
Caitlain: Just my thanks to Bert, Kahtt. Thank you!
Bert: No. No sequels to this book.
DarkLord1: west coast sucks huh? hmmmmm
kahtt: when do you think the other one will be published Bert?
Bert: Thanks, Cait.
DarkLord1: beats a Hoover I bet
Bert: I'm not sure. Probably early next year.
kahtt: wow that is soon!
DarkLord1: thank you both from here also, hope I wasnt to what ever
kahtt: will you use iUniverse.com again?
Bert: I've been working in it for it for a few months, now.
DarkLord1: whatyou drinking Kahtt?
kahtt: ahh
Bert: Probably. They've got excellent distribution.
DarkLord1: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
kahtt: pepsi kenners
Sandaidh: even though I didn't hear anything, or contribute anything, still can say thanks
Bert: That's ok, Sand.
DarkLord1: just dont dribble My LAdy
kahtt: good, we'll watch for it B
kahtt: yes, Thank you very much Bert.
Bert: Thanks, Kahtt. I've really enjoyed chatting with y'all tonight.
DarkLord1: come back soon, both you and Kim
kahtt: ditto
Bert: We'll do it.
DarkLord1: you ought to write a book togeather
kahtt: now there's an interesting concept
kahtt: y'all could be the new Judith Michael
Bert: I don't think that would work that well. We're both very opinionated about our writing.
DarkLord1: a chapter apice, he tells what happen and she tells what happen, different points of veiw
kahtt: hmm
Bert: We've tried it before and while the end product was good, the process wasn't that smooth.
Bert: We both try to dominate too much

kahtt: ahh, two toppers
Bert: We have very different styles.
DarkLord1: excuse the pun, but it depends on whos is getting screwed
Bert: I'll leave it at that.
Bert: haha

kahtt: okay Bert ;o)
Bert: The different chapters thing might work though
Bert: I'll have to think about that

DarkLord1: would be interesting
kahtt: read The Present by Johanna Lindsey
Bert: I'll look into it. Is it good?
DarkLord1: she" I put my legs around his neck"
DarkLord1: he, "She tried to stick her heels in my ears"
kahtt: well actually it finishes a series
Bert: Well, I've got to motor.
DarkLord1: enjoy andf thanks again
kahtt: Later Bert
kahtt: and Thanks again
Bert: I'm looking it up, sounds interesting.
DarkLord1: eating time gotta go, wife home, and realy pissed at work, enjoy aqll
kahtt: It's Home For the Holidays
kahtt: sorry
*** DarkLord1 has left channel #chatterlings
Sandaidh: night
kahtt: I'll email you
Bert: Well, if there are no more questions, I'll say adios and happy chatt(erl)ing?
kahtt: Judith Michael
Bert: Once again, thanks Kahtt.
Bert: Good night

kahtt: have a great evening
*** Signoff: Bert (Quit: )
Caitlain: Gee, what a nice guy.
kahtt: yes he is
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